Virtual Trade Fair 2011

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					Virtual Trade Fair 2011
Virtual Trade Fair
13 July 2011

                     Broken Hill Gourmet Products
                          Premium Olive Oil
•   Welcome, Introductions and Housekeeping
•   OBN Presentation
•   ANFIL Presentation
•   Supplier Presentations and Product Sampling
•   Innamincka Hotel Presentation
•   Questions / Discussion
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• Australian Native Food Industry Limited
Suppliers and products
Company                      Name                   Product/s
Australian Native            Mark Lucas             Sticky wattleseed balsamic
Bushfoods, SA                                       Wattleseed extract
Ausnat Fruits, SA            Anne Battams
Andrew Fielke Enterprises,   Pauline Hembrow        Spiced bush tomato relish
SA                                                  Pepperberry Oatmeal
Outback Chef, Vic            Jude Mayall            Davidson Plum Fruit Paste
Chelsea-Jade Catering, WA    Chelsea Ward           Chilli Mango Chutney
Broken Hill Gourmet          Steve Flecknoe-Brown
Products, NSW
        Situated in the Riverland of South Australia,
        Australian Native Bushfoods is a small growing
Photo   and processing business specialising in
        wattleseed products derived from Acacia
        victoriae, and in particular our Wattleseed

        Our stunning Sticky Wattleseed Balsamic
        encapsulates a unique subtle undertone
        reminiscent of the Great Australian Outback and
        this has now been complimented by our
        beautiful Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil.
                   Sticky Wattleseed Balsamic
Sticky Wattleseed Balsamic is great
drizzled over roasted vegies of as a salad
dressing or as a base for making your
own salad dressing.
Some of our customers use it on oysters
kilpatrick in place of Worcester Sauce.

• Bottle – 250ml or 1 litre
• Shelf life – 12 months
• Storage - ambient
                      Wattleseed Extract
Wattleseed Extract can be used in
place of vanilla in all cooking
applications. A truly Australia flavour.
Ingredients: wattleseed, sugar and
• 50ml bottle
• 1 litre jerry can and 5, 12, 15 and 20
   litre drums at a slightly reduced
   price for any bulk orders
• Shelf life – 24 months
• Storage - ambient
• Sticky Wattleseed Balsamic
• Wattleseed Essence                            Australian Native Bushfoods
                                                Mark Lucas
Also available:
• Lemon Myrtle Olive Oil                        Email:
    –   It is great as a salad dressing or      Ph: 08 8595 5144
        again as a base for creating your
        own dressings. Extra Virgin olive
        oil is used. Out kids love it stirred
        through hot pasta with a few
        freshly chopped herbs added.
Ausnat Fruits is a family business based
in the Riverland of South Australia. The
business was started 17 years ago to
value add to the fruit property owned
by Ann and husband Tony.
We have frown from having only one
product, Dried Orange and Chocolate, to
now having a range of 50 products.
Fruit is the base of all the products, and
this fruit is all Australian grown, and
most of which is sourced from other
growers in the Riverland.
Ausnat Fruits is slowly growing and our
products can be found throughout
Australia. Being a small business, this
enables me to give specialised service to
all my customers.
                Product Name

• Product information
    Ausnat Fruits
    Anne Battams

    Ph: 08 8684 1587
    Fax: 08 8584 1588
    Mob: 0428 841 226

    Online order form at:
Since 1985, Andrew Fielke’s passion in
Australia’s overlooked native food
resources led him to become a leader in
developing a “Creative Native Australian
Cuisine”. He refined his craft using
amazing 40,000 year-old ingredients to
create wonderful dishes, utilising the
unique textures and stunning flavours of
nutritious nuts, seeds, fruits and herbs
like Lemon Myrtle and Quandong.
Andrew founded the successful and
internationally renowned Red Ochre
Restaurant’s in the 90’s, but now works
as a consulting/guest chef and educator
and is regularly invited all over the world.
He also develop numerous new
commercial food products and has an
innovative food services product range.
Andrew is deputy chair of ANFIL.
               Spiced Bush Tomato Relish
A rich and complex relish with exotic
Indian spice tones that blends nicely
with the earthy pungency of the “desert
raisin” or bush tomato.
Great texture and colour appeal with
mustard seed, dried currant and bush
tomato flecks throughout.
Excellent on burgers, sandwiches,
Crostini with melted cheese or as an
accompaniment to smokes meats, pates
and curries.
• 1kg plastic pail
• 6 per carton
• Shelf life – 18 months
• Storage – ambient
• Gluten free
                  Pepperberry Oatmeal Cookies

A wonderful old fashioned oatmeal
cookie mildly spiced with native pepper
and subtly balanced with sweetness.
Designed as an excellent alternative to
crackers and lavosh to go with cheese.
If offers great visual appeal as well and
flavour and texture variances to a cheese
platter, or indeed with dips and pestos.
Cut in half to use with toppings for finger
• 400g packet
• 12 per cartin
• Shelf life – 12 months
• Storage - ambient
                                          Andrew Fielke Enterprises
• Spiced Bush Tomato Relish               Tuckeroo Products
• Pepperberry Oatmeal Cookies
                                          Andrew Fielke
Also available:                           Web:
• Restaurant quality meal solutions       Email:
    (heat and serve)                      Ph: 0412 109 003
• Chutneys, dressings and sauces – bulk   Available from the website:
    and retail packed                     • Food service products pricelist
• Dukkah / spice blends – bulk and        • Retail products pricelist
    retail packed                         • Online ordering available
• Raw native foods and spiced – bulk
    and retail packed
• Gelato
         Davidson Plum Fruit Paste
• text
• Davidson Plum Fruit Paste        Jude Mayall
                                   Outback Chef
Also available:
• List other products              Web:
                                   Phone: 0409 170647

                                   Online ordering available
       Chilli Mango Chutney
text               photo
• Chilli Mango Chutney     Chelsea Ward
                           Chelsea-Jade Catering
Also available:
• List other products      Web:
                           Phone: 0429 485 657

                           Online ordering available
Broken Hill Gourmet
 Premium Olive Oil

Broken Hill Gourmet Products
     Premium Olive Oil
Broken Hill Gourmet Products
     Premium Olive Oil         Orders

     Product and                 Steve Flecknoe-Brown
     ordering info               Broken Hill Gourmet Products
                                 Phone: 08 8088 4512
                                 Mob: 0407 831 112


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