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									      Village Grove East HOA
A Newsletter for Our Residents                                          April 2011

            Spring is Here!                                Hot Topics
                                                Residents, Homeowners Association
                                               Fees were due January 31, 2011, if you
                                               have not submitted payment please do
                                               so immediately to prevent from being
                                                  referred to the attorney May 1 st.
                                                            Thank You!

                         IMPORTANT NEWS
                              Community Garage Sale
         It’s time to Spring Clean! Residents can have their Spring Garage
                        Sale without permit on April 28-30th!

                          Architectural Review Committee
           Village Grove East needs a resident/s to sit on the architectural
           review committee. If you are interested please contact Karen
              Langhart at Houston Community Management Company

                                 Pool Information
         2011 Pool Information is attached to this newsletter. You will also
           be able to get pool rules and our pool tag application via our
                        Spring Lawn Care Tips #1 – Keep Off The Grass

 Don’t walk on the lawn when it is still spongy and wet. If you do, then you will be creating more
   work for yourself. The footprints you leave, the damage you cause in the grass root zone, is
something that will take a month or more for it to naturally repair. Staying off the lawn for a week
                     or two to allow it to naturally dry out is time well spent.

                             Spring Lawn Care Tips #2 – Aeration

 Once the lawn does dry out , the healthiest things you can do for a spring lawn is to aerate. An
easy way to aerate your lawn is by giving it a good raking. Despite there being very few leaves,
 raking will pull away excessive harmful thatch and lets the grass come to life sooner. Aeration
               also makes it easier for crucial nutrients and water reach your soil.

                    Spring Lawn Care Tips #3 – Pull Weeds, Spray Feeds

 Pull weeds, overseed and fertilize. Before any kind of lawn feed should be used, make sure you
aren’t feeding the wrong kind of grass (crabgrass). Pulling weeds before they can produce seeds,
  their presence will be minimized over the course of the season. Then seed bare spots, although
      Fall is the best time to “overseed” the lawn as a whole. Finally, a light layer of fertilizer
     (otherwise you risk promoting disease and weeds). Scotts lawn care has a great fertilizer
 schedule if you need more info. Scotts vs Vigoro vs GPR vs Trugreen, which one do you ask is
better? All are good quality but we recommend Scott's as they have a high standard of consistent

                       Spring Lawn Care Tips #4 – Mow What Y Sow

  The best investment you can make is getting your lawn mower ready for the cutting season.
 Sharpen the blades, change the oil, clean air filter and the replace spark plug. This basic yearly
tune-up will keep your machine running smoothly and keep you working better and in harmony!
                               VGE Homeowner
Parking on Streets. Please keep in mind that parking on the street is never allowed. Pasadena Police
       Department will be enforcing this deed restriction for VGE from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Please
       park your vehicles in your driveway to avoid a citation. Parking on grass IS NOT allowed!

Motorized Vehicles. We are still receiving complaints of motorized vehicles in the community and
               detention pond areas. Let this serve as a reminder that not only is this action ruining
               common area but it is considered an annoyance to the surrounding homeowners that
               reside next to these areas. Please be courteous of your neighbors and if anyone is
               spotted performing this act – contact Pasadena City Police Department (713) 477-1221.
               The Pasadena Police Department will and has been citing people who are found violating
               this ordinance with a ticket with minimum $250 to $500 fine.

Home Improvements – ACC Applications. Please remember prior to making any changes to the
               exterior of your home or yard, you must complete an Architectural Control Committee
               Application and send it to HCMS for approval. Violators will receive a Deed Restriction
               violation and you can be sent to the attorney if not completed. Application is available on
               the website at

Sidewalks. Homeowner’s we know our sidewalks need improvement. If you have defaults on your
       sidewalk in front of your house, please call the City of Pasadena at 713-475-5555 and report the
       default so they can come out and get it fixed.
                   POOL SEASON IS COMING SOON!!

Village Grove East pool will be open on May 21, 2011. This year Village Grove East
 will use Facility Passes to assist Gulf Coast Aquatics Inc. lifeguards in identifying
    our residents. Proposed hours for the Village Grove East swimming pool are:

              Opening Day – Splash Day May 21st 10:00am to 8:00pm
Pool tags will be issued 10:00am to 2:00pm during SPLASH DAY. Please be sure to
                    stop by the pool and pick up your pool passes!

                 Open for partial operation during weekends in May
                  May 21, 22, 28, 29       Sat. 10:00am to 8:00pm
                                           Sun. 11:00am to 8:00pm
                   May 30       Memorial Day 10:00am to 8:00pm

                               Open for summer season
                        June 4 thru August 21 Mon. Closed
                        Tues. thru Sat.   10:00am to 8:00pm
                        Sun.              11:00 am to 8:00pm

       Open August 27th thru September 5th for partial weekend operation

            August 27, 28, September 3, 4          Sat. 10:00am to 8:00pm
                                                   Sun. 11:00am to 8:00pm

                 September 5 Labor Day              10:00am to 8:00pm

Holidays: If a holiday falls on a day the pool would normally be closed; the pool will be
                                 closed the following day.

 If you are interested in a life guard position, contact Gulf Coast Aquatics Inc. at 281-
      538-7946, 351B Columbia Highway, Kemah, TX 77565, or see the website

                                       Pool Registration Procedures
    Register now for the 2011 Pool Season. We are accepting pool registration forms from residents in good
    standing. You will be required to handle your registration through the mail, or via fax to 281/991-6536.


Please return this completed certificate to VGE Pool Committee to have your tags waiting for you the first
                                            day the pool is open.

                                                 Remember –

All Homeowners association dues must be paid in full by May 1, 2011 to receive a swimming facility pass.
            Pool Tags/Stickers cannot be issued if you have a balance on your account.

 Upon receipt of your new pass, please complete any information required on front of the pass. Sign your
 name on the back of the pass. All information must be completed in order to be valid. Use a permanent

No Walk in Pool tags will be issued at the pool, however if you miss Splash Day your tags will be at the pool
                                                 for pick up.

All residents will be issued 2011 stickers for the 2011 pool season. These will be placed on your blue 2006
    pool tags. Please bring your blue tags with you to splash day when you pick up your 2011 stickers.

                   Household residents over the age of 8 are eligible to receive pool tags.

                              Residents may bring in up to two guests per tag.

      If this form is misplaced, another form can be printed at the VGE Homeowners Association website at You will not receive pool tags without this Certificate being completed and returned
                                           to the VGE Pool Committee.

 If you are interested in a private pool party, please contact Gulf Coast Aquatics Inc. at 281-538-7946, 351B
             Columbia Highway, Kemah, TX 77565, or see the website

                                  Late Registration Procedures
     After SPLASH DAY on MAY 21, 2011 complete the Swimming Facility Pass (found on the website at
              and mail your registration to:

                                              Debbie Tremont
                                           4206 White Water Ct.
                                           Pasadena, Texas 77505

 Pool tags will be available for pickup at the pool approximately 2 – 3 weeks after registration is received.

                      *Remember-Do not wait until SPLASH DAY to fill out your form!

   The Pool committee hopes you will have a safe, fun filled summer! If you are interested in volunteering or
 helping plan some of the activities associated with the pool committee or any of the committees associated with
     our Homeowners’ Association, please contact Debbie Tremont ( or Phyllis Myers
                       ( We would love to have you join us!
                                  VGE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION
                               **2011 POOL VALIDATION CERTIFICATE**

PROPERTY OWNER’S NAME: ______________________________________________

PROPERTY ADDRESS:                                                                    ______________

RESIDENT’S Phone Number: _______________________________________________

                                         Tags issued to Residents ONLY.

 All Residents including parents                   Tag Type                              2011 Sticker or Tag
 Household Residents

             Names                        Adult         Youth          Child         Existing      New Tag       Tag #
                                                        (9-17)         No Tag        Tag #

              All household residents agree to abide by all rule and conditions of use for the VGE Pool…

                          ***** A resident may not sponsor another VGE resident as a guest.

                           ***** Dues must be paid in full before tags/stickers will be issued.

          ***** It is the responsibility of the resident to validate that the registration is correct and accurate.

       ***** Pool tags will be available for pickup at the pool on Splash Day or approxi mately 2 – 3 weeks after
                                                 registration is received.

                                      Signature ______________________________
                                                  Return Certificate to:
                                     VGE Homeowners Association, Pool Committee
                                                 4206 White Water Court
                                                  Pasadena, Texas 77505
                                                    Fax 281-991-6536
                                 VGE POOL RULES

1. The Lifeguard has full and final authority on all matters concerning the pool.
2. No resident will be admitted without a current facility pass. Children 8 yrs. old
and under do not require a facility pass.
3. Guests are permitted only with a resident with a current facility pass, two guests per
facility pass. A resident may not sponsor another VGE resident as a guest.
4. Children 12 yrs. old and under must be accompanied by an 18 yr. old or an adult
guardian. Parents and guardians are responsible for supervision of children.
5. Lifeguards only in the guardroom and pump room.
6. No diving.
7. No running or excessive horseplay.
8. No floating devises (floaties, rafts, inner tubes…) during high occupancy. Toys are
allowed (only soft materials) at Lifeguard’s discretion.
9. No loud, abusive, vulgar language.
10. No pets, except Seeing Eye dogs in the pool area.
11. No electrical cords, battery operated radios only at a low volume.
12. No glass items in pool or pool areas.
13. No food, drinks, or gum in the pool.
14. No alcoholic beverages.
15. No smoking.
16. Appropriate swim wear only.
17. Patrons with open cuts and sores are not allowed in the pool.
18. There will be a safety break of 10 min. at 10 min. until the hour, each hour the pool is
open except the last hour. Adults only may swim at that time (18 yrs and up).
19. Babies and Toddlers MUST wear swim diapers.
20. Shower before entering the pool.
21. These rules are subject to change by the VGE Homeowners Board of Directors.
                                 VGE SLIDE RULES

1. Must pass a swim proficiency test administered by the life guards prior to using the
slide. (Those to be tested are at the life guard’s discretion)
2. Only one person to be on the slide at a time, this includes the stairs as well as the slide.
3. No one is to be in the pool in the slide area during slide operating times.
4. No waiting at the bottom of the slide to catch the slider.
5. Violation of any of the slide rules will be met with one warning and then dismissal
from the pool area.
6. No toys or floatation devises of any kind on the slide. (this includes, but is not limited
to, life vests, wings, rings, safety swimsuits)
7. Must slide in a sitting position, feet first.
8. The life guard has full and final authority on all matters concerning the slide.
9. No jumping from slide.

                                     Joe Tremont – President
                                   Terry Hoppe – Vice President
                                     Randy Barnes – Secretary
                                     Brooke Sabo – Treasurer
                                     Bianca Gracia - Director
                         Important Telephone Numbers
Emergency: Police, Fire & Ambulance          911     Harris County
Poison Control Center               713-654-1701     Tax Office – Don Sumners         713-368-2000
Non – Emergency Police               713-477-1221    County Comm.– Jack Mormon Pct 2.713-755-6220
Village Grove East Home Owners Association, Inc.     Mosquito Control Division        281-440-7928
c/o Houston Community Management Services
17049 El Camino Real, Suite 100      832-864-1200    City of Pasadena
Houston, Texas 77058              Fax 281-218-6973   City of Pasadena Water-Billing   713-475-5566
                                                     City of Pasadena Sewer Dept      713-475-7851
Karen Langhart - Association Manager                 Street Lights                    713-207-2222
Phone Number: 832-864-1237 (direct line)             Animal Control                   281-991-0602
Email:                         Mayor’s Hotline                  713-475-5555

Pool Company
Gulf Coast Aquatics                                  281-538-7946

                 For more information visit us at

                                                                             US POSTAGE
                                                                            WEBSTER TX
                                                                            PERMIT NO 48

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