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					        Martin’s Crossing HOA

 Inside this issue:
                               Please mark your calendar for the upcoming meetings to be
                               held at the community clubhouse.
Official Website         1
Calendar Events          1     Tentative 2011 Meeting Schedule
Contact Information      1
                               August Quarterly                    Thursday August 4th 6:30
Important Updates        2
                               1ST Annual Election Meeting         Thursday October 13th 6:30
Community Improvements 3
Postal Box Notice        4     2nd Annual Election Meeting         Thursday October 27th
Vendors/Service Providers 4    Annual Budget Meeting              Thursday November 10th
Wildlife Alert           5
                               All will be held at the Clubhouse unless indicated otherwise by the
                               Board prior to that date.

                                    If you have any issues or concerns please contact GRS at

                                                             561-641-8554 x 155
                                                                Jim Andersen
                                               Coastal Community Association Management
                                                    955 SE Federal Highway Suite 202
 Martin County Schools Begin
                                                           Stuart, Florida 34994
 August 15th. Please remem-
                                                      (772) 286-0030 Fax (772) 286-0250
  ber to watch your speed in
        the community!                             E-mail:
Page 2
                                       IMPORTANT UPDATES

 Effective August 1st, 2011, an administration fee of $ 25.00 will be required for all Architectural Application submissions.
 Check or money order made payable to Martin’s Crossing MUST accompany all applications. For those applications regarding
 but not limited to landscaping where the improvement requires the use of tractor, skid steer, or vehicle use on the property lawn
 areas or common roadways and all pool installations will be required to place a $ 250.00 damage deposit with the Association.
 Revised ARC Cover page and “ARC Violation Policy” can be obtained by visiting or copies of the
 complete application are available at the Clubhouse during office hours.

 Should a property owner be issued any violation of the community policies and repeat the same violation within a 6 month pe-
 riod, the owners account will be charged a $ 49.00 administration fee to reimburse the Association for costs of photo prepara-
 tion, certified mailing, copy costs and Property Manager Time processing violations of repeat offenders. This fee is in addition
 to any fine that may be imposed in accordance with Grievance and Fining Committee procedures and policies.

 Common Repeated violations are:
     Driveway mold and oil stained pavers
     Landscape shrubbery, weeding of landscape beds, shrubbery and tree trimming, mulch beds
     Refuse receptacles are to be stored out of sight from the street or in garages in the single family area and in garages or
       in rear of home in townhome area. Receptacles must be properly stored by day’s end on scheduled day of service to
       avoid violation.
     Parking violations
     Vehicle Commercial sign violations

 Effective July 1, 2011 the legislative branch of the State of Florida formally passed into Law that “Tenants residing in residen-
 tial homes located in community associations where-in the landlord is delinquent 60 days or greater in his financial obligations
 to the Association MUST upon demand from the Association remit payment of the entire stated rent to the Association until
 such time the account has been once again made current. Tenants are protected from recourse action by the landlord pro-
 vided they act in good faith and remit the full rent to the Association upon proper notification of “Rent demand”.

 The Board of Directors approved at a duly held meeting of May 26, 2011 the distribution of this code enforcement information
 and encourages residents to file a complaint should they observe infractions:

  Parking in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic
  Vehicles creating an unsafe condition such as parking across or on the common walkways, crosswalks or intersections
  Speeding and/or driving recklessly
 *In addition to risking the safety of residents, Speeders caught will be fined. Fines range from 175.00 and up.

 We encourage residents to obtain vehicle make, model, plate and location of vehicles speeding or driving recklessly and inform
 law enforcement and code enforcement.

 File a complaint with Martin County Code Enforcement by visiting the following link, complete the form and submit:

 You may contact Code enforcement directly at (772) 288-5505 or Fax to ( 772) 288-5911
Page 3
                                           Community Improvements
Security Upgrades- Clubhouse Pool Area

The following upgrades will allow Property Manager and Security to view and record entire Clubhouse and
Pool activities in an effort to protect the community assets and document violations of the Community Policies
as well as document actions of Trespass for the purpose of prosecution. Owners are requested to be vigilant in disallowing any
parties that attempt access without card access. Please discuss the Pool Rules with children and guests to avoid suspension of pool
privileges and avoid a possible fine and $ 35.00 reactivation fee.

Special thanks to Joan Robbins for contributing a video monitor needed to complete the upgrades.

A few of the most common Pool Policy Violations are:
     Allowing access to PERSONS NOT IN POSSESSION OF an access card OR PERSON WITH “Use Privileges Sus-
     Allowing persons under the age of 18 to act as pool guardians for person under the age of 16.
     Bathers jumping and diving into pool
     Youths running in the pool area creating risk of injury to themselves and other bathers.
     Not disposing of food containers in trash receptacles
     Persons jumping the fence to gain access – THIS IS TRESPASS & PROPERTY DAMAGE and will be prosecuted. By
        using the new video recording equipment.

Absolute Protection has completed installation of:
   1. 2 additional Zoom cameras to monitor the Clubhouse pool area and building
   2. Installed office viewing monitors
   3. Installed video surveillance recording software

Improvements Completed

        Townhome Postal Light installed
        Townhome entry landscape bed installed along Bloxham Way
        Townhome Tot Lot bench installed
        Steiner feeder pump replaced- Townhome pool
        Mulch installed rear of Single Family homes common landscape beds
        Roadway Oak trees -2nd stage pruning completed
        Roadway and street signs corrected to DOT standards.
        Sidewalk areas selectively replaced per Martin County ( developer expense)
        Credit line approved for emergency purposes

Improvements Scheduled

       Preserve perimeter growth trimming
       Fencing rear of Bloxham Way (1st 2 buildings on right entering) along Kanner Highway-
         provides additional privacy and road noise abatement
       Seasonal Palm Tree 10/2 Pruning
       Select buildings in Townhome area on schedule for late 2011 and 2012 painting and roof power
       Caution/Warning signs- Lake areas

                       Improvements under Board Consideration

                                   Pomeroy landscape buffer
                                   Town home pool area security cameras
                                   Select Lake perimeter plantings and bank improvements
Page 4                                                               Lawn Fungus is back-
                                  Please contact the Florida Agricultural Ext. Or local garden shop for preventative products.
                                         The fungus can destroy your lawn quickly. Eradication requires 2 treatments.

                                                               Postal Boxes- Single Family area
                                    Please have your mailbox replacement/repaired-paint touch ups and replacement com-
                                    pleted by August 15th. This advance notice is a community courtesy to allow owners to
                                   make the necessary repairs. An inspection will be conducted by the Property Manager on
                                        August 16th and violation notices will be issued on those remaining in disrepair.
                                        Please note many mailboxes are in need of painting and some total replacement.
                                   Beautiful Mailboxes is the community provider for the exact style color and lettering re-
                                         quired for community standards. Pete Kahle can be reached at 772-633-4459 .
                                   Many require painting- Ray’s Professional Exteriors has reviewed the mailboxes and can
                                  touch up worn paint on posts, home number scroll and box for a fee of $10-25.00 per box.

Many residents have requested contact information for repair and service contractors. The following is a short list of possible con-
tacts and important contact numbers for your use. This list is being provided as a courtesy and residents are encouraged to obtain
comparative proposals and select a vendor of your choice.

Florida Exotic Landscape- Dave Raflowitz-772-260-0748
HNL Environmental-Matt 561-293-0193
Lawn and Home Pest Control- (coupons available at Clubhouse)
Treasure Coast Irrigation- 772-546-4535
Leighton Security Management-772-260-3345
Sampson Tree Service-Brandon- 772-201-3015
Rays Professional Exteriors- pressure washing, general repairs 561-574-8469
Girelco Electric- 772-340-7474
Bishop Plumbing- 772-286-5872
Sherwin Williams- paint specs-
Eddie Perez-772-370-1471

Home Painting Contractors
John D. Green Painting Inc - 772-215-3175
Brush and Roll Painting– 561-697-9650
RCI Painting– 1-888-RCI-1414

                                                                      Best Body Bootcamp
                                                                    CLASSES FOR ALL AGES

                                   Gina- a professional certified trainer and resident has active enrollment for residents desiring
                                   to get in shape. Classes will be held on the grounds near the tennis courts. Interested parties
                                                 are encouraged to contact Gina at 772-291-3163 to arrange class.
                                                 WILDLIFE ALERT

                                          We Live in A World Full of Wildlife

It’s a beautiful sight to see the vast variety of wildlife that considers the preserve and wetland areas of Martin’s Crossing their home.
This beauty must be treated with a respectful caution. Many of the species of snakes (some venomous such as coral snake, rattler,
moccasin) as well as alligators, raccoon, possum, armadillo, otter, wood rat etc. also live within the community.
The following contacts should also be accessed to file complaint for barking dogs, not cleaning up after pets, animal neglect.

Martins Crossing HOA does not provide animal nuisance control. Owners are directed to
Animal Control
(772) 463-3211

Precautions you can initiate right now:

         Close garage doors in the evening- snakes, wood rats , armadillos, possum , raccoon, etc are nocturnal and will seek food
           or cool areas when hunting or out of curiosity.
         Wash out trash receptacles on a regular basis
         Remove and discard any wood or debris- around your home perimeter
         Clean up clutter to limit the availability of animal habitat
         Close and secure patio screen doors – close gaps to diminish wildlife access.
         Inspect your foundation and back fill in areas around air conditioner slabs to prevent critter access.
         DO NOT allow persons to swim in the community ponds- besides the eminent threat of alligators harboring in the area.
           Snapping turtles and other animals that thrive in the lakes carry a variety of disease. This is a serious violation of policy
           as well as community safety- Inform Property Manager or Security at any time you observe such activities.
         Be observant when walking , gardening , especially near preserve borders and wetlands

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