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					Room Host for Break Time
Date:           Classroom            Host 1                       Host 2
First Sunday    2yr-3yr              Amanda Johnson               Kyra Oberfoell
                4yr-5yr              Jonathan or Kristine Beers   Natalie Atherley
                Kindergarten - 1st   Evelyn Boom                  Katie Boom
                2nd - 3rd            Erica Chavez                 Hannah Chavez
                4th - 5th            Israel Chavez                James & Andrew Daughters
Second Sunday   2yr - 3yr            Jenna Mathew                 Kristine Boom
                4yr - 5yr            Jeanette Riley               Stephanie Oberfoell
                Kindergarten - 1st   Suzie Henderson              Rebekah Volgarino
                2nd - 3rd            Joann Crabb                  Melissa Crabb
                4th - 5th            Dan Foster                   Michael Manning
Third Sunday    2yr - 3yr            Sarah Hernandez              Kyra Oberfoell
                4yr - 5yr            Wendy Smith                  Stephanie Oberfoell
                Kindergarten - 1st   Keri Keller                  Madisyn Keller
                2nd - 3rd            Justin Smith                 James Fernandes
                4th - 5th            Dan Foster                   James & Andrew Daughters
Fourth Sunday   2yr - 3yr            Michelle Fish                Lexi Keith
                4yr - 5yr            Leah Miller                  Carolyn Atherley
                Kindergarten - 1st   Nick Meyer                   Daniel Crabb
                2nd - 3rd            Randy Fish                   Caleb Johnson
                4th - 5th            Melissa Meyer                Rebekah Manning
Fifth Sunday    2yr - 3yr            Fawn Reibling                Emma Reibling
                4yr - 5yr            Barb Crabb                   Lizzy Manning
                Kindergarten - 1st   Erica Chavez                 Hannah Chavez
                2nd - 3rd            Nancy Lange                  AJ Keith
                4th - 5th            Chris Lange                  Michael Manning

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