Natural Resources and Trade Routes by liamei12345


									Natural Resources
and Trade Routes
 For centuries people have been finding
 ways to get goods and natural
 resources from one area to another.
 One of the great ancient trade routes
 was from China to Europe by way of
 the middle east.
Trade Routes
 Trade routes were simply ways for traders to
  get natural resources from their source to an
  area where they were needed.
 Trade routes would usually avoid mountain
  ranges, large expanses of deserts, and dense
  jungle whenever possible.
 Many trade routes existed that ran from
  Europe to Asia
More About Trade Routes
   Trade routes define a country.
   Trade routes generate traffic, traffic needs transport,
    land routes need roads, sea routes need safe
   Markets and settlements and tax collectors thrive at
    the crossroads and harbors.
   When trade flourishes the markets and settlements
    grow and the tax collectors grow fat.
   When trade slackens, or fails, markets and
    settlements dwindle and the tax collectors starve ( as
    if !. but a pleasant thought. )
Protection and Banking
 Each  trade route needed protection
  from robbers and bandits, and banks in
  which to keep money.
 Cities that sprung up along trade routes
  usually had both: a way of providing
  protection, and a place to do buisness.
 One example of such a city is the city of
 Petra was the city of rock “Petra is the Greek
  word for rock.”
 The entire city was carved out of rock. This is
  the reason that it still exists today.
 Petra was developed along a major trade
  route from Asia to the coast of Europe.
 However, as soon as the trade slowed up,
  Petra ceased to exist as a city.
Silk Trade
 One of the most famous trade routes from
  Asia to Europe was the Silk Road
 This trade route brought silk and spices from
  the far east all the way to Europe where it
  was sold for extremely high prices.
 However, the Silk Road was a route that was
  packed to the brim with thieves and bandits
  waiting to steal and kill anyone who crossed
  their paths.
African Trade Routes
 Two of the main items sold along trade routes
  in Africa were Gold and Salt
 Both of these items were in high demand and
  led to the growth of ancient civilizations along
  these different trade routes.
 In modern time, many of these civilizations
  have moved and now resemble uncivilized
  peoples who move about aimlessly, or they
  simply no longer exist.
Gold Trade
Tin Trade
What are natural resources ?

  Materials   that occur in nature and are
  essential or useful to humans, such as
  water, air, land, forests, fish and wildlife,
             topsoil, and minerals
Oil Production
 Oil is drilled either on land or on the sea.
 Sea production is handled by an oil drilling
 Land oil drilling is conducted by a drilling rig.
 United States receives most of its oil from Oil
  drilling platforms located in the Gulf of Mexico

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