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                                                    • Inventory displayed on a
                                                      dealership specific Facebook

Amplify your dealership’s                           • Vehicles are automatically
Facebook profile with Dealer                           updated.
Solutions’ Facebook                                 • Users are able to share links to
Inventory solution. Integrate                         your inventory within their
an up to date showcase of                             network.
your inventory onto your
Facebook profile and easily
share your most popular
inventory items across your
social network.                                     • Increase online presence by
                                                      displaying your inventory in a
Your dealership’s Facebook friends                    dealership specific Facebook
can easily share links to your                        Page.
inventory with family and friends
within their networks, increasing                   • Integrated with Dealer Solutions
your online presence and                              Online Inventory System,
advertising your vehicles across a                    vehicles are automatically
highly engaged audience.                              loaded, updated and removed
                                                      each time we receive your
Our Facebook Inventory solution is
                                                      updated inventory.
specially made for dealerships and
is integrated with the Dealer                       • Users can easily share links to
Solutions Online Inventory System,                    your inventory with their family
meaning that your Facebook                            and friends within their network.
Inventory is automatically uploaded
and constantly up to date each time                 • Engage your customers via
we receive your updated inventory.                    social networking sites.

   Allow easy sharing of your inventory across your
 customers’ social networks with Facebook Inventory.
    Facebook Inventory is integrated with your existing inventory
           so there’s no need for any additional work.

 Facebook Inventory
    Allow your customers to share your cars on the largest social             1300 66 11 33
                      networking site today!