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									Hi Simon,

I’m writing in reply to your email I just received. There are many purposes to a database; the
main purpose is to store data in organized manor typically in a digital form. I am going to tell
you about the advantages and disadvantages of databases.

First advantage of computer database is that data entry is faster and easier. Before
inexpensive computers small businesses used paper based card system. Using a computer
based database such as Access or Oracle, you can make a computer based form, which can
make it easier and efficient to input data into your database, you can then set-up Reports
making it easier to output and analyse the data that is entered into the database. An
example for this in your company would be that you and your employees can input data
into the form without vast knowledge of computing.

Imagine how the hospital would be if they used paper card system, if the patient had to
change his telephone number the hospital would have to cross out the current telephone
number on the paper card making it untidy and also search through loads of records to get
the correct one. Whereas if the hospital was using a database to store data and the patient
changed his telephone number several times at the hospital, the doctors and employees
would be able to read the patients telephone number on the records much easier and faster
as with a database you are able to store information in different tables making it easier to
search and use queries/ forms to change certain data depending on what the requirements
are. Another example of a usage in the hospital is that if they requires all the information of
patients and had to send out letters or information to certain patients, instead of searching
through all the records the database would allow users to easily find the patients contact
details and analyse which patients they need to send out the leaflets to through analysing
data in tables and using Queries to display certain patients etc.

Second advantage of a computer based database is that Information can be shared among
several users at the same time if the database is shared, if you are using card systems, you
will know it is only accessible to staff who can physically find it, if one member of staff is
dealing with that particular card then other members of staff cant use or update the
information on that card. An example of the database in your business would be one
member of staff is using the form to register a customer on the database; whilst another
member of staff can use the form to update different customer information on the same
database or use a different form in the database to do another business task.

Now imagine a big company like Microsoft which has wide range of products and different
Departments all supporting the each other. Now think that one of Microsoft’s customers
brought more than one product, instead of you having to keep the customers details with
each department, the different departments can bring up your information from there
desks by using the main Microsoft’s Customer database which will give them information
about the customer and the products they have purchased all in one. Or even if the

                                                                                 By Usman Khan
departments needed different Product Information, instead of searching several places to
find the information about the products all the data can be kept together in one database
accessible by everyone.

Now I am going to gives you the disadvantages of having a computer database, the first
disadvantage which may cause you problem is that if the database system gets a virus bug
the data will not be accessible by your company. A virus is a software program designed to
infect, destroy or interfere with a computer or software program. It can cause great harm
to a programme or other files on a computer as it can easily spread, but there are several
ways to prevent this by keeping regular back-ups and using anti-virus programmes.

Another Disadvantage you may need to consider is when the database system is ready
training will need to be given to all staff and this may take time and be costly. It may take
time depending on how much knowledge the person has previously as some people may
not have any computer knowledge. If this is the case then you may even need to invest in
training courses to get the staff some knowledge of computer based systems before they
start using the designed system, this will also be costly. Having to do courses will also take
up time and also depending on how much knowledge the staff have previously some may
take longer to learn and pick up on using the system. Again both these can be overcome if
good affordable training is put in place and well written procedures are generated for all

Lastly I’m going to tell you a bit about data integrity, applying data integrity makes sure that
your database and the data inside it is quality. Data integrity refers to the accuracy, stability,
and reliability of data that is stored in the database. Integrity is a major database subject. In
general, integrity refers to maintaining the precision and consistency of the data. Some
integrity checking is made possible by specifying the data type of an item. For example, if an
identification number is specified to be nine digits, the database software may discard an
update attempting to assign a value with more or fewer digits or one including an

In your car part database you may face problems like thez

                                                                                   By Usman Khan

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