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									To Whom it May Concern

I have known Christopher Markwell for almost 20 years.

After a very successful career as President of several large insurers, he
was recruited by Royal Bank in 1989. As Senior Vice President he was
charged with the responsibility to fashion the bank’s insurance strategy
and to create RBC Insurance. Within 3 years, RBC Insurance was one of the
largest and most profitable insurance organizations in Canada.

While at RBC he acquired Voyageur Travel Insurance and developed a
strategy to bring its network of travel professionals into the bank’s
larger operational sphere, offering credit cards, travelers’ cheques,
currency conversion and other travel related products and services.

In 1995 he formed his own consulting practice and worked with a broad
array of clients from the Russian state insurance company, to the
formation of Canada’s largest consortium of insurance brokers, uniquely
incorporating banking and financial products into their offerings. He also
assisted Last Minute Club to develop and offer one of Canada’s first MBNA
affinity credit card programs.

In 1999 he was engaged by Manulife to develop a strategy for its major
entry into travel insurance and the subsequent creation of Manulife Global
which within 3 years was the strong number two in the industry.

Mr. Markwell is internationally known to possess a unique blend of
expertise at the highest levels in both insurance and banking products and
to be a consultant who effectively works with clients who benefit from his
experience and vast network of business relationships.

Yours sincerely,

Rob Iafrate
AVP, Travel Insurance
Affinity Markets, Manulife Financial

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