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Stagecoach Moving Company - Estimate


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									                           Stagecoach Moving Company, Inc.
                                 P.O. Box 1218    Dripping Springs, TX 78620
                                        (512) 894-3417 - (888) 284-6332

                                         Moving Estimate
                        Please fill out this form for an estimate on your next move


    E-mail address:

       Home Phone:

       Work Phone:                                               Cell:

        New Phone:

  Current address:

       New address:

   Flights of stairs:    At Current Address:                    At New Address:

       Moving date:

   Hours of arrival:     Between:         AM / PM and            AM / PM

Please indicate quantity to the left of each item. If “none,” leave it blank. If you have items not
listed, add them in the blank spaces.

 Qty                 Item                Qty               Item            Qty             Item
       Area rugs                               Drafting table                    Piano
       Armoire / Wardrobe                      Dresser                           Portable TV
       Arm / Rec. Chair                        End table                         Refrigerator / Freezer
       Bar-B-Q                                 Entertainment center              Rowing machine
       King Bed                                Exercise bike                     Sewing machine
       Queen / Full / Twin beds                Dr. File cabinet                  Sofa / Couch
       Trundle / Bunk beds                     DD Fridge                         Stereo components
       Waterbed                                Glass shelves                     Stair stepper
       Bicycles                                Large glass top                   Treadmill
       Bookcase                                Small glass top                   TV / Stereo stand
       Box                                     Home gym                          Washer / Dryer
       Buffet server                           Hutch top                         Water cooler
       Chairs (small)                          Ironing Board / Vacuum            Weight bench
       Change table                            Large plants                      Yard tools
       Chest of drawers                        Lawnmower
       Coffee / Sofa Table                     Lamps/pictures
       Computer PCs                            Torch / Floor lamp
       Console TV / Stereo                     Love seat
 Qty                Item              Qty                Item            Qty       Item
       Copier/Stand                          Micro / Stand
       Credenza                              Mirrors
       Crib / Tot beds                       Nightstands
       Desk                                  Ft. Locker / Nightstands
       Off / Roll Desk                       Organ
       Desk chair                            Ottoman
       Desk extension                        PC China Cabinet
       Dining table                          Patio / breakfast


To send us the completed form electronically:
    (1) Save it to your computer.
    (2) Attach it to your message addressed to: info@stagecoachmoving.net

To send it via U.S. Mail:
    (1) Print out the completed form.
    (2) Send it to our postal address: P.O. Box 1218, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

                       Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you

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