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Revising and editing:

Writing doesn't end with the first draft. Next, you'll need to revise and edit.
You need to evaluate your work for ideas, organization, voice, word choice, and sentence
fluency and mechanics of language. Here are some questions to think about as you review
your draft.

1. Ideas
     o Have I selected an interesting topic?
     o Have I included enough details?
     o Have I used Point-Evidence-Explanation/Analysis instead of only describing the
     o Are my ideas supported by relevant quotations or paraphrases?

2. Organization
    o Do my details appear in the best order?
    o Do I use transitions (see document on blog) to make my organization clear?

3. Voice
    o Does my voice show my interest in the topic?
    o Does my voice fit my audience (not too formal or too casual)?

4. Word Choice
    o Do I use specific nouns and active verbs?
    o Have I carefully chosen adjectives and adverbs?

5. Sentence Fluency
     o Have I written clear, complete sentences?
     o Have I combined short, choppy sentences?
     o Have I varied sentence beginnings?

6. Mechanics of Language
    o Does each sentence have correct punctuation?
    o Have I watched for capitalization errors my spell-checker might miss?
    o Have I used my spell-checker?
    o Have I watched for spelling errors my spell-checker might miss?
    o Have I checked the spelling of all names?
    o Have I checked for easily confused words (to, too, two)?
    o Have I checked for fragments?
    o Do my sentences make sense?
    o Have I checked for rambling sentences?

    o Font size 11/12 no bold or caps, only use italics for the title of the book
    o Quotations in speech marks
    o Page numbers in brackets (p.23)
    o Use of present tense and third person throughout the essay
    o Only use “I” – a personal response in the conclusion

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