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					Drawing & Painting
Course Expectations & Evaluation Criteria

Instructor:   Christopher C. Galley
Office:       Room 204 (Old Wing)
Phone:        677 - 3350 ext. 4287
Web Site:

Drawing & Painting is an intermediate class designed to improve
student skills in the most important of creative areas. Students will
be working toward the attainment of skills necessary to move on in
their art careers.

Each student will be able to...
   understand drawing as a basis for all art and design.
   understand the emotional content of color and composition.
   verbalize the formal elements of a drawing or painting.
   recognize the cultural and historical roots of drawing and
   interpret and evaluate their own art works and the art works of
   successfully manage both class and outside work time to
     complete all projects by the assigned due date.
   understand both traditional and new career opportunities
     within the art field.
   keep and develop a portfolio.

The instructional approach for computer graphics follows the New
York State Learning Standards for the Arts:
   Art History - acquire knowledge about contributions artists and
      art makes to society and culture.
   Aesthetics - understanding how people justify judgment about
      art objects.
 Art Criticism - responding to and analyzing works of art.
 Art Production - creating and producing their own works of
   Demonstrate skill in painting both representational and abstract
   Gain confidence and skill in visual problem solving.
   Demonstrate skillful application of the design elements and

Each student is expected to work for a full class period on his or her
class projects. Notes will be given and expected to be kept for
reference and a student notebook. Homework will be assigned and is
expected to be turned in on time and complete.

Project oriented rubrics are used for all project grading and guide
lines. All tests, projects, & homework will account for 80% of the final
grade. A final exam to evaluate skills will be given at the end of the
course. This exam will account for 20% of the final grade.

Parent / teacher / student conferences and after school remediation
will be scheduled for students having academic, attitudinal, or
behavioral difficulties. Advanced notification will be given if such a
situation arises.



I have read the attached and understand the requirements,
responsibilities, and evaluation criteria for “Art Portfolio

_______________________            ________________________
  (student signature)             (Parent/Guardian signature)
Course Syllabus

This page will serve as a tentative schedule of projects to be
completed this year during class. Projects will include but
not be limited to :

1. DRAWING: Advanced Drawing Techniques:
            I. Line Drawing
                Gesture

               II. Value Drawing
                    Value Review & Practice
                    Photo - Realism - Chuck Close
                    Reverse Value – observational drawing
                    Pen & Ink Techniques
                       o Stipple
                       o Hatching

2. PAINTING: I. Painting from Observation
             II. Poster Design
             III. Watercolor
             IV. Illustration
             V. Acrylic Painting

    Every student in Enhanced Drawing & Painting will be
     expected to complete a final project. This project will
     engage the student in library research, writing work
     and classroom production.
     During the course of this year we will also engage in a
number of writing, critique, and discussion sessions. I expect each
and every student to participate to the best of their abilities. Again
your input is very valuable so please feel free to share your
Supply List

Due to budget constraints we are unable to provide all of the
necessary materials to complete the scheduled projects this year.
Therefore students of Art Portfolio Development will be
expected to provide some of the more consumable materials we
will be using. All of the materials listed below can be purchased
for nominal fees at most discount arts and crafts shops (Niagara
Hobby [Union Rd.], AC Moore [McKinley Mall], & Office Max
[West Seneca]).

1. #2 pencils (several)

2. pencil erasers

3. a complete set of drawing pencils

4. black fine point & X-tra fine point permanent marker

5. paint brushes - Brushes come in two basic categories,
sables (soft) and bristles (stiff). Stiff brushes work better
for thicker paints, soft brushes work best for water based
paint (what we will be using this year). I recommend
you purchase at least one fine, medium, and large brush.
Quality brush brand names include Liquitex,
Grumbacher, and Winsor & Newton.

6. art box (large enough to fit all of your supplies in)

7. sketch book - no smaller than 8.5”x11”
8. 3 ring binder or folder (for notes, handouts, and
criteria sheets)

If you have any questions about the supplies necessary for the
completion of this class please contact me at 677 - 3350 ext. 4287.
AVA Enhanced Drawing & Painting
Student Questionnaire
Mr. Galley
Name _____________________________

Address ___________________________

Phone Number ______________________

1. What artists or subject matter do you look to for inspiration? Please tell me
how these have influenced your style.

2. What are your goals for this class? Please identify at least 3 personal goals for
this year.

3. What are your strengths in art?

4. What art skills would you like to improve this year?

5. What are your plans after high school? Do you have any specific colleges or
careers you are interested in?
6. What did you do over your summer vacation? Did you go anywhere
interesting or fun?

7. What can I do to help you build a successful portfolio this year?

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