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									Warm Up 4-24
Define Popular sovereignty
 Pair share your responses with a neighbor
  PA .
  Quakers
  American Colonization Society
  James Monroe
  Freedoms Journal
  Frederick Douglas
  William Lloyd Garrison
  The Grimke sisters
  The Underground Railroad
     Kansas Nebraska Act
   Stephen Douglas proposes a government
    for the Nebraska Territory
   He suggested that the area be split into the
    Nebraska and Kansas territories with the
    choice to be free or slave

Present day
Kansas in red
              The South
 Supports this act thinking that the slave
  owners in Missouri would move into Kansas
  and settle it as another slave state
 The idea of popular sovereignty made sense
  to many people and with the support of
  President Franklin Pierce, Stephen Douglas
  pushed the bill through congress
                   The North
 Some northerners felt this Act repealed the
  Missouri Compromise by allowing slavery in
  the northern part of the Louisiana territory

 The outcome was some people started to
  disregard the fugitive slave act
     Remember $10 if return a slave and $1,000 fine if you
      help slaves escape
            Violent Times
 Both pro and anti slavery settlers were
  encouraged to come to Kansas

 Eventually there were 2 different
  governments working for their own goal and
  passing laws to support their views on slavery

 This lead to a conflict between the settlers
  and some border ruffians trying to bully the
  anti-slavery crowd
 John Brown shows up and begins to make a
  name for himself as an abolitionist with
  violent tendencies

 In the end over 200 people are killed in what
  comes to be called Bleeding Kansas
                        Dred Scott
 Dred Scott was a slave in Missouri that files a lawsuit
  to attain his freedom
    The lawsuit was filed with help from anti-slavery

    In the lawsuit Scott claims he should be freed

     because he and his owner had lived in the
     Wisconsin territory.
        • Wisconsin was a free territory
      After his owner returned to Missouri he died that is
       when Dred Scott attempts to become free
         Supreme Court Ruling
 The case became known as Dred Scott vs
 The Supreme Court ruled;
     As a slave he is not a citizen
     He could not file a lawsuit
     That slaves are considered property

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