STEVE by nuhman10


									Upon graduation from high school, Steve enlisted in the United States
Marine Corps. Once his initial training was completed, he was
transferred to Viet Nam where he saw combat with the First Marine
Aircraft Wing in Danang. Upon completion of that tour, he returned to
the states to continue his career. Over the span of 20 years he rose to
the rank of Master Sergeant. Some of the highlights of his career were
duty aboard the Amphibious Assault Ship, USS PELELIU, all 3 active
Marine Corps Air Wings and 2 Marine Corps Divisions. His final
assignment was in the Pentagon where he served as operations chief
for Team 3, National Military Command Center. His primary duty then
was for the strategic (nuclear) defense of the United States. He
worked closely with the Reagan and Bush Administrations along with
representatives from the CIA, NSA, FBI and State Department.

Over the span of 20 years he received over 30 Combat, service, and
personal decorations to include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal
and 2 Navy Achievement Medals. In addition he was awarded 5 Expert
rifle and 7 Expert pistol marksmanship badges.
Upon his retirement he moved to Southern California where he worked
in the automotive repair business.

In 1995 he was introduced to the Waterless Car Wash industry and
began his home based business. Through the years, he traveled the
country on a 1994 Harley-Davidson motorcycle with trailer attending
rallies and working his business. In the Spring and summer of 1997,
he left Southern California and traveled to 27 states, logging more
than 17,000 miles while visiting such places as Sturgis, SD, the great
Smokey Mountains, the Ozarks and various other places of interest…All
while working his waterless car wash business.

In the fall of 2000 he and other business owners were instrumental in
starting a company that continued in the waterless car wash industry.
Several years later, he and Holly formed HAWGWASH LLC. Their
business mantra was to provide the consumer with the most
innovative waterless technology products available…One of the
highlights of their partnership was to detail for a legend of the Hells
Angels..Sonny Barger. On numerous occasions they can be seen
detailing motorcycles for the famous and not so famous.
In the summer of 2007 they were introduced to ULTRA LUSTER
WORLDWIDE, where they saw an immediate opportunity to bring the
best in waterless technology to their ever growing network of
customers and fellow distributors.
Since joining ULTRA LUSTER WORLDWIDE, they have traveled
thousands of miles attending motorcycle rallies in all corners of the
country while growing their business.
When not working his business, which by the way, is rare. Steve can
be seen riding motorcycles from California to Florida and places in

His future plans include growing HAWGWASH LLC and doing his part to
help ULTRA LUSTER WORLDWIDE maintain the cutting edge in the
waterless car wash industry.
Steve would like to offer some sound advice that has taken him from
the Marine Corps to this very day. ..”Develop a story and be willing to
share it. Whether it is something that happened years ago or just
yesterday…share your story. People, believe it or not are interested
and at the same time listen to THEIR story…Together, we can share
stories of happiness, sorrow and success…Build on relationships and
the rest will take care of itself”.

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