Subject and Verb Agreement EXERCISES

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					                   Subject and Verb Agreement (Exercises)

I. Write the correct verb for each sentence and write if it is singular or plural–
      make sure the verb agrees with the subject.
      Example: Our history class (is, are) very educational.

       1. During World War II, U.S. troops in the Pacific (is, are) locked in battle
           with Japanese troops.
       2. There (is, are) new strategies developed by U.S. leaders, such as island
       3. An island or group of islands controlled by the Japanese (is, are) selected
           for attack.
       4. Only key islands (is, are) captured to be used as steppingstones for U.S.
           troops to “hop” to the next island.
       5. Over a period of two years, either island hopping or other strategies (is,
           are) used by the United States.
       6. Sam and his brothers (has, have) always wondered why Nazi Germany
           carried out the Holocaust.
       7. Neither his mother nor his father (have, has) been able to explain the tragic
       8. Perhaps callousness or fear (is, are) to blame, they suggested.
       9. Many who come to Amsterdam (visit, visits) the Anne Frank House.
       10. Nearly every one of the captured Jews (was, were) sent to a concentration

II.    Making Personal Pronouns and Indefinite Pronouns Agree – choose the
       correct pronoun from the parentheses.
       Example: Each of the students has (his or her, their) own first-aid kit.

       1. All of us can give some of (our, their) time to volunteering.
       2. One of my friends volunteers (his, their) time to work on the ambulance
       3. Each squad has openings on (their, its) night shift.
       4. Every emergency medical technician needs to use (his or her, their) skills
          to save lives.
       5. Only one of the EMTs had (his or her, their) driver’s license.

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