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					                                                 “Casa Alianza is not just a charitable organisation, it is more like a family in its
                                                 attention to detail and its care for the welfare of its volunteers."

                                                 Carolyn Eley, mother of volunteer Daniel Eley

                                                                                                           Want to do something different on
                                                                                                           your year abroad?
                                                                                                           Want to improve your Spanish &
“To feel that I was able in some small way to
make a difference to those so much less                                                                    make a difference to the lives of
fortunate than me was truly humbling,                                                                      street children?
moving, and yes I would go so far as to say
life changing.”                                                                                            Casa Alianza is an NGO dedicated to the rehabilitation and
                                                                                                           defence of street children in Honduras, Nicaragua,
Daniel Eley, Guatemala Volunteer 2006-2007
                                                                                                           Guatemala and Mexico. We work with over 12,000 street
                                                                                                           children a year - most of whom have been orphaned,
                                                                                                           abused or abandoned.

                                                                                                           A volunteer placement with Casa Alianza is demanding but
                                                                                                           incredibly rewarding. You can improve your Spanish,
                                                                                                           discover Central America and make a difference. Whether
                                                                                                           your interest is in development or human rights, child
                                                                                                           protection or teaching, counselling or medicine... We have
                                                                                                           something for everyone.
                                                “My Spanish soared (and I’m not just talking about the
                                                text book stuff!) The kids helped me live and breathe          To find out more about volunteering, please visit:
                                                international development far beyond what I studied.
                                                They taught me so much – from unconditional love and       
                                                kindness to how to dance to Reggaeton. They showed
                                                me the difference a simple hug can make.”

                                                Sara Smith, Honduras Volunteer 2004-2005
                                                                                                                      "Opening doors for homeless Youth "

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