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					Capacity Reservation Enhancement
Introduction and Overview
The Capacity Reservation enhancement is based on customer concerns on how
confirmation cuts associated with nominations on firm contracts scheduled through a
point of restriction are processed. These concerns relate to the fact that explicit
confirmation cuts for nominations scheduled through a point of restriction result in the
loss of capacity, meaning that if a customer has a nomination scheduled through a point
of restriction on a firm contract, and later that nomination is reduced through a receipt or
delivery side confirmation cut, the customer loses the capacity that nomination has
utilized. In the case of a receipt confirmation cut, this can prevent the customer from
making their delivery obligations. For a delivery confirmation cut, this can cause the
customer to lose its supply.

Specific features provided by the Capacity Reservation enhancement:

      Should a nomination be restricted and later reduced through an explicit
       confirmation cut, the capacity will be held for four hours.
      New screens have been developed to inform customers at a summary and detail
       level the amount of capacity in process for scheduled nominations through a
       point of restriction that have been cut due to an explicit confirmation.
      The new nomination priority must be equal to or better than the original
       nomination priority, or the nomination priority is lower than the original nomination
       priority but has not been restricted.
      If the new nomination increases are greater than the decrease made by the
       confirmation cuts, the incremental volume will be scheduled based on available
      The new Functionality will be implemented on the Algonquin Gas
       Transmission and Texas Eastern Transmission business units.
Capacity Reservation Process
Provided below are examples to illustrate the new Capacity Reservation functionality
and the timing associated with the confirmation cuts and any new nominations
submitted to regain the held capacity.

Example I
Example II
Capacity Reservation Screens
With the new Capacity Reservation enhancement, two additional screens have been
developed to display the amount of capacity being held for a particular confirmation cut
and the associated restriction at a summary and detail level. The new screens are
located under the Nominations menu item and Scheduled Quantity sub menu items.
Capacity Reservation Nomination Screen
The Capacity Reservation Nomination screen is the summary screen that will display
the total capacity reduced by explicit confirmation cuts, the amount of capacity re-
nominated after those cuts, and the status of the held capacity.

Filters are provided at the top of the screen to enter selection criteria to limit the amount
of rows retrieved and/or to find specific capacity reservations. These filters include the
gas day (‘Beg Date’), the contract (‘Svc Req K’), and the cycle (‘Cycle Timestamp’),
which is the nomination batch run time that the confirmation cut was processed in.
Additionally, leaving the ‘Svc Req K’ and ‘Cycle Timestamp’ blank will pull all capacity
reservations for that gas day. After all filter criteria has been entered, simply select the
‘Retrieve’ button to display the information in the data grid.
After a confirmation cut on a nomination scheduled through a point of restriction is
processed, the Capacity Reservation Nomination screen will display the cut amount in
the ‘Qty Decreased’ column with a status of pending in the ‘Capacity Reservation
Status’ column. Furthermore, multiple confirmation cuts within the same cycle will be
summed up to display the total cut quantity. The pending status means that nominations
have not been scheduled to utilize the held capacity. In the example below, a
confirmation cut of 2,500 was made and no nominations have been scheduled to regain
this capacity. This enhancement will now allow the shipper four hours from the cut time
to re-nominate and obtain that held capacity.
Once nominations have been made and processed through the restriction point to
obtain the held capacity, the ‘Qty Increased’ column will be updated with the delivery
quantity of the entered nominations. In addition, once all the held capacity is scheduled
by the system, the status in the ‘Capacity Reservation Status’ column will be updated to
scheduled. In the below example, the entire 2,500 was nominated and scheduled with
no more capacity being held.
After the four hour hold time has ended and the entire cut amounts have not been
scheduled, a status of cancelled will be displayed in the ‘Capacity Reservation Status’
column and the held capacity will be released. In the example below, the confirmation
cuts totaled 2,500 and the nominations scheduled to obtain the capacity totaled 2,000,
meaning 500 was released at the end of the four hour hold time.
Capacity Reservation Nomination Detail Screen
In addition to the summary screen, which aggregates all confirmation cuts and the
associated scheduled nominations, a detail screen is provided to display every
nomination that is a part of that capacity reservation line item. To access the Capacity
Reservation Nomination Detail screen, simply select the option from the ‘Related
Screens’ dropdown from the Capacity Reservation Nomination screen.
All nominations decreased due to confirmation cuts and all nominations increased
through the restriction will be displayed. The detailed information includes the activity
code, the receipt meter, the delivery meter, the requested quantity, the old scheduled
quantity, and new the scheduled quantity for each nomination in that capacity

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