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					                   Colonial District – NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee
                                    Disaster Preparedness
                                  Camp Highroad - April 20-22, 2007

                                                    The events require some walking over uneven
1 Program Information                               ground, so in addition to dressing for the
The program for the 2007 Spring Camporee is         weather, Scouts should be prepared to do some
built on the concept that Merit Badge work is       walking between event locations and during
only the beginning in the use of the skills         some of the events.
learned. Individually, these skills can be used
to respond to emergencies, but when                 1.2    Lost Hunters
emergency after emergency arise, the result is a    Each Patrol will search for the lost hunting
disaster that requires combining skills for an      party following trail signs in the Scout
adequate response.                                  Handbook and help them return to the village
                                                    with their prey.
The camporee is not limited to Scouts who
already have Merit Badges because the central
method is the Patrol Method. It is up to the        1.3    Lost Miner
Patrol leader to know and use the resources         An Earthquake has caused part of the local
available to the Patrol, and to not try to do       mine to collapse, and one miner has not come
everything himself. The Patrol uses all its         out of the mine. The Patrol must go in after
intellectual and material resources to respond to   him, mindful of the poison gases that may be
a set of circumstances that might be met in a       there.
remote village of a fictional third world country
after a series of natural disasters.                1.4    Rescue Flight
                                                    The first rescue flight into the village has
                                                    crashed in the fog. The Patrols must locate the
                                                    flight, signal circling aircraft to drop needed
                                                    rescue equipment with mirrors and signal
                                                    panels, aid the injured flight crew and bring out
                                                    both crew and supplies.

                                                    1.5    Restore Communications
                                                    The Earthquake has also broken the village
                                                    telegraph line. In the relief supplies are radio
                                                    sets that must be assembled and messages sent
                                                    to the outside world. Sort through the message
  Filling sandbags to hold back the flood.          to decide which are the most important and
1.1     Program Events                              then talk to radio stations around the world.
There are four major events and several extra
credit events that will take most of Saturday.      1.6    Camporee-wide Activities
Each Patrol will go through four challenging        The entire camp will enjoy Saturday lunch
events, as many extra credit events as they like,   from a rescue mission soup kitchen. This meal
and will take part in camporee-wide activities.     is served centrally by camporee staff. The cost
                                                    of this meal is covered in the camp fee. Lunch

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                   1
will be two kinds of soup, chicken and beef.         1.10 Entertainment
Scouts of restricted diets should plan to bring      Each Troop is requested to have a song or skit
appropriate meals, to eat with the rest of the       prepared for the Saturday evening
camp.                                                entertainment.

1.7     Midway                                       1.11 Closing Ceremony
Between the four major activities there will be      Closing ceremony is on Sunday morning, at
six midway activities that Patrols may attend        8:30 a.m.
for extra credit. These events at Scout
Jeopardy (pick a category!), CSI, Lorton (solve
the crime), First Aid Baseball (know your hurry      1.12 Leave No Trace
cases), Map Symbol Baseball (do you know             In addition to cleaning up your individual
your map features?), the What Knot? Tree             campsites before checking out, each Troop is
(maybe they are not all knots), and Kim’s            requested to send one Patrol to camp
Game (how well can you remember what you             headquarters Sunday morning between 10:00
have seen?).                                         and 11:00 a.m. to help the camp staff break
                                                     down the event activities.

                                                     1.13 Junior Leader Training
                                                     For the 2007 Spring Camporee there will be
1.8     Adult Events                                 NO JLW activity.
Because of the nature of the camp program, we
will need a number of adult volunteers from
attending units to fill positions in the soup        2 General Camporee
kitchen. We will also need adult volunteers
from attending troops to run the Midway                Information
events. A food management team will organize
the cooking and serving, and the Midway Event        2.1    Overview
Leaders will have all the materials needed for       The program for the 2007 Spring Camporee
the Midway activities. Please be generous with       provides opportunities for Scouts to combine
your time. As B-P said, “If it isn’t for the Boys,   skills learned in First Aid, Emergency
it’s for the birds”. Rather than sit around the      Preparedness, Wilderness Survival, Pioneering,
campsite all day, come on out and help make          and other Campcraft and Woodscraft activities
this a better camporee.                              to help a remote village in the nation of
                                                     Gilwellia recover from several natural
1.9     Awards and Recognition                       disasters. This camporee is designed to give
Patrols will be evaluated at each program event      the Patrol Leader an opportunity to lead his
and awards will be given for:                        Scouts through various rescue events. Camp
        Best Camp Site                               program activities and training are explained in
        Best Troop in all events                     “newspapers” distributed to each unit via email
        Best Patrol in each event                    and at the February Roundtable.
        Outstanding Scout Spirit
        Best Skit                                    2.2    Method
                                                     The Scouting Method provides the overall
                                                     guidance for this Camporee. All Troops will
                                                     follow the Patrol Method in individual

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                   2
2.3     Webelos Scouts                             the soup kitchen after they are served their
The Spring Camporee will NOT have any              soup.
Webelos activities.
                                                   2.7.2 Brotherhood Ceremony
                                                   There will be a Brotherhood Walk Saturday
2.4     Program/Patrol                             night for Arrowmen wishing to make their
        Participation                              Brotherhood conversion. The walk will start at
All Camporee activities shall be undertaken by     the conclusion of the Saturday night campfire.
Patrols. Patrol leaders will be responsible for    Please RSVP to Kyle Ruempler at
ensuring the behavior of the Scouts in their For our LDS units,
patrols. All training and preparation for the      please note that there will be an afternoon
Camporee activities, therefore, should be          Brotherhood Conversion opportunity at Spring
undertaken by Patrols as teams.                    Ordeal.

The activities need a minimum number of            2.7.3 Call Out Ceremony
Scouts to be effective. We suggest that a patrol   There will be a Call Out Ceremony for all
have a minimum of six Scouts. Patrols of           newly elected Ordeal Members at the Saturday
fewer than six members may be combined, for        evening camp fire. If you DO NOT want your
event purposes. Such ad hoc patrols will be        scout’s names called out, please inform the
required to have an elected Patrol Leader and      Chapter Advisor at check in.
Patrol yell.
                                                   2.7.4 Night Games
2.5     Camporee-Wide Service                      The OA will host night games Friday night
                                                   after lights out. All Scouts are welcome to
        Project                                    participate. Meet at the Admin Tent at 11:00pm
At the request of Camp Highroad, no group          Friday.
service projects will be undertaken at this
Camporee.                                          2.7.5 Chapter Elections & Forum
                                                   Elections for Chapter Executive positions –
                                                   Chapter Chief, Vice-Chief Communications,
2.6     Religious Service                          Vice-Chief Inductions, Secretary – will be held
A non-denominational Vespers service will          Saturday during the OA Lunch. Swear in
take place after dinner, before the campfire       ceremony will take place at Spring Ordeal.
program on Saturday evening. Check with the
Admin tent at registration for location.           There will be a candidate’s forum following the
                                                   night games Friday night, where you will be
We are trying to arrange a Catholic Mass for       able to meet the candidates and ask questions.
Saturday evening. Please check with the Admin
staff at registration for details on time and      If you would like to run for a position, please
location.                                          contact Ben Geier at
                                                   prior to Camporee. Walk-in candidates are also
2.7     Order of the Arrow                         welcome.
2.7.1 Chapter Meeting
There will be a fellowship lunch for all Order     2.8    When and Where
of the Arrow members at 12:00 pm on                The Camporee will take place Friday, 20 April
Saturday, in conjunction with the camp-wide        2007 to Sunday, 22 Aril 2007 at Camp
soup kitchen lunch. OA members will meet at        Highroad, 21164 Steptoe Hill Road,
                                                   Middleburg, VA 20117.

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                  3
                                                         see that these policies are enforced within
2.9      Camporee Management                             his/her unit. Questions or concerns should be
The following individuals are responsible for            directed to the Camporee Director or to the
the Camporee program. If you have specific               District Executive.
questions, please contact the individual
responsible for the area. For general questions          2.12 How to Get There
contact the Camporee director.                           Camp Highroad is located at 21164 Steptoe
                                                         Hill Road, Middleburg, VA 20117.
Camporee            Bill Leister
Director                                                 From Rt. 50 westbound take a right onto
Program             Jim Stewart    stewartJ67@yahoo.c
                                                         Snickerville Turnpike (Rt 734). Turn right onto
Directors                          om
                    Owen           owenhammett@cox.n     Lime Kiln Road, and finally turn left onto
                    Hammett        et                    Steptoe Hill Road. Driving directions can be
Camporee Support    Tony Moller       obtained here:
Coordinator                        703-347-3645
Camporee            Judi           judimccuistion@hot
Registration        McCuistion
Communications      Bill       2.13 Camping
Net                 Stewart                              All campsites will be located in the same field
Health and Safety   Bill Stewart         (“The Outback”) at Camp Highroad.
Order of the        Tony Moller    703-347-3645
Arrow Advisor            
District            Ray Garant     Ray_garant@yahoo.c    2.14 Camporee Food Service
Commissioner                       om                    Units are responsible for bringing their own
Camporee            Norm           norman.j.johnson@ce   food and the necessary means for preparing it.
Quartermaster       Johnson
                                                         All troops will need 2 breakfast meals for
                                                         Saturday and Sunday mornings, and Saturday
2.10 Traffic Control and Parking                         dinner. In keeping with the camporee theme,
Parking at the Camporee is limited to the                the staff will operate a rescue soup kitchen for
marked area in the camping field. One car/truck          lunch (chicken or beef soup) on Saturday, the
with trailer ONLY may drive to the campsite              cost of which is included in the camp fee. If a
area to off-load equipment, but they must be             Scout or Scouter has a dietary restriction, they
removed to the parking area as soon as                   should plan to bring their own meals, but join
possible.                                                the camp to eat them. Units should eat Friday
                                                         prior to arrival.
2.11 Two Deep Leadership and
     Youth Protection                                    2.15 Emergency Contact
National BSA policy requires that "Two                   It is recommended that units should have
registered adult leaders, or one adult and a             access to several cellular phones, which could
parent of a participating Scout, one of whom             be used as a primary contact for members of
must be at least 21 years of age or older, are           their Unit. The Camporee Support Coordinator
required for all trips or outings. There are a few       number is 703-347-3645, but it should only be
instances, such as patrol activities, when no            used in case of emergency. Camp Highroad’s
adult leadership is required. Coed overnight             office number is (540) 687-6262. Anyone
activities require male and female adult leaders.        calling either number must know the
"National BSA policy also states that "When              individual's Troop or Pack number and, if
staying in tents, no youth will stay in the tent of      possible, the unit leader's name.
an adult other than his or her parent or
guardian." It is the unit leader's responsibility to

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                        4
2.16 First Aid                                      information will be used to establish program
The First Aid Station will be set up near the       plans, purchase supplies, and to assign
Headquarters area and will be marked with a         campsite locations. Units that do not pre-
prominent sign. All injuries, even minor ones       register must pay all fees at the Camporee
treated in Troop campsites, must be brought to      BEFORE a site is assigned or supplies
the First Aid station personnel for treatment       delivered, assuming any are still available. A
and/or recording. All program areas will have       pre-registration form may be found at the end
first-aid kits available. Additional information,   of this package, or you may register via e-mail
if required, will be provided at the Friday night   by simply providing the same information
leaders' meeting.                                   Send your pre-registration form to:
2.17 Parental Authorization
In case of serious injury or illness requiring      3.2    Registration and
emergency medical services or hospital                     Check-In
treatment, a health history record and a            For units that pre-register, their campsite
permission form signed by a parent or guardian      assignment, a Camporee map, and any other
are required. This form must be accessible to       relevant Camporee information will be
the adult leader/leaders at all times. If a Scout   provided at check-in. You will need to get your
is brought to the First Aid Station for any type    site assignment and a map before you enter the
of treatment, his parental authorization form       camping area.
should be available for review by the Camporee
staff. A sample form for unit use is included in    3.3    Campsite Assignment
this package.                                       All campsites will be by assignment. Please
                                                    camp in your assigned spot. Nearby fields not
2.18 Fire & Ambulance Service                       used in the Camporee will be used by Camp
In the unlikely event that fire or ambulance        Highroad for agricultural purposes, so please
services are needed, send a runner to the           do not enter them. These areas will be
Camporee Headquarters, so that an emergency         designated on your camp map.
call can be placed and the Camporee Director
can be notified immediately. If the emergency       3.4    Locating Your Unit’s
call is placed from a cellular phone within your
area, you still must send a runner to the                  Campsite
Camporee Headquarters to notify the Camporee        Each site is individually marked with a
Director of the emergency and to arrange for        numbered marker. After you unload your gear,
the emergency equipment to be directed to the       please move vehicles to the parking area.
correct location.
                                                    3.5    Camporee Fees
                                                    The cost is $20.00 per Scout or Adult for the
3 Registration and                                  entire weekend. This includes the camp fee,
                                                    Scout insurance, a Camporee patch, lunch on
  Check-Out                                         Saturday and materials for the various events.

  Procedures                                        3.6    Changes and Cancellations
                                                    Please inform the Camporee Management of
3.1     Pre-Registration Required                   any changes in participation or cancellations as
All units planning on attending should register     soon as possible. Due to the amount of supplies
by April 4 2007. This pre-registration              that must be procured for the Camporee late

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                  5
registrations may not receive all of the required   everyone respects and observes posted rules
materials. Cancellations after April 11, 2007       and regulations and follows guidance provided
will not receive refunds.                           by the Camporee directors and site
                                                    commissioners. Let’s be sure to leave the
3.7     Late Arrival & Early                        campground in better shape than when we
If a unit is not going to arrive Friday night,
please indicate this on your pre-registration       4.2    Ground Conditions
form. If your unit is going to leave Saturday       The camping will be in relatively flat grassy
night, make sure you indicate this on the final     fields with considerable nearby tree cover.
registration form. If your unit must leave on       Protect your tents by bringing sturdy ground
Saturday evening, and you have notified the         cloths and protect your body by bringing foam
Chairman for Administration, you may pick up        pads or air mattresses for a good night's rest.
your patches and ribbons after you have totally     There are only a few picnic tables in the
vacated your campsite and had the campsite          campground area and they are not to be moved.
commissioner sign the check out form.
                                                    4.3    Natural Habitat
3.8     Check-Out Procedures                        No trees, shrubs, or bushes will be cut within
Each unit will receive a checkout and program       the campground or neighboring areas. Wood
evaluation form at registration. Additional         that has fallen from trees will be left in place.
copies will be available from the Campsite          Do not molest or interfere with the area's
Commissioners. After you have cleared your          wildlife and do not play in the streams or ponds
campsite of all unit and personal gear, policed     within the campground.
the area, send someone to notify your
Commissioner. When the Commissioner                 4.4    Tent Ditching
arrives, he/she will inspect your camp and then     There will be NO tent ditching or other changes
sign off on the check-out/evaluation form.          made to the ground contours to improve
After the Closing Ceremony Sunday morning,          campsites. Remember that proper pitching of
bring your signed form to the Camporee              tents does not require ditching.
Headquarters and you will receive ribbons and
patches for your unit. All units should be out of   4.5    Cooking and Ground Fires
camp by noon.                                       It is recommended that units bring their own
                                                    stoves, grills, and fuel for cooking. Charcoal
3.9     Camporee Patches &                          and propane are recommended. Liquid charcoal
        Ribbons                                     lighters are not allowed. When using charcoal,
The Camporee ribbons and patches will NOT           ensure that you protect the ground cover by
be available until AFTER the Closing                using a fire pan.
Ceremony Sunday morning. If you do not pick
them up, they will be mailed or available at the    No open fires will be allowed at the troop
next Roundtable.                                    campsites. This includes ground fires, pit fires,
                                                    mound fires, etc.

4 Camping Guidelines                                4.6    Use of Liquid Fuel
                                                    The safety of our Scouts and Scouters must be a
4.1     The Campground                              prime consideration in the use of liquid fuels.
As members of the Boy Scouts of America, it is      The use of liquid fuels in lanterns and stoves is
our obligation and responsibility to see that       acceptable at this Camporee only if: 1) A

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                   6
knowledgeable adult provides supervision over         Each unit participating in the Camporee will
the storage, transportation, and usage of the fuel;   have its campsite inspected before it is allowed
and 2) Scouts have been taught the safe and           to depart the campsite on Sunday.
proper handling and usage of the fuel, stoves,
and lanterns.
                                                      5 Camporee Rules
4.7     Drinking Water
Potable water will be available at a central          5.1    Law of the Camporee
location, which is relatively close to the            As in all Scouting activities, the Scout Oath and
designated camping areas. Be prepared to carry        Law and the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the
water from our water source to your campsite.         Pack will be the Law of the Camporee. Any
                                                      individual, who does not act, as he should, may
Canteens should be carried during the program         be putting his unit's future Camporee privileges
on Saturday, as drinking water will not be            in jeopardy and jeopardizing future Camporee
readily available in the program areas. Proper        privileges of the Colonial District. Unit Leaders
hydration is key to keeping our Scouts healthy.       are reminded that their Scouts should have
To avoid the serious consequences of                  adult supervision at all times. Units that do not
dehydration, ensure everyone regularly                comply with these rules will be asked to leave
consumes water, especially as they travel to          immediately.
and from program areas and while in the areas.
Washing of dishes at the central water location       5.2    Camp Highroad Rules
is prohibited.                                        Portions of Camp Highroad are used for
                                                      farming and other agricultural purposes. At the
4.8     Latrines                                      request of Camp management, please observe
Portable latrines will be available at convenient     the following:
locations around the Camporee area. Please             Stay out of the fields which are not being
respect them and keep them clean.                         used for the Camporee. Especially do not
                                                          enter fields currently containing crops.
4.9     Trash                                             These areas will be marked on your maps.
Every unit should bring a supply of plastic            We will not be the only visitors to Camp
trash bags to securely bag their own trash. A             Highroad. Please do not go outside of the
single dumpster will be available for general             Camporee program area during your stay.
Camporee usage. Please keep the campground                Program areas will be designated on your
clean and do not leave bags of garbage                    maps. All other areas will be considered off
unattended; wild animals and birds love                   limits.
unattended garbage.                                    Please keep all pioneering projects in
                                                          designated pioneering areas and inspect all
                                                          campsites and any other areas used prior to
4.10 Campsite Inspections                                 departure for tent-stakes, ropes, tools,
The Campsite Commissioners will perform a
                                                          wood, or any other materials which may
health and safety inspection on Saturday
                                                          damage agricultural equipment (especially
afternoon. Units will be graded on good food
                                                          hay mowers).
handling practices, establishing a healthy
campsite, and providing a safe environment.            Do not attempt to pet, chase, or otherwise
Outstanding units will be recognized during the           harass any animals that you may encounter
campfire. A sample camp inspection form is                – particularly cattle and horses.
included in this package.

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                    7
5.3     Health and Safety                            5.3.7 Arms and Firearms
                                                     For safety reasons, firearms, pellet guns, BB
5.3.1 Lightning Plan                                 guns, or slingshots of any kind are not allowed
Camporee management will monitor weather             at this Camporee.
conditions via NOAA channels. In the event of
a nearby thunderstorm and hazardous lightning        5.3.8 Fireworks
conditions shelter should be taken in                Absolutely no fireworks are permitted,
automobiles if available, otherwise within the
tree line.                                           5.4    Proper Uniform
                                                     BSA Field Uniforms (Scout shirt and Scout
5.3.2 Pick-Up Trucks                                 pants or Scout shorts with proper socks) for
The Boy Scouts of America regulations state          travel to and from the Camporee as required in
that Scouts may not ride in the back of pickup       BSA regulations. Venturing Crews and Sea
trucks. This rule will be strictly enforced at the   Scout Ships wear unit-designated uniforms.
Camporee. It is the unit leaders' responsibility     The uniform for Saturday is the BSA Field or
to assure that all Scouts are transported in safe    the Troop Class-B Uniform. No military garb
vehicles with adequate seat belts.                   or fatigues, including camouflage, may be
5.3.3 Quiet Hours
All units will be subject to quiet hours and         5.5    Discipline
lights out from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Leaders         Leaders will be responsible for the behavior of
in each troop are responsible for enforcing          their Scouts at all times. Adult Leaders who are
quiet hours and lights out. Scouts returning         not helping in the events, should circulate
after the evening program should return quietly      through the events in which their Scouts are
in respect for those who are sleeping.               participating. Also, in past Camporees, pick-up
                                                     ball games (both supervised and unsupervised)
5.3.4 Flames in Tents                                have become a source of injuries. Leaders are
Cooking or lighting with OPEN FLAMES of              asked to discourage such games and urge boys
any kind is not allowed in any tent. Electric        to focus on Camporee activities. Sports
battery lanterns and flashlights or chemical         equipment should not be brought to the
glow-sticks are recommended.                         Camporee. Radios, televisions and
                                                     tape/CD/MP3 players should also be left at
5.3.5 Knives                                         home.
Sheath knives and knives with blades longer
than 4 inches, except cooking knives, are not
allowed at the Camporee. If any are found, a         5.6    Evening Report
member of the Camporee staff will hold them          Just prior to Taps and lights-out (11:00pm)
for the remainder of the Camporee. Folding           each Troop will send the Senior Patrol Leader
knives that are in a case or worn on a belt are      and his buddy to the Headquarters Tent to
permitted.                                           report that all members of the Troop are present
                                                     and in their campsite, or otherwise accounted
5.3.6  Illegal Drugs and Alcoholic                   for.
No alcoholic beverages of any kind or illegal
drugs are allowed at the Camporee.

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                   8
                                   Camporee Agenda
                                         Friday 20 April
10:00am – 10:30am Staff Arrival
10:30am – 3:00pm  Site Prep
                       Camporee HQ
                       Registration
                       First Aid
                       Water Buffaloes
                       Council Fire
                       OA Brotherhood Ceremony
                       Flag Pole
                       Campsite Designations
                       Program Sites
5:00pm –10:00pm   Units Arrive and Check-In
10:00pm – 10:30pm Leader’s Meeting/Cracker Barrel with SM’s, ASM’s, and SPL’s
11:00pm           Taps and Lights-Out
11:00pm           OA Sponsored night games and Officer Candidate Forum

                                       Saturday 21 April
7:00am                  Reveille
7:00am – 8:00am         Breakfast
8:00am – 8:30am         Flag Raising and Opening Ceremony
8:30am – 12 noon        Program Activities
12 noon – 1:00pm        Lunch
12:15pm – 1:00pm        OA Fellowship Lunch
1:00pm – 5:00pm         Program Activities
6:30pm – 7:30pm         Dinner
7:30pm                  Flag Lowering
7:45pm – 9:30pm         Entertainment
10:00pm – 11:00pm       Brotherhood Walk
11:00pm                 Taps and Lights-Out

                                         Sunday 22 April
7:00am                  Reveille
7:00am – 8:00am         Breakfast
8:30am – 9:00am         Closing Ceremony
9:30am – 11:00am        Break Camp
10:00 – 11:00 a.m.      Break down camporee events
11:00am                 Camp Inspection
11:00 – 12 noon         Participants Depart
12 noon – 1:00pm        Staff Departs
1:30pm                  Secured

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                     9
                      COLONIAL DISTRICT, NCAC, BSA
My son [ward] _______________________________ of Troop/Venturing Crew Number ________ has my
permission to attend the Colonial District Spring 2007 Camporee at Camp Highroad, Middleburg, VA from 20
April 2007 to 22 April 2007.

 I have read the list of recommended personal gear in the Boy Scout Handbook and have satisfied myself
that my scout is properly clothed and equipped for this activity.

I understand that that the following are absolutely not permitted at the Camporee: illegal drugs or alcoholic
beverages of any kind; firearms, pellet guns, BB guns, or slingshots of any kind; or fireworks of any kind.
                                                Parents’ Initials: ____________ Scout’s Initials: ____________
If, in the event of an medical emergency and I cannot be reached at the emergency telephone number provided
below, I understand that the chief Health and Safety Officer for the Colonial District is the person authorized to act
in situations requiring medical assistance. Unless I have noted otherwise in sections one through five, BELOW, my
son does not have any medical history [conditions, diseases, allergic reactions, etc.] about which a physician would



3.) ALLERGIES (include FOOD ALLERGIES. Note that the Camporee will provide chicken and
beef soup for lunch on Saturday):



INSURANCE COMPANY:                                             POLICY NUMBER:
SIGNATURE:                                                     DATE:

    Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                              10
                             COLONIAL DISTRICT SPRING 2007
                         Emergency Preparedness
                           CAMP HIGHROAD, MIDDLEBURG, VA
                              UNIT PRE-REGISTRATION FORM
Unit              Unit Type (circle one)          Troop               Team             Venturing Crew

 Camporee Participation
Number of Scouts attending the camporee
Number adults attending the camporee
                                                          Total Unit Participants

 Camporee Program Participation
Number of Patrols
Number of Order of the Arrow Members attending OA Lunch
Number of Scouts Attending JLW

Arrival date:                                   Departure date:
Arrival time:                                   Departure time:

Unit Leader Name
Unit Leader phone                 (H)
Unit Leader e-mail address        (H)
Unit Leader mailing

POC Name
POC phone numbers                 (H)
POC e-mail address                (H)
POC mailing address:

                Please return this form to Judi McCuistion by April 4, 2007 by e-mail to:

                      Please be sure to include all of the information on this form.

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                       11
                             COLONIAL DISTRICT SPRING 2007
                        Emergency Preparedness
                          CAMP HIGHROAD, MIDDLEBURG, VA
                            UNIT FINAL REGISTRATION FORM
Unit             Unit Type (circle one)          Troop               Team             Venturing Crew

 Camporee Participation
Number of Scouts attending the camporee
Number adults attending the camporee
                                                         Total Unit Participants

 Camporee Program Participation
Number of Patrols
Number of Order of the Arrow Members attending OA Lunch
Number of Scouts Attending JLW

Arrival date:                                  Departure date:
Arrival time:                                  Departure time:

Unit Leader Name
Unit Leader phone                 (H)
Unit Leader e-mail address        (H)
Unit Leader mailing

POC Name
POC phone numbers                 (H)
POC e-mail address                (H)
POC mailing address:

                  Please bring this form to Registration the day you check in.

                     Please be sure to include all of the information on this form.

Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                      12
Colonial District Spring Camporee Campsite Inspection Form

Inspected By: _______________________                                           Troop # _______
Criteria                                                                        Scoring       Points
                                                                                Range        Awarded
Camp Arrangement (patrol areas, adult areas, etc.)                             0 or 1 to 5
Troop and Patrol Areas Clean                                                   0 or 1 to 5
Troop and Patrol Areas Safe (tent guy lines, tripping hazards, etc,)           0 or 1 to 5
Campsite Gateway                                                               0 or 1 to 5
Camporee Program Posted                                                        0 or 1 to 5
First Aid Equipment (known location & accessible)                              0 or 1 to 5

Duty roster(s) posted                                                          0 or 1 to 5
Cooking utensils & equipment clean                                             0 or 1 to 5
Dishwashing equipment clean & dry                                              0 or 1 to 5
Tents properly pitched                                                         0 or 1 to 5
Fuel properly secured                                                          0 or 1 to 5
Fire Safety Equipment (water bucket, fire extinguisher, etc.)                  0 or 1 to 5

Water bottles with lids on                                                     0 or 1 to 5
Food stored properly & protected                                               0 or 1 to 5
Garbage container available and in use                                         0 or 1 to 5
Hand Washing Station                                                           0 or 1 to 5
No Food in Tents                                                               0 or 1 to 5

Dry sleeping area for each Scout                                               0 or 1 to 5
Sleeping bags neat and tidy                                                    0 or 1 to 5
Clothes and gear stowed in packs                                               0 or 1 to 5


Patrol Flag(s) Present                                                             5
Patrol Yell                                                                        5
Packs in Pack Lines or otherwise organized                                         5
Camp gadgets (present, in use, hand made)                                          5


Colonial District-NCAC Spring 2007 Camporee                                                            13

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