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constitution by stariya


									        "We the People"

The activities are designed
primarily for the language arts
class while students are studying
The United States Constitution in
Social Studies.

1.Title: "We the People"
2Grade Level: Eighth Grade
3. Subject Area: English
Language Arts, Computer Skills,
Math, Social Studies
4. Time Required: Four class
5. Materials Needed: Internet
access (Option A), US
Constitution (Option B), Word
processing software,
Spreadsheet/charting software,
Desktop publishing
software(Optional - Activity 3)

10. Lesson objectives:

       Students will:
       * gain a better
       understanding of the U.S.
       * use a variety of
       technology tools for
       research, production, and
       * be introduced to and
       gain an understanding of
       related words and their
       * learn to work in
       cooperative groups to
       reach consensus and

11. Pre-Activities:

       Discuss the historical
       context of the
Constitution's origin.
Identify needs that led to
the writing of the
Constitution and who the
primary writers were. To
complete the activities for
the following lessons, you
need to have the U.S.
Constitution in a word
processing program to
utilize specific tools.

Option A:
If you have World Wide
Web access in a windows
or Macintosh
environment, copy and
paste the text of the
Constitution from
nstitution.html (this site
also includes other
historical documents) into
your word processing
program. This can be a
student activity if time
permits or one completed
by the teacher in advance.
(David Warlick,
Landmark Project)

Option B:
If you do not have
internet access, this could
become a keyboarding
activity for students. Each
student would be
assigned a small section
of the Constitution to
keyboard and save. Use
copy and paste tools to
create one document that
contains the entire
12. Activity 1:

       (Team taught by
       Language Arts and Social
       Studies teachers) After
       students have an
       understanding of the
       purpose of the
       Constitution and the time
       period in which it was
       written, ask them to:
       * List five words they
       predict would occur
       frequently in the
       * Group students into
       pairs to discuss their
       individual list of
       words and reach
       consensus to develop one
       list of five words.
       * Combine two pairs to
       form groups of four
       students and repeat the
       * Combine two groups of
       four to form a group of
       eight students and repeat
       the process (at this point
       there should be five
       words from each group of
       * As a class, discuss the
       process of consensus and
       the difficulty the writers
       of the Constitution would
       have experienced when
       determining the text to be
       * Use the five words
       generated by each group
       of eight (there will be
       duplications) to create a
       * Survey the students
       asking them to refer to
       their individual lists and
       compile the number of
       responses for each word.
       * Create a bar graph
       showing the results.
       * Discuss the results.

13. Measures/evaluations:

       Students will display bar

12.2 Activity 2:

       (Taught in Language Arts
       Using the word processed
       document of the
       * Use the replace tool to
       actually test to see how
       many times each word
       did occur (whole class
       activity with overhead
       and LCD,individually or
       cooperative groups).
       * Add this data to the
       created spreadsheet with
       predicted results and
       create a double bar graph
       to compare the two.
       * Choose one word that
       occurs frequently and use
       the find tool to locate
       where it is used in
       * Write the meaning of
       the word as it is used in
       context. List an antonym
       and synonym for each
       * Discuss the connotation
       of the word.
       * Spell check the
       Constitution document to
       identify which words are
       misspelled by today's
       spelling standards.
       * Discuss the use of
       British spellings.

13.2 Measures/evaluations:

       Students will display a
       double bar graph to
       compare the results from
       the most frequently used
       words that actually
       appear in the Constitution
       and the predicted list of
       Evaluate the definitions
       and connotations derived
       from context.

12.3 Activity 3:

       *Students read all the
       Articles of the
       Constitution and discuss
       the various groups
       granted liberties.
       *Students will discuss
       possible strengths and
       weaknesses of the
       government framed by
       the Constitution.
       *Design an original flyer
       (word processed or
       desktop published)
       referencing Article II
       entitled "Position
       Available" or "Help
       Wanted." Include specific
       responsibilities and
       requirements for holding
       the office of President of

               Options for flyer
               will be determined
               by software and
               hardware. Some
               options include:
               * Create a frame
               using border art.
               * Create an eye-
               catching heading
               using word art.
               * Vary your text
               style and list a
               minimum of five
               requirements and
               responsibilities for
               the job.
               * Add at least one
               graphic design or
               picture using clip
               * Use persuasive
               tone to make your
               * Check your
               work for spelling
               accurateness using
               spell check.
               * Name and save
               * Print final

13.3 Measures/evaluations:

       Students will display
       original flyers "Position
       Available" or "Help
       Wanted." with the
       specific responsibilities
       and requirements for
       holding the office of
       President of U.S.
       Students should select the
       one that demonstrates the
       most effective use of
       persuasive tone.

12.4 Activity 4:

       (This activity can be done
       within a class using two
       groups, with two classes
       within one school, or with
       a class in another school
       using e-mail or video
       conferencing to
       communicate). As a class,
       students reach a
       consensus on four
       principles to govern
       dress, behavior,
       communication, and one
       of free choice to govern
       another group. Assign
       these principles to
       another group and accept
       the ones assigned.

13.4 Measures/evaluations:

       Students will write a
       descriptive narrative
       sharing their feelings
       about being governed and

14. Standard Course of Study

       English Language Arts:
       Competency Goal 1: The
       learner will use strategies
       and processes that
       enhance control of
       communication skills

              1.2 The learner
              will apply
              strategies to
              comprehend or
              experiences and
              1.3 The learner
              will apply
              strategies to
              comprehend or
              experiences and

       Competency Goal 2: The
       learner will use language
       for the acquisition,
       interpretation, and
application of

       2.1 The learner
       will identify,
       collect , or select
       information and
       2.2 The learner
       will analyze,
       synthesize, and
       information and
       discover related
       ideas, concepts, or
       2.3 The learner
       will apply, extend,
       and expand on
       information and

Competency Goal 3: The
learner will use language
for critical analysis and

       3.2 The learner
       will determine the
       value of
       information and
       3.3 The learner
       will develop
       criteria and
       evaluate the
       quality, relevance,
       and importance of
       the information
       and ideas.

Competency Goal 4: The
learner will use language
for aesthetic and personal
       4.1 The learner
       will respond to
       personal situations
       and events in
       selections and to
       personal situations
       and events.
       4.2 The learner
       will respond to
       their personal,
       social, cultural,
       and historical
       significance of
       selections or
       4.3 The learner
       will respond
       critically and
       creatively to
       selections or

Computer Skills:
Competency Goal 1: The
learner will understand
important issues of a
technology-based society
and will exhibit ethical
behavior in the use of
computer technology.

       1.2 Distinguish
       between different
       types of data as to
       which are public
       and which are

Competency Goal 2: The
learner will demonstrate
knowledge and skills in
using computer
       2.1 Revise word
       processed text to
       be a simple
       desktop published

Competency Goal 3: The
learner will use a variety
of computer technologies
to access, analyze,
interpret, synthesize,
apply and communicate

       3.2 Enter and edit
       data into a
       spreadsheet to test
       "What if?"

Competency Goal 3: The
learner will demonstrate
an understanding of
patterns, relationships,
and pre-algebra.

       3.3 Analyze
       representations of
       data with tables,
       graphs, verbal
       rules, and
       equations to
       explore properties
       and relationships.

Social Studies:
Competency Goal 5: The
learner will assess the
impact of major events,
problems, and
personalities of North
Carolina and the new
               5.4 Analyze the
               strengths and
               weaknesses of the
               framed by the
               Constitution of the
               United States,
               noting the extent
               to which liberties
               were granted to
               various groups.

15. Relationship to the New
ABCs of Education: Evident in

16. Sources: Cited in lesson.

Posted: June 20, 1996

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