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					                                 Configuring Outlook 2007
                               (created by I Chun Lee, 7/22/2008)

        This document explains how to set up your Exchange e-mail account in Outlook 2007, as
well as configuring RPC over HTTPS that enables off-campus access to the Purdue Exchange
server (illustrated in step 8). After you complete the configurations, you will be able to access
the data stored on the Exchange server, such as your Mails, Calendar, Contacts, etc. from
virtually anywhere with Internet access.

       IMPORTANT: This initial setup requires connections with the Purdue Exchange server. If
you are setting up Outlook on campus, your connection with the server is automatically created
through the campus network—please ignore this message and start step 1. If you are setting
up Outlook off campus, please install VPN on your computer and connect to the Purdue
network through VPN BEFORE you start the procedure described in this document. VPN is only
required the first time you access to the Exchange server; it is not needed for off-campus e-mail
access after you complete the RPC over HTPPS configurations.

       To install VPN, please go to

1. Start Outlook

2. In the Tools menu, click Account Settings.

3. In the E-mail tab, click New

4. Select Microsoft Exchange. POP3, IMAP, or HTTP and click Next

5. Check Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next

6. Select Microsoft Exchange and click Next

7. In the Microsoft Exchange Server box, type
     Check the box for "Use Cached Exchange Mode"
     Type your career account alias (username) or full name (in the format of
      “Last Name, First Name”) in the "User Name" field
     Click Check Name

If you get this login box ask for authentication, put in your user name after the text
“onepurdue\” and password. Click OK.

8. Now you should be directed back to the first dialog displayed in step 7. Your full name
should display in the “User Name” box. Click the More Settings button.

       Go to the Connection tab
       Check the box for "Connect to my Exchange mailbox using HTTP"
       Click on Exchange Proxy Settings button

9. Exchange Proxy Settings:

       Type in the "Use this URL to connect to my Proxy Server for
        Exchange" field
       Check "Mutually authenticate the session when connecting with SSL"
       Type in the "Principle name for Proxy Server" field
       Select Basic Authentication from the drop down field for "Use this Authentication when
        connecting to my Proxy Server for Exchange
       Click OK, OK, Next, and Finish to complete the setup

10. Start Microsoft Outlook and login with your Career Account


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