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 Volume 1, No. 22, 12 October 2011                                                                        Subscribe to newsletter

                       Last days to claim for PPIs
                       from the Executive Director, Wendy Phillips

Having registered for and provided the services that attract         records will be required to validate your claims for auditing
Pharmacy Practice Incentives (PPIs), it’s now vital that eligible    purposes by QCPP and/or Medicare to validate your claims.
pharmacies submit their claim forms – the deadline is 14
October, so you only have two more days.                             In terms of electronic recording, the Pharmacy Guild
                                                                     recommends that pharmacies sign up for the GuildCare
If you’re eligible for DAAs and/or Clinical Interventions periodic   suite of programs, which provides you with easy, systemised
payments, you have to download the PPI Periodic payment(s)           recording to assist in meeting these requirements. Click here
application forms from the Medicare website under the PPI            for more information.
Program section (click here).
                                                                     Community pharmacy’s response to PPIs to date has been
This first claiming period is for services provided from 1 July to   fantastic, but this is just the beginning. Pharmacies need to
30 September 2011 and the claim form can be submitted by             act immediately to ensure that they are benefiting from PPIs
fax or mail.                                                         and – most importantly – are meeting all of the requirements
                                                                     of the program.
The Pharmacy Guild has published some handy claim form
tips that are now available online here. I recommend that            For further information about PPIs, phone 1300 555 262,
you bookmark the page and refer back to it regularly, as new         email support@5cpa.com.au or visit www.5cpa.com.au
information and tips will be published there as they become

It is extremely important for pharmacies to keep records of all
DAAs and Clinical Interventions that you are claiming. These

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Check registration expiry and renew online

About 24,000 pharmacists across Australia are due to renew                               renewal reminders. Pharmacists should look out for these
their registration by 30 November – the annual renewal                                   reminders as confirmation that they can renew online.
date for the profession under the National Registration and
Accreditation Scheme.                                                                    To update your contact details held by AHPRA, go online at
                                                                                         www.ahpra.gov.au, click online services, use your unique
Pharmacy Board of Australia chair Stephen Marty said                                     contact number (User ID) and follow the prompts. Your User
pharmacists who renewed their registration by 30 June 2011                               ID, included on AHPRA correspondence to practitioners, is not
were given valid registration for five months and must renew                             your registration number.
again. “The registration renewal cycle for all pharmacists in
Australia will then be aligned and annual registration renewal                           If you do not have your User ID, complete an online enquiry
will be due by 30 November,” Mr Marty said.                                              form, selecting ‘User ID’ as the category of enquiry or phone
                                                                                         1300 419 495.
Pharmacists should check the National Registers of
Pharmacists published at www.pharmacyboard.gov.au to                                     “Under the National Law, all registered pharmacists are
confirm their registration expiry date. The best way to search                           responsible for renewing their registration on time each year
the register is by name and profession.                                                  and there is no option for AHPRA or the National Board to
                                                                                         renew your registration after it has lapsed without a new
While online, pharmacists should also make sure their                                    application,” Mr Marty said.
contact details supplied to the Australian Health Practitioner
Regulation Agency (AHPRA), including email and telephone,                                The quickest and easiest way to renew your registration is
are correct and current. This will allow AHPRA to send you                               online at www.pharmacyboard.gov.au

Scholarship round

The Rural and Indigenous Pharmacy                          Students from Aboriginal and Torres                        team at the National Secretariat on
Scholarships round for 2012 opens                          Strait Islander backgrounds and students                   ruralpharmacy@guild.org.au
soon!                                                      from rural areas all over Australia who
                                                           want to study pharmacy are invited to                      Both scholarship programs are
Keep an eye on the website at                              apply.                                                     funded by the Australian Government
www.ruralpharmacy.com.au for                                                                                          Department of Health and Ageing as
eligibility info, updates and the electronic               For more information please contact                        part of the Fifth Community Pharmacy
application form.                                          the Rural and Indigenous Workforce                         Agreement.

Pharmacy Practice Incentives (PPI)

DAA and Clinical Interventions
Claim Form DUE NOW                                                                                         Click here to access

Claim form for first claiming period must be submitted to Medicare by 14 October 2011
IMPORTANT: For 2011 the first claiming period is 1 July to 30 September

The Pharmacy Practice Incentives are funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing as part of the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement between the
Commonwealth and The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

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         “Being named Pharmacy of the Year 2011 is fantastic recognition of our team’s hard
         work, innovation and passion for improving our patients’ health outcomes. This is the
         highest recognition of excellence in our industry in business management, professional
         services and community engagement. Our team is very proud of this achievement.” -
         2011 overall winner Lisa Benton, of Orana Mall Pharmacy, Dubbo NSW.

2011 Pharmacy of the Year winner and   2011 Excellence in Business Management        2011 Excellence in Innovation in Professional
Excellence in Community Engagement     Category winner Chemistworks Wetherill Park   Programs Category winner Pharmacy 777
Category winner Orana Mall Pharmacy    Fairfield NSW                                 Whitford City Hillarys WA
Dubbo NSW
Regional pharmacy’s next generation

Retiring regional pharmacists can rest assured that the next                                                  Charles Sturt
generation of pharmacists will continue to offer a high                                                       University pharmacy
standard service, with students like Daniel Flavel preparing to                                               student Daniel Flavel.
graduate.                                                                                                     Daniel, orginally
                                                                                                              from Tamworth
Mr Flavel, 22, has travelled from Tamworth to Orange to                                                       NSW, will graduate
complete a Bachelor of Pharmacy at Charles Sturt University                                                   with Honours in 2012
(CSU) and while it may not seem that far to travel, Mr Flavel                                                 and plans to work in
                                                                                                              a regional area.
has certainly come a long way since leaving high school.

Mr Flavel finished his schooling at Carinya Christian School
with a good idea of what profession he wanted.

“As part of a Business Studies project in Year 11, I did some
work experience at Howle’s Amcal Pharmacy,” he said. “It was
an area I was interested in and I loved sciences at school and
dealing with people, so it seemed like a good mix.”

After his work experience he was offered a job as a dispensary
technician after school and he spent the next 12 months           Pharmacy Guild Rural and Remote Scholarship of $10,000 per
deciding where he would like to study pharmacy.                   year of study. As part of this scholarship, Mr Flavel has worked
                                                                  with a mentor who happens to be his previous employer
Already accepted into Charles Sturt University through the        at Howle’s Amcal Pharmacy in Tamworth, Ian Howle. “It’s
Principal’s Report Entry Program, Mr Flavel headed to Orange      fantastic to have scholarships that encourage graduates to
to begin his studies. “I loved the country lifestyle and the      practice in the bush,” Mr Howle said.
close relationship you could have with your lecturers. The idea
of being in a class of 35 instead of 350 was appealing to me,”    “I think working as a pharmacist in regional Australia is a lot
he said.                                                          more rewarding than working in the city. You utilise a wide
                                                                  range of medical skills and counselling skills, and make some
Although theory is a crucial part of the course, students         strong connections with people from all walks of life.”
get to experience the practical side of pharmacy from their
second year. Mr Flavel’s placements have included Blayney,        Mr Flavel will graduate with Honours in 2012 and plans to
Bathurst, Parkes and Orange, but his favourite was at a small     work in regional Australia while also undertaking mission
community near Darwin.                                            trips to third world countries where pharmaceutical skills are
“I was amazed at the remoteness of the Northern Territory and
loved the challenge of dealing with the wide range of issues      “I’m always looking for new challenges and I’d like to use my
that come through the door.”                                      knowledge and experience to give first hand assistance to
                                                                  those who need it most. It’s great to be part of a profession
Mr Flavel has been awarded six scholarships and five              that gives back and contributes to people’s wellbeing,” he
awards since he began his studies, including the prestigious      said.

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“On 29 September alone, there were 6198
cases done. Were you one of them? Join the
2800 pharmacies using GuildCare who are
leading the professional services revolution.”
- Kos Sclavos, Pharmacy Guild National President
“Show Us Your Lungs!”

Last week, readers may have noticed a
link to a mysterious YouTube video – a
teaser in more ways than one – that
showed a man and woman dressed in
trenchcoats seemingly flashing strangers
and asked “Everyone is doing it … will

Well, all is revealed this week.

The Lung Foundation is calling on
Australians to “Show Us Your Lungs!” and
take lung health seriously as the gap in
peoples’ perception of their lung health
and the reality of their condition is of
concern to medical experts and peak
bodies in Australia.

Research commissioned by the Lung
Foundation found that one in three
Australians considers their lungs to be
‘very unimportant’ yet over 50 people in
Australia die from a lung disease each

Further research conducted on behalf
of the Lung Foundation identified that
84 per cent of Australians aged 35 and
over rate their lung health as excellent,
very good or good. Yet, of these, 36 per
cent admit to experiencing at least one
of the signs of poor lung health, such      and acting promptly if experiencing     as the Australian Lung Foundation’s
as breathlessness, or a persistent and      symptoms of lung disease.               Lung Health Checklist can be used in
productive cough.                                                                   health promotion activities or as part of
                                            Celebrity advocate, John Jarratt, has   more formal screening/risk assessment
These results are worrying for health       put his weight behind the campaign      services offered in the pharmacy.
professionals, as it shows many people      and stars in the Lung Foundation’s
have symptoms of lung disease, yet          community service announcement          The checklist, which takes less than a
think their lungs are healthy.              as well as campaign YouTube videos.     minute to complete, is a useful starting
                                            Dr Harry Cooper and Dr John D’Arcy      point for people to start thinking
This means they are not speaking to         also play a starring role on the Lung   and talking to their health care team,
their health care professionals about       Foundation’s website, voicing their     including pharmacists and doctors,
their symptoms and are not getting          support for lung health awareness in    about their lung health.
appropriate care in a timely fashion.       Australia.
                                                                                    Visit www.lungfoundation.com.au or
The “Show Us Your Lungs!” campaign          Community pharmacies can play an        call 1800 654 301 for more information.
aims to raise awareness of the              important role in supporting the lung   The foundation can be found on
importance of looking after your lungs      health of their customers. Tools such   Facebook here and Twitter here.

Find the help you need,
when YOU need it.
Mental health support through social network

One in five Australians will experience a         site, is a welcome tool in enabling young           health communities including
mental illness at some stage in their lives.      people to open up about mental health.              depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD,
                                                                                                      phobias, panic attacks, schizophrenia,
The prevalence of mental illness is               Healthshare uses functionality that has             postnatal depression, suicide prevention,
greatest among 18 to 24-year-olds,                become synonymous with popular                      agoraphobia and social anxiety.
who are twice as likely to have difficulty        social networks like Facebook, Twitter
talking about or seeking help for their           and LinkedIn that enables members to                In these communities, members have
mental health problems. This group is             connect with others, start discussions,             access to trusted information about the
also the largest users of social media            write health blogs, send private                    illness from leading health organisations
sites, so the launch of Healthshare               messages and much more.                             in this space including beyondblue,
(www.healthshare.com.au), Australia’s                                                                 Lifeline, SANE Australia and Mental
first health-centric social networking            Healthshare has a number of mental                  Health NSW.

 Preparing for 1 April 2012 PBS changes - Member meetings

  On 1 April 2012 there will be significant drops in the prices of certain generic medicines. On
  the same day new Atorvastatin generics enter the market.

  To assist pharmacy owners as they prepare for these changes, the Guild is running a series
  of strictly member only events.

  Click here to download the registration form.


                           Kos Sclavos
                           National President

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