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                                                          • Reports are presented in an
                                                            easy to understand format
                                                            once a month.
You invested money into designing and
building your dealer website, but do you                  • A clear comparison of your
really know how it contributes to your                      website’s performance one
business and if it is working it’s hardest
to drive a strong return on investment?                     month to the next.
At Dealer Solutions we offer a range of dealer
website reporting options that examine a wide             • See how many leads your
variety of website metrics and present them in a
easy to understand format so that you and your
                                                            website is generating.
team can understand exactly how your website is

The two most popular reporting options are:
Monthly Basic Website Report:

This report presents and comments upon top line           • An easy to understand report,
statistics such as how many visitors your website
received, how many online leads were generated              including a glossary of
(and how many phone leads if you have a tracked             commonly used terms, which
1300 4 Dealers number on your website), where
your visitors were coming from, and more.                   outlines how your website is
Monthly Advanced Website Reporting:
                                                            performing from month to
This report includes all the information provided in
the basic report with the addition of statistics and
information regarding keywords that drove the             • Gain a better understanding of
most traffic, keywords which generated leads,
branded vs. non-branded traffic, SEO
                                                            how many leads your website
recommendations, insights into your listings on             is generating.
Google Places, and more.

Your website is an important tool that represents         • Learn more about your
your business online and shouldn’t be ignored. By           customers, where they are
receiving a convenient monthly report on your
website’s performance, you can understand how               coming from and how they are
your website is working for your dealership and             spending their time on your
take steps towards maximizing its return on
investment.                                                 website.

Your website is an important marketing tool that represents
 your business online. Do you know how it is performing?
Receive data that details who is looking at your website, where they are coming
                         from and chances to optimize.

   Understand your websites contribution and maximise its ROI from today.
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