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					A Historic Visit...

       What’s Inside:
                                                                                              Major General Chen of China, U.S.
                                                                                              Ambassador to China Randt and Vice
                                                                                              Admiral Wurster cut the official cake during
                                                                                              a reception onboard RUSH

                                                                                    History in the Making...

                                                                                 Thank you for joining us again this week for
                                                                       another exciting report from your crew aboard RUSH.
                                                                       Our current patrol in support of the North Pacific Coast
                                                                       Guard Forum not only allows RUSH to take part in multi-
                                                                       lateral exercises and work with other Coast Guards, but,
                                                                       as a leader in maritime law enforcement, allows the
                                                                       Coast Guard to extend its partnerships to other
                                                                       governments to ensure a safer maritime environment for

                                                                                 On June 11, 2006, Team RUSH did just that
                                                                       during an historic visit to Qingdao, the principal port in
                                                                       the Shandong Province of the People’s Republic of
     Citizens of the People’s Republic of China welcome RUSH for the
                                                                       China. Since the now-decommissioned Coast Guard
                                four-day visit                         Cutter INGHAM’s operations in the Yangtze River during
                                                                       World War II, a major Coast Guard Cutter has not
                                                                       visited a Chinese port. RUSH made history as the first
                                                                       major Coast Guard Cutter to do so since then. The visit
                                                                       reflects strong progress between the U.S. and the
                                                                       People’s Republic of China in the efforts to strengthen
                                                                       maritime security in the North Pacific.

                                                                                 Team RUSH arrived to a warm welcome by
                                                                       representatives of the China Cost Guard including an
                                                                       official Welcoming Ceremony at the waterfront and
                                                                       music performed by the official People’s Liberation Army
                                                                       Band. The Coast Guard Pacific Area Commander, Vice
                                                                       Admiral Charles Wurster, and RUSH’s Pacific Area-
                                                                       based Advanced Logistics Team also welcomed RUSH
    Members of the China Coast Guard climb aboard for a tour of RUSH   along with Captain Bernard Moreland, the Coast Guard
                   following the Welcoming Ceremony                    Liaison Office at the U.S. Embassy Beijing.

                                             RUSH, adorned with it’s bow                                                 Vice Admiral Wurster
                                              lei and dress colors, moors                                               escorts Major General
                                               in Qingdao for a four-day                                               Chen of the China Coast
                                             visit to the People’s Republic                                            Guard for a tour of RUSH
                                                         of China                                                      following the Welcoming

              Upon the completion of the
    Welcoming Ceremony, members of
    Team RUSH were treated to a formal
    Welcome Dinner at a local four-star
    hotel. The interactions at the dinner
    gave birth to new relationships
    between Team RUSH and members
    of the China Coast Guard.
    Highlighted by the exquisite Chinese
    cuisine and local entertainment, the
    Welcome Dinner was truly a success.
    Major General Chen, the delegates
    from the China Coast Guard, and the
    Vice Mayor of Qingdao welcomed
    RUSH’s visit and set a positive tone
    for the remainder of our visit.

             The following day, Team          Vice Admiral Charles Wurster addresses the crowd during the Welcoming Ceremony for RUSH
    RUSH set their focus on preparing the ship for an              enforcement vessel to see how it operates. During a
    evening reception on the flight deck. The Deck                 professional exchange, members of RUSH’s Law
    Division worked hard to set up the tent for the event          Enforcement Team were able to demonstrate tactical
    and clean our hull’s exterior while other crew                 procedures while also learning the practices of the
    members made last-minute touches to ensure                     Chinese Coast Guard. The exchange involved a
    RUSH’s interior was in great shape. The Food                   demonstration of a mock-boarding scenario and
    Service Division was ready once again to entertain             training tactics. This interaction gave both the
    the appetites of the guests with a fine selection of           Chinese Coast Guard and the U.S. Coast Guard a
    appetizers and pastries to please any connoisseur.             chance to learn about each other’s contributions to
    Members of Team RUSH worked diligently to ensure               maritime law enforcement and safety.
    the night was a big success, including the live
    Hawaiian entertainment, music and multi-media                             While on liberty, many members of
    configuration and the official cake.

              Vice Admiral Wurster hosted the reception
    which welcomed Major General Chen and the
    Honorable Clark Randt, the U.S. Ambassador to
    China. As the sun set, the reception’s guests were
    treated to great food, personal tours of RUSH and
    good fellowship with members of the crew. The
                                                                                                                Third Class Cadet Michael Wu
    success of the reception added yet another                                                                  explains tactics and procedures of
    accomplishment to the teamwork efforts of the crew                                                          Coast Guard Law Enforcement to
    of RUSH. Praised by many, RUSH’s reception was                                                              members of the People’s Liberation
                                                                                                                Army with the help of BM2 Sean
    the beginning of many influential contributions                                                             McNamara and BM2 Brett
    towards efforts to build a stronger U.S – China                                                             Christenson
    relationship in maritime law enforcement.

              The rest of the visit gave some members of
    Team RUSH a chance to continue in the
    international exchange. Members of the crew were
    given an opportunity to take a tour of a Chinese law

                                                                      W e l c o m e                        A b o a r d !
     ENS Tyler Heffner - USCG Academy, New London, CT

     ENS Katie Lappe - USCG Academy, New London, CT

     HSC Allen Tweedell - Integrated Support Command Honolulu, HI

     SK2 Joseph Daigle - Maintenance Logistics Command Pacific - Alameda, CA

     OS3 Paul Meyer - Operations Specialist “A” School, USCG Training Center Petaluma, CA

     SN Robert Garza - San Diego, California

    F     A     I       R           W      I     N       D        S
                                                                      YNC Kimberly Daniels - USCG Headquarters, Washington D.C.

                                                                      SN Brian Dugal - Avionics Maintenance Technician “A” School,
          F         O       L   L         O          W        I             G              S E A S
                                                                      N Kalvin Baker - Informations Systems Technician “A” School,

                                                                                               USCG Training Center Petaluma, CA

     IT1 Fred Bettencourt - CG Achievement Medal                               IT1 Fred Bettencourt - CG Good Conduct Award
     IT1 Fred Bettencourt - Sea Service Ribbon Award                           HS3 Stephanie Jones - CG Good Conduct Award
     ENS Meghan Hague - Underway Officer of the Deck                           SN Ruth Cordova - Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch
     ENS Stacey Dawson - Underway Officer of the Deck                          SN Matthew Rincon - Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch
     ENS Zachary Huff - Underway Officer of the Deck                           SN Ryan Buckingham - Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch
    First Class Cadet Mark Ladyga - Navigator of the Watch                     SN Benjamin Thibodeau - Boatswain’s Mate of the Watch
     First Class Cadet Mary Gilday - Navigator of the Watch
                                                                               SN Tony Gonzales - Underway Helm and Lookout
     First Class Cadet Raphael Sadowitz - Navigator of the Watch
    MK1 Darcy Collins - Underway Engineering Officer of the Watch              SN James Caliendo - Underway Helm and Lookout
    EM1 Jonathan Olsen - Inport Engineering Officer of the Watch               SN David Huntley - Underway Helm and Lookout
    EM1 Jonathan Olsen - Engineroom Throttleman                                SN Robert Hopkins - Underway Helm and Lookout
    MK1 Dundun Blue - Engineroom Throttleman                                   SN Ashlee Reynolds - Underway Helm and Lookout
    OS2 Lance Bronik - Combat Information Center Watch Supervisor              SN Daniel Norris - Underway Helm and Lookout
    BM3 Steven Gomez - Gangway Petty Officer of the Watch                      SN Derek Walsh - Underway Helm and Lookout
    OS3 Atraya Stacy - RADIO Watch Stander                                     SN Jaclyn Young - Underway Helm and Lookout
    SNOS Jason Ballesteros - RADIO Watch Stander
    SN Robert Miller - Navigator of the Watch

        C           R           E          W         Achievements
    Third Class Cadet Matthew Eyler - Underway Helm and Lookout
    Third Class Cadet Xiaobin Tuo - Underway Helm and Lookout
                                                                                         ET2 Brian Replogle - Advancement to E-5
                                                                                         FS3 Ryan Pennington - Advancement to E-4
    Third Class Cadet John Sauve - Underway Helm and Lookout                             BM3 Benjamin Wells - Advancement to E-4
    Third Class Cadet Jonathan Haas - Qualification in Generator Operations              YN3 Jeremy Evans - Advancement to E-4
    Third Class Cadet Jessica Beazley - Qualification in Generator Operations            SN Blakely Barnes - Advancement to E-3
    FA Dane Evans - Qualification in Generator Operations
    FA Kaina Robinson - Qualification in Generator Operations

                                    Members of the China Coast Guard welcome RUSH to Qingdao, China
                                Team RUSH                                     Members of                                              Captain Dana
                               enjoys a                                       Team RUSH enjoy                                         Ware
                               Welcome Dinner                                 some crew liberty                                       addresses the
                               hosted by                                      in Qingdao,                                             crowd during
                               officials from the                             China                                                   the Farewell
                               China Coast                                                                                            Ceremony

    Team RUSH took
    advantage of a chance to
    explore China and the
    Chinese culture in
    Qingdao. Qingdao is one                                                                     logistical on-load is sometimes used
    of China’s major ports,                                                                     depending on port availability or current
    boasting trade and                                               Some of the                operations
    tourism as it’s primary                                          first members
    industries. It is also the                                       of Team
    only city outside of Beijing                                     RUSH rig the
    to host an event for the                                         kingpost on
    2008 Summer Olympic                                              the Flight
    Games. A popular                                                 Deck for a
    vacation destination for             underway replenishment at sea. During
    many Chinese, Qingdao                long periods of deployment where supply
    welcomes visitors with fine          replenishment is needed, this type of
    hotels and dining
    throughout the city, the
    former German colony.
    Many took advantage of
    the great shopping found
    at local merchant vendors                                                                  Management. The Supply division interfaces
    and malls.                                                                                 with the federal system through
                                                                                               Configuration Management Plus (CMPLUS),
              The four-day visit                                                               Procurement Management, Property
    ended with a wonderful                                                                     Procedures, and Financial Management.
    Farewell Ceremony to                                                                       CMPLUS is a management tool for our
    commemorate RUSH’s                                                                         onboard spare parts in support of
    historic visit. Captain                                                                    electronics gear, machinery, and navy-
    Dana Ware, on behalf of                                                                    owned systems. These items are stocked in
    Team RUSH, accepted the                                                                    storerooms onboard RUSH and our
    humbling farewell from                                                                     shoreside warehouse. Procurement is
    the China Coast Guard as                                                                   performed following simplified acquisition
    a conclusion to the                                                                        procedures; a guideline used for making
    productive and historic                                                                    purchases for the Coast Guard. Property
    week. As RUSH set sail for         The function of the SUPPLY division onboard             Management is another tool used for
    the high seas, members of          RUSH is to provide support with supplies                management of RUSH assets, safekeeping,
    Team RUSH and our new              and services for all shipboard divisions,               and disposal of all property via ORACLE
    friends in China were left         projects and missions. The Supply team has              Financial. Financial Management
    with strong relationships,         storekeepers who perform a variety of tasks             procedures are managed through the Coast
    lasting memories and               for RUSH. The Supply system encompasses                 Guard's Finance & Procurement Desktop
    higher hopes for a better          a wide range of procedures that require                 System (FPD). This application assists us with
    and brighter future for the        knowledge of all levels of Logistics                    budgeting, accounting, and disbursing of
    professional relationship          Management System (LMS) which is                        funds for RUSH. The Supply division also
    between our two countries.         designed to interface with the Federal                  coordinates the shipment and receipt of all
                                       Supply System (FSS), and provide                        shipboard supplies whether on deployments
                                       automation in the areas of Material                     or moored at homeport.

                                                                 Members of RUSH’s                                         CAPT Dana Ware and the
                                                                 Command Cadre accept a                                    rest of Team RUSH bid a
                                                                 bouquet presentation on                                   fond farewell to members
                                                                 behalf of the crew from the                               of the China Coast Guard
                                                                 China Coast Guard during                                  as RUSH sets sail once
                                                                 the Farewell Ceremony                                     again


                                                                              USCGC RUSH - WESTPAC 2006

                             Next Stop: Yokosuka, Japan

              Our port visit to China completed the the third                Yokosuka is a rural community just thirty minutes
    phase of our patrol in support of the North Pacific Coast      south of our previous port visit location of Yokohama.
    Guard Forum. Our professional exchanges in Japan,              FLEACT Yokosuka offered many of the same amenities
    Korea and China set a positive atmosphere to move              normally found at a U.S. Navy base including an
    RUSH along for the fourth and final phase of the               Exchange, Recreation Center, movie theatre and bowling
    deployment. During this part of the patrol, RUSH will work     alley. Crew members got a “taste of home” as they were
    actively with other Coast Guards to engage in maritime         able to replenish their personal supplies and take
    law enforcement.                                               advantage of a familiar atmosphere.

             A few days after leaving our port visit in                     The three-day port call also gave crew members
    Qingdao, China, Team RUSH cooled off from a hot and            another chance to explore Japan. Many ventured to Tokyo
    humid transit during a swim call just south of Honshu, the     to spend a couple nights in the bustling city while others
    main island in the Japanese archipelago. The seventy-          checked out hot spots like Osaka and Kamakure, home to
    four degree waters of the Sikoku Basin offered a couple of     the oldest Japanese Buddhist temple. Some even found
    hours of fun in the sun.                                       the chance to visit Tokyo Disneyland and share in the
                                                                   experience of the Magical Kingdom in the Far East! A
             Before heading out to our next area of                great logistics and liberty stop, Yokosuka capped off a
    operations, Team RUSH got some well-deserved rest and          successful tour of the Asian ports during our deployment.
    relaxation time during a port visit to U.S. Fleet Activities
                                                                                       Top Row Left to Right: SNFS Casey Drake, SN
    (FLEACT) Yokosuka, Japan.                                                          Jaclyn Young and SN Ryan Levine go for a
                                                                                       swim; MK3 Jacob Jozwiak takes a half-pike
                                                                                       dive into the refreshing Pacific Ocean; A small
                                                                                       strip in Yokosuka, Japan.
                                                                                       Bottom Row Left to Right: Team RUSH enjoys a
                                                                                       cool swim; DC3 Joseph Jiminez, LTJG Sean
                                                                                       Murray, ENS Meghan Hague, BM2 Joshua
                                                                                       Tobosa and OS1 Peni Motu enjoy the Magical
                                                                                       Kingdom at Tokyo Disneyland

                                                                                             James and Ivy Ausmus

      Michaela Gallimore

           Happy Father’s Day to all the men on board RUSH who have the distinct privilege of being a Father.
        CDR Dwight Mathers                BM1 Manuel Montoya

        LCDR David Butierries             FS2 Robert Martinez

        LTJG Walter Daniel                OS2 Russell Gallimore

        BOSN2 Michael Gephardt            OS2 Jesus Cacapit                                  Dwight and Anna Mathers

        FSCS James Ramirez                BM2 Paul Seyler

        BMC Kent Swansburg                OS2 Lance Bronik

        OSC Joseph Curcio                 ET3 Brian Replogle

        BMC Phillip Gordon                FS3 Conrad Ladner

        MKC Tom Cockerel                  DC3 Joseph Jiminez

        EMC Anthony Trueitt               MK3 Deren Perez                                   Brooke Mahieokekailani D’Amato

        IT1 Fred Bettencourt              GM3 Robert D’Amato

        OS1 James Ausmus                  GM3 Tor Eystad

        MK1 Darcy Collins                 YN3 Patrick Mansfield

        MK1 Dundun Blue                   FN Christopher Vega

        FS1 Donald Lewanski

    “A Father’s love redefines the true measure of a man...”
                                                 J.D, Fred and Ian Bettencourt   -Patrick Henry
     Kalani Seyler

                                                                                           Aaron Walter Makanakekahi Lewanski

 EM1 Jonathan Olsen sends: Lana. I love you and miss you very much baby. I can't wait to see you and I will be home
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    MK1 Darcy Collins sends: Mahal Kita to Brandon and Cathy and Happy Father's Day with all my love to my mentor
    LCDR Charles M. Collins USCG (Ret)
 SK1 Ifong Lee sends: To my husband Daniel: Happy Belated Fathers Day, my love. I love you and I miss you. Hang in
 there baby I will be home soon. Tell Shiloh and Sue that mommy loves them very much. I cannot wait to get home. We
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of the great pictures of Ivy that you are sending. Keep them coming, they give me inspiration! Have fun and be safe on
your trip to Texas. Thanks in advance for all of the presents that you are going to bring back for me from your
trip....hahaha. You laughed..... Love, Daddy-O

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                               The Deck Division take some     Member’s of Team RUSH
                               time during the port visit in   standby to offer tours to
                               China for quick photo           members of the China Coast

Public Affairs Officer

Ensign Meghan Hague

Webmaster/Public Affairs


Petty Officer Peni Motu


     400 Sand Island Parkway

     Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

     Phone: (808) 842-2870

      Fax: (808) 842-2871

      Foreign Port Address:

      FPO AP 96677-3921


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