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									Canterbury Christ Church University

       Cleaning Services Tender

Part 1 – Background Information

      About the University                   page 3
      Current cleaning arrangements          page 3
      Working with CCCU                      page 4
      Objectives of the tender               page 5
      Selection Process                      page 5
      Instructions for completion            page 6

Part 2 – The Questionnaire

      Company Information                    page 9
      Financial Information                  page13
      Mandatory Exclusion                    page14
      Insurance & Risk                       page15
      Technical Capacity & Resources         page16
      Health & Safety                        page21
      Equality & Diversity                   page22
      Sustainability                         page24
      Declaration                            page26

                       Part 1 – Background Information
1.1 Canterbury Christ Church University

Christ Church College was the first teacher training college built by the Church of England in the 20th
Century. It was founded in 1962 particularly to meet the needs of church schools at a time of teacher
shortage. The campus was constructed on North Holmes Road, Canterbury, on land which had been used
for orchards and domestic buildings of the adjacent St Augustine’s Abbey, part of Canterbury’s world
heritage site.

In the early 1970’s, the first degree program, the Bachelor of Education, was established then in 1977 the
College began to offer joint honours degrees in other subjects. In the late 1980’s, Christ Church was
substantially enlarged by the addition of paramedic studies. In 1995, the College was awarded the power,
by the Privy Council, to grant its own degrees for taught courses, which entitled the change of name to
Canterbury Christ Church University College.

In recent years the College has expanded significantly. In 1995, the Salomons Centre near Tunbridge Wells
was acquired. In 2000 the College’s third major site, the Broadstairs Campus, was opened in Thanet and in
2004 the Chatham Campus was opened in Medway.

In 2005 Christ Church was finally awarded full university status and is now known as Canterbury Christ
Church University (CCCU). A new University centre in Folkestone opened in 2007. Across the five campuses
over 1300 staff are employed and the University has an annual turnover of c.£100m.

Further details of the institution can be found on our website:

1.2 Current Cleaning Arrangements at CCCU

This tender is for the provision of cleaning services for University office and teaching premises, student
residential accommodation flats (stairways and communal corridors only) and full student accommodation
(deep clean ready for residential conference facilities).

CCCU is currently spread over five campuses, Canterbury, Broadstairs Medway, Folkestone and Tunbridge Wells.
For the purpose of this tender we will be looking at full premises daily office clean (DOC) at Medway, Folkestone
and two areas within Canterbury sports facilities, Polo Farm and the Stodmash sports ground.

Accommodation Services currently provides in excess of 1500 study bedrooms of residential accommodation to
its students, comprising:

       On-Campus halls of residence (Canterbury)
       Lanfranc House halls of residence (Canterbury)
       Parham student village (Canterbury)
       Pin Hill halls of residence (Canterbury)
       University houses (Canterbury)
       Cherry Tree House (Canterbury)
       Chappell Place (Ramsgate)
       Head leased houses (Folkestone)

Details of our accommodation and sites can be found at our website:


   During the summer vacation period (end June – September) all areas of the accommodation are given a ‘deep
   clean’, both within the flats and houses and in the common parts. The University also runs residential
   conferences in the accommodation during this time which require servicing to hotel standard. We are looking
   for partner(s) who will be able to provide a first class standard of service for both deep cleaning and conference
   cleaning. The successful tender(s) will need to be able to demonstrate exceptional levels of organisation,
   operational management, resource levels and ability and commitment to meet the challenges this opportunity
   will present.

   These challenges will include:

   Summer Deep Clean

          An exceptionally short timescale to conduct the summer clean at many of the Canterbury sites. For
           example, at Parham Student Village there is as little as 5 days or less to complete a full deep clean of
           over 600 en-suite rooms and 112 kitchen/living room areas. The ability to meticulously plan, resource
           and suitably equip for this period is essential.
          A hotel standard of cleanliness and presentation is expected in all areas following the deep clean.
          Bearing in mind that most of the areas within the flats/houses have not been professionally cleaned for
           a year period, the build up of ingrained deposits such as grease, limescale and body fat are significant
           and must be thoroughly removed.
          Most areas are fitted with non-slip flooring into which dirt has become ingrained and must be removed
           with proprietary equipment.
          As cookers/ovens/grills, fridge/freezers and shower areas only receive an annual deep clean, these
           areas present a particular challenge requiring professional and proprietary chemicals, equipment and

   Conference Cleaning

          A hotel standard of room preparation is required for all conference cleaning.
          There is a high rapid turnover of rooms. At peak periods all of the Canterbury accommodation up to
           1400 rooms will require servicing to a variety of criteria depending upon the level of service booked by
           the clients.
          Staff will be interacting with conference guests and must be well presented, be wearing full uniform at
           all times and have good customer facing skills.
          All staff are required to be CRB checked due to the high amount of summer schools run by the

   The University wishes to offer the opportunity for all sizes of business to bid for this work. The tender has
   therefore been split into lots and suppliers can bid on all lots or particular lots that suit their location or
   resources. Please see below for details. The total value of the contract is anticipated to be between £100 –
   £175,000 p.a.

   1.3 Working with CCCU

Every year the University spends millions of pounds on various works, goods and services. The University wishes to
use that spending power to select the best suppliers to provide those goods and services.

It is looking to secure, best value for money, not just in the short-term, but also via longer-term benefits for the
University and/or students.

The University requires that a supplier demonstrates its ability to carry out the work applied for, and recognises its
responsibilities in respect of:

   Standards of Work       That it will be done well and both supervised and carried out by suitably qualified,
                           competent personnel.
   Health and Safety       Commitment including the health & safety policy, organisation and arrangements
                           to meet the policy and agreement to comply with legislation, codes of practice and
                           safe working systems. Your previous record will also be taken into account.

   Business Continuity     The University requires that suppliers providing essential services are able to
                           maintain service in the event of a major emergency.

   Sustainability          The University is committed to improving the environment and quality of life in the
                           work it does and the services it provides whether itself or through others.

   Equalities              The University is committed to ensuring that our students and employees are not
                           discriminated against because of age, disability, sex, sexuality, race, colour, ethnic
                           origin or religion.

This commitment extends to suppliers working on our behalf and we expect suppliers to promote equality and
remove discrimination, providing services for all. If you work with the University you will be expected not to
discriminate and to comply with all statutory obligations such as under:

                   The Sex Discrimination Act 1975, as amended 1986
                   The Disability Discrimination Act 1995, as amended 2005
                   The Equal Pay Act 1970
                   The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006
                   The Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003
                   The Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003
                   The Employment Equality (Sexual Discrimination) Regulations 2005
                   The Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007
                   The Equality Act 2006
                   The Race Relations Act 1976, as amended 2003
                   Or equivalent legislation if you employ staff in any other country

   1.4 Objectives of the Tender

   There are several key objectives for this tender process:

   1.4.1    1.4.1 Renegotiate Cleaning Contract – The University currently has agreement with a single
           cleaning provider which has been in place for over 6 years. This agreement needs to be
           renegotiated to ensure service levels are up to the highest standard.

   1.4.2   Value for Money – Universities are coming under increasing pressure to ensure that they achieve
           value for money in all transactions. This tender will allow CCCU to benchmark its current cleaning
           arrangements to ensure costings are in line with the market.

   1.4.3   Standardisation of Cleaning Specifications – As we have multiple sites located across Kent it is
           important that similar standards are met at each site. Therefore the University has created an open
           specification which will be applied to all areas.

   1.4.4   Sustainability – The public sector is increasingly under pressure from central government to
           improve environmental performance. The University will therefore use this tender to appoint a
           supplier with good sustainability credentials.

   1.5 Selection Process

This cleaning contract will be advertised using the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) using the
restricted procedure. Therefore the selection process comprises the following phases:

        Phase 1 Pre-Qualification       The contract will be advertised in the Official Journal and
                                        interested parties are invited to download a pre-qualification
                                        questionnaire (PQQ). This is to be submitted by 26th March 2010.

        Phase 2 – Shortlisting          The project team will evaluate each PQQ received. Suppliers who
                                        meet the standards will be shortlisted and invited to take part in
                                        the next phase of the process.

        Phase 3 - Tender                Shortlisted suppliers will be sent a tender document on 2nd April
                                        2010. Detailed responses are required by 7th May 2010. To ensure
                                        tenderers fully understand the University’s requirements all
                                        potential suppliers will be offered the opportunity to visit each site
                                        where they will be briefed on the requirements of each location.

        Phase 4 – Evaluation            The project team will evaluate each tender submission and
                                        between three and five suppliers will be invited to present to the
                                        project team on 1st June 2010. This will provide the opportunity for
                                        tenderers to expand on their written submission and the project
                                        team to clarify any points.

        Phase 5 – Award                 The project team will notify all suppliers who the successful
                                        tenderer is on 15th June 2010. There is a mandatory standstill
                                        period of 10 days after which the contract can be signed. The
                                        contract will start on 1st August 2010.

1.6 Instructions for Completion

Please read the information below carefully before completing the pre-qualification questionnaire. Submissions
that do not comply with these instructions may be rejected. Please note, the information disclosed in this form
will be used in the selection of tenderers.

 1.6.1   Please note that whenever used in this questionnaire, the term ‘organisation’ refers to a sole
         practitioner, partnership, incorporated company, co-operative, charity or analogous entity. The term
         ‘officer’ refers to any director, company secretary, partner, associate, trustee or other person
         occupying a position of authority or responsibility within the organisation.

 1.6.2   Answer the questions specifically for your organisation not for the group if you are a part of a group of
         companies. Where, however, group policies, statements etc. are normally used in your firm, please
         answer accordingly.

 1.6.3   Where a question requests a YES/NO answer please make it clear which answer is indicated and
         include further information necessary to clarify that answer. The University may interpret any
         ambiguous replies in its favour.

 1.6.4   If you are proposing to tender as part of a consortium, you will need to lodge a statement explaining the
         corporate or other structure under which the consortium will tender. Each participant must complete a
         questionnaire and you must demonstrate which participant will be responsible for which part of the
         contract. You should also note that the University will only accept bids from consortia where all
         participants accept full joint and several liabilities for the whole contract.

 1.6.5   Where the spaces given for any answer is insufficient then please continue your answer on a separate
         page, again clearly marking your firm’s name, the tender reference and the question to which it

 1.6.6   This questionnaire must be fully completed even if you have previously submitted a questionnaire to
         the University. It is not acceptable to cross reference to earlier or other questionnaires.

 1.6.7   Applicants should note that they may be asked to clarify or provide additional information before the
         University is able to determine its select list of tenderers, and that the provision of false information
         may disqualify an applicant from inclusion. Also, that in accordance with the provisions of the Data
         Protection Act 1998, the name of a person dealing with an application will be a matter of record.

 1.6.8   Non UK based organisations should attempt to answer each of the questions in this questionnaire
         substituting where relevant the appropriate legislation, code of practice or professional qualifications
         which are applicable within their domestic jurisdiction.

 1.6.9   Please complete all parts of this questionnaire fully providing all the necessary supplementary
         information before returning it to us by no later than the date on the PQQ. The provision of false or
         misrepresented information will result in your tender being rejected. This is covered under The Fraud

 1.6.10 Please ensure all information is provided, we are unable to chase up any missing information and it
        may invalidate your tender (see court case JB Leadbitter & Co Ltd v Devon County Council)

 1.6.11 You should complete all of the answers in the questionnaire. You should not refer to general
        promotional literature or policies. Nor should you include these unless the University has
        specifically asked you for them.

1.6.12 Do not amend the formatting of the PQQ. It has been created in a way which will facilitate easy
       comparison and any amendments will make this process much more difficult for the project team.

1.6.13 Any queries regarding this document should be sent to:

                       Gill Williams
                       Housekeeping Manager
                       Tel: 01227 767700

                                   Part 2 – The Questionnaire
Which of the following services do you wish to be considered for?
(Please indicate all that apply)

         Lot 1 – Office accommodation and teaching spaces at the Medway Campus
         Lot 2 – Office accommodation and teaching spaces at the University Centre Folkestone
         Lot 3 – Sports and changing facilities at Polo Farm, Canterbury and Stodmarsh.
         Lot 4 – Student accommodation at the Medway campus
         Lot 5 - Student accommodation at the Broadstairs campus
         Lot 6 – Deep clean of student accommodation at Canterbury Campus
         Lot 7 – Deep clean of student accommodation at Broadstairs campus
         Lot 8 – Summer conference cleaning of accommodation at Canterbury campus
         Lot 9 – Summer conference cleaning of accommodation at Broadstairs campus


 A1.         Name of firm/company making application.

 A2.         Trading name if different from above.

 A3.         Contact Details:


               Position within organisation:



               Mobile Phone:

               Fax No:


               Web Site:

 A4.       Registered office (if different from A3).

 A5.         Are you or is your organisation a:

         Sole Trader


         Private Limited Company

         Public Limited Company

         Registered Charity


         Please specify:

A6.1   Please provide a brief history of your organisation including the date of formation
       (Max 400 Words)


A6.2   Date of incorporation in UK if different from 6.1

A6.3   What is your organisations VAT number?

A6.4   What is your company registration number?

       Is your organisation registered under the Data Protection Act
A7.1   1984?                                                                         Yes / No
       (Delete as applicable)

       If you answered yes to A7.1, please state your DPA registration

       Please enclose details of your company’s management structure                Enclosed?
A7.3   (e.g. organisation chart)                                                     Yes / No
       (Delete as applicable)

       Is your company a subsidiary (as defined by the Companies Act
A7.4   1989) of another company?                                                     Yes / No
       (Delete as applicable)

       If you answered yes to A7.4, please provide below the name and registered office address of the
       holding or parent company and the ultimate parent (if applicable).

                                                - 10 -
       If you answered yes to A7.4, please also state below which of
       your employment policies are determined by you and which of
A7.6                                                                               Yes / No
       the policies apply to all firms/organisations within the
       organisational structure.

       Is your company affiliated or associated with any other
A7.7   company which would be capable of tendering for these                       Yes / No
       (Delete as applicable)

A7.8   If you answered yes to A7.6, please provide the name and registered office address

       If you answered yes to A7.6, is your parent company or ultimate
A7.9   holding company prepared to guarantee the performance of                    Yes / No
       your company?
       (Delete as applicable)

A8.1   Please give the number and locations of the premises from which your organisation provides
       services similar to those required by the University
       (a) Number of offices in UK
       (b) Head office address
       (c) Address service to be provided from
       Please give the names of the Executive Directors/Partners of your organisation who have
       responsibility for the following:

       (a) Health & safety

       (b) Equal opportunities

       (c) Sustainability

A9.1   Has any person involved in the management of the company:
       (Delete as applicable)

       (a) Been on the board of governors of the University or employed by
                                                                                     Yes / No
       the University in the last 3 years?

       (b) Have a relative who is either on the board of governors of the
                                                                                     Yes / No
       University or is employed by the University at a senior level?

       (c) Have any involvement in other firms that provide services to the
                                                                                     Yes / No
       (d) Have any involvement in other firms that provide similar services
                                                                                     Yes / No
       to those for which you are applying?

A9.2   If you answered yes to A9.1a, b, c or d please give details:
       (maximum 150 words)


                                                 - 11 -
       Is your organisation in administration or subject to bankruptcy
A9.3   proceedings at the present time, or are the directors/principals              Yes / No
       aware that this is likely to be the case?
       (Delete as applicable)

A9.4   If you answered yes to A9.3, please give details:
       (maximum 150 words)


       Has either the organisation or any directors, partners, associates or
       the company secretary been convicted of a criminal offence
A9.5   relating to the conduct of their business or professions, or                  Yes / No
       committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of their
       business profession?
       (Delete as applicable)

A9.6   If you answered yes to A9.5, please give details:
       (maximum 150 words)


       Have any of the senior members of the firm (e.g. sole trader,
       partner, director or company secretary) been involved (in a similar
A9.7   position) in a firm that has been liquidated or gone into                     Yes / No
       (Delete as applicable)

A9.8   If you answered yes to A9.7, please give details:
       (maximum 150 words)


       The government has set targets for the amount of business that the public sector places with
A9.9   small and medium enterprises (SMEs)the university needs to be able to identify if your business
       is an SME in accordance with the definition below:

       1. A small company is one that has a turnover of not more than £6.5m, a balance sheet total of
       not more than £3.26m and not more than 50 employees

       2. A medium sized company is one that has a turnover of not more than £25.9m, a balance sheet
       total of not more than £12.9m and not more than 250 employees

       Based on the above definitions how would you class your company?
       (Indicate one only)

       (a) Small (50 employees or less)

       (b) Medium (250 employees or less)

       (c) Large (250+ employees)

                                                - 12 -

Please indicate the annual turnover as defined in your accounts in (£ sterling) of your organisation over
the last 3 years. If your organisation is part of a group, please give figures for both your own
organisation and the group.

B1. Organisation:
                                Year       Annual Turnover               Profit

                                2009   £                        £

                                2008   £                        £

                                2007   £                        £

B2.   Group (If applicable)
                                Year       Annual Turnover               Profit

                                2009   £                         £

                                2008   £                         £

                                2007   £                         £

B3.    In the last full year, what proportion of your organisations turnover refers to the
       supply of cleaning services such as those required by the University?
      (Indicate one only)

       (a) 0 – 25%

       (b) 26 – 50%

       (c) 51- 75%

       (d) 76 – 100%

       Please enclose a set of the last three years full audited accounts for
       your own company and the holding and/or ultimate parent (if                      Enclosed?
       applicable). Modified balance sheets without trading account                      Yes / No
       summaries and details of turnover are not acceptable.
       (Delete as applicable)

       Please give details of your bankers


                                                 - 13 -
        Branch Address

        Account Name

        Sort Code & Account Number

        Number of years account has been open

        May bankers be approached for
        reference?                                                           Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)


The public sector and utilities procurement Directives, as implemented by the Public Contracts
Regulations 2006, include a mandatory requirement for contracting authorities to exclude economic
operators (suppliers, contractors and service providers) from public contracts where they have been
convicted of certain offences.

C1      Please indicate whether your organisation, or any of its directors, partners or any other person
        who has powers of representation, decision or control, have been convicted of any of the
        following offences (including those which are spent within the meaning of the Rehabilitation of
        Offenders Act 1974):
        Conspiracy within the meaning of section 1 of the Criminal Law Act
        1977 where that conspiracy relates to participation in a criminal
C1.1    organisation as defined in Article 2(1) of Council Joint Action                  No / Yes
        (Delete as applicable)

        Corruption within the meaning of section 1 of the Public Bodies Corrupt
C1.2    Practices Act 1889 or section 1 of the Prevention of Corruption Act              No / Yes
        (Delete as applicable)

C1.3    The offence of bribery;                                                          No / Yes
        (Delete as applicable)

C1.4    Fraud, where the offence relates to fraud affecting the financial                No / Yes
        interests of the European Communities as defined by Article 1 of the
        Convention relating to the protection of the financial interests of the
        European Union, within the meaning of –

       (i) the offence of cheating the Revenue;

       (ii) the offence of conspiracy to defraud;

       (iii) fraud or theft within the meaning of the Theft Act 1968 and the Theft
       Act 1978;

                                                    - 14 -
        (iv) fraudulent trading within the meaning of section 458 of the
        Companies Act 1985;

        (v) defrauding the Customs within the meaning of the Customs and
        Excise Management Act 1979 and the Value Added Tax Act 1994;

        (vi) an offence in connection with taxation in the European Community
        within the meaning of section 71 of the Criminal Justice Act 1993; or

        (vii) destroying, defacing or concealing of documents or procuring the
        extension of a valuable security within the meaning of section 20 of the
        Theft Act 1968;
        (Delete as applicable)

         Money laundering within the meaning of the Money Laundering
 C1.5    Regulations 2003;                                                                   No / Yes
         (Delete as applicable)

         Any other offence within the meaning of Article 45(1) of the Public
C1.6     Sector Directive as defined by the national law of any relevant State.              No / Yes
         (Delete as applicable)

         If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, please provide details
         (Max 150 words per incident)


D1.      Please provide details of your organisation’s insurance protection in respect of:

Insurance Category                                      Insurer                    Indemnity Value (£)

Public Liability

Employer Liability

Professional Indemnity Cover

D1.1     Please include valid copies of all Insurance certificates
                                                                                              Yes / No
         If you do not have sufficient insurance in the opinion of the
D2        University, please confirm whether you would be willing to increase                Yes / No
          your cover.
         (Delete as applicable)

         Have any claims in excess of £50,000 been made under your
D3       organisation’s Employers, Public or Professional indemnity policy                   Yes / No
         within the last three years?

                                                    - 15 -
       If you answered ‘Yes’ to D3, please give details
       (Max 150 words)

D4     Please provide details of your organisation’s policy in respect of business continuity/risk

       Does your organisation have a risk register which identifies the main
D4.1   operating risks to your business?                                                  Yes / No
       (Delete as applicable)

D4.2   Does your organisation have a business continuity plan?                            Yes / No
       (Delete as applicable)

       Does the plan detail how the risks identified will impact on your
D4.3   business and how you will mitigate their impact should they occur?                 Yes / No
       (Delete as applicable)

D4.4   Have you tested your plan?                                                         Yes / No

       Please add here any further comments relating to your organisation’s business continuity/risk
       (Max 150 words)


E1.    Please indicate below the principal areas of business activity of your company and how long you
       have been undertaking them.

                                      Activity                                           Period

E2.     Please provide names, addresses and telephone numbers of 3 relevant references
        (for each lot that you are applying for) who may be contacted by this University.
        Wherever possible the referees should be public bodies. Each referee should be a named
        individual, giving both forename and surname. If the same referees apply to more than one lot
     please indicate this.
Lot 1 & 2                       Office accommodation and teaching spaces at the Medway Campus and
                                University Centre Folkestone
                                      Referee 1               Referee 2                   Referee 3
Contact Name

                                                 - 16 -
Organisation Name

Full Postal Address

Phone number
Annual value of contract
Title/Description of

Type of Goods, Services or
Works provided.
Contract start date
Length of contract

           Lot 3              Sports and changing facilities at Polo Farm, Canterbury and Stodmarsh.
                                  Referee 1                Referee 2                 Referee 3
Contact Name
Organisation Name

Full Postal Address

Phone number
Annual value of contract
Title/Description of

Type of Goods, Services or
Works provided.
Contract start date
Length of contract

         Lot 4 & 5           Student accommodation at the Medway & Broadstairs campuses
                                  Referee 1                Referee 2                 Referee 3
Contact Name
Organisation Name

Full Postal Address

                                              - 17 -
Phone number
Annual value of contract
Title/Description of

Type of Goods, Services or
Works provided.
Contract start date
Length of contract

                             Deep clean of student accommodation at Canterbury and Broadstairs
         Lot 6 & 7
                                   Referee 1              Referee 2                Referee 3
Contact Name
Organisation Name

Full Postal Address

Phone number
Annual value of contract
Title/Description of

Type of Goods, Services or
Works provided.
Contract start date
Length of contract

         Lot 8 & 9           Summer conference cleaning at Canterbury & Broadstairs campuses
                                   Referee 1               Referee 2               Referee 3
Contact Name
Organisation Name

Full Postal Address

Phone number
Annual value of contract
Title/Description of

Type of Goods, Services or
Works provided.
Contract start date
Length of contract

                                               - 18 -
E3.     Please state the number of similar contracts that are current or have been carried out within the
        last 3 years.

                                                                   Value of Contract/Annual Value of Contract
       Name of Client                  Type of Contract
                                                                                    £250,000 to
                                                                   Under £250,000                    Over £1,000,000

E4.     Please describe below your previous experience of providing services similar to those required
        by the University
        (Max 400 words)


        Has your organisation:

        Had penalties, default notices or liquidated damages awarded against it
E5.1    during the last 3 years in respect of comparable services.                                Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        Had either a contract terminated or its employment determined under
E5.2    the terms of a contract during the last 3 years in respect of comparable                  Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        Had a contract that was not renewed for failure to perform to the
E5.3    terms of that contract.                                                                   Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        Withdrawn from a contract after the contract award but before its
E5.4    completion.                                                                               Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        If you have answered yes to any of the questions above please provide details
        (Max 150 words per instance)

E6.     Please confirm whether you are or have been or are currently registered on any select lists or
        any OJEU pre-tendered framework agreements.

Awarding                                                  Expiry
Body:                                                     Date:

E7.     How many staff are employed by your company to provide the type of service required by the



                                                    - 19 -
E8.     Of the staff detailed in E7, how many operate at each level:

                                                    Company Wide                      Local Site*



Head Office & Regional Management

Site Management


Site Operatives


*The site or office which would service the University

        Please give details of staff turnover as a percentage of your workforce
 E9.                                                                                            %
        for the last three years

E10.        How would you recruit resources for this contract?
            (Max 150 words)


        Please confirm that all of your staff would be provided and will wear a
E11.    company uniform at all times whilst on site                                         No / Yes
        (Delete as applicable)

        Do you run, or are you willing to run, Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks on all your staff,
        including employees and sub contractors, who will be working on University campuses?

E12.1 Already run CRB checks                                                                Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

E12.2 Willing to run CRB checks                                                             Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

      Does your company hold any quality assurance accreditation (e.g. BS
E13.1 EN ISO 9001 or equivalent standard)?                                                  Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

E13.2 Please provide evidence of this accreditation (e.g. copies of certificates)
        (Delete as applicable)                                                              Yes / No

      If no accreditation held, please attach an outline of your quality                   Enclosed?
E13.3 assurance policy
                                                                                            Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        Please detail how you measure your performance, maintain standards and report this to your
        customers. This should include measurement of response times and set target.
E14.    (Max 250 words)


                                                  - 20 -
        What other procedures do you have in place to ensure that the service is being delivered to agreed
        quality standards?
E15.    (Max 250 words)

        What procedures do you have in place to measure customer satisfaction and improve
E16.    (Max 250 words)

        Please list all professional or technical certification/associations or guarantee schemes of which
        your organisation is a member (e.g. Federation for Window Cleaners).

E17.1 Please enclose proof of membership of the above bodies
                                                                                            Yes / No
        Do you propose to sub-contract any part of the delivery of this
E18.    service?                                                                            Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)
        If you answered yes to E18, please detail which of the services will be sub contracted and how they
        will be managed. Please include details of your procedures for maintaining quality through your sub
E18.1   (Max 250 words)



        Is there a Health and Safety Policy in place and is appropriate training
F1.     provided?                                                                         Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        Please provide a copy of your organisation’s Health and Safety at                 Enclosed?
F2.     Work Policy (not the Policy Statement).                                            Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        Are written risk assessments and method statements in place for all
F3.     areas of significant risk?                                                        Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        How many accidents have had to report to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in the last three

                                                 - 21 -
                                Year                          Number of Accidents Reported




       Have you had any enforcement notices of prosecutions by the HSE or
F5.1   Environment Agency (EA) or similar bodies in countries in which you           Yes / No
       operate in the last three years?
       (Delete as applicable)

       If you answered yes to F5.1 please provide details below
       (Max 150 words)

       Do you hold any external safety accreditations (e.g. CHAS, Safe
F6.1                                                                                 Yes / No
       Contractor etc.)?

F6.2   If you answered yes to F6.1 please provide details below




       Is it your policy to comply with your statutory obligations under the
       Race Relations Act and Amendment Act 2000 (which applies in Great
G1     Britain) or equivalent legislation which applies in countries in which        Yes / No
       your organisation employs staff?
       (Delete as applicable)

       Do you observe as far as possible the Statutory Code of Practice on
       Racial Equality in Employment (2005), or a comparable code of
G2                                                                                   Yes / No
       statutory guidance issued under equivalent legislation in another
       member state?

       Have you ever been prosecuted for not complying with the following UK legislations or
G3     equivalent in countries where you employ staff?
       (Delete as applicable)

G3.1   Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (Amended 1986)                                    Yes / No
G3.2   Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and 2005                                   Yes / No
G3.3   Equal Pay Act 1970?                                                           Yes / No

                                                - 22 -
G3.4       Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006?                                      Yes / No
G3.5       Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003?                       Yes / No
G3.6       Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003?                       Yes / No
G3.7       Employment Equality (Sexual Discrimination) Regulations 2005?                    Yes / No
G3.8       Equality Act 2006?                                                               Yes / No
G3.9       Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2007?                              Yes / No
           If you answered Yes to any of the above questions please provide details including whether the
           prosecution was successful
G3.10      (Max 150 words per instance)

           Is your approach on race relations and racial equality set out in
G4         recruitment advertisements or other literature?                                  Yes / No
           (Delete as applicable)

           Are your staff with managerial responsibilities required to receive
G5         mandatory training on equal opportunities?                                       Yes / No
           (Delete as applicable)

           Do you have a process in place to allow for tailoring your offering of
G6         goods and services to meet the needs of different racial/social                  Yes / No
           If you answered yes to the above please provide details
           (Max 150 words)
           Do you consider your company to be an ethnic minority business
           (defined by the Commission for Racial Equality as “a business 51% or
           more of which is owned by members of one of more ethnic minority
G7         groups, or if there are few owners, where at least 50% of the owners             Yes / No
           are members of one or more ethnic minority groups”? For this
           purpose ethnic minority means groups other than “white British”.
           (Delete as applicable)

G8. Please provide examples of any equality and diversity initiatives (up to a maximum of three) that
      your business has undertaken in the last 12 months.

       Example 1

       Example 2

       Example 3

G9. Please detail what workforce monitoring you have carried out in the past 12 months
       (Max 150 words)


                                                    - 23 -
      Are there any court actions and/or industrial tribunal hearings
      (including environmental enforcements) outstanding against your
G10.1 organisation, including any findings of unlawful racial discrimination,            Yes / No
      equal pay, sex or disability?
        (Delete as applicable)

        If you answered yes to G10.1 please provide details
        (Max 150 words)

      In the last three years has your organisation been the subject of any
      formal investigation, court action, industrial tribunals and/or
G11.1 environmental enforcements, including alleged unlawful                             Yes / No
      discrimination in the employment field?
        (Delete as applicable)

        If you answered yes to G11.1please provide details
        (Max 150 words)

        In the last three years has any contract with your organisation been
        terminated on grounds of your failure to comply with either or both

G12.1 (a) Legislation prohibiting discrimination, or                                     Yes / No
        (b) contract conditions relating to equal opportunities in the provision
        of goods, facilities or services?

        (Delete as applicable)
        If you answered yes to G12.1please provide details and state the corrective action you have taken.
        (Max 150 words)


H1.1    Does your company have a sustainability policy?                                  Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

H1.2    If you answered yes to H1.1 please provide a copy
                                                                                          Yes / No

        Does your company hold any environmental accreditation (e.g. ISO
H2.1    14001)?                                                                          Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

H2.2    If you answered yes to H2.1 please provide copies of your certification
                                                                                          Yes / No

                                                 - 24 -
        Does your company produce a publicly available document which
H3      reviews your recent environmental performance?                                 Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        What are the key environmental impacts of the services that you would offer to the University
        and what action have you taken to minimise these?
H4      (Max 400 words)

        Please describe any special arrangements you have for waste disposal which ensure
        minimisation of environmental pollution.
H5      (Max 400 words)

        Please describe any measures taken by your company to minimise consumption of natural
H6      (Max 400 words)


        Do you use environmental standards to assess your suppliers and
H7      contractors?                                                                   Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        Do you give preference to suppliers who meet environmental
H8      standards?                                                                     Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

H9.1    Does your company have a carbon management policy?                             Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        If you answered yes to H9.1 please attach a copy of your carbon               Enclosed?
H9.2    management policy                                                              Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        If you answered no to H9.1 please detail how your company will comply with the Carbon
        Reduction Commitment (CRC)
H9.3    (Max 400 words)


H10.1 Does your company calculate its carbon footprint                                 Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

      If you answered yes to H10.1 please provide details of your carbon
H10.2 footprint for the last two years                                                 Yes / No
        (Delete as applicable)

        2009 Tonnes per Unit

        2008 Tonnes per Unit
        If you answered no to H10.1 please detail if /how you are planning to measure your carbon
        footprint in the future
H10.3   (Max 150 words)


                                               - 25 -
 H11.1 Has your company developed a community investment strategy?                          Yes / No
         (Delete as applicable)

       Does your organisation undertake community investment
 H11.2 programmes?                                                                          Yes / No
         (Delete as applicable)

         If you answered yes to H11.1 please state what form the community investment takes (e.g.
         finance, staff time, gifts in kind etc.)
 H11.3   (Max 150 words)



Do you agree to abide by the contract under CCCU standard Terms & Conditions (a copy is available on our

                                  Yes               No

I certify that the information submitted within and appended to this questionnaire is correct.

I understand that the information will be used to assess my organisation’s suitability to become a
prospective supplier to Canterbury Christ Church University and that the information will be held on
computer and manually for this purpose in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

A director or other authorised senior representative of your organisation must complete this declaration.
By completing this declaration, you are agreeing with the comments above.








                                                   - 26 -
 Please insert here any general comments you may wish to make:


Please check that you have enclosed the following details with your completed

        Question                             Information Required                       Enclosed?
                    Your organisation’s management structure (e.g. organisation
                    Three years full audited accounts for your own company and
                    holding company (if applicable)
          D1.1      Insurance certificates
          E13.2     Quality assurance accreditation
          E13.3     Quality assurance policy (if not accredited)
          E17.1     Proof of membership of trade associations
              F2    Health & Safety policy
          H2.2      Environmental accreditation
         H11.2      Carbon management policy

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. The information it contains will be held in confidence by the
user for the purpose of determining your suitability for meeting our general requirements for the provision
of the Services. Further assessment and short listing may be required before any indication can be given on
the success of your application for inclusion on our tender list.

The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire should be returned as a hard copy to the following address:

Gill Williams
Housekeeping Manager
Canterbury Christ Church University
North Holmes Road

Final Notes

Please be aware that all information contained in the document and supporting information will be
covered by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Submissions MUST be limited to one A4 ring binder (NOT a lever arch file). You should include one
electronic copy of your response on a flash drive or CD.

                                                    - 27 -
Failure to supply information by the pre-qualification questionnaire deadline will invalidate your response.

Please take time to check your submission thoroughly.

                 TO BE RETURNED NO LATER THAN 12.00 NOON, Friday 26th March 2010

                                                   - 28 -

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