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Is this thing official?
             Not a chance! Unless Big Blue comes knocking on my door, this thing is as unofficial as it gets. This was an independent project and the AF never asked me to
             make this. As quoted from the FAQ section on the AFPC site:

           "Some individuals may have created tools used to predict an individual's score under the new fitness program. These are not official and should only be used with caution as an
           estimation of official results."

           If you encounter any difference between this calculator and the one created on the AFFMS site, USE THEIR SCORES! Those guys were paid (probably pretty
           well) to create that calculator. I would like a courtesy email of the difference so I can cross check my calculator to see where the error lies.

Where can I find the latest version to the PT Calculator?
           My website will always have the latest version of the PT Calculator. You can also find the WAPS Calculator there as well!

Where is the 3.0 mile walk, bike test and step test?
           These are no longer used for Air Force PT testing as of 1 July 2010.

Where is the altitude exemption at?
           Here is the official answer from AFPC:

           "The high altitude calculation was removed as all individuals are already given a temporary exemption of six weeks to adapt to the altitude differences between locations. After
           the first two weeks at a higher altitude, adaptations occur in the lungs, circulation and muscles. This allows a member to perform aerobically at levels comparable to sea level.
           With six weeks to acclimatize and continue training at altitude, members' 1.5 mile run performance should not be appreciably degraded."

Can I get an unlocked version of the PT Calculator?
            Since releasing the PT Calculator, my name has been branded to it. If I were to have copies out there unprotected, some folks may want to modify it to their
            liking and send it out to their friends who will in turn send it to their friends. What may have been unintentionally done is a modification that was incorrect and
            now I have many copies floating out there with the wrong information on it and my name at the bottom.

I entered the test results into AFFMS and it gives me a different score.
            Go with what AFFMS is giving you. I could have made a small mistake in a calculation. If you encounter this situation, please email the stats of the score you
            entered so I can try to find the error.

Formulas are copied down to 500 rows
          On the 'New Standards' sheet, the formulas are calculated for 500 rows. They are also automatically formatted. Copying more than 500 rows makes this
          worksheet much larger in MB size than it needs to be. If you need more than 1000 rows, shoot me an email and I'll customize it for you.

Pasting text into cells
           If you need to paste text into cells, you will need to use the clipboards Paste Special command and choose Paste Values. Or, double click inside the cell and
           paste. If you just paste over the top of a cell, you will be erasing all formatting to that cell.

Where did the original PT calculator go to?
          You can find the single PT Calculator on my website at There are many tools included in the calculator you can use.

How do I print a range on the 'New Standards'?
           The only way to print (without creating a Macro) is to select the range
           of cells you want to print, select print and in the 'Print What' section,
           select 'Selection'. To create your own print range, highlight the range
           you want to print and select on the ribbon Page Layout - Print Area -
           Set Print Area

                 Contact me for any questions in regards to this calculator.
                     Created by: TSgt Chuck Lane
                                  Ramstein AB

The 'New Standards' was modeled after SrA Jessie Johnston's idea sent to me from Elemendorf AFB. Thanks SrA Johnston!
If you have an idea or suggestion, shoot me an email. I'm always up for suggested improvements.
Already have a PT tracking tool but don't know how to code it? Shoot me an email and I'll take a look at it.
                                                                       Category Failures
                    Overall                           Category Fail                                 Male/Female
                                                     Abs                1                              Failures
      Pass                4              80%       Pushup               0                          Males                0
                                                    Situp               0                         Females               1
      Fail                1              20%      Run/Walk              0

             Age Range Failures                                              High Scores
M < 30        0                F < 30     0
M 30-39       0               F 30-39     0              Males                                        Females
M 40-49       0               F 40-49     0            Fastest Run                                   Fastest Run
M 50-59       0               F 50-59     0    6.23        Holliday, Matt                   7.32            Doe, Jane
M > 60        0                F > 60     1
                                                      Most Pushups                                  Most Pushups
                                                57         Pujols, Albert                    98            Doe, Jane

                  Scores Range                        Most Crunches                                Most Crunches
  100         1               50-59.99    0     88          Pujols, Albert                   69           Jeter, Lady
90-99.99      3               40-49.99    0
80-89.99      1               30-39.99    0
75-79.99      0                 < 30      0
60-74.99      0                                For more information on how to use this spreadsheet, head to the website
                                                                                                                                                                AFI 36-2905   Number          %                    Minimum Component Failures
                                                                                                                                                                    Pass        4            80%           Individuals who failed min. comp.     1

                                                       Enter Wing/Group/Squadron/Flight/Office Name Here                                                             Fail       1            20%                Abdominal                    1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pushups                    0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Crunches                    0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Run/Walk                    0
                 Not Official!

                           Wing/Group                                                                           Abd Circ   # of      # of       Aerobic     Aerobic V02       AFI 36-2905
Test Date    Due Date                        Rank/AFSC Name              Age    Gender   Weight   Height   HR                                                                                      Notes
                           Squadron/Flight                                                                      (Inches)   Pushups   Crunches   Type        Time    Score     Score

  1-Feb-10     1-Feb-11           Sq 2          Col     Pujols, Albert     24       M       170      70             32         57        88       1.5 Run    10.40                   95.60
  2-Jan-11     2-Apr-11           Sq 1           AB     Jeter, Lady        61       F       195      75             40         25        69       1.5 Run     9.45                   80.00
  5-Feb-10     5-Feb-11           Sq 4         CMSgt    Holliday, Matt     46       M       210      72             30         26        88       1.5 Run     6.23                   97.00
  8-Feb-10     8-Feb-11           Sq 3         MSgt     Ryan, Brendan      53       M       134      67             34         30        38       1.5 Run    11.30                   96.80
  1-Apr-11    31-Mar-12           Sq 3          SSgt    Doe, Jane          23       F       140      68             30         98        65       1.5 Run     7.32                  100.00
                       Wing/Group                                                               Abd Circ   # of      # of       Aerobic   Aerobic V02     AFI 36-2905
Test Date   Due Date                     Rank/AFSC Name   Age   Gender   Weight   Height   HR                                                                           Notes
                       Squadron/Flight                                                          (Inches)   Pushups   Crunches   Type      Time    Score   Score
                       Wing/Group                                                               Abd Circ   # of      # of       Aerobic   Aerobic V02     AFI 36-2905
Test Date   Due Date                     Rank/AFSC Name   Age   Gender   Weight   Height   HR                                                                           Notes
                       Squadron/Flight                                                          (Inches)   Pushups   Crunches   Type      Time    Score   Score
Squadron                            Rank               Enter Names Here
           --                                  --      Carpenter, Chris
           Sq 1                                AB      Franklin, Ryan
           Sq 2                                AMN     Holliday, Matt
           Sq 3                                A1C     Larussa, Tony
           Sq 4                                SrA     Lohse, Kyle
           Sq 5                                SSgt    Ludwick, Ryan
                                               TSgt    Lugo, Julio
                                               MSgt    Mather, Joe
                                               SMSgt   Molina, Yadier
                    Enter                      CMSgt   Pagnozzi, Matt
    Group/Wing/Squadron/Flight/Office          2LT     Pujols, Albert
  names in this column. There is no limit to
                                               1LT     Rasmus, Colby
     the entries as long as it remains in
  Column B. Cells will automatically format    Capt    Ryan, Brendan
          upon entering a name.                Maj     Schumaker, Skip
                                               LtCol   Wainwright, Adam

             Ranks/AFSCs are used in the drop down
                boxes. Only those boxes that are
                squared in will show in the fields.
               Anything added below Gen will not
If you have an alpha roster in a previous Excel sheet, you can highlight the names
    and past them into this column. This column has a named range of 'Names'
 which is what the drop down boxes on the 'Old and New Standards' uses to pull
  from. Pasting names outside this column will not give you the drop down box
               feature. Names must be pasted into this column only.

 If you want to keep the formatting , then use the paste special command from
      the clipboard and select Paste Values. (Located on the Home Ribbon)

If you need to sort the names alphabetically, select the drop down arrow next to
                 'Enter Names Here' and select the 'Sort A to Z'.
Version History
        My goal is to not create a ton of versions. Versions will only come out if an error is found or if a significant improv
        been added that would benefit everyone. When a newer version does come out, you can simply copy all of your
        Date to Aerobic Time and use the Paste Values (from the paste clipboard) feature. Not using the Paste Values co
        erase the formatting.

       Calculator broken down by age groups. No exemptions in this one (yet). This will be incorporated into v2.
       v1.3 Still used and supported.

       Initial release of 'Old and New Standards' sheet. Allows UFPM's to track multiple people. Also includes exemption

       Added pass/fail display box at top of screen
       Added minimum compenent failures display box at the top of screen
       Corrected some misspelt wurdz
       Corrected calculation for new fitness standards. Waist measurment points was throwing some scores off
       Inserted freeze panes for the header row
       - Removed all AFI 10-248 standards from the calculator (the Old in the 'Old and New Standards')
       - Added a Date Due column for Excellent, Satisfactory and Failure categories
        - Changed scoring sheet. If you do not meet the minimum component scores, no points will be awarded.
       - Held off on making any more updates, just wanted to get this updated in regards to calculating points correctly.
       - Increased Pushups and Crunches to 100
       - Added Stats sheet so Commanders/Shirts/Supers/UFPM's can gain a clearer picture of their sections

        Got a suggestion? Email them to me!

 is found or if a significant improvement has
t, you can simply copy all of your data from
re. Not using the Paste Values command will

 be incorporated into v2.

 people. Also includes exemptions

hrowing some scores off

New Standards')

o points will be awarded.
ds to calculating points correctly.

cture of their sections

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