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					                                           RESIDENTIAL AND STUDENT SERVICE PROGRAMS

All mail to: 2610 Channing Way, MC #2272, ZIP 94720                                        ACCOUNTS PAYABLE                                                        3-3923 fax 
♦ ASSOCIATE VICE CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE                                         3-0056 fax      Cokes, Priscilla        Accts Payable Manager         prisco             3-6700
                                                                                             Frisch, Erich           Account Representative        emfrisch           2-1425
  RSSB Reception                                                                 2-2456
                                                                                             Jacobsen, Jeremy        Account Representative        jjacobs            3-5718
  Strong, LeNorman         Assoc Vice Chancellor            ljstrong             2-7781      Stovall, Edward         Account Representative        estovall           2-2228
  Raveneau, Robin          Exec Asst to the AVC (interim)   rraveneau            3-9870
  Harvey, Chris            Director–Capital Projects        charvey              3-6436  CAL HOUSING                                                               3-7126 fax 
  Fornoff, Kit             Administrative Assistant         kitc                 3-8369    Kniffin, Michelle       Associate Director              kniffin            2-8672
                                                                                           Family & Faculty Housing, Cal Rentals 
MARKETING/COMMUNICATIONS                                                     3-1222 fax 
                                                                                           General Information, Cal Rentals                                           2-3644
 Takimoto, Martin       Director                            takimoto            2-0622
                                                                                           General Information, Family                                                2-4109
 Chandler, Tess         RSSP Advancement Officer            tchandler           2-3985
 Addad, Roland          Visual Communications Coord         roladdad            2-6722     Pfeffer, Nancy          Cal Housing Manager             npfeffer           3-0436
 Fendel, Judith Yasnyi  Marketing Coord                     judithyf            3-8375     John, Cephas            Apt Leasing & Assign. Officer   cephas             3-6924
 Hastings-Smith, Monica Electronic Commun. Coord            mhs                 3-7040     Freeman, Genia          Apt Housing Coord               gfreeman           2-4109
 Tady, Carol            Visual Communications Coord         cjtady              3-9723     Zeff, Katelyn           Apt Housing Coord               cal08kmz           2-8671
 Stevenson, Keith       Publications/Production Spec        kstevenson          3-1219     Perkins, Elaine         Cal Housing Coord               eperkins           2-3663
 Sun, Matthew           Administrative Assistant            matthew             2-1282   Single Student Assignments 

♦ EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION PRGM                                             2-8033 fax      General Information, Single Student                                      2-4108
                                                                                             Craft, Christen         Cal Housing Manager           ccraft             2-3927
  Haste Street Center     2-6658             Infant Toddler Cntr         3-2151 / 2-7640
                                                                                             Harvey, Camille         Cal Housing Coord             camilleharvey      3-9871
  Anna Head Annex         3-0925             Anna Head                   2-1960 / 2-3239
                                                                                             Lee, Christopher        Cal Housing Coord             cslee928           2-8772
  Clark Kerr Preschool    2-5313             Child Study Cntr            2-7031 / 3-5449
                                                                                             Levitan, Ellen          Cal Housing Coord             ellenl             3-3716
  After School K-2        2-8442             CKC Infant Cntr             2-9795 / 2-9730
                                                                                             McDonald, Laura         Cal Housing Coord             lauramcd           2-9983
  Keeley-Saldana, Laura    Director                      lauraks                  3-6144     Gallegos, Melinda       Cust. Svc Coord (on leave)    mbenitag           3-8515
  Roberts, Randice         Program Relations Manager randice                      3-6145
  Sandri, Annette          Budget Manager                annettes                 2-1848
                                                                                  CAL DINING                                                                       2-6990 fax 
  Hansel, Christine        Program Mgr-ITC, CSC          hansel                   3-5449
                                                                                    Cal Catering (fax 3-7602)                              calcatering                3-8505
  Ehnle, Landi             Program Mgr-HSC               landio                   2-6673
                                                                                    Cal Dining                                             dining                     3-8323
  Wallace, Diane           Prgm Mgr-CKCs, AHs (interim) diane_w                   3-5527
                                                                                    LaPean, Shawn             Director (ofc @ Campus Rest) lapean                     2-6384
  Moreida, Marina          Admissions Coord              moreida                  3-1482
                                                                                    Davies, Chuck             Assoc Director               cdavies                    2-8810
  Martinez, Erika          Reception Assistant           airmartinez              2-1827
                                                                                    Aaberge, Luther           Asst Direc-Finance           laaberge                   3-5707
                                                                                    Golden, Suzanne           Asst Direc-Support Svcs      golden                     3-9753
♦ FINANCE                                                                           Laux, Michael             Asst Direc                   laux                       2-3273
  Flaharty, Bob           CFO & Director (interim)      bob_f            2-1127     Shen, Ida                 Asst Direc-Exec Chef         idashen                    2-4779
                                                                                    Solinger, Katie           Asst Dir (ofc @ Campus Rest) ksolinger                  3-3244
BUDGET & FINANCIAL PLANNNG                                            3-3923 fax    Thomas, Patrice           Customer & PR Mgr            pthomas                    3-1220
  O’Brien, Kathy          Financial Analyst             obrien           3-8819     Ferentinos, Shirley       Admin Officer                shirleyf                   3-9052
  Taylor, Larry           Financial Analyst             ltaylor          2-4031     Gomez, Alex               Employment Representative agomez                        2-3550
  Lee, Shirleen           Asst Financial Analyst        shirlee          3-6318
                                                                                  CROSSROADS and THE DEN, 2415 Bowditch Street                                     2-1376 fax 
CASHIERS                                                              3-3411 fax    The Den                                                                           2-3882
  General Information for Cashiers                      hsgcashiers      2-1524     Vasquez, Lucky            General Manager              lucky28                    3-0043
  Donato, Annie           Manager                       anniedon         3-6955     Finley, John              Unit Executive Chef          johnfinley                 3-8628
  Chen, Natalie           Cashiers Coordinator          nchen86          3-9867     Reich, Bob                Executive Pastry Chef        breich                     2-1849
                                                                                    Pineda, Ricardo           Food Service Manager         rickpine                   3-9053
PAYROLL                                                               3-8943 fax 
                                                                                    Boles, Bettye             Manager-The Den              bettye                     3-6496
  General Information for Hiring, Checks, PAN Requests                   2-3201     Fung, Florence            Admin Assistant III          ffung                      2-3142
  Davis, Cynthia          Manager                       crdavis          3-8662
  Hill, Della             Payroll Supervisor            dellar           2-4030   CAFE 3 and BEAR MARKET, 2400 Durant Avenue                                       3-6315 fax 
  Parkinson, Crystal      Payroll Analyst               ceparkinson      2-8399     Bear Market                                                                       2-6484
  Caballero, Penelope     Payroll/Personnel (on leave) eliana_m          2-4324     Jamison-Birks, Norma General Manager                   nojam                      3-2233
  Hampton-Amons, Tiffany Payroll/Personnel Spec         thampton_amons 3-5117       Berumen, Rogelio          Unit Executive Chef          rogelio                    3-8156
  Jones, Aaliyah          Payroll/Personnel (temp)      azjones          2-4324     Rothacher, Katherine      Food Service Manager         kroth                      2-7279
  Weaver, Cathy           Payroll/Personnel Spec        clweaver         2-4142     Olson, Gary               Food Service Supvr-BM        gdolson                    2-7279
  Moore, Candyce          Payroll/Personnel Asst (temp) hdspay           2-3201     King, Lula                Admin Assistant III          lula                       2-5392
                                                                                  STERN‐FOOTHILL DINING, 2700 Hearst Avenue                                        3-5802 fax 
♦ HOUSING & DINING OPERATIONS                                                       Walker, Brian             General Manager              bmwalker                   2-6217
ASST VICE CHANCELLOR'S OFFICE                                         2-6990 fax    Haney, Eric               Unit Executive Chef          haneyde                    2-8316
  Bankston, Eddie         Asst Vice Chancellor          bankston         2-8808     Murillo, Salvador         Food Service Manager         murillo                    2-9829
  Moore, Monique          Exec Asst to the Asst VC      twosons          3-8112     Jolivette, D'Afrique      Admin Assistant III          dafrique                   2-7050

ADMINISTRATIVE AND BUSINESS SERVICES                                                       CLARK KERR CAMPUS DINING, 2601 Warring Street                           2-1427 fax 
                                                                                             Stayte, Robert   General Manager          stayte                         3-8681
  Jurich, Nancy     Director–Admin Svcs                     njurich              2-5802      Modiano, Susie   Unit Executive Chef      smodiano                       2-6291
  Libby, Kurt       Buyer                                   klibby               3-1184      Wynne, Terry     Food Service Manager     twynne                         3-1185
  Morgan, Michael   Buyer                                   morganm              2-1670      Abraham, Paula   Admin Assistant II       pdaniels                       2-6292
  Wang, Winnie      Business Svcs Analyst                   winniewwang          2-1178
  Cortes, Don             Cal Catering Executive Chef    doncortes             2-6291       Bailey, Chana          Asst Director                   chabaile       2-5542
  Lui, Natalie            Cal Catering Coord             nwl                   2-9217       Coleman, Charles       Prin Custodial Spvr-Hillside    c.coleman      2-9708
  Lulu, Tete              Cal Catering 2 GO              tete                  3-8505       Kinnard, Mark          Prin Custodial Spvr-Southside   mkinnard       3-2676
                                                                                            Taylor, Pamela         Custodial Operations Asst III   pamtaylor      3-1590
CAMPUS RESTAURANTS                                                        2-9095 fax 
  Common Grounds     2-8455                              QualComm          664-4328 UNIT 1 FACILITIES (Cheney, Christian, Deutsch, Freeborn, Putnam, Slottman) 
  Golden Bear        2-7479                              Ramona's             2-3641 2650 Durant; Channing‐Bowditch Apts, 2535 Channing;  
  Pat Brown's Grille 2-1004                              Terrace Cafe         2-8903 Jackson House, 2333 College                                      3-6564 fax 
  Pro-Shop           3-9244                                                            Mitchell, Norton      Housing Facilities Mgr    nortonm            2-6672
                                                                                       VACANT                Custodial Supervisor                         2-9087
  Morgado, Gail             Gen. Mgr-RA, TC, PB, QC      gamgd                3-6385
                                                                                       Gonzalez, Teodora     Asst Custodial Spvr       teodor             3-1040
  Nuguid, Francis           Gen. Mgr-GBC, CG, Pro Shop   fnuguid              2-7567
                                                                                       Rodriguez, Adela      Asst Custodial Spvr       adrod              3-1040
  VACANT                    Food Service Manager
                                                                                       Hill, Patricia        Admin Assistant II        patriciah          2-3141
  Acosta, Rosan             Food Service Supvr-RA        racosta           289-6521
  Cheng, Mary               Food Service Supvr-CG, PS    yezmccp      2-8455, 3-9244 UNIT 2 FACILITIES (Cunningham, Davidson, Ehrman, Griffiths, Towle, Wada) 
  Guerrero, Graciela        Food Service Supvr-GB        graciala             2-7479 2650 Haste St                                                    2-7115 fax 
  Jacquez, Sandra           Food Service Supvr-PB, TC    jacquez           289-6523    St. Hill, Willis      Housing Facilities Mgr    sthill             2-3875
  Pena De Freitas, Graciela Food Service Supvr-GB        gguerero             2-7479   Cravanas, Brian       Custodial Supervisor      brianc6            3-5164
  Smith, Ronelle            Food Service Supvr-QC        nell              289-6524    Chiu, Jayvin          Asst Custodial Spvr       jayvinc            2-8303
  Kosienski, Christopher Admin Assistant II              ckosienski           3-3893   Turner, Raymond       Asst Custodial Spvr       rayt               2-8303
LBNL CAFE                                                               486-7243 fax   Punzalan, Carmelita   Admin Assistant III       merlep             2-3143
  Chacko, Sunil           General Manager                schacko             486-5357     UNIT 3 FACILITIES (Ida Sproul, Norton, Priestley, Spens‐Black) 2400 Durant; 
  Lambert, Morgan         Unit Chef                      morganlambert       486-5357     Cleary Hall, 2424 Channing; Manville Apts., 2100 Channing           2-0762 fax 
CONFERENCE SERVICES (2601 Warring Street #2288)                             2-4888 fax      Green, Leonard        Housing Facilities Mgr       l_green           2-3680
                                                                                            Farr, J.C.            Custodial Supervisor         j.c.farr          3-8815
  Conference Requests                                                          2-4444       Jefferson, Dwayne     Asst Custodial Spvr          dwayne            2-9709
  Summer Session Housing Requests                                              2-5796       Wong, Susana          Admin Assistant II           sukwong           2-5391
  DiBetta, Denise        Director                       ddibetta               2-1346
  Miller, Mary Ellen     Associate Director             melwest                2-3180     BOWLES/STERN/FOOTHILL FACILITIES 
  Halaka, Nikole         Conference Sales Coord         nikole                 2-0290     Foothill, 2700 Hearst Ave.; Bowles, Stadium & Gayley Way             2-9701 fax 
  Rudnick, Krysta        Conference Sales Coord         krysta                 3-0187     Stern, Hearst Ave & Highland Place                                   3-2768 fax 
  VACANT                 Conference Sales Coord                                2-3194       Gayles, Markie         Housing Facilities Mgr   markie                3-7261
  Fayerman, Lucy         Conf & Summer Prgm Coord lyudmila                     3-5529       Birks, Bobby           Custodial Supervisor     bdbirks               3-5475
  Troup, Megan (interim) Conf & Summer Prgm Coord mtroup                       3-2454       VACANT                 Asst Custodial Spvr                            3-1410
  Castro, Tara           Administrative Coord (interim) tcastro                2-4444       Thomas, Rodney         Asst Custodial Spvr      rodneyt               3-1410
  Farrell, Thomas         General Mgr, Lab Guest House tomfarrell            495-8158       Broadnax, Phyllis      Admin Assistant II       pbroadnax             2-9703
  Zerfas, Jennifer        Asst Gnrl Mgr, Lab Guest House                     495-8138
                                                                                          CLARK KERR CAMPUS, 2601Warring; Faculty Apts, 3001 Derby             2-0890 fax 
HOUSING OPERATIONS MAINTENANCE & ENVIRONMENT                 2-6990 fax                     Hyland, Kathleen   Housing Facilities Mgr  hyland                     3-8627
  Urdahl, Jeff       Director                 urdahl            3-6407                      Jones, Willie Ruth Custodial Supervisor    wrjones                    3-6435
  Weissenbacher, Amy Admin Assistant          amy_weissenbacher 25702                       Juarez, Noe        Asst Custodial Spvr     njurarez                   3-6435
  Adeyemi, Bo        Financial & Data Analyst aadeyemi          2-7195                      VACANT             Admin Assistant II                                 2-6290

  Work Order Center (office @ Slotman L06)               rssp_servrequest      2-2828 UNIVERSITY VILLAGE, 1125 Jackson St, MC 2282, Albany 94706  527-9934 fax 
                                                                                      SMYTH FERNWALD, 2939 Dwight Way, MC 2292                            527-9934 fax 
  Lee, Candi              Call Center Supervisor         candiklee             2-1493
  Chan, Myra              Assistant III, WOC             myc                   2-2804   Emergency Line (no voice mail)                                        528-8690
  Thi, Kate               Assistant III, WOC             katethi               2-1494   Tipton, Tavie          Associate Director          tippy         526-8505#213
                                                                                        Larsen, Karen          Operations Manager          klarsen       526-8505#217
                                                                                        Ahlbrecht, Gerlind     UVA Office Manager          gerlind       526-8505#211
  McBirney, Mark        Associate Director            markm                 2-5784      Garcia, Rosa           Administrative Asst II      garcia53      526-8505#220
  Cheung, Claudia       Budget Manager                claudiac              3-1221      Horowitz, Helen        Administrative Asst II      hkhorowitz 526-8505#210
  Qadar, Mubeen         Financial Analyst             mqader                3-4339      Pugh, Carolyn          Financial Analyst           cpugh         526-8505#216
  Peterson, Miyoko      Financial Svcs Analyst        miyokop               2-6878      Robleto, Lorena        Custodial Supervisor        robleto       526-8505#215
  Wong, Lawrence        Maintenance Analyst           wonglk                3-2312      Santillan, Alejandro   Asst Custodial Spvr         alesanti
  Central Maintenance (office @ Unit 1)                                  3-3495 fax     Winters, Jonathan      Maintenance Supervisor      jjwintrs      526-8505#214
                                                                                        Beldner, Lynn          Admin Assistant (ofc@Smyth) lbeldner             2-3653
  McCartney, Chuck      Trades Manager                mccartney             3-5356
  Narvaez, Frank        Trades Supervisor             fsnarvaez             2-1523   RSSP Grounds            527-9934 UVA fax, 642-6751 Central fax, 559-3119 Shop fax 
  Kolba, Arno           Maintenance Supervisor        arnok                 3-7435      Grounds Shop                                                     526-8505#263
  Wong, Melissa         Admin Officer                 wongmeiyen            3-7845      Pree, Stephen          RSSP Grounds Manager        stephenp      526-8505#261
  Trades Group (office @ Unit 1)               3-6079 (Unit 1) / 2-1754 (Unit 2) fax    Bilskemper, Tom        Grounds Supervisor          tbilskemper 526-8505#262
  Ahoy, Lai (Mike)        Lead Stationary Engineer     laiahoy                 2-1540
                                                                                          ♦ HUMAN RESOURCES                                                    3-9839 fax
  Decker, Bill            Lead Painter                 billdeck
  Greer, Ron              Lead Plumber                 rgreer                  3-4290     Ray, Carlos         Director                    carlosray               2-0582
  Lane, Jack              Lead Fire Alarm Electrician  bostonjack              2-5908     Anguita, Tanya      HR Assistant                anguita                 3-6253
  Miller, Todd            Lead Electrician             jtmiller                2-1543     Lee, Shannon        Compensation Mgr            shannlee                2-2310
  Moran, John             Lead Carp/Locksmith (ofc@U2) jmoran                  2-1745     Page, Lance         Training Manager            lpage                   2-5898
  Watson, Rick            Lead Steamfitter             rickwatson              2-1535     Ross, Judy          Sr. Recruiter               judyross                2-2314
  Design Services                                                           3-1222 fax  BENEFITS, ACCOMMODATIONS, EMPLOYEE/LABOR RELATIONS 
  DePianto, Jim (James)   Construction Proj Manager      jimdep                2-1560     Gonzalez, Javier    Employee Relations Mgr      javierg                 3-0437
  Chin, Mimi              Design Project Manager         mimichin              3-4338     Paige-Moore, Elysse HR Analyst (Accommodations) epaige                  3-6701
  Ling, Vanessa           Design Project Manager         vling                 2-1028     Palacios, Dee       HR Analyst (Benefits/ER)    deepals                 2-2311
  Metallo, Marianne       Project/CAD Manager            mmetallo              3-2011     Waite, Letrice      Benefits Specialist         letrice                 2-1179
  Central Housekeeping (ofc @ Unit 1, Slottman L17)                         3-1222 fax 
♦ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES                                                  2-2665 fax    NEW STUDENT SVCS (CalSO, Bridge, Overnight Host, Welcome Wk)   3-4395 fax 
  Help Desk (All Calls)                                  rssp-helpdesk         2-7700       General Information for NSS                                     2-4970
  Reception Line (Information Line)                                            2-3648       General Information for Summer Bridge                           2-5983

  Blackstone, Angela       Director and CTO              angel                 3-6925       Fong, Roseanne           Director, New Student Svcs   rfong                 3-8656
  Blankinship, Anna        Student Leadership            anna@rescomp          3-4837       Olivares, Cristobal      Program Director, CalSO      cmo                   3-2463
  Carlson, Adam            Chief Security Officer        ajcarlson             3-0631       Willie, Darryl           Program Director, CalSO      dwillie               3-2601
                                                                                            Sandoval, Nora           Program Dir, Summer Bridge   noras                 2-1590
APPLICATION SERVICES                                                                        Mowry, Jenne             Prin Publications Coord      jmowry                2-4881
  McCabe, Steven    Assoc Director                       smccabe               3-3019       Toffoli, Marissa         Editor                       mtoffoli              2-5465
  Griffeth, George  Application Integration              ggriffet              3-3148       Blossom-Garcia, Jackie   Exec Admin Analyst           blossom               2-8241
  Johnson, Marc     Applications Engineer                mjohn                 3-1565
  Mojado, Dennis    Web Applications                     dennis.mojado         3-1501     RESIDENTIAL LIVING (Single Student Housing)                                3-4395 fax 
  Rohani, Tina      Applications Analyst                 solton                3-7640       Ocampo, Dan          Director, Residential Life       dro2                  3-4510
  Sumikawa, Ken     Applications Engineer                ksumikawa             3-6760       Williams, Margie     Admin Assistant                  tray                  2-0636
  Sallee, Kristie   Applications Engineer                ksallee               3-9561       Holguin, Stacy       Assoc Dir, Res Life              stacy                 3-2600
                                                                                            Snider, Jessica      Admin Assistant                  jsnider               2-3280
CAL 1 CARD, 180 Cesar Chavez Center, Lower Sproul MC 2264                   3-3440 fax
                                                                                            Burns, Stephanie     Res. Psychologist (on leave)     stburns@uhs           3-2897
  General Information for Cal1Card               cal1card                      3-6839       Cohen, Aaron         Residential Psychologist         acohen@uhs            3-5017
  General Information for CalNet                 calnetid                      2-4126       Roby, David          Residential Security Sergeant    dlroby                2-8561
  Flanagan, Barinder      Assoc Director         bdf                           3-8442       Hershkowitz, Robin   Training & Staff Dev Spec        rhershkowitz          3-8565
  Nance, Reggie           Manager                regone                        2-8936       Carroll, James       Asst Director–Unit 1 & Apts/CL   jcarroll              2-9169
  Martinez, Jorge         Operations Coordinator jgmartinez                    2-7314       Tran-Taylor, Michael Asst Director–Unit 4 & 5         mdt                   3-4263
  Haskins, Pamela         Operations Assistant   pamelah                       2-8487       Wan, Rick            Asst Director–Unit 2 & 3         rick.wan              2-5764
                                                                                            Bache, Dana          Res Director–U1 DE/SL            dbache                3-1727
                                                                                            Castellanos, Diana   Res Director–U1 FR/PU            diana.c               3-6282
  Flanagan, Barinder       Assoc Director                bdf                   3-8442
                                                                                            Thomas, Shannell     Res Director–U1 CH/CR            shannell              2-0014
  Carson Jr., Earnest      Budget Manager                ecarson               3-8462
                                                                                            Joseph, Midhun       Res Director–Apts/CL             midhun                2-6922
  Chinnapong, Bow          Operations Coordinator        thaibow               2-8935
                                                                                            Champaneri, Anjna    Res Director–U2 CU/TO            anjna_c               2-0010
  Huang, Maggie            Budget Assistant              maggieq               2-5684
                                                                                            Delo, Kristin        Res Director–U2 EH/WA            kdelo                 3-9406
  Hudson, Gaye R.          Technical Trainer 3           gaye                  3-9327
                                                                                            Choi, Yoo Mi         Res Director–U2 DA/GR            ymc                   3-5812
  Kubo, Keiko              HR/Policy Analyst             keikokub              3-6926
                                                                                            Faughn, J'lissabeth  Res Director–U3 NO/SB            jlissabeth            3-2622
  Toy, Donson              Help Desk Coordinator         donson                3-6310
                                                                                            Paul, John           Res Director–U3 IS/PR            pauljr                2-0009
NETWORK & INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES                                                           Meyer Peek, Leslie   Res Director–BO/ST               lampeek               2-1726
  VACANT                  Assoc Director                                       2-6514       Crawford, Wade       Res Director–La Loma             wadec                 3-8873
  Muzzy, Bob              Windows Systems (interim)                            3-4880       Lowy, Nicole         Res Director–Hillside            nlowy                 2-9704
  VACANT                  Network Engineering                                  3-0816       Siecienski, Jen      Res Director–CKC                 jen.s                 2-9243
  Kwan, Leslie            Network Engineer Supervisor leslieyk                 3-9452       Xie, Michelle        RHA President                    rha                   3-9741
  Snow, Greg              Systems Architect           snow                     3-9916
                                                                                   FAMILY LIVING (University Village, Smyth‐Fernwald)                             527-9934 fax 
  Ekstrang-Abueg, Matthew UNIX Systems (interim)      mattea@rescomp           3-8052
                                                                                     Tipton, Tavie            Associate Director           tippy                 526-8505#213
RESIDENTIAL COMPUTING                                                                Black, Pepper            Program Director             fullmoon              526-8505#212
  Salvador, David         Assoc Director               david.salvador      3-0815    Akins, Shalina           Resident Director            sjakins                   542-3109
  DeGuzman, Vanessa       Technical Support Supervisor vanessa@rescomp 3-9937        Kim, Joonie              Residential Svcs Coord       joonie                526-8505#222
  Kim, Alex               Desktop Engineering          alskim              3-0629    Birnbaum, Dara           Comm Liaison/Dir.,Youth Svcs birnbaum              526-8505#231
                                                                                     Mitchell, Kerry-Ann      Youth Services Coordinator   kermit
♦ OFFICE OF STUDENT DEVELOPMENT                                                                               Family Resource Center                             526-8505#232
  Emergency Resident Director On-duty                              pager 425-8812                             Kid’s Corner                                       526-8505#234
  General Information for OSD                                              2-3213    Schwey, Matt             Head Teacher, Gymnastics     mschwey                   526-8965
                                                                                     Martin-Rugo, Dawn        Rec Program Director         dmrugo                526-8505#219
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'S OFFICE                                            3-4395 fax 
                                                                                     Lucas, Justine           Rec Program Assistant        jlucas                526-8505#233
  Sutton, Steve           Executive Director           ssutton             3-6849
                                                                                     Hernandez-Arriaga, Belinda Village Social Worker      528-5391 or           526-8505#230
  Blossom-Garcia, Jackie Exec Admin Analyst            blossom             2-8241
  McRipley, Lisa          Mgr, Comm. Dev. & Inclusion lmcripley            3-7129
  Padilla, Je Nell        Assoc. Dir, Plan. & Research Je_Nell             3-2599
  Taylor, Anne            Budget Manager               anne                3-4177
  Wixson, Erin            Mgr, Employee Svcs           ewixson             3-2345
  Kwong, Kathy            Budget Assistant             kkwong01            2-9624
  Chang, George           Resident Faculty-Unit 2      gwchang             3-9918
  Padilla, Genaro         Resident Faculty-CKC         gpadilla
  Suad Nasir, Na’ilah     Resident Faculty-Unit 1      nailahs             2-1591
  Williams, Duncan        Resident Faculty-Unit 1      duncanw             3-3260
ACADEMIC SERVICES (Faculty, Advising, Tutor, Computing)                     3-4395 fax 
  Gilbert, Troy         Director, Academic Svcs  troyg                         3-9843
  Richard, Anne Marie   Assistant Director       anne_richard                  3-7418
  Viharo, Monica Cortes Acad Prog Coord–Unit 1   mmcortes                      3-3420
  Lopez, Emmanuel       Acad Prog Coord–Unit 2   e.lopez                       2-8673
  Randazzo, Tim         Acad Prog Coord–Unit 3   randazzo                      2-1727
  Cruz, Annalyn         Acad Prog Coord–Foothill annalyncruz                   2-2907
  Bradley, Akirah       Acad Prog Coord–CKC      akirahjb                      3-0917
  Snider, Jessica       Admin Assistant          jsnider                       2-3280

        Call this number for general questions for the unit. 
              Updated 6/10.  Email with revisions. 

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