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					TO:              All Departments Employing Summer Workers

FROM:            Human Resources

DATE:            May 12, 2011

RE:              Summer Worker Employment Guidelines

                  Note - Summer employment begins May 16, 2011 and ends August 26, 2011
We have many types of summer workers at Sweet Briar:

         SBC students who work during the school year and continue in the same or a different job during the
         Non-SBC Students who work during the summer, as part of Summer Programs or in varied departments
         Non-students who work as part of Summer Programs (e.g. summer RCs or staff at the FAC) or in varied
          departments (e.g. Catering)

In order to assure summer workers get paid promptly and efficiently, it is a joint effort between the hiring
department, Payroll, Grants Office, and Human Resources. We hope these general guidelines for summer
employment will be helpful as you navigate the process:

Step 1: Determine the funding is available and approved to be used for temporary summer employment by
talking with your department leader (Director, Dean or VP).

          Note: Summer Employment Funded by Grants

          Grants may have certain requirements which must be approved by the Sweet Briar College Grants
          Office. Before an individual can be paid from a grant, grant funded summer employment PDR forms
          must be signed by Mary Woerner, Grant Post-Award Administrator (x6353). Once approved, Mary will
          forward the Payroll Data Record (PDR) to Human Resources.

Step 2: Search for candidates for employment and offer the job(s).

          Individuals applying for summer work must complete a Sweet Briar Employment Application. The
          completed application should accompany the PDR to Human Resources. Employment applications may
          be found on the Sweet Briar website under the Human Resources page - ‘Open Positions.’
          ( )

Step 3: Bring the employee on board

          A Payroll Data Record (PDR) form must be completed for all Summer Workers, including non-students
          as well as SBC student summer workers. The PDR must be completed by the hiring department and
          forwarded to Human Resources prior to the summer worker starting employment at Sweet Briar
          College. An individual summer worker may have more than one summer job - a PDR must be
          completed for each job. A blank HR Payroll Data Record (PDR) may be found on the Sweet Briar website
          under       the       Human         Resources     page       -    ‘Forms       for     Supervisors.’
          ( )
       The PDR must include the following information:
        Employee’s NAME
        SSN (or P# if current student or previously employed)
        JOB TITLE
        EFFECTIVE DATE (start date) and an END DATE (between May 16 and no later than August 26)
        INDEX for the department assigned to work
        ORG CODE for the Department paying the salary (this lets Payroll know where to charge the pay for
           this individual)
        Check New Hire - if the summer worker is a new hire or
           Check Move from Student Payroll to Summer Biweekly Payroll - if the summer worker is a current
           SBC student
        Rate of pay (minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour)
        Department head must sign & date

Step 4: Employment Sign-up

       If the summer worker is new to Sweet Briar or has not recently worked for us, the hiring department is
       responsible for contacting Human Resources (specifically Judy Sprouse at x6323) to schedule an
       appointment for the summer worker to complete employment and payroll authorization forms.
       Summer workers should be reminded that they must provide certain original documents to verify that
       they can legally work in the United States. Contact Human Resources for a list of acceptable
       documents. (Typically a driver’s license and social security card are the most common documents; a
       passport is also fairly common. However, there are a variety of other documents that can be used.)

       If the summer worker has worked for Sweet Briar in the past 12 months and is not making any changes
       to his/her tax withholding, no additional paperwork needs to be completed by the summer worker.

       If the summer worker is a current SBC student-employee, the summer worker does not need to
       complete any additional tax forms or I-9 paperwork.

Step 5: Payroll timesheets

       To request a timesheet for the first pay period of the summer worker, the hiring department should
       contact Cindy Sale, Payroll Coordinator (x6201). After one pay cycle, an individualized time sheet will be
       generated and sent to the department. The department also must contact Cindy for questions relating
       to hours worked and amounts paid.

       The hiring department is responsible for monitoring the employee’s jobs and hours worked. Payroll
       forms and timesheets must be submitted to payroll by established due dates. Payroll will charge a fee
       to the hiring department if a manual check is processed due to the failure to submit documents on

       Summer employment is mainly comprised of non-exempt hourly employees. Any individual who
       exceeds 40 hours worked in one work week must be paid overtime at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate.
       The department that the employee is working for at the time 40 hours is exceeded will be charged for
       the overtime.
        Below is the Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for the remainder of 2010-2011 which includes pay periods
        and deadlines for submitting the summer worker time sheets and the dates paychecks will be
        distributed. (An update with the future schedule will be distributed once it is finalized.)

        Upon written request to Payroll, student checks may be sent to individual campus post office boxes.

                    2010-2011 BI-WEEKLY PAYROLL SCHEDULE for MAY, JUNE & JULY

      BW                                                 Time sheets due to
      PAY #        REPORT HOURS WORKED                     Business Office            Pay Date
                      FOR THE PERIOD:                       before 12:00

        11      05/15/11    through      05/28/11     Tuesday        05/31/11         06/03/11

        12      05/29/11    through      06/11/11     Tuesday        06/14/11         06/17/11

        13      06/12/11    through      06/25/11     Tuesday        06/28/11         07/01/11

        14      06/26/11    through      07/09/11     Tuesday        07/12/11         07/15/11

        15      07/10/11    through      07/23/11     Tuesday        07/26/11         07/29/11

Questions regarding…

   Summer Worker Employment Processes

    Carolyn Burton, Director of Human Resources        x6510

    Kathy Rehak, Human Resources Assistant             x6506

    Judy Sprouse, Benefits Coordinator                 x6323

   Summer Worker Pay Schedules or Timesheets

    Cindy Sale, Payroll Coordinator                    x6201

   Summer Worker Grant Funding Process

    Mary Woerner, Grant Post-Award Administrator       x6353

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