800 to 899 by gjmpzlaezgx


									Lexile: 800
F Cab            Avalon High                                                  Cabot, Meg.                               800
F Doh            Granny was a buffer girl                                     Doherty, Berlie.                          800
F Fle            Flight of the Dragon Kyn                                     Fletcher, Susan,                          800
F Gal            Snake dreamer                                                Galloway, Priscilla,                      800
F Gil            Stone water                                                  Gilbert, Barbara Snow,                    800
F Had            Among the hidden : shadow children : book 1                  Haddix, Margaret Peterson                 800
F Her            Dune                                                         Herbert, Frank.                           800
F Hug            Lemonade Mouth                                               Hughes, Mark Peter                        800
F Jac            Redwall                                                      Jacques, Brian.                           800
F Jor            Winter of fire                                               Jordan, Sherryl.                          800
F Kri            Spite fences                                                 Krisher, Trudy.                           800
F Las            The burning                                                  Lasky, Kathryn                            800
F Mar            Walkabout                                                    Cameron, Ian                              800
F Mow            Way past cool : a novel                                      Mowry, Jess,                              800
F Mye            The Glory Field                                              Myers, Walter Dean,                       800
F Pec            Representing Super Doll.                                     Peck, Richard,                            800
F Ree - EV       Pirates: The true and remarkable adventures of Minerva Sharpe and Nancy Kington,
female pirates                                                            Rees, Celia                                   800
F Ren            Away laughing on a fast camel : even more confessions of Georgia Nicolson                Rennison, Louise.
F Str            The golem's eye                                              Stroud, Jonathan                          800
F Str - EV       The Amulet of Samarkand                                      Stroud, Jonathan                          800
F Tas            The gospel according to Larry                                Tashjian, Janet.                          800
F Tho            Doing time : notes from the undergrad                        Thomas, Rob.                              800
F Too            A confederacy of dunces                                      Toole, John Kennedy.,                     800
F Ult            Ultimate sports: short stories by outstanding writers for young adults                   Gallo, Donald R., e
F Wes            Touching darkness : midnighters                              Westerfeld, Scott                         800
F Whe - EV       Homeless bird                                                Whelan, Gloria.                           800
F Yee            Millicent Min, girl genius                                   Yee, Lisa                                 800
F Zah            Dragon and thief : a dragonback adventure                    Zahn, Timothy                             800
Lexile 800 Total: 28

Lexile: 809
F Ant            Golem in the gears : the magic of xanth                   Anthony, Piers                               809
F Arm            Sounder                                                   Armstrong, William H.,                       809
F Bil            The Folk Keeper                                           Billingsley, Franny,                         809
F Cri            The terminal man                                          Crichton, Michael                            809
F Hes            Out of the dust                                           Hesse, Karen.                                809
F Pie            First Test : protector of the small : book 1              Pierce, Tamora                               809
F Plu - EV       The Body of Christopher Creed                             Plum-Ucci, Carol                             809
F Pul            The ruby in the smoke                                     Pullman, Philip,                             809
F Rya            Esperanza rising                                          Ryan, Pam Muñoz                              809
F Ryl            Missing May                                               Rylant, Cynthia.                             809
F Sav            Under a different sky                                     Savage, Deborah.                             809
F Ste            East of Eden                                              Steinbeck, John,                             809
F Wre            Searching for dragons                                     Wrede, Patricia C.,                          809
F Yam            Name me nobody                                            Yamanaka, Lois-Ann,                          809
Lexile 809 Total: 14

Lexile: 810
F Bra            Red sky at morning : a novel.                             Bradford, Richard,                           810
F Bro            Witches' brew                                             Brooks, Terry                                810
F Cor            Beyond the chocolate war : a novel                        Cormier, Robert.                             810
F Cor            The chocolate war : a novel                               Cormier, Robert.                             810
F Cor            I am the cheese                                           Cormier, Robert                              810
F Des - EV       Just listen : a novel                                     Dessen, Sarah                                810
F Dun            The third eye                                             Duncan, Lois,                                810
F Dun            Close kin                                                 Dunkle, Clare B                              810
F Eld           Warriors : true stories of combat, skill and courage       Eldridge, Jim                          810
F Hom           Jack                                                       Homes, A.M                             810
F Irw           Can't hear you listening                                   Irwin, Hadley.                         810
F LaF           Laughing Boy                                               La Farge, Oliver,                      810
F LAm           The outlaws of mesquite : frontier stories                 L'Amour, Louis,                        810
F Lyn           Inexcusable                                                Lynch, Chris.                          810
F Mat           Listen for the fig tree.                                   Mathis, Sharon Bell.                   810
F Mur           To the summit                                              Murphy, Claire Rudolf.                 810
F Pla           The boy who could make himself disappear                   Platt, Kin                             810
F Sch           A hand full of stars                                       Schami, Rafik.                         810
F Sle           Interstellar pig                                           Sleator, William.                      810
F Smi           A tree grows in Brooklyn : a novel                         Smith, Betty,                          810
F Ste           The red pony                                               Steinbeck, John,                       810
F Tol           The two towers : being the second part of the Lord of the Rings.                    Tolkien, John Ron
F Tru           Cruise control                                             Trueman, Terry.                        810
Lexile 810 Total: 23

Lexile: 813
F Coo           Enter three witches : a story of Macbeth                  Cooney, Caroline B.                    813
F Hig           The eagle has landed                                      Higgins, Jack,                         813
F Nov           Black powder war                                          Novik, Naomi                           813
F Nov           His Majesty's Dragon                                      Novik, Naomi                           813
F Nov           Throne of jade                                            Novik, Naomi                           813
Lexile 813 Total: 5

Lexile: 820
F Asi           I, robot                                                  Asimov, Issac                          820
F Bra           Something wicked this way comes                           Bradbury, Ray                          820
F Bra           Girls in pants : the third summer of the Sisterhood       Brashares, Ann                         820
F Bri           Permanent connections                                     Bridgers, Sue Ellen                    820
F Bro           Midnight hour encores                                     Brooks, Bruce.                         820
F Cal           The snowbird                                              Calvert, Patricia.                     820
F Cla           While my pretty one sleeps : a novel                      Clark, Mary Higgins.                   820
F Coo           Flash fire                                                Cooney, Caroline B                     820
F Des           How to deal : Someone like you and That summer            Dessen, Sarah.                         820
F Des           This lullaby : a novel                                    Dessen, Sarah.                         820
F Dra           Copper sun                                                Draper, Sharon M                       820
F Dun           In the coils of the snake                                 Dunkle, Clare B                        820
F For           Howards End                                               Forster, E. M                          820
F Gai           The graveyard book                                        Gaiman, Neil.                          820
F Hem           The snows of Kilimanjaro and other stories                Hemingway, Ernest                      820
F Her           Children of the Dune                                      Herbert, Frank                         820
F Hil           Skinwalkers                                               Hillerman, Tony                        820
F Hob           Far North                                                 Hobbs, Will.                           820
F Hug           The keeper of the Isis light                              Hughes, Monica                         820
F Jac           Mattimeo                                                  Jacques, Brian.                        820
F Jam           Tomorrow maybe                                            James, Brian                           820
F Ker           Linger                                                    Kerr, M. E.                            820
F Kla           California Blue                                           Klass, David.                          820
F Lam           Bittersweet                                               Lamm, C. Drew                          820
F LAm           Sackett's land                                            L'Amour, Louis.                        820
F LeG           The lathe of heaven                                       Le Guin, Ursula K.,                    820
F McC           Sold                                                      McCormick, Patricia                    820
F McD           Swallowing stones                                         McDonald, Joyce.                       820
F Nix           A family apart                                            Nixon, Joan Lowery                     820
F O'Br          Z for Zachariah                                           O'Brien, Robert C                      820
F Ode           Sing down the moon                                        O'Dell, Scott                          820
F Per           Criss cross                                               Perkins, Lynne Rae.                    820
F San           Clover : a novel                                          Sanders, Dori,                            820
F Sar           The human comedy                                          Saroyan, William,                         820
F Sar           My name is Aram.                                          Saroyan, William,                         820
F Sel           The Invention of Hugo Cabret : a novel in words and pictures                             Selznick, Brian
F Sob           Two-minute mysteries                                      Sobol, Donald J.,                         820
F Son           One of those hideous books where the mother dies          Sones, Sonya                              820
F Tom           The forestwife                                            Tomlinson, Theresa.                       820
F Tru - EV      Stuck in neutral                                          Trueman, Terry.                           820
F Wol - EV      True believer                                             Wolff, Virginia Euwer.                    820
F Yol           Briar Rose                                                Yolen, Jane.                              820
F Yol - EV      Armageddon summer                                         Yolen, Jane & Coville, Bruce              820
F Zin           Raptor                                                    Zindel, Paul.                             820
Lexile 820 Total: 44

Lexile: 823
F Ant           Geis of the Gargoyle                                     Anthony, Piers.                            823
F Ant           Roc and a hard place                                     Anthony, Piers.                            823
F Atw           The handmaid's tale                                      Atwood, Margaret Eleanor                   823
F Chr           The mystery of the blue train                            Christie, Agatha                           823
F Com           What Jamie saw                                           Coman, Carolyn                             823
F Coo           Over sea, under stone                                    Cooper, Susan.                             823
F Hun           Fire and ice                                             Hunter, Erin                               823
F Jon           Howl's moving castle                                     Jones, Diana Wynne.                        823
F Ken           Ironweed                                                 Kennedy, William,                          823
F Lee           Black unicorn                                            Lee, Tanith                                823
F Maz           Saturday, the twelfth of October                         Mazer, Norma Fox,                          823
F O'D           The black pearl                                          O'Dell, Scott,                             823
F O'De          Island of the Blue Dolphins.                             O'Dell, Scott,                             823
F Rob           Twisted summer                                           Roberts, Willo Davis.                      823
F San - EV      Who's your daddy                                         Sandoval, Lynda                            823
F Sco           Rob Roy                                                  Scott, Walter                              823
F Smi           Tears of the giraffe                                     McCall Smith, Alexander                    823
F Spr           I am Mordred : a tale from Camelot                       Springer, Nancy.                           823
F Vic           Walker of time                                           Vick, H. H.                                823
F Wis           Red Cap                                                  Wisler, G. Clifton.                        823
Lexile 823 Total: 20

Lexile: 830
F Ale           The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven            Alexie, Sherman,                           830
F Bar           Days of magic, nights of war                             Barker, Clive                              830
F Bro           Magic kingdom for sale--sold                             Brooks, Terry                              830
F Bro - EV      Wizard at large                                          Brooks, Terry.                             830
F Car           Shadow of the giant                                      Card, Orson Scott                          830
F Car           Dragon's keep                                            Carey, Janet Lee                           830
F Coo           Family : a novel                                         Cooper, J. California                      830
F Coo           Greenwitch                                               Cooper, Susan                              830
F Don           Family                                                   Donovan, John                              830
F Fra           Life is funny                                            Frank, E.R.                                830
F Hia           Flush                                                    Hiaasen, Carl                              830
F Hug           Hunter in the dark.                                      Hughes, Monica.                            830
F Hun           Twilight : warriors : the new prophecy : book 5          Hunter, Erin                               830
F Jor           The raging quiet                                         Jordan, Sherryl.                           830
F Jud           Cold river : a novel                                     Judson, William                            830
F Ker           Gentlehands                                              Kerr, M. E                                 830
F Mar           Life of Pi : a novel                                     Martel, Yann.                              830
F Mey - EV      Mary, Bloody Mary                                        Meyer, Carolyn.                            830
F Nam           Ties that bind, ties that break : a novel                Namioka, Lensey.                           830
F Pec           Ghosts I have been                                       Peck, Richard                              830
F Sot           Baseball in April and other stories                     Soto, Gary.                             830
F Tre           A fly named Alfred                                      Trembath, Don,                          830
F Tyl           Breathing lessons                                       Tyler, Anne                             830
F Voi           Seventeen against the dealer                            Voigt, Cynthia.                         830
F Wre           Dealing with dragons                                    Wrede, Patricia C.,                     830
Lexile 830 Total: 25

Lexile: 835
F Bag           National Velvet                                           Bagnold, Enid                          835
F Bau           Squashed                                                  Bauer, Joan,                           835
F Cor           In the middle of the night                                Cormier, Robert.                       835
F Fau           Sanctuary                                                 Faulkner, William                      835
F Gar           Song of the buffalo boy                                   Garland, Sherry.                       835
F Had           Just Ella                                                 Haddix, Margaret Peterson              835
F Hal           Murder in a pig's eye                                     Hall, Lynn.                            835
F Hob - EV      Jason's gold                                              Hobbs, Will.                           835
F Jon           Deep secret                                               Jones, Diana Wynne.                    835
F Phi           Freak the mighty                                          Philbrick, Rodman                      835
F Pie           The woman who rides like a man : song of the lioness : book 3                         Pierce, Tamora
F Sal           Nine stories                                              Salinger, J.D.                         835
F Sch           Shane.                                                    Schaefer, Jack,                        835
Lexile 835 Total: 13

Lexile: 840
F Ana           Bless me, Ultima                                        Anaya, Rudolfo A.                       840
F Asi           Nemesis                                                 Asimov, Isaac,                          840
F Bun           A curse dark as gold                                    Bunce, Elizabeth C.                     840
F Cho           Year of impossible goodbyes                             Choi, Sook Nyul                         840
F Cle           Fire bringer                                            Clement-Davies, David,                  840
F Coo           Family reunion                                          Cooney, Caroline B.                     840
F Cor           Tunes for bears to dance to                             Cormier, Robert                         840
F Cri           The Andromeda strain                                    Crichton, Michael                       840
F Des           The truth about forever                                 Dessen, Sarah                           840
F Dua           Dark mirror                                             Duane, Diane.                           840
F Gar           Shadow of the dragon                                    Garland, Sherry.                        840
F Hay           Deadly deception                                        Haynes, Betsy.                          840
F Hem           For whom the bell tolls.                                Hemingway, Ernest,                      840
F Ho            Rice without rain                                       Ho, Minfong.                            840
F Hun           A dangerous path                                        Hunter, Erin                            840
F Hun           Sunset : warriors : the new prophecy : book 6           Hunter, Erin                            840
F Kid           The secret life of bees                                 Kidd, Sue Monk                          840
F Kin           Christine                                               King, Stephen,                          840
F Kin           The Shining                                             King, Stephen                           840
F Las           The siege                                               Lasky, Kathryn                          840
F LeG           The tombs of Atuan                                      Leguin, Ursula K                        840
F Mar           The Dark mirror : book one of the Bridei chronicles     Marillier, Juliet                       840
F Mat           After the war                                           Matas, Carol,                           840
F Pau           Sarny, a life remembered                                Paulsen, Gary.                          840
F Phi           Hit and run                                             Phipson, Joan.                     840 (AD)
F Pie           The Darkangel                                           Pierce, Meredith                        840
F Pie           The Darkangel                                           Pierce, Meredith Ann.                   840
F Pie           Trickster's queen                                       Pierce, Tamora                          840
F Wes           Peeps : a novel                                         Westerfeld, Scott                       840
F Zin           Loch : a novel                                          Zindel, Paul.                           840
Lexile 840 Total: 30

Lexile: 848
F Alp           Counterfeit son                                               Alphin, Elaine Marie.                      848
F Bal           Where I'm bound : a novel                                     Ballard, Allen B.                          848
F Bro           Angels & demons                                               Brown, Dan                                 848
F Cha           The turning                                                   Chan, Gillian                              848
F Cla           Year walk                                                     Clark, Ann Nolan,                          848
F Fuq           The reappearance of Sam Webber                                Fuqua, Jonathon Scott.                     848
F Gar           The moon of Gomrath : a tale of Alderley                      Garner, Alan,                              848
F Gri           The partner                                                   Grisham, John.                             848
F Ker           Is that you, Miss Blue?                                       Kerr, M. E.                                848
F Las           Beyond the burning time                                       Lasky, Kathryn.                            848
F Lee           To kill a mockingbird                                         Lee, Harper.                               848
F McC           Dragonsblood                                                  McCaffrey, Todd J                          848
F Mos           My life as a girl                                             Mosier, Elizabeth                          848
F Nay           The year of the gopher                                        Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.                  848
F Pie - EV      Squire : Protector of the small                               Pierce, Tamora                             848
F Tem - EV      The Ramsay scallop                                            Temple, Frances                            848
F Van           Never trust a dead man                                        Vande Velde, Vivian.                       848
F Wel           The optimist's daughter.                                      Welty, Eudora,                             848
Lexile 848 Total: 18

Lexile: 850
F Abd           Does my head look big in this?                                Abdel-Fattah, Randa                        850
F And           Peaches : a novel                                             Anderson, Jodi Lynn                        850
F Asi           Asimov's mysteries                                            Asimov, Isaac                              850
F Azu           The underdogs : a novel of the Mexican Revolution             Azuela, Mariano,                           850
F Bau - EV      Rules of the road                                             Bauer, Joan,                               850
F Bel           Herzog                                                        Bellow, Saul                               850
F Bla           Shakespeare's spy                                             Blackwood, Gary L                          850
F Bor           When the legends die                                          Borland, Hal.                              850
F Bro           All that remains                                              Brooks, Bruce                              850
F Bro           The black unicorn : magic kingdom of landover                 Brooks, Terry                              850
F Bro           The Da Vinci code : a novel                                   Brown, Dan                                 850
F Cab           Princess in the spotlight : V 2                               Cabot, Meg                                 850
F Car           First meetings : in Ender's universe                          Card, Orson Scott                          850
F Car           Speaker for the dead                                          Card, Orson Scott.                         850
F Coo - EV      Code Orange                                                   Cooney, Caroline B                         850
F Cor           The bumblebee flies anyway                                    Cormier, Robert.                           850
F Cus           Matilda Bone                                                  Cushman, Karen.                            850
F Hes           A light in the storm : the Civil War diary of Amelia Martin                               Hesse, Karen
F Kin           Carrie                                                        King, Stephen                              850
F Kla           Danger zone                                                   Klass, David.                              850
F L'A           The warrior's path                                            L'Amour, Louis,                            850
F L'En          A swiftly tilting planet                                      L'Engle, Madeleine                         850
F LAm           The Ferguson rifle.                                           L'Amour, Louis,                            850
F Las           The First collier                                             Lasky, Kathryn                             850
F Las           The rescue                                                    Lasky, Kathryn                             850
F Las           The First collier                                             Lasky, Kathryn                             850
F Mar           Blade of Fortriu : book two of the Bridei chronicles          Marillier, Juliet                          850
F Mar           Tomorrow, when the war began                                  Marsden, John                              850
F McC           The white darkness : a novel                                  McCaughrean, Geraldine                     850
F Nel           And one for all                                               Nelson, Theresa                            850
F Nix           Shadowmaker                                                   Nixon, Joan Lowery.                        850
F Nol           Dancing on the edge                                           Nolan, Han.                                850
F Nol           A face in every window                                        Nolan, Han                                 850
F Qui           The baboon king                                               Quintana, Anton                            850
F Shu           The dark side of nowhere                                      Shusterman, Neal                           850
F Sot           Buried onions                                                 Soto, Gary.                                850
F Tre           The Tuesday cafe                                              Trembath, Don,                             850
F Uri           Mila 18.                                                      Uris, Leon,                                850
F Von           Slaughterhouse-five                                           Vonnegut, Kurt.                            850
F Wal           Wrestling Sturbridge                                 Wallace, Rich.            850
F Wil           Girls in love                                        Wilson, Jacqueline        850
F Yep           The star fisher                                      Yep, Laurence             850
Lexile 850 Total: 42

Lexile: 853
F Far           The black stallion returns                           Farley, Walter,           853
Lexile 853 Total: 1

Lexile: 860
F Cab           How to be popular : novel                            Cabot, Meg                860
F Cab           Teen idol                                            Cabot, Meg                860
F Car           Children of the mind                                 Card, Orson Scott.        860
F Car           Shadow of the Hegemon                                Card, Orson Scott         860
F Fle           Breakout                                             Fleischman, Paul          860
F Fri           Homesick, my own story                               Fritz, Jean               860
F Geo           Julie of the wolves                                  George, Jean Craighead,   860
F Gri           Running wild                                         Griffiths, Helen.         860
F Hah           December stillness                                   Hahn, Mary Downing.       860
F Hun           Moonrise                                             Hunter, Erin              860
F Ing           The Big Burn                                         Ingold, Jeanette          860
F Jor           Wolf-woman                                           Jordan, Sherryl.          860
F Kan           Girlfriend material                                  Kantor, Melissa           860
F Kin           Salem's Lot                                          King, Stephen,            860
F Las           The night journey                                    Lasky, Kathryn.           860
F Low           A summer to die                                      Lowry, Lois.              860
F Mos           47                                                   Mosley, Walter            860
F Par           The learning tree                                    Parks, Gordon,            860
F Pat           Lyddie                                               Paterson, Katherine.      860
F Pat           Cry, the beloved country                             Paton, Alan.              860
F Tay           The cay.                                             Taylor, Theodore,         860
F Tay           The cay with related readings                        Taylor, Theodore          860
F Tol           The fellowship of the ring                           Tolkien, J.R.R            860
F Wes           Pretties                                             Westerfeld, Scott         860
Lexile 860 Total: 24

Lexile: 861
F Car           Final Frontier : Star Trek                           Carey, Diane              861
F Chr           And then there were none                             Christie, Agatha,         861
F Cor           The rag and bone shop : a novel by Robert Cormier    Cormier, Robert           861
F Gri           The street lawyer                                    Grisham, John.            861
F Hau           Napoleon & Josephine : the sword & the hummingbird   Hausman, Gerald           861
F Hob           Beardance                                            Hobbs, Will.              861
F Kin           Animal dreams                                        Kingsolver, Barbara       861
F LAm           The man from Skibbereen.                             L'Amour, Louis,           861
F Lev           The best little girl in the world                    Levenkron, Steven,        861
F Lew           Prince Caspian : the return to Narnia                Lewis, C. S.              861
F Lew           The silver chair                                     Lewis, C. S               861
F Pat           Jacob have I loved                                   Paterson, Katherine.      861
F Pau           Hatchet                                              Paulsen, Gary.            861
F Pau - EV      Soldier's heart                                      Paulsen, Gary             861
F Sha           Betsey Brown : a novel                               Shange, Ntozake.          861
F Tay           Let the circle be unbroken                           Taylor, Mildred D.        861
F Tri           Only twice I've wished for heaven : a novel          Trice, Dawn Turner.       861
F Tur           The King of Attolia                                  Turner, Megan Whalen      861
F Wei           The dragon's son : Dragonvarld trilogy : book 2      Weis, Margaret            861
Lexile 861 Total: 19

Lexile: 870
F Ame           America street: a multicultural anthology of stories   Mazer, Anne, ed.        870
F Bel           Forbidden city : a novel                               Bell, William,          870
F Bro           The elf queen of Shannara                              Brooks, Terry.          870
F Cab           Party princess                                         Cabot, Meg              870
F Cis           The house on Mango Street                              Cisneros, Sandra.       870
F Con           St. Michael's scales                                   Connelly, Neil O        870
F Cru           The crazy horse electric game                          Crutcher, Chris         870
F Cus           Serpent : a novel from the NUMA Files                  Cussler, Clive          870
F Dis           The divine wind : a love story                         Disher, Garry           870
F Far           Island stallion                                        Farley, Walter          870
F Fau           As I lay dying : the corrected text                    Faulkner, William       870
F Fau           The sound and the fury.                                Faulkner, William,      870
F Fra           Alas, Babylon                                          Frank, Pat              870
F Gib           Ellen Foster                                           Gibbons, Kaye,          870
F Hal           The owl's song.                                        Hale, Janet Campbell.   870
F Hil           Dance hall of the dead.                                Hillerman, Tony.        870
F Hux           Brave new world                                        Huxley, Aldous          870
F Kro           Ishi, last of his tribe                                Kroeber, Theodora.      870
F Lor           Spring Moon: a novel of China                          Lord, Bette Bao         870
F Low           Autumn street                                          Lowry, Lois.            870
F Mar           Julie                                                  Marshall, Catherine,    870
F Ric           The light in the forest                                Richter, Conrad,        870
F Ske           Endymion spring                                        Skelton, Matthew.       870
F Voi           The wings of a falcon                                  Voigt, Cynthia.         870
F Wel           Fools crow                                             Welch, James,           870
F Wel           When no one was looking                                Wells, Rosemary.        870
F Yep           Dragonwings                                            Yep, Laurence.          870
Lexile 870 Total: 27

Lexile: 873
F Bel           Crabbe                                                 Bell, William,          873
F Bro           Running with the demon                                 Brooks, Terry           873
F Dic           Healer                                                 Dickinson, Peter,       873
F Dyg           Backfield package                                      Dygard, Thomas J.       873
F Hun           Forest of secrets                                      Hunter, Erin            873
F Ken           Amy's eyes                                             Kennedy, Richard,       873
F Lew           The horse and his boy                                  Lewis, C. S             873
F McM           Lonesome Dove                                          McMurtry, Larry.        873
F Pie           The Emperor Mage : the Immortals : book III            Pierce, Tamora          873
F Sku           Spider's voice                                         Skurzynski, Gloria.     873
F Smi           A tree grows in Brooklyn                               Smith, Betty,           873
F Spa           True believer                                          Sparks, Nicholas        873
F Ste           To a god unknown                                       Steinbeck, John         873
F Wil           The leaving, and other stories                         Wilson, Budge.          873
F Yol           Here there be dragons                                  Yolen, Jane.            873
Lexile 873 Total: 15

Lexile: 880
F Ada           Watership Down                                         Adams, Richard          880
F Blo           Cherokee Bat and the Goat Guys                         Block, Francesca Lia.   880
F Bra           Dandelion wine                                         Bradbury, Ray,          880
F Bro           Wuthering heights                                      Bronte, Emily           880
F Cab           Princess in love : V 3                                 Cabot, Meg              880
F Cab - EV      All-American girl                                      Cabot, Meg              880
F Car                      Earthfall                                                   Card, Orson Scott.                    880
F Cla                      Pretend you don't see her : a novel                         Clark, Mary Higgins.                  880
F Con                      Connections : short stories by outstanding writers for young adults
F DuM                      Rebecca                                                     Du Maurier, Daphne,                   880
F Gil                      At all costs                                                Gilstrap, John                        880
F Hun                      The darkest hour                                            Hunter, Erin                          880
F Hun                      Midnight                                                    Hunter, Erin                          880
F Jim                      The circuit : stories from the life of a migrant child      Jiménez, Francisco,                   880
F Kos                      Epic                                                        Kostick, Conor                        880
F Lea                      Leaving home: stories                                       Rochman, Hazel &
McCampbell, Darlene, selected by                                                       880
F Lee                      China boy                                                   Lee, Gus.                             880
F Lyn                      Iceman                                                      Lynch, Chris.                         880
F Mac                      Love and other four-letter words                            Mackler, Carolyn                      880
F Mal                      The assistant                                               Malamud, Bernard                      880
F McD                      Twists and turns                                            McDonald, Janet                       880
F Mos                      I am Rosemarie                                              Moskin, Marietta D.                   880
F Nay                      Send no blessings                                           Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.             880
F OBr                      The things they carried : a work of fiction                 O'Brien, Tim,                         880
F Row                      Harry Potter and the goblet of fire                         Rowling, J. K.                        880
F Row                      Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban                    Rowling, J. K.                        880
F Row                      Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone                       Rowling, J.K.                         880
F Tho                      Midnight's choice                                           Thompson, Kate,                       880
F Wes                      Specials                                                    Westerfeld, Scott                     880
Lexile 880 Total: 29

Lexile: 886
F Bri                        Green rider                                               Britain, Kristen                      886
F Car - EV                   Ender's shadow                                            Card, Orson Scott                     886
F For                        Johnny Tremain : a novel for old & young                  Forbes, Esther.                       886
F Gre                        Power and the glory                                       Greene, Graham.                       886
F Hun                        Starlight                                                 Hunter, Erin                          886
F Ken                        The Gammage cup                                           Kendall, Carol,                       886
F Lew                        The voyage of the Dawn Treader                            Lewis, C. S.                          886
F Lud                        The Bourne supremacy                                      Ludlum, Robert                        886
F Pul                        The tiger in the well                                     Pullman, Philip,                      886
F Sta                        Shabanu : daughter of the wind                            Staples, Suzanne Fisher.              886
F Tif                        My father had a daughter : Judith Shakespeare's tale      Tiffany, Grace                        886
F Tru                        Johnny got his gun.                                       Trumbo, Dalton.                       886
Lexile 886 Total: 12

Lexile: 890
F Ach                        Things fall apart.                                        Achebe, Chinua.                        890
F Alv                        Before we were free                                       Alvarez, Julia                         890
F Asi                        Foundation and earth                                      Asimov, Isaac,                         890
F Baw                        The real Plato Jones                                      Bawden, Nina,                          890
F Bra                        Fahrenheit 451                                            Bradbury, Ray,                         890
F Bro                        Jane Eyre.                                                Bronte, Charlotte,                     890
F Bru                        Night wings                                               Bruchac, Joseph,                       890
F Car                        Xenocide                                                  Card, Orson Scott.                     890
F Car                        Alice's adventures in Wonderland : & through the looking-glass                        Carroll, Lewis
F Des                        Born confused                                             Desai Hidier, Tanuja                   890
F Fei                        Magician : master                                         Feist, Raymond E                       890
F Fun                        Inkspell                                                  Funke, Cornelia Caroline               890
F Gil                        Belles on their toes                                      Gilbreth, Frank B.                     890
F Gre                        An Abundance of Katherines                                Green, John,                           890
F Hen                        The day they came to arrest the book : a novel            Hentoff, Nat.                          890
F Jac                        Martin the Warrior : a tale from Redwall                  Jacques, Brian.                        890
F Jac           Salamandastron                                         Jacques, Brian            890
F Kin           Bag of bones                                           King, Stephen             890
F Kin           Firestarter                                            King, Stephen,            890
F Kje           Irish Red                                              Kjelgaard, Jim.           890
F Lew           The last battle                                        Lewis, C. S               890
F Man           Having our say : the Delany sisters' first 100 years   Mann, Emily               890
F McC           The pirate's son                                       McCaughrean, Geraldine.   890
F McG           Jack Tumor                                             McGowan, Anthony.         890
F Mil           Miss Spitfire : reaching Helen Keller                  Miller, Sarah Elizabeth   890
F Mor - EV      The year of secret assignments                         Moriarty, Jaclyn          890
F Nix           Abhorsen                                               Nix, Garth                890
F Pat           Fire arrow : the second song of Eirren                 Pattou, Edith.            890
F Pot           The Chosen with related readings                       Chaim, Potok.             890
F Pow           The grass dancer                                       Power, Susan              890
F Pul           The subtle knife                                       Pullman, Philip,          890
F Rub           Steal away home                                        Ruby, Lois                890
F Seb           The lovely bones : a novel                             Sebold, Alice.            890
F Sil           Ceremony                                               Silko, Leslie,            890
F Ste           Nine coaches waiting                                   Stewart, Mary,            890
F Ste           Touch not the cat                                      Stewart, Mary,            890
F Wil           Girls out late                                         Wilson, Jacqueline        890
F Wol           Make lemonade                                          Wolff, Virginia Euwer.    890
Lexile 890 Total: 38

Lexile: 898
F Cab           Princess in pink : V 5                                 Cabot, Meg                898
F Coo           Silver on the tree                                     Cooper, Susan.            898
F Cor           Splintering                                            Corrigan, Eireann         898
F Fox           The slave dancer                                       Fox, Paula.               898
F Fyn           Mister God, this is Anna                               Fynn.                     898
F Kin           It                                                     King, Stephen             898
F Pat           Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom                         Paterson, Katherine       898
F Rem           All quiet on the western front                         Remarque, Erich Maria     898
F Ste           Tortilla Flat                                          Steinbeck, John,          898
Lexile 898 Total: 9

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