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complete Interschool Program 2008




  Saturday April 26th & Sunday April 27th 2008
       At the Prince of Wales Show Grounds
                Holmes Rd Bendigo

DRESSAGE                                OPEN TO PCAV & HRCAV MEMBERS
                                        ONLY –please see
                                        Entry form for details

GAMES – consisting of 4 events=1 class
Keyhole, bend, flag, stepping stones






ENQUIRIES -          SUE FOLEY                        KERRIE LONG
                     Ph 03-54 478285                  Ph 03-54 391388
                     Mb 0407 843 749                  Mb 0447 384 588
                  For an entry form and program go to

            APRIL 9TH 2008


Teams will consist of a maximum of 4 riders. Team members must represent the
school they are currently enrolled at and attending. Schools unable to field a team
may enter individual riders who may nominate to join a composite team assembled
by B.P.C. organizing committee. Each team must have an Adult Team Manager. The
Team Manager is responsible for their team during the competition. Team members
may enter up to 6 classes. Cost is $8 per class. All competition
disciplines/events must be covered by the team members.


All competitors must provide their own numbers- bridle numbers, saddle cloth
numbers or number holders.
All competitors must wear medical armbands.


Gear check prior to competing. All riders must wear complying helmets. Spot checks
to ensure compliance may occur. Elimination will apply for incorrect helmet standard


Open to P.C.A.V and H.R.C.A.V members only. H.R.C.A.V. members please include a
photocopy of current card and grading with entry form.


   1. This is a timed event
   2. Knocking of a bending pole will incur a 5 second penalty. Missing a pole
      without rectifying course will incur elimination- taking the wrong track
   3. Stepping on the line or outside the circle of the keyhole incurs elimination-
      including entrance chute
   4. If a flag is knocked over it must be stood up before continuing the course. If a
      flag falls out of the drum it must be picked up and put in from the horse (not
      from the ground) before continuing the course.
   5. Course to be ridden in the following order
          - rider to commence at the bending race
          - On completion go straight to the keyhole, then onto modified flag (3
          - After putting the last flag into the drum the rider dismounts and runs,
              leading the horse, over the stepping stones to the finish.


Shield, sashes and $200 cheque to the school for the Highest Point Scoring Team
Sashes for 1st and 2nd runner up teams
Trophy and Sash for High Point Individual
Trophy and Sash for Best Performed Primary Individual
Trophy and Sash for Best Performed Secondary Individual
CHAMPION and RESERVE SASHES for each discipline
Ribbons 1st to 4th in all events


1ST 9 POINTS      2ND 7 POINTS           3RD 5 POINTS       4TH 3 POINTS
3 points for Champion                    1 point for Reserve Champion


      Entering this competition constitutes acknowledgement that PCAV rules apply
       and acceptance of these rules –PCAV rules found at
      The competition will be conducted in accordance with
      PCAV Dressage rules ( Nov 2006)
      PCAV Dressage test ( July 2006)
      PCAV Show jumping Rules published in PCAV Horse Trials Rules Dec 2004
       PCAV Gear Rules (Nov 2006)
      PCAV Handbook of By Laws including Queries and Protest
      FEI Show jumping articles as defined in the program
      PCAV Sunsmart, Smoke Free and Alcohol policies
      No refunds after closing date except with vet or medical certificate
      The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel any class or
       competition; divide any class; alter times; refuse any entry with or without
       stating the reason.
      One horse one rider
      No Dogs- not in cars, not on leads, not at all.


Neither the organizing committee of this competition nor the PCAV accepts any
responsibility whatsoever for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses,
riders, grounds spectators or any other person or property.


Open to PCAV and Non-PCAV members who are currently enrolled at and attending a
Primary or Secondary school. Non PCAV members must pay $5 per day attendance
fee. Please complete day attendance form and send payment with entry.
PCAV membership cards must be presented at the office prior to competing.

                    Program Saturday April 26th 2008
                  Gear check at least 15 minutes prior to riding
               All tests taken from PCAV Dressage Test July 2006
                                 OPEN TO PCAV & HRCAV MEMBERS ONLY
                                          8:00 A.M START

Class   1    Test   *5A    Class 6     Test   *5C     *for   grade   5   riders
Class   2    Test   *4D    Class 7     Test   *4E     *for   grade   4   riders
Class   3    Test   *3D    Class8      Test   *3E     *for   grade   3   riders
Class   4    Test   *2D    Class 9     Test   *2E     *for   grade   2   riders
Class   5    Test   *1D    Class 10    Test   *1E     *for   grade   1   riders

Ribbons to 4th place
Champions and Reserve Champion Sash awarded to highest combined score at each
dressage level i.e. riders must ride both tests in their grade to be eligible

If any equal place exists, then equal place must be split in preference of
     1. The higher collective marks over both tests.
     2. The higher collective mark using the most difficult test.
     3. If there is still a tie, competitors are placed equal.

                          Gear check 15 minutes prior to riding
                              OPEN TO PCAV & HRCAV MEMBERS ONLY
Class   11          45cm-           for grade 5 riders
Class   12          60cm-           for grade 4 riders
Class   13          75cm-           for grade 3 riders
Class   14          90cm-           for grade 2 riders
Class   15          105cm-          for grade 1 riders

This competition comprises two courses of the same speed. The first round is not against the clock. The
second round is against the clock. Second round course is identical or different in track or in number of
obstacles or in the dimensions of the obstacles. Each competitor must participate in both rounds with the
same horse. Competitors who have been eliminated or who have retired during the first round may not
take part in the second round and will not be placed. All competitors must take part in the first round to
proceed to the second round. All competitors go forward to the second round in reverse order of penalties.
Competitors will be placed according to aggregate penalties over both rounds and the time incurred in the
second round.

Class   16          45cm-           for grade 5 riders
Class   17          60cm-           for grade 4 riders
Class   18          75cm-           for grade 3 riders
Class   19          90cm-           for grade 2 riders
Class   20          105cm-          for grade 1 riders
See over for rules

This competition comprises two phases run without interruption, each at an identical or different speed,
the finishing line for the first phase being identical with starting line for the second phase. The first phase
is a course of 8 to 9 obstacles with or without combinations. The second phase takes place over 4 to 6
obstacles, which may include one combination. Competitors penalized in the first phase are halted by
ringing the bell after they have jumped the last obstacle or when the time allowed of the first phase has
been exceeded, after crossing the finishing line of the first phase. They must stop after crossing the first
finishing line. Competitors who are not penalized in the first phase continue the course, which finishes,
after crossing the second finishing line. The first phase is not against the clock; the second phase is
against the clock. Placings are according to the penalties and time in the second phase and if necessary,
to the penalties in the first phase. Competitors stopped after the first phase may only be placed after
competitors who have taken part in both phases. In the event of equality for first place, the tied
competitors will be place equal first.

                          Sunday 25th March 2007
                       RING 1    9:00AM START
SMARTEST ON PARADE- judged on presentation snaffle bit no martingales
Class 21   Year 11 & 12
Class 22   Year 10
Class 23   Year 9
Class 24   Year 8
Class 25   Year 7
Champion Secondary Smartest on Parade

Class 26   Year 6
Class 27   Year 5
Class 28   Year 4
Class 29   Year 3
Class 30   Year P-2 may be led
Champion Primary Smartest on Parade

HANDLER CLASSES – judged on students ability to show pony/ horse in hand
Class 31   Year P-2
Class 32   Year 3
Class 33   Year 4
Class 34   Year 5
Class 35   Year 6
Champion Primary Handler

Class 36   Year 7
Class 37   Year 8
Class 38   Year 9
Class 39   Year 10
Class 40   Year 11&12
Champion Secondary Handler

                       RING 2        9:00AM START
RIDING CLASSESS- to be ridden in a snaffle bit no martingales
Class 41   Year P-2 may be led
Class 42   Year 3
Class 43   Year 4
Class 44   Year 5
Class 45   Year 6
Champion Primary Rider

Class 46   Year 7
Class 47   Year 8
Class 48   Year 9
Class 49   Year 10
Class 50   Year 11&12
Champion Secondary Rider

                      RING 3      9:30AM START
BEST EDUCATED MOUNT- to be ridden in a snaffle bit no martingales
Class 51   Year 7
Class 52   Year 8
Class 53   Year 9
Class 54   Year 10
Class 55   Year 11&12
Champion Secondary Best Educated Mount

Class 56   Year P-2 may be led
Class 57   Year 3
Class 58   Year 4
Class 59   Year 5
Class 60   Year 6
Champion Primary Best Educated Mount

                           RING 4        9:30AM START
HANDY MOUNT - activity trail course. A timed event judged on the rider’s ability to
display their mounts versatility and manners. You will be required to carry an article,
dismount and mount, open and close a gate, jump a small jump etc

Class 61   Year P-2 may be led
Class 62   Year 3
Class 63   Year 4
Class 64   Year 5
Class 65   Year 6
Champion Primary Handy Mount

Class 66   Year 11-12
Class 67   Year10
Class 68   Year 9
Class 69   Year 8
Class 70   Year 7
Champion Secondary Handy Mount

                    RING 5     10:00AM START

Class 71   Year P-2 may be led
Class 72   Year 3
Class 73   Year 4
Class 74   Year 5
Class 75   Year 6
Champion Primary Games Rider

Class 76   Year 7
Class 77   Year 8
Class 78   Year 9
Class 79   Year 10
Class 80   Year 11&12
Champion Secondary Games Rider


      1. Each team has covered all competition disciplines

      2. HRCAV have provided a photocopy of current card and
         grading. PCAV members present cards on competition
         day at office

      3. non PCAV members have completed and included day
         attendance form available at: and included $5 per day
         with entry fee

      4. A4 envelope addressed to Team Manager or email
         address supplied for posting of catalogue and dressage

      5. Stabling ($12 per stable per night) and straw ($8 per
         bale) required- have you filled out form and included
         payment with entry?

      6. Team manager details filled in with entry and
         declaration signed by team manager and school

      7. Participant Declaration completed for each rider

                            ENTRIES CLOSE WEDNESDAY APRIL 9TH 2008
           Rider 1
Name of School:                                   Team name:

Name of rider:                                    School Grade/ Year:

                                                  PCAV member     Open rider $5 per day att.
Name of Horse:

                                                                TOTAL COST at $8 per class
Stable Payment: $              Straw payment: $                 $

           Rider 2
Name of School:                                   Team name:

Name of rider:                                    School Grade/ Year:
                                                  PCAV member     Open rider $5 per day att.
Name of Horse:


Stable Payment: $              Straw payment: $                 TOTAL COST at $8 per class

           Rider 3
Name of School:                                   Team name:

Name of rider:                                    School Grade/ Year:

                                                  PCAV member     Open rider $5 per day att.
Name of Horse:

                                                                TOTAL COST at $8 per class
Stable Payment: $              Straw payment: $                 $

           Rider 4
Name of School:                                          Team name:

Name of rider:                                           School Grade/ Year:

                                                         PCAV member     Open rider $5 per day att.
Name of Horse:


Stable Payment: $                   Straw payment: $                   TOTAL COST at $8 per class

           Individual Entry

Name of School:                                           Team name:

Name of rider:                                           School Grade/ Year:

                                                         PCAV member     Open rider $5 per day att.
Name of Horse:

                                                                       TOTAL COST at $8 per class
Stable Payment: $                   Straw payment: $                   $
           COMPOSITE TEAM                             YES/NO
           Will be advised of team members prior to competition
           Please elect Team manager with entry

           TEAM MANAGER must be over 18 years


  PHONE :                     Mb:                       email:

I have read and understand the Eligibility and Conditions of Entry and Team
Members agree to abide by them

Signed                                                    Team manager

Signed                                                    School Principal

Please enclose cheque for full payment for all riders on the entry form.
Cheques payable to Bendigo Pony Club Inc.

Post to:                  Bendigo Pony Club
                          C/- Kerrie Long
                          105 Sheridans lane
                          Knowsley 3523

Please enclose an A4 envelope addressed to the Team Manager for posting
of Catalogue and Dressage times or supply an email address.

Camping available at Show grounds
Stables available -
$12 per night per stable
Straw $8 per bale
Number of stables required                                    No. of bales of straw

Number of nights required
Total cost

   Please include stable and straw payment with entry
       payment and attach this form to the entry

Participant Declaration Form                                             Bendigo Pony Club Inc A0002999N

Event Name: Bendigo Pony Club Interschool
Equestrian Team Challenge April 26th & 27th

Biosecurity is a condition of participation in our Clubs event. Please complete and sign
this form and post with full team payment. In the event of an outbreak of disease, such as EI,
it is crucial that we can track down every horse that has taken part in our event. To do that we
need to record where they have come from and their destinations thereafter.

Registered Name of Horse           Address of property from           Address of property to where
and/or name as officially          which the horse will be moved      the horse will move after the
entered                            to come to this event.             event. (If different from

Health of Horse (s)      I declare that the horse named above will be in good health, eating
normally and not showing signs of respiratory disease during the last 3 days leading up to this
event. I give my authorisation for the Event Secretary to call for veterinary inspection of the
horse/(s) named above and in my care should they be showing signs of respiratory illness at any
time during the course of the event. I agree to pay any veterinary fees incurred as a result of this
veterinary examination.
Horse Event Declaration Waiver   I understand that due to
diseases such as equine influenza, the Victorian DPI, or other
State or Commonwealth government body, may restrict or prevent
the movement of horses, vehicles and personnel for a period of
time (‘Standstill.’). I acknowledge and agree that a Standstill
is a risk of competing at this event and I agree to pay all costs
or expenses as a result of a Standstill.

Biosecurity Guidelines        I have read and understand the PCAV Biosecurity Guidelines on
the website and I will act in accordance with these guidelines.

Refund Policy I understand that the Bendigo Pony Club will refund all entry fees if the event is
cancelled prior to 48 hours before the event. If the event is cancelled within 48 hours or during
the event, the organisers will refund less the cost of already incurred expenses.

Signature of Person Responsible for Horse:
__________________________________(Parent/Guardian to sign for riders under 18).

Person who will transport the Horse (if different from above)

                                                      Bendigo Pony Club Inc A0002999N
Participants Duty of Care

It is important that all horse owners remain vigilant while EI is still present in Australia.
The risk of an outbreak in Victoria should not be underestimated. Individual competitors
need to maintain the highest level of care when out and about competing. As an event
organizer, we are writing to pre-warn you of your Duty of Care.

Before our Event it is your responsibility to;

-      Monitor your horse(s) health in the days leading up to our event
-      Ensure that your horse(s) is healthy before deciding to attend
-      Ensure you have not been interstate and had contact with interstate horses or
       equipment 72 hours prior to our event.

Should any of the following symptoms (however mild) be apparent, the horse should not
be moved from the property and a vet must be called;

-      A fever (temp is over 39 degrees),
-      Nasal discharge
-      Persistent hacking cough
-      Depressed and off their feed.

Heavy penalties could apply to owners and organizers that fail to report a horse
showing the any of the above clinical signs, of up to $26,400 fine and/or 24 months

When attending our Event it is your responsibility to take the following precautions;

-      Not share tack or equipment
-      Bring your own feed bins, water buckets and avoid the use of communal water
-      Take home any feed that your horse(s) leave uneaten
-      Report any suspected illness to event officials
-      Minimize contact between horses (and people, if possible)
-      Seek veterinary assistance and isolate sick horse/s promptly
-      Not leave our event if horses are falling sick/or if instructed not to do so

After our event is over and you return home, it is important to continue to regularly
check your horse’s temperature. If any of the above symptoms occur, it is vital that you
seek veterinary help without delay and inform the relevant authorities.


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