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									The Nature Conservancy in Kansas
6:26 minutes

Background Information

        Nature Conservancy protects Earth's most important natural places.
              o   Mission: to preserve the lands and waters for the survival of the native plants and animals
        Conservation areas in Kansas:
              o   The wetlands of the Konza Prairie-located in the Flint Hills region with 8,600 acres
              o   The tallgrass prairie of Cheyenne Bottoms Preserve-north of Great Bend with 41,000 acres
              o   The Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve-near Lawrence with over 11,000 acres

Trivia questions:

         1. How many different animals did you see in this short movie? 57
         2. Name two of the animals shown in the movie.      ferret, turkey, ducks, buffalo, horse, cattle
         3. Did you see any maps of Kansas? Yes How many? 4

Teachers: Who narrated this movie? Bill Curtis

Resources at www.nature.org and http://hpcscotties.wikispaces.com/KANSAS

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