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									Rotary Club of San Rafael
District 5150, #409
                                  Chartered May 1922                          87th year of service
1821 Fifth Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901

                                    Listening In
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                                                       August 31, 2009
CALL TO ORDER                              on behalf of WestAmerica Bank, 2           holds undergraduate and MBA
  President Willms called the meeting tickets for auction to the Dr. Zhivago          degrees from that august institution.
to order at 12:15 p.m.                     Gala hosted by Marin Family Services.        ETYMOLOGY 101: Dominican’s mas-
                                           The tickets were won by the aforemen-      cot, the Penguin, was chosen from a
PLEDGE AND QUOTE OF                        tioned Alex Reyes lickety-split netting    campus contest and is in fact a refer-
THE DAY                                    a $150 contribution to Healthy Starts.     ence to the attire of the Dominican
  Oak Dowling offered the Pledge of          Don Violin won the coveted               Sisters. . . while willing to laugh, it’s
Allegiance and the following wisdom: Australian Rotary necktie in another             not a habit.
“I am an old man and have known a spirited, ad hoc auction. Like many,                  NOT YOUR PARENT’S DOMINCAN:
great many troubles. But most of them this writer regrets not bidding for the         Terry highlighted Dominican’s grow-
have never happened.” - Mark Twain coveted cravat.                                    ing profile as an academic and athletic
“We don't see things as they are, we         Gary Carter reminded all that the        power, in the process of earning
see things as we are.” - Heather Club’s First Friday gathering will                   NCAA, Division II ranking. His pro-
Gordon                                     again take place on September 4, 5:30      gram’s emphasis is on student-ath-
VISITING ROTARIANS AND                     p.m. at the Sheraton Four Points           letes, offering world-class programs in
GUESTS                                     Lounge.                                    nursing, business, education and the
  We were graced with the presence MEETING REMINDER:                                  sciences
of: Visiting Rotarians Alex Reyes, a                                                    A further emphasis of the University
                                             No Meeting 9/7. Board Meeting:           is community engagement and leader-
Financial Planner with San Francisco 9/8, 7:30 a.m. at 999 Fifth Ave.
#2.                                                                                   ship development. It seeks internship
  Guests: Walter Shine, Health and ELSEWHERE IN THE DISTRICT:                         positions for it’s well-qualified stu-
Fitness Trainer and guest of PP Jeffrey      On August 23, Bill Koefoed of San        dents and volunteer opportunities in
Ehlenbach.                                 Francisco Club #2 was named District       the community.
  Dr. David Rose, Chiropracter and Governor-Elect for 2010-11.                          The planned expansion of soccer
Medical Examiner, guest of Kam               Rotary of West Marin invites all to a    fields is meant in part to serve the
Shadan.                                    Walk in the Woods and gourmet organ-       great shortage of playfields county-
  Rod Marcoux, guest of Jack Hunt. ic picnic on September 19. Hosted by               wide, offering greater opportunities
                                           experienced outdoorsman Alan Scott,        for youth to attend local sports camps
ANNOUNCEMENTS                              the event is sure to please on many lev-   while experiencing a University cam-
  President Willms acknowledged the els. Further information at 415-663-              pus environment.
stalwart work of Past President Sherry 1910.                                            Terry solicited ideas for further
Rodgers who filled in while he tended                                                 engaging kids with the University and
to affairs of State.                       MARBLE GAME                                students with the community.
  Newest club member Jim Walsh               Don Dickey drew the lucky ticket,          Place your bets: as evidence of
was, against the Chair’s better judg- but alas, not the lucky marble. With            Dominican’s growing stature, their
ment, again given the microphone and Joe Shekou in the room, however,                 Men’s Basketball program has booked
capitulated on last week’s either/or there are no unlucky winners, as Joe             games with USF and Santa Clara
challenge for contributions to Healthy generously donated a bottle of fine            University this season. Befitting a
Start. Mr. Walsh’s offer is now a both- wine to Don’s collection.                     man of his prominence, Terry avoided
and: 10 members contributing $10                                                      the “U” word (upset), but it’s worth
each will be met with a match from
                                           SPEAKER                                    checking the oddsmakers.
                                             Completing our series of NFL
                                           retirees in service to the community,      The meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.
  Credit where credit is due: Michael
                                           PP Bill McCubbin introduced Terry
Watt was acknowledged for assuming                                                    Taking respectful liberty with the
                                           Toomey, Athletic Director at
website responsibilities. He is now                                                   truth, I am,
                                           Dominican University.
“Webmaster”. Bowing is optional.                                                            Jim Walsh for Barrett Schaefer
  John Scopazzi reported from the
“No       Holds       Barred”       Bocce
Tournament last weekend. SF #2
squeeked out a ninth inning victory                                                   COMING EVENTS
over your Club 10-9, with a walk-off .
. . Bocce. Opposing Counsel take                                                      9/7 – Labor Day Holiday
note: PP Richard Kalish – the man                                                     9/14 – Victor Fisher - Mark Twain
of (flash) light – is a ringer, and should
be courted accordingly.                                                               9/21 – Picnic at Sheraton Four-
  Carolyn Hoffman was featured on                                                       Points – Poolside
                                             Mr. Toomey spent 8 years with the
the AT&T Park Jumbotron last Friday
                                           San Francisco 49ers organization after
night. Many attribute the subsequent
                                           stints with the Denver Broncos and as
sweep of the Rockies to her presence.
                                           a player with the other Cal: UCLA. He
She was fined. Carolyn then offered,

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