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         Santander Universities Study Abroad Scholarships for Under-Represented Students
                                       Spring Semester 2012

     The Santander Universities Study Abroad Scholarships for Under-Represented Students are
        intended for students who have not traditionally participated on study abroad. This group
        includes, but is not limited to, students from:
                - Under-represented racial and ethnic groups
                - First-Generation College Students
                - Students with Physical Disabilities
                - Non-Traditional Students
                - Students with high financial need
                - International Students (F-1 Visa status)

     Student meets one or more of the Eligibility Requirements listed above
     Preference will be given to students who plan to study abroad in the Fall semester
     Preference will be given to students whose permanent residence is a state in which Sovereign
        Bank has branch offices (Sovereign Bank is a US subsidiary of Banco Santander):
        Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut New Hampshire                     New York
        New Jersey      Pennsylvania       Delaware     Maryland

           For international students, permanent citizenship from a country in which Grupo Banco
           Santander has affiliates (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, UK, Uruguay,
           Russia, China, & Singapore)

      Grant awards may be up to $5000 for semester study and $8,000 for full academic-year study

Scholarship recipients agree to submit, at the conclusion of the program, a 2-4 page statement about
their experience abroad, including how it has affected them personally and academically, and how this
scholarship supported their endeavors. Once submitted, this statement becomes property of
Providence College and excerpts may be used in any Providence College electronic and printed
publications or in annual reports on the scholarship program to Banco Santander.

Submit application by email attachment to
Only complete applications will be reviewed by the Santander Scholarship Selection Committee.

                            0ne Cunningham Square • Harkins Hall 215 • Providence, Rhode Island 02918-0001
                                Tel: 401.865.2114 • Fax: 401.865.2455 • Email:
                  Santander Universities Study Abroad Scholarship Application
                               for Under-Represented Students
                                          Spring Semester 2012

PART I - Applicant Information

Applicant Name: _______________________________ Friar E-mail: ______________________

Banner ID: ____________________________________ TEL:______________________________

Campus or Local Address: _________________________________________________________

Permanent Address – City & State: _________________________________________________

Class Year: _________________________ Major: _____________________________________

Please List Which Under-Represented Category are You Applying? ___________________________
(See cover page, under Eligibility section, for category listing)

PART II – Study Abroad Program Information
Name and location of the study abroad program for which you have been approved by the Center for
International Studies:

Program:   ________________________________________________
Location:  ________________________________________________
Program Semester: __________________________________________
Web URL Link:   ___________________________________________

Provide a one-page description of the study abroad program (from the website or brochure)

PART III – Personal Statement
Submit an attached statement that describes:
             Why you selected this particular program.
             How your participation on this program fits in with your academic and possible career
             What background coursework have you completed or intend to do, and what resources
                will you use to prepare and inform yourself about the host country and culture,
                language (if a non-English country), and the political, economic and social issues.

Part IV: Faculty or Advisor Letter of Recommendation
Recommendation from a professor who can testify to your interest in study abroad and your ability to
benefit from study in another country and culture.

PART V – Supplementary Documentation
Submit a copy of your Transcript (can be unofficial copy).

PART VI - Verification
I certify that information submitted for this scholarship is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Applicant Signature: _____________________________________ Date: __________

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