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Multi-Sector Business Development
           Briefing Book

          May 13 -23, 2011
   The Foundation for Democracy
             in Africa
The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan
organization. Founded in 1994, FDA’s mission is to: (1) implement culturally sensitive
programs designed to strengthen and enhance the fundamental principles of democracy, freedom
and economic plurality throughout Africa, and (2) integrate emerging African democracies into
the mainstream of the global economy, thus cultivating the pathway for peace and prosperity in

FDA carries out its mission by developing innovative and culturally sensitive strategies and
programs that are designed to enhance human and institutional capacity, create opportunities that
reduce poverty, foster democracy and good governance, and accelerate development in select
sectors of Africa’s economy. We also support development through education, and hands on
technical assistance for existing and future leaders in government, civil society and the private

   FDA’s areas of expertise Include:
    Democracy and Governance
    Elections and the Political Process
    Economic Development/Poverty Reduction
    Trade and Investment Promotion
    Rule of Law

FDA is a Washington, DC based non-profit 501 ( C) 3, non-governmental, non-partisan
institution with offices in Miami, Florida, and several African countries, including: Nigeria;
Sierra Leone and Liberia. In 1996, The Foundation was granted consultative status (special) as a
Non-governmental organization (NGO) with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

In pursuit of its objectives, FDA established the Institute for Democracy in Africa (IDA) in 1994.
Headquartered in Miami, Florida, IDA operates as FDA’s think tank, creating an academic and
research environment for incubating and nurturing innovative democratic approaches to solving
the social, political and economic problems facing African nations.

IDA offers certificate program in various areas of need for professionals in both the public and
private sectors. Through its affiliation with Miami –area universities, IDA is able to offer
customized state of the art training programs, and technical assistance. that includes best
practices and policies. Our comprehensive training blends the theoretical with the practical and
incorporates current information regarding best practices and policies making them highly
relevant for those we serve.

1200 G Street N.W. ▪ Suite 800 ▪ Washington, DC 20005 ▪ Tel: (202) 331-1333 ▪ Fax: (202) 436-9477
           E-mail: ▪ Website:
                          The Foundation for Democracy in Africa
                             1200 G Street N.W., Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005
                                     Tel: (202) 331-1333  Fax: (202) 331-8547

Office of the President

                                                         May 6, 2011

Dear Friends,

The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA) is proud to conduct this US Business Development
Mission to the Republic of Malawi, from 13-23 May 2011.

This trade mission was organized in partnership with the Embassy of the Republic of Malawi to the
United States, and is a follow-up to the recent visit of H.E. President Bingu wa Mutharika to Miami,
Florida in September of 2009 to receive FDA’s highest award, THE MEDAL OF GLORY AWARD
(MOGA). President Mutharika was bestowed the MOGA award given his administration’s successful
implementation of economic and political reforms that have transformed Malawi from a nation that
depends on food aid to feed its people, to one that now produces enough maize to feed its people, and
export the excess maize to neighboring African countries; addressing hunger and food insecurity within
the region, and promoting intra-Africa trade and development.

More important for Malawi than achieving food security, is how the transformation was staged and
implemented --- through the utilization and empowerment of millions of small holder farmers across
Malawi to increase maize production, the staple food of Malawi. To scale up the “Malawi Green
Revolution,” the people of Malawi need improved transportation networks, a sufficient supply of energy,
access to ports, established research and development institutions, adherence to democratic values and
principles, and respect for human rights and the rule of law.

We congratulate the Government of Malawi and the US Government on the recent signing of the US
Government’s Millennium Challenge Corporation Compact with Malawi that is designed to invigorate
the country’s power sector, spur private investment, and promotes long-term sustainable economic growth
in Malawi.

This US business development mission, the first to Malawi, is an attempt to showcase the economic gains
that Malawi has made over the past six years to American business leaders, due to economic reforms, and
good governance and regional cooperation polices implemented by Malawi, and encourage these US
companies to look at Malawi as a business and investment destination.

During this mission, participants will travel to Lilongwe, the capital city, and Blantyre the commercial
capital where they will have the opportunity to get first-hand information from their counterparts
regarding business ventures, meet with government agencies and, and participate in site visits, and in the
23rd Malawi International Trade Fair in Blantyre.


Fred O. Oladeinde
Our Mission
The 2011 Business Development Mission to Malawi is designed to increase cultural
understanding and bilateral trade, establish business linkages, and explore opportunities for
joint ventures with Malawi. Building on the visit of His Excellency Dr. Ngwazi Bingu Wa
Mutharika, State President of the Republic of Malawi. to Miami, Florida in September of 2009,
this mission will open doors to high-level networking opportunities, and serve as a vehicle for
exchanging new ideas with international business leaders. It will provide American businesses
new access and close-up insight into this dynamic and this fast growing economy. Additionally,
the mission will also explore ways to advance Miami-Dade County as the Gateway to Africa and
as a platform for international trade for US companies to do business with Malawi.

Our Destinations
Malawi is located along the western side of the Great Rift Valley of Africa,
and is a landlocked country in South-eastern Africa bordered by
Mozambique (East, South & West), Tanzania (North) and Zambia (North-
west). While Malawi is in Southern Africa, it has a touch of East Africa’s
sensual magnetism, the mystery of Central Africa’s biodiversity and the
sheer delight of Southern Africa’s exuberance. The country is alive with
investment and trade opportunities and Malawi remains an attractive
investment and trade center for conducting business, globally, due to its:
stable government; an economy that’s been growing at average of 7%
annually, for the last five years; peaceful environment, ranking the 2nd
most peaceful country in Africa in 2009 (Peace Index), favorable tax
system; competitive business costs; educated and hardworking
workforce; and pro business immigration policies.                  Investment
opportunities exist in agriculture and livestock, irrigation, agro-processing,
energy, tourism, mining, housing, office and road construction,
transportation infrastructure and watercourse projects, such as, the Shire
– Zambezi waterway project and more!

Our first stop in Malawi will be Lilongwe, where meetings and discussions will be held with
Government officials and private sector players. Lilongwe is the capital of Malawi and lies in the
country’s central region, and in many ways it can be argued that Lilongwe is two cities, Old
Town and City Center. Old Town is situated at the crossroads of the major highways traversing
the central region. Its streets remind the visitor of an old African market. They are abundant with
street vendors, and young boys selling everything from strawberries, to watches, to car parts.
On the other hand, City Center, situated north of Old Town, is a well-laid-out grid of streets that
contain the workings of government, banking and commerce. The area on the north side of City
Center is home to the ex-patriot community as well as for the more well-to-do of Malawi culture.
After spending a few days in Lilongwe, we will travel to Blantyre. The southern city of Blantyre is
the commercial capital of Malawi, as opposed to the political capital-Lilongwe, and is Malawi’s

                                                     US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
center of finance and commerce. It is also Malawi’s largest city in terms of population. Here

trade mission members will participate in the business to business network gatherings, including
discussions with financial and agro-business sector players and receive substantive commercial
briefings from numerous private sector stakeholders and simultaneously, attend the Malawi
International Trade Fair.

Business Etiquette in Malawi (Africa)
Due to the British influence Malawians tend to be conventional, even conservative, people and
visitors should respect local customs and traditions. Business meetings are usually formal. Long
sleeved shirts and light pants help to keep mosquitoes away in the evening. A jersey is
recommended for cool weather and late nights.

       Malawians usually dress for the people around them not as a personal expression.
       For Men – A suit or nice pants and collared shirt and tie is appropriate in most
        situations. Business casual attire may be appropriate in many situations.
       For Women - A business suit or a dress with a nice shirt/blouse is appropriate in most
        situations. Business casual attire may be appropriate in many situations.
       Jeans and less casual attire is not appropriate for business situations.

Titles & Business Cards
       Titles are important, especially when dealing with members of the government.
       It is best to use a title plus the surname when calling someone by name and wait to
        be invited to call someone by their first name.
       It is best to hand business cards with the right hand while holding your forearm with your
        left hand. It is also important to receive things with two hands as a sign of respect.

       People are usually formally introduced at the beginning of the meetings and then there is
        someone chosen to lead the meeting.
       Business meetings rarely begin on time; however it is a good idea for a foreigner to be
       It's important to greet the most senior individuals first.
       Small talk always precedes any formal conversations. It's appropriate to inquire about
        one's health, families, etc., before dealing with business.

       Negotiating in is an art from. There are no tips but to go there observe the locals and try

                                                     US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
      Bargaining is commonplace at most markets. When bargaining it is best to remain calm
       smile and laugh a lot and not show frustration.
      Decisions tend to come from the top down and take awhile to be reached.

Personal Space & Touching
      Personal space differs from place to place based on tribal and religious influences, but
       people tend to speak to one another at very close distances. Generally, an arm’s length
       is appropriate.
      Personal space tends to be less between members of the same gender and
       considerably greater between members of opposite genders.
      It is common for men to touch each other when speaking; sometimes on the arms hands
       and legs no matter what the relationship; business, family, stranger, etc.
      Men and women rarely touch in public.
      It is also appropriate for two men to walk hand in hand in public. This does not have any
       implication on their sexual preferences; it's just a sign of friendship and closeness. This

Other Useful Tips
Language: English and Chichewa are both official languages in Malawi. Chichewa is widely
spoken, but the language of the business community is English.

Malawi has been known for years as "The Warm Heart of Africa", and Malawians are known for
their friendliness and hospitality. Welcome (Takulandirani/Mwalandilidwa) and How are you?
(Muli bwanji?) Wherever you go in Malawi, you will receive this type of warm and welcoming
greeting, and an innate courteousness, and desire to be of service to the visitor.

Security: Malawi is a very peaceful country however, one should exercise the same kind of
precaution and care you would anywhere else in the world; including avoiding flashing your
valuables, and leaving them unattended.

Weather: Malawi mostly has 3 seasons, hot and dry from September to October, hot and wet
from November to April, and cool and dry from May to August.

Electricity: Malawi uses the British three pin square plug and a 240 volt supply. It is therefore
advisable to take adaptors and transformers to support the step up in voltage.

Banking hours: Monday - Friday: 0800-1400.

Currency & Credit Cards: Malawi’s unit of currency is the kwacha, divided into 100 tambala.
Notes are in denominations of Mk500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5. Coins are in denominations
of Mk1 and 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 tambala. US dollars are accepted by almost everywhere,
particularly for larger purchases. Be wary of kwacha from neighboring Zambia, it is worth less
than 1/20th of the Malawian currency. Most ATMs accept VISA, MasterCard, Meastro and
Diner’s Club. The money dispensed will be in the local currency. Please notify your banker or
credit card company that you will be traveling, so that overseas transactions are allowed. To
avoid surprises on your statements upon return, be mindful of the service charges that most
likely will apply for using the card overseas!

Health: Malawi is a malaria zone, and it is therefore advisable to be on an anti-malaria regimen
before traveling to Malawi. Be sure to bring insect repellant with you. It is advisable not to drink
tap water, instead drink/use only bottled water which is readily available at the hotels and
                                                    US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
Itinerary for Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
Saturday, May 14     USA Delegates Arrive at the Sunbird Capital Hotel in
                     Lilongwe, Malawi
        Evening      Briefing & Accreditation by Ministry of Industry & Trade

Sunday, May 15       Lilongwe
        AM           Free/ Shopping
        PM           Lunch
        Evening      Welcome Reception/ Dinner

Monday, May 16       Lilongwe
         AM          Courtesy call with Hon. Minister of Industry & Trade
                     followed by Briefing
                     Office of President & Cabinet (OPC) and PSs’
                     Meeting with Chief Secretary
         PM          Lunch
                     Visit to Office of Malawi Promotion Investment Agency
                    (MIPA) with General Manager & Officials followed by
       Evening       Business Reception, Hosted by MIPA/Ministry of Industry
                     & Trade

Tuesday, May 17     Lilongwe
          AM        Courtesy Call & Briefing by the U.S. Embassy
                    Visit to Millennium Challenge Account & Briefing
                    Visit to Ministry of Agriculture & Food Security & Briefing
         PM         Lunch
                    Visit Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources & Briefing
                    Visit to Ministry of Transport & Public Infrastructure &
         Evening    Free

Wednesday, May 18   Lilongwe/Blantyre
            AM      Depart Lilongwe to Blantyre by Road
            PM      Arrive in Blantyre/Check-in at Mount Soche Hotel
                    Tour Thyolo/Mulanje Tea Plantation
                    Dinner ( Host TBA)

Thursday, May 19    Blantyre
             AM      Meet with Chief Executive & Officials of Malawi Confederation
                    of Chambers of Commerce
                     Meet with Chief Executive& Officials of Privatization
                    Commission & Briefing
                                            US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
                     Travel to Nsanje World Inland Port/or Nchalo Sugar Estate
Thursday, May 19        Blantyre
             PM         Lunch hosted by
             Evening     Working Roundtable Dinner, hosted by MCCCI

Friday, May 20           Blantyre
             AM          Participate in the Malawi International Trade Fair Guided
                         Visit to Exhibit Booths by MCCCI
                         Business to Business Network Coordinated by MCCCI
           Evening       Dinner/Entertainment
                         Doing Business in America Discussion

Saturday, May 21         Blantyre/Lilongwe
            AM           Depart for Lilongwe via Mangochi/Visit Lake Malawi
            PM           Lunch at Nkopola Lodge
                         Depart for Lilongwe/Check-in Capital Hotel

Sunday, May 22           Depart Lilongwe for the United States

Monday, May 23           Arrive in USA

                                            US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
 US Delegates to Malawi

                              GARY ERICKSON

                              Vice President - Director of Business
                              Development, Federal Services Division
                              Black & Veatch

                              Overland Park, Kansas | www.b&

  Mr. Erickson is currently responsible for Business Development within the Federal Services
  Division. In this role, Erickson leads business growth for Black & Veatch within the U.S.
  Government markets. Black & Veatch (B&V) provides infrastructure master planning, regulatory,
  engineering and design, procurement, construction and support services across multiple
  infrastructure sectors. B&V is a recognized global leader across the energy, water, wastewater,
  and telecommunications sectors as well as having established proven partnerships to support
  programs that include both transportation and vertical infrastructure. By advancing the frontiers of
  knowledge, we provide our clients with reliable solutions to their most complex challenges, thereby
  helping improve and sustain the quality of life around the world.

                                FRED OLADEINDE

                                The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA)

                                Washington, DC |

Fred O. Oladeinde is President and Co-Founder of The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA), a
non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan organization. Founded in 1994, FDA is committed to
promoting culturally intrinsic programs aimed at enhancing sustainable development, democracy,
freedom and economic plurality throughout Africa. As the Secretariat for the AGOA Civil Society
Organization Network, FDA provides training, capacity building, and technical assistance to the
private sector, government, and civil society organizations, including “how to” optimize the benefits of
AGOA, create demand for African goods and services in the Americas and Caribbean market micro-
credit, financial literacy and civic education that empowers rural communities and those in the informal
  US Delegates to Malawi
sector of the economy. FDA also organizes higher education student exchange programs and
internships, and the annual AfrICANDO Trade and Investment Symposium, which is now in its 14 th
year. FDA co-organizer this business development mission in collaboration with the Embassy of
Malawi to the United States.

                                                        US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
    US Delegates to Malawi

                           WILLIAM BONILLA

                           Manager, Business Development
                           Hard J Construction Corp.

                           Miami, Florida | http://

Williams Bonillia is the Manager of Business Development, Hard J Construction Corp., a general
engineering services contractor, and general contractor, specializing in providing drainage systems,
earthwork, paving, dredging, water and sewer, and general building, and electrical contracting. Hard J
has a solid reputation for managing and delivering high quality projects and services, throughout the
United States, and in Africa. Hard J’s professional staff of project engineers, and construction managers
are highly experienced, licensed and certified.

                        Bruno Barriero

                        Commissioner, District 5
                        Board of County Commissioners
                        Miami Dade County

                        Miami, Florida |

Bruno A. Barreiro was first elected to serve as Miami-Dade County Commissioner representing District
5 in June 2, 1998. Since then, he has been re-elected for subsequent terms to represent constituents in
portions of the Cities of Miami and Miami Beach. Currently, Commissioner Barreiro serves as the
Chairman of the Regional Transportation Committee, which oversees and directs the transportation
systems from local and regional prospective. He also sits on the Economic Development and Social
Services Committee and the Infrastructure and Land Use Committee. Barreiro is the owner of BABJ
Investment Corporation, Vice President of Fatima Home Care, Inc. and International Sales
of IUSA Group.

                                                          US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
    US Delegates to Malawi

                           SAM GILMORE

                           Overnight Success Inc.

                           Miami, Florida |

Sam Gilmore is the President of Overnight Success, Inc. (OSI), an award winning (Business of the year
Award, 1st Runner Up, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce) and fast growing Construction
Management firm. OSI provides project management, and general contracting services, including road,
and bridge development, earthwork and cement production. OSI has successfully completed numerous
major Miami Dade County projects, i.e., the Miami Mover System and the North and South Terminal
Expansion, Miami Int’l Airport; the American Airlines Arena and the Performing Arts Center.

                           DORRIN ROLLE
                           Miami-Dade Commissioner (Ret.)
                           Overnight Success Inc.

                           Miami, Florida |

                                                       US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
     US Delegates to Malawi

                            MONICA BROWN

                            President and CEO
                            Portfolio Management Group, Ltd.,

                            Washington, DC |

 Monica Brown is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Portfolio Management Group, Ltd. (PMG), an
 international management consulting firm, specializing in assisting clients in developing their convention,
 tourism and hospitality sectors. PMG staff has more than 30 years experience in the convention and
 hospitality industries, and utilize state-of-the-art systems and service capabilities to provide clients with
 customized quality services designed to meet their specialized needs. PMG also provides export trading
 and promotion assistance. PMG staff have extensive experience in export promotion and trading, having
 successfully facilitated the import and export of grains and agricultural commodities between African
      Founded in 1987, PMG’s and the Caribbean, and has testified before the US the
 countries and markets in the Americas philosophy of Focusing on the Needs ofCongress on the
 viability of the Export Trading Act of 1984. PMG has a proven track record of working in various African
 countries, and representing African companies and organizations in the United States. Ms. Brown is a
 founding board member of The Foundation for Democracy in Africa.

                          BRENDA PEOPLES THOMAS, D.D.S

                          Chief Executive Officer
                          The Peoples Dentist

                          San Francisco, California | www.the

Brenda Peoples Thomas is the Chief Executive Officer of The Peoples Dentist, PC, a general and
cosmetic dentistry practice supported by state of the art technology, continued investment in both
personal and professional development, and a genuine commitment to the unique needs of each patient.
Practicing the art of dentistry since 1986, Dr. Thomas and her team are committed to providing the finest
quality dental care and highest level of service, available, today. Dr. Thomas has a strong interest in
medical tourism, and travels, annually to various countries around the world providing esthetic dentistry
and teaching basic dental care to underserved communities.

                                                           US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
US Delegates to Malawi

                       JASON PASTORIUS

                       President & Managing Director

                       Houston, Texas | www.provinceroot .com

Jason Pastorius is the President and Managing Director Provinceroot International LLC., is a
U.S.-based project development firm focused on sub-Saharan Africa that was founded by Mr.
Jason Pastorius in 2010. Provinceroot acts as a principal project developer by identifying
opportunities and advancing projects through feasibility studies, commercial structuring and
financing. The principals of Provinceroot have extensive experience implementing infrastructure
projects in African countries. Mr. Pastorious is a member of the advisory board for Rwanda
Ventures, a for-profit social enterprise addressing nutrition and food security issues in Rwanda
through private sector initiatives. He is a Senior Advisor to the Christie Company for a mixed-use
educational development project with the National University of Rwanda and is an Operational
Partner with African Frontier Capital based in London.

Malawi Host


                          Executive Officer
                          Malawi Confederation of Chambers of
                          Commerce and Industry (MCCCI

                          Blantyre, Malawi |

Chancellor Laison Kaferapanjira, has served as Chief Executive Officer of the Malawi
Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) since January 2003. Prior to
joining MCCCI he was Deputy General Manager of the Malawi Investment Promotion Agency
(MIPA). Mr. Kaferapanjira’s main job is to organize business events for MCCCI, help build capacity
of members and lobby authorities for an environment which is conducive to doing business in
Malawi.Mr. Kaferapanjira has served on a number of both private companies and public
corporations, such as, the National Electricity Council; the Privatization Commission; the National
Economic Council, the Petroleum Pricing Committee, the National Construction Industry Council,
the National Roads Authority, the Roads Fund Administration, the Malawi Revenue Authority, the
Malawi Business Coalition Against HIV/AIDs, Combine Cargo Malawi Limited, Ulalo Capital
Limited, and United Bus Company Ltd, among others.

                                                      US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
                    OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY
ABOUT MCCCI                                                          (a) Press Briefings: MCCCI holds conferences to
The Malawi Confederation of Chambers of                              brief the media on private sector development issues
Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) was established in                     and also comments in the media on issues of
1892. It is an association of private enterprises and                national socio-economic importance.
associations representing all sectors of the economy.
The core activities of MCCCI are lobbying, advocacy,                 (b) Business Meetings: These are held with the
and provision of business facilitation services.                     relevant government officials and the Parliamentary
Through this MCCCI ensures that there is a                           committees to discuss and resolve issues affecting
conducive business environment within which                          the operations of businesses.
industries can operate effectively, prosper and
contribute to Malawi’s socio-economic development.                   (c) Public Private Dialogue (PPD) Forum: This is a
                                                                     high level team of public and private sector
Mission: To serve and promote the interests of its                   representatives co-chaired by the Ministry of Industry
members and the business community in Malawi on                      and Trade and the private sector. The Forum
a sustainable basis.                                                 discusses challenges faced by the business
                                                                     community and adopts resolutions that would
Vision: To be a model Chamber in the Southern                        ultimately improve the socio-economic, legal and
Africa region, that provides premium, adequate and                   regulatory environment for business operations.
sustainable services to its members.
                                                                     BUSINESS FACILITATION SERVICES
MEMBERSHIP                                                           To support the growth of enterprises in Malawi,
The membership of MCCCI is voluntary and open to                     MCCCI offers a number of services to its members
enterprises and associations of different sizes and in               and the entire business community. The services
all sectors of the economy. There are six                            include the following:
membership categories, namely: Platinum, Gold,                         Providing business and economic information
Silver, Copper, Aluminum, and Bronze. These                               for decision making;
categories offer benefits which vary in accordance                     Issuing export certification documents;
with the hierarchical order of the categories (see                     Organizing trade promotion events;
overleaf).                                                             Providing business management training;
                                                                       Representing the business community at
LOBBYING AND ADVOCACY                                                     national, regional and international forums; and
To ensure a conducive environment for private sector                   Offering business premises for micro and small
development, MCCCI carries out research and                               enterprises.
analyzes policies and regulations to identify obstacles
to doing business in the country. The research and                   Trade Exhibitions
analysis provides MCCCI with a basis for lobbying on                 MCCCI organizes the Malawi International Trade Fair
issues that need to be addressed by the government.                  (MITF) and other specialized fairs such as the
MCCCI uses a number of platforms in its lobbying                     National Agriculture Fair and the National Technology
and advocacy process. These include but are not                      Fair. The fairs give the exhibitors an opportunity to
limited to:                                                          market their products and services, interact, get
                                                                     feedback from customers and learn new technology
                                                                     and marketing skills.
                                                          Contact us
                     Address: Masauko Chipembere Highway, Chichiri Trade Fair Grounds, P.O. Box 258, Blantyre
   Phone: + 265 (0) 1 871988/813 Fax: + 265 (0) 1 871147/3288 E-mail:            Website:

                                 MCCCI - THE VOICE OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR
           Overnight Success, Inc.
                  Miami, Florida, USA

     Project Management ▪ General Contracting Services

Road, and Bridge Development ▪ Earthwork ▪ Cement Production

         Tel: +305-633-2272 ▪ Email:

                   14th Annual AfrICANDO
                Trade and Investment Symposium

       Leveraging Florida’s Access to Markets in the
          Americas to Support US-Africa Trade”
                   September 15 -16, 2011
                    Miami, Florida, USA

              For additional information visit our website:
Business and Beyond
Miami-Dade County

                 The Office of Economic Development &
             International Trade (OEDIT) is the County agency
             responsible for promoting Miami-Dade County
              as a Global Gateway and enhancing access to
                  economic development opportunities.

     • Tel: 305.375.1254
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 US Malawi Business Development Mission 2011

                           CONTACT INFORMATION

              HOTELS                             US EMBASSY
                LILONGWE                              LILONGWE
Sunbird Capital Hotel                Embassy of the United States of America
Chilembwe Road                       16 Jomo Kenyatta Road
Lilongwe 3, Malawi                    Lilongwe 3, Malawi
+265773388                           Telephone: (265) 1 773 166
                                     Fax: (265) 1 770 471

              BLANTYRE                         IN CASE OF EMERGENCY

Sunbird Mount Soche                  24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year
Glyn Jones Road                      Please call +265-(0)1-773-166 ext 3443.
Blantyre, Malawi                     Please state that you are a U.S. Citizen,
+265 1 820 071                       Your name, Your Passport number, and
                                     the type of an Emergency that you are
                                     facing. The security personnel will then
                                     forward your call to the appropriate person
                                     to assist you.

                                     In the event that the land line is
                                     malfunctioning, please call the mobile

                                      US - Malawi Business Development Mission 2011
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                 Guangzhou                                Malabo
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          Entebbe              Juba                                                         Khartoum
   Djibouti      kuwait Harare                                                        Paris   Tel Aviv
          Dire Dawa      Ouagadogou                                        London Douala N’Djamena
  Hong Kong
                                                                         Rome          Mumbai
 Lubumbashi                                                                    Frankfurt  Kilimanjaro
                                    New Delhi
                                                                                      Washington, D.C.


 We’ve been in the air for more than 65 years now, and it’s fair to say that
 we’ve come a long way. Close to home, we y direct to more places in
 Africa than any other airline, and with each passing year our reach around
 the globe stretches further. Currently ying to 60 international destinations
 spread across 4 continents, Ethiopian is growing in all directions.
  Come y with us... we’ll grow on you too.


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