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Minnesota Lamb & Wool Producers Association

Little Ag vs. Big Ag? Best bet on both
By Allen Levine                                                                                  Summer 2009
  Healthy, safe food served in     table, and that we'd all be
school lunches. Control over       better off eating a mostly
our national obesity epidemic.     plant-based diet of foods                                       MLWP Officers &
Local farmers making a living      grown by small, local                                              Directors
selling nutritious food.           producers.                                                    • President—Dan Persons
  None of these goals seem         Fair enough. But then                                           320-986-2336
controversial at first glance.   "Food, Inc." goes further. A                            
But many recent books, web       companion book and                                              • 1st VP—Don Adelman
sites and movies about the       promotional website call on                                       952-466-2451
food industry and healthy        viewers to take action on               Dr. Allen Levine
eating have turned something     food-related causes — not                                     • 2nd VP—Sherry Stirling
as simple what we eat into a     just taking personal actions      about farming" and point-by- 651-257-0827
political litmus test.           like growing a vegetable          point rebuttals. Healthy, safe • Secretary—Sheilina
  "Food, Inc.," a movie that in garden, but joining efforts        food comes from traditional      Nohner 320-237-3577
its promotions promises to       with varying degrees of           agriculture.
                                 political overtones.                                            • Treasurer—Glenette
"lifts the veil on our nation's                                      Associations representing     Sperry 651-257-6735
food industry," opens              The movie's negative            the livestock, meat and
nationwide. Its contributors     portrayal of agribusiness         poultry industries have       • Past Presidents -
include Eric Schlosser and       giant Monsanto prompted           launched a similar site.      Jeremy Geske 952-758-7938
Michael Pollan, both of whom that company to launch its              The back-and-forth         Bob Padula 320-269-7973
have written best-selling books own campaign                       between the two viewpoints • NE Dir. - Warner Johnson
on similar topics. Their basic counterattacking the film,          seems to go on endlessly and  651-257-0827
premise is that Americans' diet complete with a dedicated          often is based on incomplete
is too dependent on big food     website featuring film clips                                    • NW Dir - Karen Stormo
producers, from the field to the of "real farmers talking          (cont. on p.2)                  218-776-2223
                                                                                                 • SE Dir. - Steve Scheffert
View From the Hayloft - Dan Persons, President                                                     507-835-3951
                                                                                                 • SW Dir. - Doug Mathias
  Below are this year’s            Today was the start of our    thankful the temperatures
replacement ewe lambs.           winter lambing cycle as we      have dropped a bit today.
They are content with lots       turned out rams with all of                                     • WC Dir. - Mike Haubrich
                                                                   I hope you will all mark
of room and an appropriate       the ewes. Actually the                                            320-826-2526
                                                                 your calendars and plan on
diet. In a time of year that     breeding season started two     attending the Shepherds         • Metro Dir. & Membership
we usually have chores           weeks ago with the turn-out     Holiday December 4 and 5          Chair - Patty Anderson
down to one TMR load a           of teaser rams and feeding a    in Alexandria, MN. The            952-447-4184
day for the ewe lambs, we        flushing ration. That must      conference schedule has
find ourselves with the          have been working as the        been expanded this year to
feedlot full of open ewes        teasers were fairly active
that had to be pulled off the    the last couple days. I am                            
pastures for lack of grass.                                      (cont. on p.2)
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Pr esident’s Messa ge - cont.
give more time for workshop               The packing industry feels there is      take for granted the work of others
sessions. The board has decided to try    room for much more expansion of          and forget the sacrifices they make for
and offer a more diverse array of         lamb meat in the US, but need the        the greater good of our industry.
workshops to fit more interests. We       promise of increased supply before       Thank You!!
have also put together a post-            they can guarantee a product to
conference on-farm session that will      customers. Its the proverbial chicken      Do you have any used sheep
offer a farm tour and several hands-      and egg dilemma. I would really like     equipment that is in good condition
on demonstrations. The conference         to hear what some of you have to say     that you do not use any more or know
registration will begin Friday morning    on this issue. What keeps us from        of a neighbor that has gone out of
at 8:00 with the first session at 9:00    expanding production? What limits        production and has some good
and will end at 1:30 Saturday             our ability to produce more lambs?       equipment available? Would you
afternoon with the on-farm session        Who will take over when we are           consider donating it to MLWPA to be
following from 2:00 to whenever….         ready to retire? How can we ensure       sold at our annual fundraising
                                          the continuation of successful farms?    auction? We are always looking for
  News from ASI is that they are                                                   ideas and items for this fundraiser. If
putting together a taskforce to look at     I want to express my sincere           you have something to offer contact
what will be needed to increase sheep     gratitude to those individuals who       myself or Travis and Jeanine Fowler.
numbers in the US. Numbers have           have the passion and energy to
been on the decline and yet the           dedicate towards our booths at the         Til next time, keep your pencils
demand for our product is not falling.    State Fair and other festivals           sharp and your minds open.
                                          throughout the year. Too often we
Bet on Both —Cont.
                                                                                   food sourcing is practical as a policy
                                          overeating and not eating well, and      solution or on a personal level. While
research or half-truths. Why have we      some of the advice is worthwhile. But
let eating — one of our most basic                                                 some believe that buying locally
                                          truly solving the problems around        produced food — or better yet,
functions as humans — become a            providing good, safe food globally
political issue for the privileged                                                 growing and cooking it ourselves —
                                          will take a more comprehensive           may be safer and healthier, it's not
classes? Millions of people don't have    approach that looks at all of the
enough to eat, period. Millions more                                               realistic to think that everyone is able
                                          scientific research on health,           to do so or that advances in
have little choice but to eat what's      environment and land use as it relates
cheap and readily available, which in                                              agricultural productivity and food
                                          to food, rather than simply reporting    technology should be ignored when
turn may lead to obesity and its          on the studies that support an
accompanying costly medical issues.                                                people are hungry.

  Sometimes it seems that no good                                                    Let's get back to the real issues and
deed goes unpunished: Nobel
                                                Allen Levine is                    make informed choices about eating
Laureate Norman Borlaug, who saved            Dean of the CFANS                    and producing food. Let's concentrate
                                                                                   on balancing the needs of those who
a billion people worldwide from                at the U of MN.                     have too much with those who don't
starvation in the 1960s and '70s, has
been criticized for the environmental                                              have enough. Our food production
and economic effects of the Green         ideological argument. Such an            systems are abundant and varied —
Revolution. (The critics apparently       unbiased approach won't happen           let's appreciate that instead of trying
don't faze Borlaug, now 95, who           quickly; both biotechnology and          to impose one value system on
replies that if you've never been         organic-food supporters have much to     everyone.
hungry yourself, you have no right to     lose by conceding any ground to their      Allen Levine is dean of the College of
argue with his results.)                  opponents.                               Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource
                                                                                   Sciences at the University of
  Pop-culture books and movies about        Food and agriculture policy is         Minnesota..The views he expresses are
healthy food aren't a bad thing:          complicated. But it seems pretty clear   his own and do not reflect an official
Americans obviously still are             that neither extreme viewpoint on        position of the University of Minnesota.
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MLWP Announces Star ter Flock Winners
     Three MLWP Junior members               Congratulations to Abbie, Lizzy
were awarded starter flock scholarship   and Kelly! We look forward to
funds to be used towards the purchase    progress reports on your flocks.
of a ewe for their flock. The winners        Watch for more information next
are: Abbie Weckman, Elizabeth Roe,       winter about the 2010 MLWP starter
and Kelly Froehlich.                     flock program. Several breed
    Abbie and her family raise           associations also have scholarships for
commercial sheep near Shakopee.          youth to use towards the purchase of
Lizzy and her family raise Suffolks      ewes. All MLWP junior members are
and club lambs near Blue Earth. Kelly    encouraged to apply!
and her family raise Lincolns near

Endurance Shearing Record Set in the US - from ASI
    Two American shearers set          sheep per hour (2:58 minutes per            the ball rolling with U.S. shearers to
precedent for marathon endurance       sheep). The shearers were allowed           see what kinds of ‘records’ they can
sheep shearing in the United States on breaks, but the duration of each rest       break and get more young people
July 11-12 at Estacado Industries Inc. was added to the end of the time period     interested in the profession,” says
in Dimmitt, Texas. Attempting the feat to ensure each shearer sheared for a        Rathke on the reason for organizing
of shearing for 24 hours straight was  full 24 hours. As the sheep passed          the event.
Doug Rathke (48) of Minnesota who      through the hands of the shearer, their         Twenty volunteers from around
sheared a total of 607 sheep and Gavin physical stamina and mental                 the country were on hand to bring up
McKerrow (60) of Wisconsin who         preparedness wore; however, each            the sheep and record times and monitor
sheared 487 sheep.                     animal that came out of the chute was       sheep and wool handling. A nurse
    To put these benchmark numbers as fresh and lively as the first one            monitored the well being of the
into perspective, Rathke sheared 25.29 sheared.                                    shearers’ health while an extension
sheep every hour (2:23 minutes per          The two shearers participated in       agent ensured that the sheep were
sheep) and McKerrow sheared 20.26      this endeavor to bring positive             properly handled.
                                                        attention to shearing in       Sponsors of the event included
                                                        the United States and      Estacado; Glen Fisher, American
                                                        to build an interest       Sheep Industry Association (ASI)
                                                        in sheep shearing as a     president; Lister/Wahl Corp.; Mid-
                                                        means of employment.       States Wool Growers; Groenewold Fur
                                                                  “It is troubling and Wool Co.; Perfect Water; and ASI.
                                                         to me that I am               Both shearers are participants in
                                                         continuously hearing ASI’s Certified Sheep Shearer
                                                         about shearing records Program which pledges their
                                                         being broken in other commitment to shearing in a manner
                                                         countries, and nothing that promotes wool quality and
                                                         is being attempted        good animal husbandry in the United
                                                         here. We hope to get      States.

MLWP Seeks Silver Bell Award Nomina tions
    The Minnesota Lamb and Wool              similar program.                    conference. All winners will be
Producers are currently seeking          •   Civic contributions to their        notified prior to the MLWP annual
nominations for the 2009 Junior and          community.                          conference. Winners will be asked to
Senior Silver Bell Awards.                                                       give a short presentation at the
Applications are due by November 20,          The selection of the state’s most  following year’s annual conference.
2009. The Silver Bell Awards will be     profitable flock, the largest lamb crop,
                                         the heaviest shearing ewes, or the best      Criteria for the Award
presented at the Shepherds                                                            Individual must meet the
Conference and Trade Show,               appearing flock was not the goal.
                                         Rather, we have chosen sheep             following criteria to be nominated for
December 4 & 5, in Alexandria.
                                         producers who are exemplary of what the Silver Bell Award:
   Silver Bell Award History             all shepherds should strive to be.       • Be a paid current member of
   The Silver Bell Award has                                                          MLWPA.
awarded annually to one or two                General Rules and Guidelines
Minnesota shepherds who have               A shepherd can receive the award      •   Excelled in the PRODUCTION of
excelled in modern sheep, lamb, or     only once in a lifetime. If there is no       sheep, lamb, or wool.
wool production for over 25 years.     individual worthy of receiving the        •   Excelled in the PROMOTION of
                                       award, one will not be presented. The         sheep, lamb, or wool.
     Over the years, the selection     individual should show longevity in
criteria has included flock size,      the sheep business. All aspects of the    •   Excelled in the production and
lambing and weaning rate, lamb and     sheep industry will be considered             promotion of sheep, lamb, or wool
wool production per ewe, sale price of equal, including commercial, dairy,           over an extended period of time.
lamb and wool, gross return per ewe, purebred, and hand-spinning farms.               Letter of Nomination
and the following less tangible but                                                   Individuals do not need to be
equally important factors:                 There shall be a Junior Silver Bell
                                       award based on the same criteria as       notified that they are being nominated
• Attitude toward the adoption of      the adult Silver Bell award, except       for this award. Nomination letters may
     new technology.                   that the nominee must be less than 21     be kept on file for future years if there
• Use of financial as well as flock    years of age and a current FFA or 4H      are more nominees than awardees in a
     production records.               sheep program participant. Selection      given year.

• Willingness to commit labor, feed, emphasis for this category will focus           The letter of nomination should
     capital, and managerial effort    on how they have gone out of their        not be verbose. There is no set format.
     toward the profitable production  way to promote the sheep industry.        Try to limit your letter to one page.
    of a quality product from their          Selection of individuals to receive Focus on how the person being
    flocks that reflects well upon the   the award will be done by a committee nominated meets the criteria for the
    entire sheep industry.               of the Minnesota Lamb and Wool          award and what they have done to
                                         Producers with at least one previous    distinguish themselves from other
•   An apparent faith and confidence                                             shepherds. Each letter of nomination
    in the “old ewe” and in their        award member on the committee. It
                                         will be the responsibility of the       must stand on its own merit.
    efforts to consistently generate a
    substantial part of their farm       committee to determine the degree of        Letters of Nomination for this
    income with a ewe flock.             excellence of each nomination and to year’s Silver Bell awards must be
                                         select the winner based on the          submitted not later than November 20,
•   A contagious enthusiasm for          collective subjective judgment of the 2009 to Selection Committee Chair:
    sheep, coupled with a record of      committee.                              Foster Mooney, 9710 Jewel Lane,
    profitable production that                                                   Chisago City, MN 55013.
    encourages others to follow a            The Silver Bell Award will be
                                         presented at the annual MLWP

Far mer Involvement in TMDLs is Critical
    A significant number of                or no farmer input. Many of the folks    these stakeholder groups to bring some
Minnesota’s rivers and lakes have been     involved in writing these TMDL           common sense to the table, and make
identified as “impaired” because of        reports have minimal understanding of    sure the group looks at all sources of
one or more pollutants. Impaired           modern agriculture, and as a result,     impairments, and not just blame
waters do not meet water quality           agriculture tends to receive a large     everything on the farmers.
standards for one or more pollutants.      share of the blame in most TMDLs.         The Minnesota Agriculture Water
     The federal Clean Water Act                                                 Resources Coalition (MAWRC - of
establishes a course of action once                                              which MLWP is a member), and
waters are placed on the impaired list.                                          several agricultural groups (MN
At some point, MPCA or its designee                                              Soybean Growers, MN Corn Growers,
conducts a Total Maximum Daily                                                   MN Farm Bureau, and others) have
Load (TMDL) project. The idea is that                                            been working hard to get more farmer
a diverse group of stakeholders will be                                          involvement in TMDL projects.
assembled to evaluate the data about                                             Training is available for farmers on
that water body and the surrounding                                              how to be effectively involved in the
landscape in an attempt to allocate the      As farmers, we certainly want to    process. In addition, MAWRC and
various sources of the pollutant and     do our part of clean up our waters, but other Ag groups are working with
come up with recommendations for         we don’t want to be blamed for          MPCA to improve the process and
reducing each source’s contribution.     impairments we didn’t cause. A recent increase stakeholder involvement.
     The number of TMDL projects in example is in the Lake Shaokatan                 If you hear of TMDL meetings in
Minnesota is rapidly increasing.         phosphorus TMDL. Sheep on over-         your area, get involved and encourage
Despite the fact that stakeholder        grazed pastures are listed as a source  other farmers to get involved as well.
involvement is required by the Clean     of phosphorous, even though there are If we don’t speak up, there are plenty
Water Legacy Act, many of these          no sheep farms in the watershed!        of non-farmers who would gladly
projects are being conducted with little     We need farmers participating in    speak for us.

Call for nomina tions for MISA Board
   This is a message from the MISA         and beyond. A term on the MISA           representatives.)
Board of Directors Nominations             Board is three years. You may                The complete announcement can
Committee.                                 nominate yourself or someone else to     be found at
     We seek your help in identifying      serve on the Board.            
individuals potentially willing to serve       Beginning in September 1, 2009,      d_Nominations.html
on the Board of Directors for the          the following vacancies on the Board
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable        will be filled:
Agriculture (MISA.) The purpose of         >Two (2) sustainable agriculture
MISA is to bring together the diverse      practitioners (e.g. farmers and
interests of the agricultural community    ranchers); and,
with interests from across the
University community in a cooperative      >One (1) representative of the
effort to develop and promote              sustainable agriculture community
sustainable agriculture in Minnesota       (e.g., non-governmental organizations,
                                           business, government and citizen

7 Things You Didn’t Know About HSUS
                                                Source: Center for Consumer Freedom
    1) The Humane Society of the          ecstatic.” That same year, Goodwin        years … it’s no surprise at all that the
United States (HSUS) is a “humane         was arrested at a UC Davis protest        richest of them would mislead the
society” in name only, since it doesn’t   celebrating the 10-year anniversary of    public with a phony seafood boycott.”
operate a single pet shelter or pet       an ALF arson at the university that            6) HSUS raised a reported $34
adoption facility anywhere in the US.     caused $5 million in damage.              million in the wake of Hurricane
In 2007, HSUS contributed only 3.64         4) According to a 2008 Los              Katrina, supposedly to help reunite lost
percent of its budget to organizations  Angeles Times investigation, less than      pets with their owners. But little of that
that operate dog and cat shelters. In   12 percent of money raised for HSUS         money was spent for its intended
reality, HSUS is a wealthy animal-      by California telemarketers actually        purpose. Louisiana’s Attorney General
rights lobbying organization (the       ends up in HSUS’s bank account. The         ended his 18-month-long investigation
largest and richest on earth) that      rest is kept by professional fundraisers.   into where most of these millions
agitates for the same goals as PETA     And if you exclude two campaigns run        went, shortly after HSUS announced
and other radical groups.               for HSUS by the “Build-a-Bear               its plan to contribute $600,000 toward
     2) Beginning on the day of NFL     Workshop” retail chain, which               the construction of an animal shelter
quarterback Michael Vick’s 2007         consisted of the sale of surplus stuffed    on the grounds of a state prison. Public
dogfighting indictment, HSUS raised     animals (not really “fundraising”),         disclosures of the disposition of the
money online with the false promise     HSUS’s yield number shrinks to just 3       $34 million in Katrina-related
that it would “care for the dogs seized percent. In 2004, HSUS ran a                donations add up to less than $7 mil.
in the Vick case.” The New York         telemarketing campaign in Connecticut      7) After gathering undercover
Times later reported that HSUS wasn’t with fundraisers who promised to         video footage of improper animal
caring for Vick’s dogs at all. And      return a minimum of 0 percent of the   handling at a Chino, CA processing
HSUS president Wayne Pacelle told       proceeds. The campaign raised over     plant in November of 2007, HSUS sat
the Times that his group recommended $1.4 million. Not only did absolutely     on its video evidence for three months,
that government officials “put down” none of that money go to HSUS, but        even refusing to share it with the U.S.
(kill) the dogs rather than adopt them the group paid $175,000 for the work.   Department of Agriculture (USDA).
out to suitable homes. HSUS later           5) Research shows that HSUS’s      HSUS’s Dr. Michael Greger testified
quietly altered its fundraising pitch.  heavily promoted U.S. “boycott” of     before Congress that the San
    3) HSUS’s management includes a Canadian seafood— a protest against        Bernardino County (CA) District
former spokesman for the Animal         Canada’s annual seal hunt—is a phony Attorney’s office asked the group “to
Liberation Front (ALF), a criminal      exercise in media manipulation. A      hold on to the information while they
group designated as “terrorists” by the 2006 investigation found that 78       completed their investigation.” But the
FBI. HSUS president Pacelle hired       percent of the restaurants and seafood District Attorney’s office quickly
John “J.P.” Goodwin in 1997, the same distributors described by HSUS as        denied that account, even declaring
year Goodwin described himself as       “boycotters” weren’t participating at  that HSUS refused to make its spy
“spokesperson for the ALF” while he all. Nearly 2/3 of them told surveyors available to investigators if the USDA
fielded media calls after an ALF arson they were completely unaware HSUS were present at those meetings. HSUS
attack at a California veal processing  was using their names in connection    chose to release its video footage at a
plant. When asked by reporters for a    with an international boycott          more politically opportune time, as it
reaction to an ALF arson fire at a      campaign. The Canadian government launched a livestock-related ballot
farmer’s feed co-op in Utah (which      is on record about this deception,     campaign. Meanwhile, meat from the
nearly killed a family sleeping on the saying: “Some animal rights groups      processing plant continued to flow into
premises), Goodwin replied, “We’re      have been misleading the public for    the U.S. food supply for months.

Gray Wolves of f on of f on of f on the
Endanger ed Species List...
    Its almost impossible to keep track   livestock should be able to get
anymore, but for the time being, gray     reimbursed faster (the last couple
wolves are back on the endangered         years, the funds ran out early due to
species list as the lawsuits continue.    high crop losses caused by elk, and
    Despite overwhelming evidence         farmers where put on a waiting list
that gray wolves have recovered in        until the next round of funding became
Minnesota to a population of two -        available).
three times what was originally set as        Stay tune, by the next issue, they
the recovery goal, misguided animal       may be off the endangered species list      Wildlife Service estimated that gray
rights groups continue to challenge       again...(sarcasm intended).                 wolves number about 4,000 in northern
common sense and waste time and                                                       Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan,
                                          Why are they are back on the list?          and no longer needed federal help. The
resources that could be used to protect
species that are actually endangered.       Minnesota's gray wolves will              Obama administration had ordered a
                                       return to the endangered species list          review of the decision. Salazar
    Meanwhile, ranchers in northern    under a settlement today between the           previously said he had concluded that
Minnesota continue to suffer livestock U.S. government and several groups             dropping the wolf from the list was
losses from wolves. The only bright    that fought to return the wolves to the        justified by its strong comeback in two
spot here is that the legislature      list. In March, Interior Secretary Ken         parts of the nation, including the Upper
separated out funds to reimburse       Salazar upheld a decision by the U.S.          Midwest. The settlement involved
farmers who suffer crop and livestock Fish and Wildlife Service to remove             groups including the Humane Society
damage from wolves or elk into         the species from the endangered                of the United States and the Center for
different account, so ranchers who can species list in the state. The Fish and        Biological Diversity.
prove wolf depredation on their

Dombek inducted in Pipestone Sheep Hall of Fame
    Each year, the Pipestone Lamb and     runs over 900 ewes and is an innovator      Randy's farm is always valuable to
Wool program inducts a new person         who has helped pioneer many cutting         producers because of his "straight talk"
into the Pipestone Sheep Hall of Fame.    edge management practices, including:       answers, innovative sheep
Selection is based on outstanding         built the first modern "state of the art"   management practices and his
accomplishments in sheep production       lambing barn; developed a low labor/        willingness to share both what has
by a member of the Lamb and Wool          low cost production system; self            worked and what hasn't.
Program and/or in recognition of          feeding soybean hull pellets on pasture        Because of his innovation,
valuable contributions to the Program     to flush ewes; self feeding soybean     outstanding sheep production
by a person from education, research      hull pellets and dry distillers grain topractices, long time success in the
or allied industries.                     lactating ewes and utilized low labor   sheep business and willingness to
      This years' inductee is Randy       management concepts.                    share his knowledge with others plus
Dombek from Ivanhoe, MN. Randy                  Randy also generously shares his his dedication to the success of the
has been a member of the Pipestone        sheep management knowledge with         Pipestone Lamb and Wool Program
Lamb and Wool Program for 30 years        thousands of sheep producers through make Randy Dombek a very deserving
and has served on the Program's           various workshops, bus tours and        inductee in the Pipestone Sheep Hall of
Advisory committee for 20 years. He       individual visits to his farm. Visiting Fame.

Le gisla tive Upda te
 USDA-Price Increases for DPPSP           Farm groups are still concerned
  U.S. Agriculture Secretary Vilsack    about creating a new system, as well
announced on July 31 that the Obama     as the impact of the legislation on
Administration is taking immediate      growers of fruits and vegetables.
action to support struggling dairy      There is no timeline for Senate action.
farmers by increasing the amount paid
for dairy products through the Dairy     Senate Approves Ag Spending Bill
Product Price Support Program              On August 4, the U.S. Senate
(DPPSP). The increases will be in        approved the fiscal year 2010               On August 3, the full Sixth Circuit
place from Aug. 2009 - Oct. 2009.        appropriations bill for the U.S.          Court of Appeals denied Farm
                                                                                   Bureau’s petition for a rehearing of
  The increase will raise the price paid Agriculture Department, the Food and
                                         Drug Administration (FDA) and             National Cotton Council (NCC) v.
for nonfat dry milk from $0.80 per
                                         related agencies by a vote of 80-17,      Environmental Protection Agency
pound to $0.92 per pound, the price
paid for cheddar blocks from $1.13 per clearing the way for a conference
pound to $1.31 per pound, and the        committee to take up the legislation in     AFBF filed a petition in April asking
price of cheddar barrels from $1.10      September. The price tag of the bill      the full Sixth Circuit to rehear the Jan.
per pound to $1.28 per pound.            totals $125 billion.                      7, 2009, decision issued by a three-
                                                                                   judge panel in the case. That decision
  Additionally, the U.S. Department of More than 80 percent of the funding
                                         in the measure, $100.8 billion, is for    reversed an EPA rule that would have
Agriculture (USDA) is currently
                                         mandatory programs such as food           clarified that federal Clean Water Act
reviewing federal dairy policy to
                                                                                   (CWA) permits are not required for
determine what changes are needed to stamps, which have seen a sharp
                                         increase in demand during the             pesticide application to waters or over
reduce price volatility and enhance
                                         recession. The Senate legislation also    waters, so long as the application
farmer profitability.
                                         would provide substantial increases to    complies with pesticide labeling laws.
U.S. House Passes Food Safety Bill international food aid and farm                   In June, the full Sixth Circuit Court
                                         support programs financed through the     of Appeals granted an EPA request for
  On July 31, the U.S. House of          Commodity Credit Corporation, which       a two-year stay in NCC v. EPA. This
Representatives passed the Food          would receive $13.9 billion, up 25        “stay of the mandate” makes the
Safety Enhancement Act (H.R. 2749) percent from last year.                         original EPA rule valid until April
283-142. All of Minnesota’s members                                                2011 and defers any potential pesticide
of the U.S. House voted in favor of        The Senate voted 60-37 to approve
                                         an amendment by Bernie Sanders (I-        permitting requirements until that
this bill. The Senate must now act on                                              time.
the House bill or take up a food safety Vt.) to add $350 million to the
bill of its own; the American Farm       measure for milk price supports to          AFBF is disappointed in the court’s
Bureau Federation (AFBF) expects the increase government purchases of              decision and will consider its options.
Senate will use S. 510 introduced by     surplus dairy products.                   Meanwhile, AFBF has been and will
Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) rather than      By unanimous consent, the Senate        continue to work with EPA in the
the House bill.                          voted to slash funding for the National   development of a permitting system.
                                                                                   EPA is expected to release a general
  U.S. House Agriculture Committee Animal Identification System in half,           permit prototype later this month.
Chairman Collin Peterson (D-MN)          from $14.6 million to $7.3 million.
was successful in obtaining              The House axed all funding for the
                                         program in its version of the spending    Farmable Wetlands Program Begins
exemptions from most of the bill’s
provisions for farms. USDA will          bill passed last month.            USDA recently announced that
continue to regulate feed grain farms                                     producers can begin signing up for the
and livestock and poultry farms, rather Court Denies Farm Bureau Petition Farmable Wetlands Program on Aug.
than the FDA.                           in Cotton Council Case            3 at local Farm Service Agency (FSA)
                                                                          county offices. The program is a
                                                                          component of the Conservation

Le gisla tive Upda te - cont.
Reserve Program (CRP) authorized in       India Rejects Any Greenhouse-Gas        emission reduction target, period,
the 2008 farm bill. Authorized            Cuts Under New Climate Treaty           between now and the Copenhagen
incentives include a payment of $100        India said it will reject any new     meeting and thereafter.”
per acre, an incentive payment of 40      treaty to limit global warming that
percent of the cost to establish the      makes the country reduce greenhouse-    Senate Committee Approves Clean
practice and a 120 percent rental rate.   gas emissions because that will         Water Restoration Act
  The voluntary program was               undermine its energy consumption,        On June 18, the U.S. Senate
developed to restore up to 1 million      transportation and food security.      Environment and Public Works
acres of U.S. farmable wetlands and       Cutting back on climate-warming        Committee voted 12-7 in favor of the
associated buffers by improving the     gases is a measure that instead must be Clean Water Restoration Act, S. 787,
land's hydrology and vegetation.        taken by industrialized countries, and which amends the Clean Water Act
  For more information on FSA’s         India is mobilizing developing nations (CWA) by replacing the term
conservation programs, producers are to push that case, according to             “navigable waters” with “waters of the
encouraged to stop by their FSA         Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh. United States.”
county office in person or visit          “India will not accept any emission-     During mark up of the bill a                       reduction target -- period,” Ramesh      substitute amendment was offered by
                                        said. “This is a non-negotiable stand.” Senators Baucus (D-MT), Klobuchar
CSP Sign-Up Begins                                                               and Boxer (D-CA). Their amendment
                                          India, which has more than 800         was agreed to. The amendment makes
  U.S. Agriculture Deputy Secretary     million people living on less than $2 a a number of changes to S. 787.
Kathleen Merrigan announced that the day, is talking with Brazil, China and
USDA will begin continuous sign-up South Africa on taking a common               However, the amendment continues to
for the new Conservation Stewardship stand in negotiations that richer           delete the term “navigable” and
Program (CSP) on August 10, with the countries like the U.S. and Britain         replace it with “all waters of the
first signup period cutoff on Sept. 30. must reduce their emissions 45 percent United States.” Senator Klobuchar
                                                                                 voted in favor of moving S. 787 out of
  CSP is a voluntary program that       by the year 2020 from 1990 levels.       committee as amended.
encourages agricultural and forestry      That level of reduction worldwide
producers to maintain existing                                                     Farm Bureau remains concerned that
                                        may be enough to ensure the global       the legislation will needlessly expand
conservation practices, while adopting average temperature rises no more than
additional procedures on their                                                   the federal reach of the CWA, with
                                        2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit)       significant negative impacts on
operations. Congress renamed and        above pre-industrial times, according farmers, ranchers, local governments
revamped the former Conservation        to a UN climate agency, which
Security Program to improve its                                                  and local economies without improved
                                        suggested a 25 percent-to-40 percent
availability and appeal to agricultural cut over the same three-decade period. protection of the nation’s critical water
and forestry producers.                                                          resources.
                                          The 27-nation European Union,
  The program will be offered to        promising a 20-percent reduction,        Health Care Legislation Delayed
producers nationwide through            Japan, pledging an 8 percent cut, and
continuous sign-ups. Eligible                                                      U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry
                                        the U.S., committed to return to 1990
applicants may include individual                                                Reid announced President Obama’s
                                        levels by 2020, all fall below the UN
landowners, legal entities and Indian                                            August deadline for finalizing health
                                        target for gases such as carbon dioxide.
tribes. Agricultural and forestry                                                care legislation will not be met. Senate
producers must submit applications by     “We are not re-negotiating the U.N. Democrats canceled plans to vote on a
Sept. 30 to be considered for funding   Framework Convention on Climate          health care reform bill a few hours
in the first ranking period. Congress   Change,” Ramesh said, referring to the after Obama reiterated his support for
capped national acreage enrollment at treaty that entered into force in 1994     the August deadline.
12,769,000 acres for each fiscal year.  and laid the groundwork for emissions
                                                                                   On the House side, Speaker Nancy
                                        cuts by richer nations. “There is no
                                                                                 Pelosi (D-CA) has not committed to a
                                        way India is going to accept any
                                                                                 vote before adjournment.

Pipestone Honors Gunder man - Outstanding Producer
    The Pipestone Lamb and Wool                  In addition, he has served on the   do a good job of keeping ewe feed
Program recently honored two               Lamb and Wool Program advisory            costs low and are consistently in the
members of the program who have            committee for several years. He also      elite end of program members for lamb
achieved outstanding production,           has hosted on-farm training sessions,     feed efficiency. Dave and Julie work
performance and profit from their          bus tours and has served on producer      well together in making good, timely
sheep operations.                          panels at shortcourses.                   management decisions that positively
      The first recipient of the                  The next recipients of the         affect their bottom line profits.
outstanding producer award is Russell      outstanding producer award are David            In addition to their sheep
Gundermann from Westbrook,                 and Julie Hofland from Hartley, Iowa.     production accomplishments, the
Minnesota. Russell has raised sheep        Dave and Julie have raised sheep for      Hoflands have helped many new
for 30 years and has been a member of      over 20 years and have been members       people get started raising sheep and
the Pipestone Lamb and Wool                of the Pipestone Lamb and Wool            have served as mentors to them. They
Program for that entire time. Over that    program for 18 years. Their flock has     have also worked tirelessly in
time, he has grown from a 100-head         steadily grown from less than 100 head    representing and promoting the sheep
ewe flock to a little over 600-head of     to about 550 Finn Cross and Polypay       industry as directors, officers and
Finn Cross ewes today. He excels as a      type ewes. They excel as a high           workers for the Northwest Iowa Sheep
low cost producer who consistently is      production flock that consistently        Producers Association and the Iowa
one of the two or three producers in the   markets around a 200 percent lamb         Sheep and Wool Promotion Board.
program with the lowest annual ewe         crop or better. Since they started               The elite production levels, flock
feed cost and therefore the lowest         raising sheep, they have kept and used    profitability and industry leadership
annual cost of production. Russell         extensive production records in           make Russell Gundermann and Dave
runs a low labor operation and has         breeding, culling and selecting their     and Julie Hofland very worthy
excellent sheep management skills and      replacement ewes. They also select all    recipients of the Pipestone Outstanding
pays close attention to details and        rams used in their flock based on         Producer Award.
timely management.                         production records. In addition, they

Impor tance of Biosecurity
    Livestock in the US are just as        travelers on farm                         potential spread of disease.
mobile as people, traveling across the     • Banning any person displaying signs         Help keep Minnesota’s livestock
country and sometimes overseas in          of sickness                               industry healthy and thriving. Please
mere days. Though this allows for a                                                  visit and click on
broader range of business prospects, it    • Mandating all farm workers and
                                           visitors wear personal protective         “Quick Links - Biosecurity” for more
also paves the way for potentially                                                   information.
harmful viruses and bacteria to be         equipment including boots, gloves,
spread quickly. Biosecurity is now         masks, and coveralls
more important than ever.                  • Reporting any unusual behavior or
   Some of the basic steps to              signs of illness in livestock to a
maintaining biosecurity on farm are:       veterinarian immediately

• Limiting the number of people on the     Taking these steps, alongside of
farm                                   many other important biosecurity
                                       practices, will help prevent the
• Not allowing recent international

MLWP takes par t in MN Ag Ambassador Institute
    The Minnesota Lamb and Wool
Producers had four representatives
attend the14th annual Minnesota
Agricultural Ambassador Institute
(MAAI) in St. Paul. Donnie Drewry of
Farmington, Kathy Hansen of Cold
Spring, Jodee Oelke of Barrett, and
Ashley Schiefelbein of Kimball took
part in the three-day youth leadership
development program.
    Also among the 33 individuals
taking part were representatives from
the Minnesota Pork Board, Minnesota
Soybean Research and Promotion
Council and FFA.
    The MAAI combined hands-on
activities, speakers, and tours to
encourage and develop communication
and leadership skill of youth who have
an interest in agriculture and
                                           Front: Kathy Hanson and Donnie Drewy, Back: Kevin Paap - MFBF,
    The MAAI participants toured           Jodee Oelke, Ashley Schiefelbein, and Joe Martin - MN Dept of Ag
Canterbury Park in Shakopee, CHS
grain shipping facilities in Savage, and   about their careers in agriculture and    Kevin Paap, Minnesota Farm Bureau
the Minnesota Public Radio facilities      the state agriculture department’s food   President.
in St. Paul. Participants also took part   safety and regulatory programs, and           The institute’s primary organizers
in an etiquette dinner at the Machine      consumer and production agricultural      are the Minnesota Pork Board and the
Shed restaurant in Lake Elmo.              services Communication and                Minnesota Farm and Food Coalition.
    Speakers at this year’s program        leadership training presenters were       Additional funding for the event comes
included Minnesota Department of           Bryn Poliska, National Pork Board         from several other commodity and
Agriculture staff members who talked       Knowledge Transfer Specialist, and        agricultural groups.

    The United Kingdom’s Committee         consumers to eat more potatoes and            A government-sponsored study on
on Climate Change is developing            seasonal vegetables, as well as pork      greenhouse gases in the U.K. found
menus to combat climate change by          and chicken, which they say generate      that producing 2.2 pounds of lamb
cutting out “high carbon” food such as     fewer carbon emissions. “Changing         released the equivalent of 37 pounds of
lamb, which the group claims pose a        our lifestyles, including our diets, is   carbon dioxide.
serious threat to the environment          going to be one of the crucial elements   Editor’s note: Even sheep are not safe
because they expel methane.                in cutting carbon emissions,” said        from the climate terrorists.
    The committee is encouraging           David Kennedy, of the committee.

"America's Dair yland" Under Attack by PETA
   If the animal-rights group PETA had its way, Wisconsin's license plate slogan "America's Dairyland" would be
changed to "America's Cow Hell."
    "Today's factory farms are hell on Earth for animals and shouldn't be celebrated on Wisconsin license plates," says
PETA campaign coordinator Lindsay Rajt. "People who care about cows shouldn't be forced to use their cars as free
advertising for an industry that forcibly impregnates cows and then tears their babies away and locks them up in veal
crates for the remainder of their short lives."
   PETA has sent the following letter to Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle:

Dear Governor Doyle:

On behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and our thousands of members and supporters across
Wisconsin, I am writing to ask you to endorse an alternative to the ubiquitous "America's Dairyland" license plate out of
respect for the many Wisconsinites who do not wish to support animal abuse on factory farms. Instead of the "America's
Dairyland" slogan with the quaint barn in the background, we'd like to see a new license plate that reads, "Wisconsin:
America's Cow Hell" and has a more realistic image, perhaps depicting sick cows in a cramped, filthy factory-farm

The dairy industry is far from the romanticized fairy tale of Old MacDonald's Farm that milk companies want
consumers to envision. In real life, thousands of cows are forced to live in barren, severely crowded factory-farm
feedlots, where they spend their days mired in mud and their own feces. Most factory-farmed cows suffer from a painful
udder infection called mastitis, which is exacerbated by filthy conditions and the growth hormones that farmers routinely
give to cows so that they will pump out milk like machines, not mammals. Of course, cows only produce milk during and
after pregnancy, so to force them to keep giving milk, they are repeatedly impregnated using what farmers call a "rape
rack." Their calves are taken away shortly after birth; most calves spend their short lives confined to veal crates, unable
to move. After several years of milk production, the cows' worn-out bodies are ground up and turned into hamburgers.
In addition to causing immense animal suffering, the dairy industry is a leading contributor to climate change as well as
air and water pollution in the Badger State.

Caring and informed Wisconsinites are increasingly making the compassionate choice to go vegan; these kind folks are
dismayed that their vehicles are being used as free advertising space for the cruel dairy industry. Please encourage the
legislature to create an alternative license plate that provides an accurate depiction of this abusive and environmentally
destructive industry. Madison-based Alliance for Animals (AFA) has produced a sticker that can be placed over
"America's Dairyland" until the permanent "America's Cow Hell" plate is available. Attached is a photograph showing
the sticker on a car owned by PETA staffer/AFA member Jackie Wochos. Wisconsin residents can order a license plate
sticker at AFA's Web site.

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

Commissioner Hugoson ur ges USDA to r eshape
animal identifica tion discussion
    Citing the importance of animal        providing animal health officials with   premises information.
traceability in responding to food         timely information needed to fight         “We believe the most important
safety threats and livestock disease       animal diseases and foodborne          component of a disease investigation is
outbreaks, Minnesota Agriculture           illnesses.                             the ability of state officials to contact
Commissioner Gene Hugoson and                   “While most parties can agree on  affected livestock producers or
Minnesota State Veterinarian Dr. Bill      the importance of improving animal     handlers in a timely manner,” Hugoson
Hartmann today sent a joint letter to      traceability for food safety, animal   and Hartmann wrote. “Overreliance on
U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom             health and marketing purposes, it      a national database system may lead to
Vilsack urging him to resume the           seems very difficult to find consensus problems … a better blueprint would
discussion about implementing a            on how best to build workable systems be to empower states to build modern,
national animal identification system.     to accomplish these goals,” they wrote accurate, and nationally compatible
    Commissioner Hugoson and Dr.           in their letter. “Rather than being    systems to effectively trace animal
Hartmann acknowledged the                  drawn into the debates … take this     diseases.”
controversy generated by earlier           opportunity to reshape the discussion      The letter points out that a less
debates over the proposed National         with a focus on how we improve         centralized system with greater state
Animal Identification System (NAIS),       animal traceability.”                  involvement may be easier for some
and they encouraged Secretary Vilsack          The letter urged greater             producers to accept.
to set aside the bogged-down debate        involvement of state animal health
about whether to implement that                                                         “We believe enhancing state
                                           officials, citing their role as first    systems will garner more producer
system. Instead, Hugoson and               responders to animal diseases.
Hartmann suggested a greater                                                        participation and improve animal
                                           Hugoson and Hartmann said this role      disease response and traceability,”
emphasis on practical issues related to    makes it vital for state responders to
development of a modern, high-quality                                               Hugoson and Hartmann wrote.
                                           build and maintain accurate and          “Additionally, data privacy concerns
animal traceability system that respects   updated information systems with
producer privacy concerns while also                                                can be better addressed by state
                                           producer contacts and livestock          statutes.”
  Mark your calendars now for the 2009 MLWPA Shepherd’s Holiday, December 4-5, in Alexandria.
                  Ideas for speakers/topics can be submitted to any MLWP board member.

Gr een Acr es and Rural Pr eser ves Fact Sheets
     The Minnesota Department of           Rural Preserves program was created      (1).pdf
Revenue has released Green Acres and       this year. It is similar to the Green      The Rural Preserves Fact sheet site
Rural Preserve Fact Sheets to help         Acres program, but is designed for    is the same through content/ the last
landowners answer questions about the      non-ag land.                          part is:
two property tax programs designed to          The Green Acres Fact sheet can be 2009144%20Rural%20Preserveves%2
preserve agricultural land and open        found at:      0Fact%20Sheet.pdf
space. The Green Acres program has         property_tax_administrators/
been around for several years, but                                                    Ask your county tax assessor for
                                           other_supporting_content/             more information about these
changes have been made to it in teh        2009258%20Fact%20Sheet%205%20 programs.
last two state legislative sessions. The

Livestock Investment Program grants available
     The Minnesota Department of          buildings and/or capital equipment.      are not requested as part of the
agriculture (MDA) is accepting                  Grant applications will be         application process. Only grants that
applications for the 2009 Livestock       competitively scored using and           are approved will need to provide
Investment Grant Program (LIGP) as        evaluation profile and ranked on their   proof of payment. Grants will be paid
part of the newly created Agricultural    relative merit in each category. A       to eligible producers after they have
Growth, Research and Innovation           review committee will evaluate the       submitted proof of payment to MDA.
                                          applications and notify recipients in         LIGP applications must be
                                          early 2010. Give special attention to    postmarked by Nov. 30, 2009. All
                                          the evaluation profile when              applications must be originals (no e-
                                          answering questions on the               mail or faxed copies). Keep a copy for
                                          application. If you applied for, but     your records. Incomplete applications
                                          were not granted an LIG in 2008, your    will not be reviewed or accepted.
                                          application remains active and will be       More information, and an
Program (AGRI). These grants are          considered along with the 2009
available to qualifying livestock                                                 application form can be found at:
producers and provide reimbursement
of up to 10% of their investment in            Receipts for purchases or services mentgrant (or call 651-201-6500).

LRP-Lamb Sales Will Resume
     Sales of the Livestock Risk          Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC)        insurance
Protection-Lamb (LRP-Lamb) plan of        Board of Directors approved a number provider to
insurance will begin again on Sept. 14,   of program changes, including:           FCIC. The Risk
according to USDA Risk Management         -A new pricing procedure that uses a     Management
Agency (RMA). Sales under the 2009        lamb carcass price converted to a        Agency (RMA)
and 2010 Livestock Risk Protection        calculated live price using Agricultural publishes a list
(LRP) Lamb Specific Coverage              Marketing Service (AMS) data;            of agents authorized by insurance
Endorsements were suspended due to                                                 providers to write livestock insurance
the unavailability of pricing             -The addition of a 20-week               on its Web site at
information and was no longer             endorsement;                   
available for sale.                       -Expansion to the state of Washington; /companies/indexLPI.cfm."
     The American Sheep Industry          -A reduction in the maximum size of            "We are very pleased that this
Association's (ASI) Sheep Venture         the Specific Coverage Endorsement        great risk management tool will once
Company (SVC) and the Livestock           from 7,000 head to 2,000 head.           again be available to the sheep industry
Marketing Information Center have              A new LRP Lamb Specific             this fall ... the changes are very
been working with RMA and the             Coverage Endorsement, 2010-1-LRP         positive both for the sustainability of
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation        Lamb, reflecting the above changes is    the program and its usefulness to
(FCIC) for nearly a year on several       now available. Producers interested in   producers," said Margaret Soulen
enhancements to LRP-Lamb.                 purchasing an LRP Lamb Specific          Hinson, ASI vice president.
     As a result the RMA published        Coverage Endorsement will need to             The 2010 reinsurance year LRP-
the following informational memo:         contact a crop insurance agent and       Lamb materials may be accessed on
     "On June 25, 2009, the Federal       complete an application that will be     the RMA Web site from the Livestock
                                          submitted through the approved           page at

                              Did you know?
By being a member of MLWPA, you can get the ASI Weekly News by email for free?
Just contact ASI for information on getting your email account set up.

Calendar of Events
Aug. 27—Sep. 7            MN State Fair                    St. Paul, MN
                                                                              Lamb Chops w/ Cranberry-Orange Salsa
Sep. 8          Wyoming WGA state ram sale                 Douglas, WY
                                                                              Lamb Chops
Sep. 17         Montana Ram Sale                           Miles City, MT
                                                                              2 tablespoons orange juice
Sep. 18         Newell Ram Sale                            Newell, SD         1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
                                                                              8 American lamb loin chops, 1-inch thick
Sep. 26         SD Sheep Growers Assoc Annual mtg          Huron, SD
                                                                              Cranberry-Orange Salsa
Oct.            MN Hampshire Young Shepherd’s Scholarship deadline            1 medium orange, peeled and chopped, or
                                                                              1/2 cup canned mandarin oranges, chopped
Oct. 31         North Star Bred Ewe Sale                   Pipestone, MN      1/4 cup finely chopped onion
                                                                              1 can (4 ounces) chopped green chilies,
Nov. 7-20       NAILE (Louisville)                         Louisville, KY     drained
                                                                              1/4 cup dried cranberries, soaked in hot
Nov. 19-21      MN Farm Bureau Annual mtg              Brooklyn Park, MN      water for 10 minutes and drained
                                                                              1/4 cup orange marmalade
Nov. 20-21      ND Lamb & Wool annual mtg                  Mandan, ND         1 tablespoon finely chopped cilantro or
Nov. 28         MN Bred Ewe & Doe Sale                     Rochester, MN      1 tablespoon white vinegar

Nov. 30         Application Deadline for Livestock Investment Grant program   Lamb Chops
                                                                              Combine orange juice and Worcestershire
Dec. 4-5        MLWPA Shepherd’s Holiday                   Alexandria, MN     sauce. Brush lamb chops with orange juice
                                                                              To Grill: Cook over medium-hot coals. Grill
Jan. 20-23      ASI Annual Convention                      Nashville, TN      4 inches from coals for 5 minutes. Turn and
                                                                              grill 4 to 6 minutes longer or to desired
If you have a calendar item or news releases that you would like included,    degree of doneness.
please send information to:
                                                                              To Broil: Cook chops 4 inches from heat
                                                                              source for 5 minutes. Turn and cook 4 to 6
Jeremy Geske
                                                                              minutes longer or to desired degree of
407 Horizon Dr. SE
New Prague, MN 56071                                                               Serve chops with Cranberry-Orange Salsa.

                                                                              Cranberry-Orange Salsa
                                                                              Combine all ingredients. Cover and chill
                                                                              several hours or overnight.

                                           Not ready for the PGA!

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