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									                  STUDIO                                              VITAL

    In our Salon we have a full range of relaxing and nourishing services, which are
    being provided by our professional technicians.

    We specialize in a variety of services such as:

             -<}   Haircuts
                     !:(   Women's range from $70.00 to $200.00
                     !:(   Men's range from $50.00 to $75.00
                     !:(  Prices vary according to stylist
             -<}   Hair styling
                     !:(   Regular blow dry starting at $50.00
                    !:(  Up do and French twist ranging from $60.00 to $100.00
             -<}   Color Services
                     !:(   Single Process $65.00
                     !:(   Highlights - Lowlights starting at $115.00
                    !:(  Corrective color - as quoted
             -<}   Relaxers - Anticurls
                     !:(   Starting at $90.00
             -<}   Perms
                     !:( Starting at $90.00
             -<}   Ethnic Hair
                    !:(  Cuts and Style only
            -<}    Manicures
                    !:(    Regular $25.00
                    !:(    French $ 30.00
            -<}    Pedicures
                    !:(    Starting at $50.00

    Weddings and other parties are welcome.             Valet Parking is available.

    Gift Certificates available.

    Thank you for your interest, we hope to hear from you soon ...

                                            12 West Maple Street
                                            Chicago, Illinois 60610
                                      312-266-4247   Fax 312-266-0066

                                                           STUDIO VITAL
                                              SENNA MAKEUP ApPLICATION MENU

                           Makeup ABC's
                                                                                                         Artful Brows
The Ultimate                      S 150
2 hour makeup            lesson    to enhance        your best features.
                                                                               Brow Overhaul              S40
Discover     your colors, and teach you how to do a
                                                                               We're   known for this 30 - 45 minute              brow designation
professional       grade     gorgeous        makeup.      Includes     brow
                                                                               with tweezing,      trimming,       coloring   in and gel fixing.
shaping,     skin analysis,         and face chart.
                                                                               Dromatically      improves        your look. Great for fixing bad
Demi-lesson                   S90
60 minute       makeup       lesson.      Like "The Ultimate"         except
                                                                               In-Betweens                S30
no brow shaping           or skin analysis.
                                                                               Your regular      30 minute       brow "tune-up"      every   3-4
Eye Opener                        S80
60 minute       eye makeup          lesson    and brow shaping.          Get
the skinny      on creating        big, beautiful      eyes.

Post $urqery                  S90
60 minute       lesson     to learn      camouflage      techniques     and
new colors and tricks for the new you.                    Brow shaping
                                                                                                        Blushing brides

                                                                               Pre-weddinq trial             .
                                                                               We'll work with you to achieve             a beautiful,    naturally
                                                                               photo-perfect      makeup     for your special      doy.

                   Makeup Applications
                                                                               60 minute session without brow shaping $90
                                                                               2 hr session with brow shaping and skin analysis
Beauty to qO                  S75 I S90
75 minute       makeup       application      with or without         brow
shaping.    Great pre-party             pampering.
                                                                               Weddin9 day makeup                        S90 IS 120
                                                                               60 minute       makeup    opplication     (does not include      brow
Hot colors                    S75       I S90
75 minute       makeup      application       with or without        brow
                                                                               11/2 hr makeup       application        with brow shoping
shaping     of the season's         must haves.

Colors expres~
30 minute eye makeup                    and brow shaping       gives you
gorgeous       eyes.

lashed out
30 minute      eyelash      application      from delicate      to
dramatic.    (individualla         shes $1 per lash)
$10 for application         $15 to purchase           lashes
                                                                                                            5 E N~NA
                             Spa Studio Vit~l
Mini Facial Sampler (45 min.) $75.00
Try this wonderful little facial to get a taste of the BIGGER idea.

Anti-Aging Sampler (45 min.) $85.00
This facial is a great way to experience an array of Anti-Aging modalities.    An all in
one, fast but effective treatment. Once you try it you'll want more.

Ref"ming Facial (45 min.) $100.00
This treatment is designed to deep clean, with minimal exfoliation. It's an excellent
opportunity for the first time client, to evaluate and prepare the skin for a more advanced

Aroma Facial (75 min.) $150.00
This facial is a deep pore cleansing and restorative facial, easily adaptable to any skin
type. This sumptuous aroma-scented treatment is full of botanicals and plant extracts that
will leave your skin feeling both renewed and refreshed.
Includes hand. arm, scalp and neck massage.

Gentle Green Tea Facial (75 min.) $150.00
You will receive a serene action facial for the most vulnerable complexions. Protect,
sooth, and decongest your skin with a palette of products formulated without alcohol or
fragrance. The deep cooling effects of healing, natural ingredients help irritated skin
regain its comfort and balance.
Includes hand, arm. scalp and neck massaf:e.

Hydra Flash Facial (30 min.) $95.00
An instant moisture boost packed in thirty magical minutes for a sensible beauty
"pick me up". The secret of this convenient petite facial is a mix of technology and a
shrewd selection of high potency plant concentrates and pure botanicals generating
maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

Mini Lift (60 min.) $185.00
This active treatment is a must for special occasions or any time. For a "quick fix" to
tighten pores, and tone and lift from the neck up. It will also reduce dark circles and
puffiness under the eye area. Brightens and tightens!
At-home vroduct included.
Mini Lift Plus (90 min.) $245.00
A more intense version of the "Mini Lift" to further address anti-aging, pore tightening,
line refinement, acne marks, light scars, and hyper-pigmentation.
Includes a hand. arm and neck massage

Microdermabrasion      Facial (90 min.) $240.00
This revolutionary exfoliation process eliminates many signs of aging by diminishing
fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring and more. Afterwards, your skin will be
brighter, finner and noticeably improved. This service includes an alpha-hydroxy
treatment, appropriate masks, various healing modalities and post treatment applications.
Immediate results will be seen!
Includes hand, arm, scalp and neck massafle

Revitalight Facial* (90 min.) $240.00
This treatment offers the latest technology in anti-aging by diminishing fine lines and
wrinkles while promoting collagen synthesis and hydration. Smoother, tighter and more
radiant! You will see a noticeable difference.
Includes alpha -hvdroxy. svecialty mask. hand. arm, neck and scalp massaf!e.

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Facial* (60 min.) $150.00
Utilizing AHA and BRA to aid in exfoliation, this treatment helps to reduce fine lines,
refines pores and scarring and also lightens mild pigmentation problems. This is a great
cleansing, hydrating, and anti-aging treatment.
Includes hand and arm massage.

Clinical Acne Facial* (90 min.) $240.00
This treatment is designed for the client with various stages of acne. Along with a deep
cleansing, extracting, and exfoliating this treatment utilizes a unique formulation
containing hormone inhibitors to prevent and correct hormonal acne.
Includes blue and red light therapv.

Lightening Treatment* (75 min.) $150.00
This treatment will aid in speeding,up the lightening of any hyper-pigmentation problem,
blotchiness, red or dark acne marks and dark .-spbts. It also helps to prevent further
discoloration caused by sun damage.
Includes hand, arm. neck. and scalp 'massage.

Back facial (60 min.) $125.00
A luxurious treatment specially designed for the back area. This indulgence includes a
gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and application of a therapeutic mask. A service which is
guaranteed to rid the skin of impurities in this hard to reach area.
Tnrl1Jdp<:<:rnln   mn<:<:no-p
Gentleman's   Facial (60 min) $125.00
This deep cleansing treatment is specially created for a man's skin, w~ch is sensitive to
shaving and environmental pollutants. High potency botanicals are used leaving every
rugged face healthier and younger looking. This facial is perfect for all skin types. A
clean-shaven face is recommended.

*For the most effective results. a series of 4-6 treatments are recommended in
coniunction with the prescribed dailv treatment line. Packaees available.

Add on: (Can be added on to most treatments)

                            Microdermabrasion    (30 min.) $95.
                           Lightening treatment (30 min.) $60.
                         Alpha Hydroxy treatment (15 min.) $30.
                                Extractions (15 min.) $30.
                              Acne treatment (30 min.) $95.
                                    LED (30 min.) $95.
                              Seaweed masks (20 min.) $60.
                               Eve Treatment (20 min '\ $..~~_
        Spa Studio Vit~l
                 Body Waxing

                 Prices start at:

       Eye lash tinting (20min.) $35.00

             Lip (10 min) $15.00

            Chin (15 min.) $20.00

         Brow-wax (15 min.) $20.00

Brow Shaping, wax and tweeze (30 min) $45.00

           Cheeks (20 min) $20.00

         Full Face (45 min.) $65.00

          Leg -Full (45 min) $70.00

          Leg - half (30 min) $50.00

     Full Leg wi bikini (65 min.)$100.00

         Toes   I Feet   (15 min) $15.00

         Ann - full (45min.) $50.00

         Ann - half (30 min)$35.00

         Under arm (15 min.)$25.00

           Bikini (20 min) $45.00

         Bikini Plus (40 min) $65.00

          Brazilian (60 min.) $70.00

         Back wax (45 min.) $55.00
Studio Vital is a full service salon and located in the Chicago Gold Coast at 12 W. Maple.

We offer a full service menu of styling, color, nail care, skin care and make-up.

The salon retails Phyto, Bumble and Bumble and Prive hair care products as well as
Rejuvi skin care products and Senna Make-up.

Fm infmm~ti()n   ~ncl ~nn()intments   nle~se c~11112-2hh-4247

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