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Press Release - Fraunhofer FOKUS

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					Press Release                                                                               Berlin
                                                                                            September 2008

VoIPFuture supports the 4th                VoIPFuture Ltd. integrates its VoIP quality diagnosis system in the
International FOKUS IMS                    Fraunhofer FOKUS Open IMS Playground and becomes a new partner

Challenges and Opportunities               An alliance for enhanced VoIP quality – VoIPFuture
in a Converged Services World
                                           partners with the Fraunhofer FOKUS Open IMS Lab
An Update on IMS, IPTV, SDPs,
SOA and Web X.0
                                           VoIPFuture Ltd. is the new partner at the Fraunhofer FOKUS IMS
6-7 November 2008, Berlin                  Playground. The Hamburg based company is integrating its ‘Quality
                                           of Diagnosis’ technology for the automatic diagnosis of the quality
                                           of Voice-over-IP package streams in the FOKUS IMS testing and
                                           development environment. The new analysis and diagnostic tools
                                           and their monitoring and management systems enable exact
                                           identification of the specific root causes of quality of voice
                                           impairment in Next Generation Networks.
                                           “With the diagnosis tools of VoIPFuture we are extending our IMS
                                           management system in one of its key areas,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas
                                           Magedanz, head of the FOKUS Next Generation Infrastructure unit,
                                           explaining why FOKUS moved to integrate the VoIPFuture solution.
                                           “All over the world major carriers are migrating their infrastructures to
                                           NGN and IMS technologies. So obviously the quality of Voice-over-IP is
                                           a central concern, and to ensure quality of voice we need powerful tools
                                           for diagnosis and analysis. The technology of VoIPFuture offers us just
                                           what we need to extend our range of services.”
                                           Along with integration of VoIPFuture technology in the heterogeneous
                                           IMS testing and development environment, the alliance between
                                           Fraunhofer FOKUS and VoIPFuture also envisages the conduct of various
                                           test series and R&D projects. “Our strategic alliance with Fraunhofer
                                           FOKUS and the IMS Playground gives us the opportunity to be part of a
                                           one-of-a-kind IMS platform along with other leading technology and
                                           product vendors,” says Olaf Zäncker, CEO von VoIPFuture, talking about
                                           the importance of the partnership. “Working together we shall extend
                                           the range of NGN/IMS based services – for instance towards IPTV.”

FOKUS Fraunhofer Institute
for Open Communication Systems
Corporate Communications
Dr. Gudrun Quandel
Fon   +49 (0)30 3463 7212
Fax   +49 (0)30 3463 8212
Mobile+49 (0)171 1995334
Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31
10589 Berlin, Germany
Press Release    Fraunhofer FOKUS Open IMS Playground
                 The Fraunhofer FOKUS Open IMS Playground is an open testing environ-
Berlin           ment which integrates all key NGN and IMS components – including,
September 2008   critically, the FOKUS Open Source IMS Core. Based on a combination of
                 FOKUS own developments and partner components, the heterogeneous
Page 2           platform offers a highly flexible testing and development environment for
                 a wide range of application scenarios, feasibility studies, and interopera-
                 bility and conformance tests from telecom operators, IMS/NGN compo-
                 nent vendors and academia.

                 VoIPFuture Ltd.
                 VoIPFuture is redefining voice quality, making Voice over IP transparent.
                 VoIPFuture is among the top vendors of manufacturer independent
                 products and services for the monitoring of voice quality in data
                 networks. The innovative Hamburg based company offers its target
                 customers – carriers, DSL providers, cable network operators, ISPs, system
                 integrators and VoIP hardware manufacturers – customized, turnkey
                 products and high-end solutions for VoIP and VoWLAN. VoIPFuture’s
                 unique technology, contained in analysis and diagnosis tools as well
                 as the monitoring and management systems and services based on
                 them, can be deployed in live VoIP environments at any time.

                 VoIPFuture supports the 4th International FOKUS IMS Workshop
                 Challenges and Opportunities in a Converged Services World
                 An Update on IMS, IPTV, SDPs, SOA and Web X.0
                 6-7 November 2008, Berlin

                 Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz
                 Fraunhofer FOKUS
                 Tel +49 (0)30/3463 7229

                 VoIPFuture Press Contact:
                 Claudia Burkhardt
                 Tel   +49 30 2018 8565
                 Fax +49 30 2018 8575
                 This email address is protected against spam bots
                 so you need to enable Javascript to view it.

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