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									Configuring Outlook 2007 – Exchange Mail to embc mail
Outlook 2007 is a versatile email client and could in fact be used in a number of ways to pick up email
from the EMBC Exchange environment. However the best way is to use it is in an Outlook Anywhere
configuration in Cached Exchange Mode.

What is Cached Exchange Mode?

Cached Exchange Mode provides you with a better experience when you use a Microsoft Exchange
account. A copy of your mailbox is stored on your computer. This copy provides quick access to your
data and is frequently updated with the mail server.

PLEASE NOTE: Outlook 2007 requires Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista to enable Outlook Anywhere

This guide explains how to setup the EMBC mailbox as the account of a new profile. This way any
existing settings or accounts are retained.

Begin by opening the Control Panel.

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Open the Mail settings.

Select the Show Profiles… button from
the Mail Setup – Outlook window.

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On the Mail Window click the Add…

Note : An existing (or multiple profiles
may already exist in your configuration).

Give the Profile a name.

Click OK.

Place a tick in the Manually configure
server settings or additional server
types box.

The remaining boxes will grey out.

Click Next.

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On the Choose E-mail Service select
Microsoft Exchange.

Click the Next button.

On the Microsoft Exchange Settings
window add the name


as the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Ensure that the Used Cached Exchange
Mode check box remains ticked.

Enter your user name in the User Name
field and then click the More Settings

Other Exchange Servers available:



embc- tbc-vem-02.resource.embc.local

embc- tbc-vem-03.resource.embc.local

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Click OK to ignore the warning message.

At the small Microsoft Exchange Server
window, click OK to close the window.

Another Microsoft Exchange Server
window will open on the General tab.

Select the Connection tab.

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On the Connection tab and place a tick in
the Connect to my Exchange mailbox
using HTTP.

Click the

Exchange Proxy Settings… button.

On the Microsoft Exchange Proxy
Settings window add
in the box adjacent to https://

Change the Proxy Authentication setting
to Basic Authentication.

Click the OK button.

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Back at the Connection tab, click the OK

Back at the E-Mail Accounts window click

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Step 5

On the Congratulations window click the
Finish button.

Back at the Mail window the newly
created profile will appear in the list of
profiles available to Outlook.

Leave the “Prompt for a profile to be
used” if you wish to select the profile
Outlook uses each and every time it

However if you wish to use the newly
created profile each time Outlook opens,
select “Always use this profile” and
select the name given to the newly
created profile.

Click OK.

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Now open Outlook 2003 and depending
on which option you chose above you
may have to select the newly created

Click OK.

A Connect to…..window will now appear.

Enter your username in the following

Accounts\Your account name

Enter your password.

Click OK.

NOTE: You must prefix your account
name with the accounts\ text.

Outlook 2007 will begin opening and will
start to download your mailbox.

Depending on how large the inbox is, this
process may take several minutes.

This completes the setup of Outlook 2007.

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Known Issues
Unable to view free/busy information of other users, this is due to the configuration on the embc
Exchange working in backward compatibility mode. Outlook needs to be configured to use the Public
Folder method to see other users calendars.

Value Type: DWORD
Value Name: UseLegacyFB
Values:0 or not set (default behaviour which is to use the Availability Service) or 1 (use Public Folder
based Free/Busy information)

Add the DWORD item stated above to the registry using a value of 1 to use the Public Folder method

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