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									                  ATCOM Nigeria Distributor Application Form

Thanks for your interest in becoming our distributor, below is the information we need to evaluate the
possiblity of our partnership. Thanks for your time in filling this form. Please send to when you finish it.

Customer information
Your company name:                                              Website
Location                                                        Job Title
Email:                                                          Tel:
1 what's your Business model?
           1) System Integrator
           2) VoIP hardware distributor
           3) Online retailer
           4) Trading
           5) ITSP
           6) IT Solution provider
           7) Others

2 Where did you get the information of ATCOM and our products
           1) Google search or Yahoo Search
           2) Exhibition
           3) ATCOM website (
           4) Introduced by friends
           4) ATCOM sales find you
           5) Magzine (IT telephoney or others )
           6) other ways

3 What's the products you are selling now and the brand
           1) IP phone                                 Brand:
           2) ATA and IAD                              Brand:
           3) USB phone                                Brand:
           4) PCI Asterisk cards                       Brand:
           5) IP PBX                                   Brand:

           6) Others

4 How do you sell your products
           1) Directly sell to the enterprises
           2) Distribute by resellers
           3) Sell with broadband phone service
        3) Online hardware shopping
        4) Other ways

5 What products would you buy from ATCOM and the expected order quantity in 1 year
        1) IP phone                                 Quantity:
        2) ATA and IAD                              Quantity:
        3) USB phone                                Quantity:
        4) PCI Asterisk cards                       Quantity:

        5) IP PBX                                   Quantity:

6 What's your plan in distributing ATCOM products

7 What help do you need from ATCOM in distribution

8 What suggestion do you have for ATCOM in products or sales or pllicy

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