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					Social Structure &
      Chapter 5
Section 1
 Social structure--The underlying patterns
 of relationships in a group
   Status—a position a person occupies within a
   social structure
     Status is an important element of social structure
     Help us define who we are
Different Types of Status
  Ascribed status—status assigned at birth; it is
  not earned nor chosen
      For example: gender
  Achieved status—a position that is earned or
      Captain of the football team
Status set—all of the statuses that a
person occupies at one time
    Example: wife, teacher, mother, advisor, etc.
Master status—the dominant status in
one’s life.
    It strongly affects most other aspects
    Usually occupations
Section 2
Social Structure & Roles
Rights & Obligations
 Role—an expected behavior associated with a
 particular role.
 Statuses describe position; roles describe behavior
 Rights-behaviors that individuals expect from others
 Obligations—behaviors that individuals are expected to
 perform toward others
 The rights of one individual correspond to the
 obligations of another
Role Performance & Social Interaction
 Role behavior—the actual conduct or
 behavior of an individual in a role
 Social interaction—the process of
 influencing each other as people relate
   Certain expectation goes along with this!
Role Conflict and Role Strain
 Role conflict—exits when the performance
 of a role in one status conflicts with the
 performance in another. (friend and son)
 Role strain—exists when a person has
 trouble meeting the many roles connected
 with one status. (sports)
How do we manage this stress?
 Set Priorities!!
 Segregate roles
 Set appropriate limits and expectations

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