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									                               CORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

                                     Semester 2 Examinations 2007/08

                              Module Title:             Computer Hardware

Module Code:                      COMH 6003

School:                           School of Maths & Computing

Programme Title:
Higher Certificate in Science in Computing in Information Technology Support – Stage 1
Bachelor of Science in Computing – Stage 1
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Software Development – Stage 1
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Software Development and Computer Networking – Stage 1
Higher Certificatein Science in Computing (ACCS) Semester2 – Stage 1
Bachelor of Enginnering in Civil Engineering – Stage 1
Bachelor of of Business on Office Information Systems – Stage 1

Programme Code:                   (KITSU_6_Y1) (KCOMP_7_Y1) (KSDEV_8_Y1) (KDNET_8_Y1)
                                  (KCOME_6_12) (CCIVL_7_Y1) (BBADM_7_Y1)

External Examiner(s):             Ms. M. Meagher
Internal Examiner(s):             Mr. D. Long, Mr. S. Lankford, Mr. B. Cahill, Mr. K. O Connell

Instructions:                     Answer Question 1 and TWO other questions.

Duration:                         2 HOURS

Sitting:                          Summer 2008

Requirements for this examination:

Note to Candidates: Please check the Programme Title and the Module Title to ensure that you have received the
correct examination paper.
If in doubt please contact an Invigilator.

                                                    Page 1 of 4                                COMH 6003
      a) Distinguish between RAM and ROM.                                            (5 marks)

      b) What is over clocking and what are the disadvantages of using it?           (5 marks)

      c) In determining CPU performance, why is clock speed no longer considered the most
         important factor?                                                          (5 marks)

      d) What is an IRQ and what is it used for?                                     (5 marks)

      e) What is a driver?                                                           (5 marks)

      f) What type of graphics card is most commonly found in the latest PCs?        (5 marks)

      g) What interface is used to connect to a hard drive in the latest PCs?        (5 marks)

      h) What is virtual memory?                                                     (5 marks)

                                                                                     [40 marks]

                                             Page 2 of 4                        COMH 6003
        a)   What is the function of DMA in computer systems?                           (5 marks)

        b)   Define the term “Plug and Play” and outline what 3 items are required in order for

             Plug & Play to work properly.                                              (6 marks)

        c)   Describe PCI Express outlining what type of data transmission take place. How does it
             differ from PCI and what are the speeds associated with different implementations?
                                                                                        (9 marks)

        d)   Give a diagram and describe the bus structure in a typical PC.
             Explain why it is beneficial to bridge the bus.                            (10 marks)

                                                                                        [30 marks]
        a)   Briefly describe the operation of a typical hard disk outlining how the various
             components of the disk operate. Illustrate the internal structure of such a hard disk.
                                                                                        (12 marks)

        b)   Briefly describe the operation of a DVD. In your description, explain the following:
                         i. Methods of DVD recording (e.g. +RW etc.)
                        ii. DVD layering
                       iii. DVD physical formats (i.e. what are typical data storage capacities of
                            the common DVD formats)
                                                                                        (9 marks)
        c)   Briefly outline the sequence of steps, which must be taken for installing and
             configuring an IDE CD-ROM drive.                                           (5 marks)

        d)   Using a sampling rate of 44,000 samples per second, what is the capacity in MB of a
             typical music CD? Show all calculations.                                   (4marks)
                                                                                        [30 marks]

                                             Page 3 of 4                         COMH 6003
      a)   Describe a motherboard outlining the names and functions of the most important
           components.                                                          (10 marks)

      b)   Why is the motherboard considered the most important component when building a
           PC?                                                                  (5 marks)

      c)   List two types of sockets that are found on modern motherboards and outline what
           type of processors are required for each.                            (8 marks)

      d)   What is cache give two places where it is found in a PC?             (7marks)
                                                                                [30 marks]

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