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                                                       • Manual Adwords campaigns are scalable and
                                                         can be tailored for dealerships of all sizes.

                                                       • Adwords campaigns are highly measurable;
                                                         we can track emails, phone calls, even walk in
Google Adwords is a flexible,                             customers.
measurable, visible and highly
customisable online advertising option                 • An added benefit of running an Adwords
for dealers.                                             campaign is that you gather a lot of visitor
                                                         data you can then use for other online
Manual Adwords campaigns have a huge                     optimizations.
potential reach; with over 14 million Australians
using Google search every month and most of            • Reach customers Australia wide using Google
those visitors using Google to search several            to search for products and services.
times a day. A Dealer Solutions Manual Adwords
campaign can help you reach these potential
                                                       • Adwords campaigns can suit many different
customers as they search for their next
                                                         advertising objectives and aims.
automotive purchase.

The Dealer Solution online marketing team will
ensure that your ads are targeted so that they
only appear to potential customers who are             Benefits:
interested in what you have on offer, saving you
money and increasing your return on investment.
                                                       • The budget and reach of your Adwords
Manual Adwords campaigns are flexible and can             campaign can be tailored to suit your
be tweaked as your advertising needs change.             advertising requirements
For example, if the date or details of your latest
sale change, there is no need to pay excessive         • You can easy measure how your Adwords
fees to change your advertising.                         campaign is performing with instant visitor
                                                         statistics and online tracking methods.
With a Manual Adwords campaign you know
exactly how many people are viewing and                • Use the performance data gathered from your
clicking your ads and how they interact with your        Adwords campaign to make optimizations to
website. For example, we can pause or alter              your dealer website and improve your
campaigns based on real time data and use                website’s organic performance (see SEO).
campaign data to make long term improvements
to your website.
                                                       • Adwords campaigns are highly targeted so
Manual Adwords campaigns can be built around             your ads are only shown to qualified visitors.
almost any advertising objective. For example, to
improve brand awareness, advertise a sale, sell        • Your Adwords campaign will be tailored to suit
your new car range, get more servicing or parts          your individual advertising requirements and
customers; the possibilities are endless...              reflect your goals and objectives

  A straightforward online advertising option that’s flexible,
               measurable, and customizable.
  Improve brand awareness, advertise a sale, sell your new car range,
           generate more service or parts leads, and more.

                 Manual Adwords
   Utilise the power of Google to drive visitors to your website today.                   1300 66 11 33

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