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					                                             Nutrition Services                                            Volume Three, Issue 2

                                             Patient Satisfaction                                          March 8, 2004

                                                                                                 How do I get a hot meal for my
Patient satisfaction is foremost on our minds. Every day we look for new ways to
grow our service, hand in hand with you for the common good.                                           patient at night?
                                                                                               Starting March 23rd, all units will have
We are fast approaching the transition to our new patient services program, Catering to        designated Hospitality Assistants who will
You . Catering to You has already been reviewed on many of your units, including 3C,           continue to be responsible for patient
4E, 8C, 3W, 4C, 4W, 5E, 6C, 6W, 8W, and CCU. This unique p rogram allo ws us to                meals and requests. Their co mmunicat ion
“crank our services up a few notches” by having our “Catering Associates or CA’s”              with nurses is a vital part of the Nurs-
participate in the fo llowing:                                                                 ing/Nutrition Team success. They will
                                                                                               check with nurses and HUC’s for any
•   Provide mo re personalized services to a smaller nu mber of patients. CA’s will be         pending meal needs or evening admits at
    assigned to your unit instead of the whole floor and will v isit the patient to “speak”    the end of each day. In the event that a
    the menu, d iscuss preferences, and follo w up with the patient throughout the day.        patient will need a meal beyond tray ser-
•   Take care of their patients for all three meals. CA’s are moving to 12-hour shifts         vice, the server will deliver the meal to the
    in order to serve the patient breakfast, lunch and dinner. You r unit will have a team     unit for whenever the patient needs it. Our
    of two CA’s who will work opposite days of each other. This will also enable you           goal is to identify any possible meals
    to become more familiar with the Nutrition Serv ice Staff who will be servicing            needed prior to departure. For any unfore-
    your unit.                                                                                 seen requests, however, the Cafeteria Su-
                                                                                               pervisor, (PIC 9175) can prepare evening
•   Build t rays. The age-old t rayline system is going away and will be replaced with         selections for pick up by nursing including
    work stations. A fter receiving each of their patients’ orders for lunch, fo r examp le,   grab-n-go sandwiches, salads, pizza, des-
    the CA returns to the kitchen to build each tray. Thus, the CA has full accountabil-       serts, and packaged burgers and meals that
    ity for the appearance, co mp liance, and preferences for each patient’s tray. Menu        can be reheated on the unit. These Cafete-
    orders are taken before each meal, with the exception of breakfast which is taken          ria selections are available with a patient
    the night before.                                                                          meal voucher. If you have questions or
Catering to You rep resents a different approach to taking care of pat ients. It is part of    concerns, feel free to contact us. - Bill
our continuous drive to improve customer service and build strong relationships with
you. Our staff is excited because, like you, they are here to help improve the health of
our patients and understand that good nutrition is a significant part of that.
Just a few dates to keep in mind as we transition to the program:
>March 23-We move to the spoken menu system.
>April 13-Work stations in the kitchen begin . You won’t necessarily see this (unless
 you want to take a tour of the kitchen!), but this is when CA ’s will be build ing their           Eat Smart; Stay Healthy!
 own trays.                                                                                    How? One easy and delicious way is to
>End of April- The fu ll Catering to You program begins.                                       look fo r bright colors on your plate: Pur-
                                                                                               ple (blueberries, purple g rapes, beets), or-
We will be visit ing all units by the end of the month to review the Catering to You pro-      ange (mango, cantelope, oranges, carrots,
gram. If you have any questions or need us to schedule an addit ional rev iew, p lease do      winter squash), green (all dark green leafy
not hesitate to contact us.
                                                                                               things, broccoli), red (red pepers, to matoes,
As always, we appreciate your support. -Karl                                                   tomato products, watermelon).
                                                                                               Why? These different pig ments reflect the
                                                                                               presence of phytochemicals and antioxi-
Cafeteria Renovation Update                                                                    dants that protect us from major health
                                                                                               issues: heart disease, cancers, macular de-
If you have heard the sound of power tools behind                                              generation, etc. We need some of all these
the temporary wall in the East Cafeteria, that is the                                          so variety (lots of different colors) is key in
Wild Sage Grill and Caraway Deli p rojects which                                               order to get a full spectrum of health pro-
                                                                                               tection. Leave the “beige” plate behind;
are underway. Co mp letion is now planned for the
                                                                                               colorful foods are delicious, flavorfu l, and
end of April, and the renovations will continue on to                                          bring you health gifts. - Lynda Fanning
the East and West serveries. Temporary retail ar-
eas will be prov ided during this time. Stay tuned                                                  Happy National Nutrition Month!
for more info rmation.

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