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									Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack

                                                                                        Chief Executive’s Office
                                                                                        Stirling Council
                                                                                        FK8 2ET
                                                                                        LP-3 - Stirling 2
                                                                                        Tel.       01786 442606
                                                                                        Fax.       01786 443474
                                                                                        e-mail: corprecruit@stirling.gov.uk
                                                                                        Our Ref: CP/GH

                                                                                        Chief Executive: Keith Yates

Dear Applicant

Thank you for your enquiry about the above post. I am pleased to enclose an application form and some background
information. To find out more about living and working in Stirling visit our website – www.stirling.gov.uk/jobs. If you
require any additional information please contact: Wendy MacDougall, PA to Chief Executive on Tel No: 01786

How to Apply
You can choose to apply for this post in either of the following ways:
1. Complete the application form electronically (downloadable from the Internet Site) and email it to us at the email
   address above; or
2. Complete the attached application form and return it to the following address marked “Confidential”:
   Job Applications, HR Administration, Room 21, Stirling Council, Viewforth, Stirling, FK8 2ET.
It would be helpful if you could return your Application Form and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form as soon as
possible but, in any event, these must be received by us no later than Friday, 05 October 2007.

What Happens Next
Shortly after the closing date we will draw up a short list of candidates whom we wish to interview. If you are shortlisted
we will contact you confirming details of the selection process. It is anticipated that interviews will take place on
Tuesday, 16 October 2007.
If you have not heard from us, therefore, within 28 days of the closing date please assume that we are not proceeding
with your application on this occasion.

We are happy to acknowledge your application form. If you are posting your application, please complete the enclosed
purple card and return it with your application, or if you email your application we will send you an email confirming that
we have opened your application.

If you have any queries on the selection process please do not hesitate to contact our HR Administration on 01786
Thank you for your interest.
Yours sincerely

Chief Executive
Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack

                               Stirling Council
                          Employment Application Pack


     1.   About Stirling Council
     2.   Our Services
     3.   Job Advert
     4.   Job Description
     5.   Employment Application
     6.   Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

1. About Stirling Council

Stirling Council is one of Scotland‟s most dynamic and innovative local authorities. We have an ambitious
modernisation agenda working with all our stakeholders to improve services and deliver benefits to our
customers and citizens.

Our vision is to make Stirling:
  A good place to live, work or visit, with a clean, safe environment;
  An area with a good range of jobs for all and with equal opportunities in education, housing and other
  A caring, compassionate community where people are treated with dignity and respect and are provided
   with services to meet their needs; and
  An area in which people have control and influence over their lives.

We aim to:
  Make access to the council as easy as possible - to listen and respond;
  Organise services to meet the needs of citizens and communities, promoting fair shares for all;
  Encourage communities to fully participate in the decision-making process;
  Deliver quality services which are efficient and effective;
  Value and develop all employees equally and delegate accountability;
  Encourage open communication across services and with other organisations to achieve the best results;
  Promote the distinctive identity and civic pride of the Stirling Council area.
Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack

2. Our Services
Stirling Council is organised into the following Services:
  Chief Executive’s Office is responsible for carrying out the agreed policies of the Council and the overall
   strategic management of Council services. The Chief Executive‟s Office has responsibility for
   emergency management, the corporate complaints scheme (Talkback), policy and planning, community
   planning, research and Information, communications and marketing and performance management.
  Children’s Services provides education, care and support services to meet the needs of children, young
   people and families. The services are co-ordinated and integrated where possible, designed around the
   needs of children and families.
   The core of the service is the statutory provision of education for children and young people and the
   promotion of care and welfare services for children and their families as required by the various
   Education, Children and Social Work legislation. Around the core are clustered other services designed
   to make statutory provision more effective.
  Corporate Services’ aim is to ensure that all the Council‟s activities are resourced and controlled within
   a clear framework of corporate policy and priorities, and operate within a transparent and accountable
   corporate governance framework. This objective, and the external pressures already mentioned are
   reflected in the four themes of the service structure: governance, improvement and customer Services
   and resource Management.
  Community Services provides a wide range of services for people of all ages in the Stirling Council
   area. The Service aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals, groups and communities, promoting
   development opportunities for adults and young people, leisure activities, arts and events programmes,
   and much more.
  Environment Services cover the services essential to the Council in delivering its range of frontline
   service and statutory duties. These cover planning and regulation, roads, transport, streetscape, waste,
   economic development, housing, building services and are supported by a performance and resources
Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack
3. Job Advert

                                STIRLING COUNCIL
                          CHIEF EXECUTIVE‟S OFFICE

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT                       You will provide efficient, professional and
                                               comprehensive administrative support to the
                                               Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive,
                                               the Emergency Planning Adviser and the PA
£15,201 - £15,828                              to the Chief Executive.

                                               You must have strong organisational skills
REF: CEX/O9/EXT                                and be able to prioritise a workload with
                                               competing demands. You must be able to
                                               work flexibily within a team and recognise
                                               sensitive issues and maintain confidentiality.
                                               Excellent communication and interpersonal
                                               skills are key to this post.

                        01786 442858        corprecruit@stirling.gov.uk

CV’s not accepted.

                               Closing Date: 05 October 2007
Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack

4. Job Description

STIRLING COUNCIL                                                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

Section A

Post Title:             Administrative Assistant

Location:               Old Viewforth

Reporting to:           PA to Chief Executive

Grade:                  GS3

Section B
(Describe reporting relationships and illustrate the position of posts within the immediate organisation. Where appropriate show detail of the
organisation to two tiers above and below this post. Indicate numbers of indirect employees reporting to each post. Grades and Post Numbers
should be indicated against all established posts).

                                                  Chief Executive

      Executive Assistant        Emergency Planning         PA to Chief Executive

                               Administrative Assistant        Support Officer             PA to Assistant
                                                                                           Chief Executive

Section C
(State detail, and value of financial, property, equipment etc resource(s) controlled and precise nature of the post authority, eg budget holder).

Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack
Section D


To provide efficient, professional and comprehensive administrative support to the Executive Assistant to
the Chief Executive and the Emergency Planning Adviser.

To provide administrative support to the PA to the Chief Executive as required.

Section E


   Provide full administrative support to the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive and Emergency
    Planning Adviser using discretion and judgement in dealing with confidential material.

   Provide administrative support to the PA to the Chief Executive as required.

   The extensive use of Microsoft Office software packages – Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint - to
    create, update and maintain and a range of documents, minutes, reports and correspondence.

   Liaise with the Executive Assistant on complaints received to identify priorities, ensure timeous
    responses and that deadlines are met.

   Communicate courteously and effectively by telephone and in person in a confident and professional
    manner, ensuring that callers/visitors are attended to promptly and courteously

   Maintain an electronic, systematic and up to date information base on complaints received, providing
    management reports and information where appropriate.

   Provide administrative support to Emergency Management Response Team at meetings, including
    taking, transcribing and issuing minutes where appropriate.

   With guidance from Officers, to organise and administer conferences/seminars and focus groups
    including the monitoring of invitations and responses, booking of venues, speakers, checking
    availability of appropriate equipment etc.

   Set up and maintain an electronic/manual filing and record system with effective indexing and

   Prioritise workload and demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness when dealing with day to day

   Any other duties that may be considered reasonable for this post.
Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack
Section F

Internal:           Chief Executive, Elected Members, Directors, Heads of Service, other members of staff.

External:           Members of Parliament, MSPs, Community planning partners,
                    Other Scottish Councils, COSLA, SOLACE, Scottish Parliament,
                    External agencies, Members of the public

Section G
(Show range of information handled, problem analysis, forward thinking, judgement and creativity).

    Ability to work on own initiative
    Diplomacy
    Ability to work unsupervised
    Ability to work within tight timescales
    Ability to recognise sensitive matters and maintain confidentiality
    Assertiveness
    Strong organisational skills with the ability to prioritise a workload with competing demands and to
     ensure deadlines are met
    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    Must work flexibly within a team structure and deliver an efficient service
    High level of awareness of the business of the Council

Section H
(Describe any distinctive demands such as working conditions or requirement to work overtime at short notice, other disruption of leisure etc as a

    There may be occasions when you will be required to work outwith normal working hours – eg in an
     emergency situation you may be asked to provide administrative support to the Emergency Planning

Section I
(Where qualification(s) are stated, distinguish between ESSENTIAL and DESIRED).

    Previous experience of working in a busy office environment. (E)
    Competent in the use of computer software to produce accurate and attractively presented work.
     You will be using Microsoft Office software packages – Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. (E)
    A word processing/typing qualification (E)
    High standard of grammar (E)
    An ability to work under pressure and to deadlines (E)
    An ability to demonstrate initiative (E).
    Audio Typing (D)
    HNC or equivalent in a relevant subject eg. Secretarial Studies (D)
Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack
To help you complete the application form please read the notes below.
Completing the Form
We welcome your application which will receive fair and serious consideration. All information provided by applicants will
be treated as confidential.

To help us in ensuring that you have an equal opportunity along with other applicants we have set up the application
form in a specific way to help recruitment panels find key information about you from the various sections of the form.
For this reason we ask you to complete the form in full. Any inaccuracy or omission in the information supplied may
compromise your application. Additional information may be provided with the form, but you should be aware that it is
essential to complete all sections of the form in full as this is what will be used in assessing your suitability as a
candidate. Please complete the application form clearly in BLACK ink or print for photocopying purposes.

N.B. Please note that you should not substitute a CV for the attached form as this may invalidate your

Returning the Form PC or E-mail
Applicants returning forms by e-mail will be required to sign their form at interview stage.

For Disabled Applicants Only – Guaranteed Interview Scheme
In order to encourage people with disabilities to apply for work with the Council there are no questions about health or
disabilities on the application form.

To help people with disabilities, the Council operates a scheme which provides a guaranteed
interview where a disabled applicant (it is not necessary to be registered as disabled) formally
requests this at the Guaranteed Interview section on the form. Please note, however, that you are
only guaranteed an interview if you meet the minimum or essential criteria for the job applied for.

How to Apply
If you have a disability you have two options when applying for a vacancy with the Council as set out below
    You may complete an application form without identifying yourself as disabled on the application form.
    You may ask to be included in the Guaranteed Interview Scheme by ticking the GIS box on the Application Form.

Further Advice for Disabled Applicants
If you wish to discuss the Guaranteed Interview Scheme in confidence or enquire about any other matter related to the
application you should contact the Human Resources Manager of the Service advertising the vacancy.

Equal Opportunities Monitoring
  Please note that there is an Equal Opportunities monitoring form which we request that you complete and return
   with the application form.
  This section of the form will be handled in a confidential manner and will not be available to the recruitment panel.
   The Council will extract information for statistical purposes to assess how well the Council is performing as an Equal
   Opportunities employer.

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
This Act permits certain convicted persons to become „rehabilitated‟ after a certain period and the conviction becomes
„spent‟ with no requirement to disclose the conviction to a potential employer. The length of the „rehabilitation‟ period
varies from 6 to 10 years dependent upon the penalty imposed. N.B. Convictions resulting in imprisonment for more
than 30 months are never spent.
Employment where the Act does not apply
Various kinds of employment, occupations and professions are, however, exempted from the provisions of the Act.
These include any appointments concerned with the provision of accommodation, care, leisure, recreational facilities,
school, education and childcare services, social services, supervision or training of persons under the age of 18 which
Stirling Council
Employment Application Pack
would involve access to such minors in the ordinary course of employment. If you are applying for such a post you may
be subject to an Enhanced Disclosure Scotland check.
Under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA) a person is defined as disabled “if they have a physical or mental
impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on their ability to carry out normal day to day
An “impairment” covers physical or mental impairments; this includes sensory impairments, such as those affecting sight
or hearing.
The term “mental impairment” is intended to cover a wide range of impairments relating to mental functioning, including
what are often known as learning disabilities.
A “substantial” adverse effect is something which is more than a minor or trivial effect and reflects the general
understanding of disability as a limitation going beyond the normal differences in ability between people.
A “long term” effect is one:
  Which has lasted at least 12 months, or
  Where the total period for which it lasts is likely to be at least 12 months, or
  Which is likely to last for the rest of the life of the person affected.
Examples of conditions which are covered under the Act, as amended, include:
  Reoccurring or progressive conditions
  Severe disfigurements
  Restricted mobility caused by arthritis
  Speech, hearing and sight impairments (including registered blind or partially sighted but excluding individuals who
   wear glasses or contact lenses which improves their sight
  Dyslexia
  Mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety
  Chronic conditions such as diabetes or asthma
  Diagnosis or treatment for HIV, Cancer or Multiple Sclerosis
N.B. Canvassing of Elected Members or Officers of the Council directly or indirectly in connection with this post
may disqualify your application.
Please also note that references from friends and family are not suitable. You should provide, in the first instance, a
reference from a current or most recent employer. A second reference should be from someone who can comment on
your ability to carry out the duties of the post in a professional manner e.g. previous employer, school teacher etc.
Applicants who have received voluntary severance from Scottish Local Authorities between 8 November 1994 and 31
March 1996 will not be considered. Additionally, Stirling Council will not consider applicants who have accepted
voluntary severance from Stirling Council at any time.

 Please now complete pages (1) to (5) of the application form and the Equal
 Opportunities monitoring form.
Stirling Council
Employment Application
Page 1 of 5
Post applied for:                                                                 Post Ref. N

Council Service:

Location or Workplace:

Where did you first
hear of this post?

    If you are a disabled applicant, do you wish to be
                                                                                                      Yes        No
    interviewed under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme?

Personal Information
Surname:                                                             Initials:
Contact                                                              Home Tel. N :
                                                                     Work or
                                                                     Day-time Tel. N :
Postcode:                                                            Mobile N :
E-mail Address:                                                      Nat. Ins. N :

Do you wish to job share?                                                                            Yes     No

If appointed would you be prepared to accept the post on a full-time basis until a job
                                                                                                     Yes     No
share partner can be appointed?

Name and addresses of two people who may be contacted for a reference.
N.B. At least one of the referees should be relevant to your current or most recent employment

Name:                                                     Name:
Address:                                                  Address:

     o                                                         o
Tel N :                                                   Tel N :
      o                                                         o
Fax N :                                                   Fax N :
E-mail address:                                           E-mail address:
State Company Position or Relationship to Applicant:      State Company Position or Relationship to Applicant:

May contact be made                  Yes         No       May contact be made                       Yes     No
prior to interview?                                       prior to interview?
Page 2 of 5
Present / Most Recent Employment
Dates of Employment             From:                                   To:

                                            Job title or description                       Reason for Leaving
Name and address

Notice required                                                         Salary/wage rate in
(or date left):                                                         above post
Additional benefits/allowances:

Brief description of duties and responsibilities, etc:

(continue on separate sheet if necessary)

Driving Licence

Do you hold a current clean                                        Do you have any driving convictions
                                          Yes            No                                                     Yes         No
driving licence?                                                   or endorsements?
If Yes, state type or class of licence below (e.g. B, C1+E,        If Yes, state type of conviction or endorsement below:
C C+E etc):

First Aid Qualification
                                                                     If Yes, state type or give details:
Do you have a current First Aid
                                              Yes             No
Certificate or Qualification?
Page 3 of 5
Previous Employment (continue on a separate sheet if necessary)
 Dates of employment
  (most recent first)                              Job title or description   Reason for Leaving
                          Name and address
  From           To
Page 4 of 5
Education and Training (continue on a separate sheet if necessary)
   State whether gained at
                                                                                      Date of Certificate
 School, College, University or            Qualification/Subject      Results/Grade
                                                                                          or Award
       other Institution

Membership of Professional Bodies (continue on a separate sheet if necessary)

 Name of Institute/                                                    Length of            Date
                         Class of Membership    Method of Admission
 Professional Body                                                    Membership          Achieved

Other qualifications, training, experience or special skills related to this application
Brief details relevant to your application (continue on a separate sheet if necessary)
Page 5 of 5
Statement of experience (continue on a separate sheet if necessary)
How does your experience, skills and training at work or in a personal/voluntary capacity relate to
the post for which you have applied.

Canvassing of Elected Members or Officers of the Council directly or indirectly in connection
with this post may disqualify your application.

If related to any Stirling Council Elected Member or employee,
please state name of and your relationship to such person.
If the person you are related to is an employee, please state
service in which s/he is employed.

I certify that the foregoing is true in all respects to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Notes: You need only sign with initials and surname.
       E-mailed applications will be required to be signed if you progress to the next stage.

Signature:                                                         Date:

It will help us to improve our performance as an Equal Opportunities employer if you would,
please complete and return the enclosed Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form.

All personal information supplied will be used solely for the purposes stated in this form. No information will be passed
on to others or used for purposes other that those stated on this form. Stirling Council is registered under the Data
Protection Act.
 6. Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
Please return this form with your application.
Stirling Council is an equal opportunities employer and aims to ensure that no job applicant
or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, race, colour,
nationality, ethnic national origins, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, trade union
activity or religious belief.
To ensure that discrimination does not take place during the recruitment process, the Council will
keep statistics for all applicants on their ethnic background and sex, whether they have any disabilities
and if they have applied for a job share post.
All personal information supplied will be used solely for the purposes stated on this form. No
information will be passed on to others or used for purposes other than statistical purposes.
Stirling Council is registered under the Data Protection Act.
We would be grateful, therefore, if you would complete the form below:

  Post Applied for:
  Where did you see this vacancy?

  Are you applying for a job share?                  Yes          No
                 Male                                                  Do you consider
  Sex:                         Date of Birth:                                                      Yes      No
                 Female                                                yourself disabled?

  Marital Status:            Single          Married / Civil Partnership            Divorced          Widowed
Ethnic Origin
Choose ONE section from A to E, then tick the appropriate box to indicate your cultural background.
A. White
      Scottish               Other British
      Irish                  Any other White background, please write in
B. Mixed
          Any Mixed background, please write in

C. Asian, Asian Scottish, or Asian British
      Indian         Pakistani      Bangladeshi                         Chinese
      Any other Asian background, please write in
D. Black, Black Scottish, or Black British
      Caribbean      African
      Any other Black background, please write in
E. Other Ethnic Background
          Any other background, please write in

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