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					                         No. A.42012/1/2009-DC(S)
                             SAIHA DISTRICT

                                                   Dated Saiha, the 17th Sept 2010


       Date                  :      17th Sept 2010 (Friday) at 11:00 AM
       Place                 :      DC Conference Room
       Members present       :      Appended in the Annexure

       The meeting was presided over by Pu Kunal, Deputy Commissioner. After
welcoming the members, the Chairman informed he House that there will be
Cleanliness Week to be observed in the whole of Mizoram on the occasion of
Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2nd Oct 2010. He also talked about the problems faced
by a hill town everywhere in India and asked the members to come forward with
concrete step to minimize city garbage disposal at Saiha Town. He also informed the
members that Garbage Disposal Trucks were being purchased from the BRGF Fund
and asked all citizens to keep their environment clean and healthy so that a healthy
and hygienic society could be maintained within our fold.

        The Chairman then asked members to share their ideas and suggestions
regarding how we could improve Saiha town’s sanitation and public hygiene. Pi
Suman Goyal, IPS, Superintendent of Police talked about the methods being
implemented at Delhi by providing segregation of waste into bio-degradable and non
bio-degradable and requested the LAD, MADC to find a long term solution on this
matter. She made appeal to all citizens that use of plastic carry bags be discouraged
and to bring their own carry bag whenever they go for shopping.

       Dr.Chawngkuma Chawngthu also talked about the need to improve the
garbage disposal system at Saiha town particularly within the vegetable market areas.
He lso asked the Depyty Commissioner and Chief Executive Member, MADC to visit
the vegetable market once and see the methods which was still in force in disposing

        The Chairman then asked Exective Secretary, MADC to share his ideas on
garbage disposal and Executive Secretary told the members that no new innovative
methods has been come up as of now and the LAD, MADC still uses normal way of
collecting garbages by their vehicles.

       The Chairman then asked the Executive Secretary, MADC to ask expert
advice from Urban Development & Povery Alleviation Deptt in line with PPP Model
(Public Private Partnership Model)

       After much deliberations and discussions, the following decisions and
responsibilities were made:
        1.Observance of Cleanliness Week: The meeting decided that Cleanliness
Week be observed on 2nd Oct 2010 at 7:00 AM at the Saiha Bazar. The inauguration
will be one by Executive Member, LAD, MADC. The PYD (UPC NE), who are going
to observed Social Work Day on this day be requested to perform cleanliness drive t
the venue itself.

                                    Action:Executive Member, MADC/UPC NE/DC

      2.Closing Function of the Week:The Week may be closed on 8th Oct 2010 at
the DC Conference Hall or Laila Hall at 11:00 AM by the Deputy Commissioner,
SAiha District. The award ceremonies will also be held on the Closing Function.

                                                                 Action:DC Saiha

      3.Competitions for Cleanliness Week 2010:The meeting decided that
competitions for various categories be held as follows:

              i)      Clean School (Primary Section)
              ii)     Clean School (Middle Section)
              iii)    Clean School (High & Higher Sec Section)
              iv)     Clean Office
              v)      Clean Village (For Tuipang RD Block & Saiha Rural)
              vi)     Clean Locality (Saiha Town only: VC Wise)
              vi)     Essay Writing (Open Competition for all)
                      Topic: Faina leh thianghlimna engtin nge Saiha ah thazawka
                      kan kal pui ang
              vii)    Debate Competition (Upto Class XII Students)
                      Topic: Saiha Khawpui hi a fai tawk a ni
              viii)   Best Housewives in terms of cleanliness & sanitation (For
                      Saiha Town: All VCs of Saiha Town to submit three
                      nominations from housewives who are very active in cleaning
                      their complexes/compounds and its surrounding areas)
              ix)     Best Editorial carrying cleanliness and sanitation subject

                                                                 Action:DC Saiha

       4.Judges for Competitions:The meeting gave the responsibilities of nominating
judges for competitions to the Deputy Commissioner.

       5.Information to all concerned: The meeting decided that information to all
concerned be done by Deputy Commissioner in coordination with I & PRO, Saiha and
media persons.

       The meeting was then concluded with a vote of thans by the Chairman
                                                      Deputy Commissioner
                                                           Saiha District
Memo No.C.15015/2/2010-DC(S)                      Dated Saiha, the 17th Sept 2010
Copy to:
       1.   Director, Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Deptt, Mizoram
            for information
       2.   District Education Officer, Saiha for information and necessary action
       3.   Block Development Officer, Tuipang/Saiha for information and
            necessary action.
       4.   Information & Public Relations Officer, Saiha for information an
            necessary action
       5.   Education Officer, MADC, Siaha for information and necessary action
       6.   All VCP for information and necessary action

                                                   Sub Divisional Officer (Sadar)
                                                          Saiha District

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