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peter hook speaks


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									                           january 2010

peter hook

post-apocalypt|c   stero|ds: male
c|nema                perfect|on?
dead authors       healthy l|v|ng
                                              issue four                        january 2010

Note from the editor:
change is afoot in the pulp office:
James harker has resigned and i have
stepped into the editors post. hello!
if you have been enjoying his rather
witty ‘secret histories’, then fear not;
they aren’t going anywhere.
                                            12                                                                   18
   whilst i like to think that this         steroids                                                             literature
magazine can represent a broad              male size zero                                                       dead authors
range of interests, this is by no means
   four musicians are interviewed
in this edition, and they all advocate
                                            22                                                                   28
an individualist, diy approach to
music. we’re not all musicians, but         art                                                                  music
the pro-active sentiment behind this        animalation at
                                                                                                                 peter hook &
is something that student life, and by      manchester art
extension pulp magazine thrives on.         gallery
   so why not try and write for pulp?
if you aren’t haemorrhaging from the
stress of January deadlines and exams,
we welcome ideas for features and
could always use more photography
and artwork. assemble a portfolio of
whatever work you have and start
pimping yourself out!
   But more importantly, always
remember that this is your magazine.        4                                                                    11
if your interests are not being
represented then they probably
                                            my life                                                              how to
                                            choreographer                                                        use your diet to
should be. you don’t have to want to        kathryn                                                              prepare for an
contribute. Just let us know what you       shakeshaft                                                           exam
think. you can get in touch with pulp
for anything at s.u.pubs@mmu.ac.uk .

Jonathan Barlow
                                            14                                                                   24
                                            secret                                                               film
                                            histories                                                            post-apocalyptic

                                            32                                                                   34
                                            Budgeting                                                            archive
editor: Jonathan Barlow                                                                                          Berlin wall

design: amy turner
suB-editor: thomas aBel

                                           cover photography: peter Bircák

                                           charlie Bennett, peter Bircák, Jonny carrington, Bethany gray, James harker, rae hicks,
                                           helen pownall, katy mutch, fay schofield, neil thomason, meg vickers, michael yarwood
     “this piece would
     be totally different
     if evgeniou didn’t
     perform it.”

4   issue four
my life

                                                                                                                                            agony aunt
                                                                                                                                            my life
                                                    What attracted you to                     underwater screaming. we’ll see
                                                    choreography?                             the face and the bubbles, moving
                                                                                              through the water in different places

                                                    i joined my cheerleading team at          – rivers and swimming pools. we
                                                    secondary school, then started            have started choreographing a new
                                                    gcse dance. i started to really enjoy     section based on swimming and fish:
                                                    choreographing material, and seeing       the audience will be watching this
                                                    where i could take the dance. i did       section through a pint of water. then
                                                    my first choreography on women            the dancer will be submerging herself

                                                    who abuse their husbands; ever since      into a tank of water, to see the effect
                                                    then i have loved choreography. i like    this will have on her movement, body
                                                    how free you can be with it, and take     and hair.
                                                    it where you want. there is nothing
                                                    to hold you back, there are no rules      How collaborative/enjoyable is the
                                                    or boundaries and that is what i like     experience of working with your

                                                    the most. i don’t have to be like         dancers?
                                                    everyone else.
                                                                                              the dancer, alice evgeniou, was very
                                                    Do you feel there is anything             easy to work with: i really enjoyed it.
                                                    exclusive to this medium that             evgeniou understood what i wanted
                                                    cannot be communicated any other          for the dance and from her, evgeniou
kathryn shakeshaft’s Bursting is an innovative      way?                                      helped choreograph the piece. i gave
                                                                                              evgeniou words and she made a
choreography about water. it demonstrates           having a live audience brings a           gestural movement from that word,
ideas such as the loss of water through breathing   different element into play. dance        then we turned that into a phrase. i
                                                    is a sensory experience that is           am looking forward to working with
and beer being more hydrating than water. the       expressed through this non-verbal         evgeniou again this year; this piece
piece uses a plethora of innovative movement        communication. you cannot recreate        would be totally different if she didn’t
                                                    this intimate interaction through any     perform it.
qualities. shakeshaft plans to extend the work by   other media.
                                                                                              Do you have any other projects
adding movements on swimming, fish and using        For Bursting, why did the topic of        lined up?
an underwater video piece.                          dehydration appeal?
                                                                                              i have just started on a new project
                                                    i started by looking at a pint of water   based on improvisation, seeing if you
                                                    and researching it. i found the facts     can use planned choreography and
                                                    and words i could associate with          improvisation on the day. having set
                                                    this pint of water i was looking at       phrases for the dancer, mixing them
                                                    fascinating.                              up on the day and seeing how the
                                                                                              audience react. it will be interesting
                                                    Are you going to expand this project      to see what differences there are
                                                    in anyway?                                with each improvisation. i will also be
                                                                                              helping choreograph a piece about
                                                    i am expanding this piece to 25           time, weight and space, on a poem
                                                    minutes, for one of my units. there       written by one of the students.
                                                    will be a video section of the dancer

                                                                                                                               issue four            5
student officers
                                                                                >>   andy
                                                                 Day One
                                                                 Breakfast: Banana.

                                                                 Lunch:     ham, cheese and pickle sandwich, chocolate
                                                                            bar, fizzy drink.
                                                                 Dinner:    Battered cod and chips
                                                                 Drinks:    one litre of water, two cups of tea, one cup of
                                                                            orange juice.

                                                                 Day Two
                                                                 Breakfast: corn flakes.
                                                                 Lunch:     ham, cheese and salad sandwich, crisps,
                                                                            chocolate bar.

E    ver kept a food diary? You’d be surprised at how            Dinner:    tomato and herb pasta bake
                                                                 Drinks:    one litre of water, one pint of lager, two cups
     badly you eat when you don’t plan your meals                           of tea.
     properly. Food diaries help you identify problem areas
                                                                 Day Three
and you’ll start to make much more conscious choices
                                                                 Breakfast: Banana.
about what you eat.                                              Lunch:     turkey, cheese and salad sandwich, 250g of
   Human Nutritionist Graduate Rachael Powell analysed                      oreo biscuits.
                                                                 Dinner:    tomato, herb and pasta bake.
the eating habits of MMUnion officers, to find out if they eat   Drinks:    one litre of water, two cups of orange juice,
what they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.                             one cup of tea.

                                                                 This diet provides the ideal amount of energy and plenty
                                                                 of water. Drinking enough water (6-8 glasses a day) is
                                                                 very important, and moves nutrients around the body.
                                                                 Moderate consumption of alcohol is fine within the limit
                                                                 of 3-4 units a day for males. The diet is low in Vitamin A
                                                                 which is important for vision, a strong immune system
                                                                 and healthy skin. It can be increased by adding fish, eggs,
                                                                 yoghurt or liver to the diet. Too much of the energy
                                                                 provided is from saturated fats e.g. cheese, crisps,
                                                                 chocolate and biscuits. Saturated fats raise cholesterol
                                                                 levels, which can lead to heart disease. Replacing these
                                                                 foods with unsaturated fat sources such as oily fish,
                                                                 nuts, olive oil and avocados will reduce cholesterol
                                                                 levels and keep you slim.

8     issue four
                  >>    leanne

                                                                                                                     food diaries
Day One
             two buttered crumpets.
                                                     there is a lack of iron
             tuna pasta bake.
             one litre of water, one hot
                                                     which is commonly
             chocolate, one cup of tea.
                                                     seen in young females
Day Two
Breakfast: wheat cereal.
                                                     due to a higher

           salad (hummous, couscous, potato,
           mushrooms, sweet corn).
           rump steak, green salad and jacket
           potato.                                   The diet doesn’t provide enough energy
Snacks:    chocolate biscuits.                       recommended for a female this age. There
Drinks:    one litre of water, blackcurrant and      is some balance, such as the steak meal
           soda.                                     and there are lots of fruit and vegetables,
                                                     but some meals (such as soup and an apple
                                                     for lunch) could be expanded to include
Day Three                                            wholegrain starchy foods. There is a lack
Breakfast: two pieces of toast with jam.             of iron which is commonly seen in young
Lunch:     lentil soup, apple.                       females due to a higher requirement. An
Dinner:    garlic chicken with roast sweet           addition of meat and green vegetables such as
           potato, carrot, beetroot.                 broccoli and string beans would help increase
Drinks:    one glass of orange squash, one           iron content. The calcium content is also
           pint of water, two glasses of rosé,       below recommendations. It is important to
           half pint of cider, half pint of lager,   eat enough calcium found in dairy products
           four vodka/energy drinks.                 for optimum bone health.

                 >>    andy
Day One                                              Vegetarian diets can be just as healthy as any
                                                     other providing they have a diet low in fat
Breakfast: tomato soup, buttered white toast.
                                                     and sugar and rich in fruit, vegetables and
Lunch:     soup, prawn wrap, tuna salad.
                                                     starchy foods. Vegetarians often lack protein,
Dinner:    king prawn jalfrezi, naan bread,
                                                     which is the case here. Make sure you include
                                                     more high protein foods such as soy, tofu and
Snacks:    Buttered toast.
                                                     dairy products on a regular basis. The amount
Drinks:    one litre of diet cola, two pints of
                                                     of energy provided from fat is too high,
           milk, one cup of tea.
                                                     which increases the chances of weight gain,
                                                     heart disease and type-two diabetes. Alcohol
Day Two                                              consumption is way over the recommended
Breakfast: Buttered toast.                           guideline, increasing the chances of
Lunch:     two vegetarian pasties, tomato            developing cirrhosis of the liver, oral cancers,
           soup.                                     high blood pressure and strokes. You can
Dinner:    rice with soy sauce, vegetarian           find out if you are drinking too much on
           mincemeat ariabiata, half 12”             drinkaware.co.uk. This diet doesn’t lack
           pizza.                                    vitamins and minerals, which is probably due
Snacks:    chocolate buttons, chocolate bar.         to vegetarian alternatives consumed.
Drinks:    one cup of tea, one litre of diet
           cola, two pints of milk, one gin and
                                                     vegetarians often
Day Three
             vegetarian mincemeat.
             caesar salad, vegetarian burrito.
                                                     lack protein, which
             half 12” pizza, wedges and dips.
             one cup of tea, one french
                                                     is the case here.
             martini, four sambucas, ten
             whiskey and colas, one tutti frutti.                                                       issue four              9
        how to use yourfor antoexam

                                                                                                                                                          how to...

                                                                      02. have a good
                                                                      breakfast                              03. |ron & f|bre
                                                                                                             iron & fibre is also important for
                                                                      it’s important to consume a decent
                                                                                                             concentration and focus and is
                                                                      amount of whole grain foods
                                                                                                             something to bear in mind for
                                                                      during the day, and breakfast
                                                                                                             your diet. there’s plenty of it in
                                                                      cereals can be a good source for
                                                                                                             many things, but make sure you’re
        01. get out of bed!                                           this. things like granola or muesli
                                                                      are ideal. alternatively a bacon
                                                                                                             getting some. red meat, eggs, leafy
                                                                                                             greens, even bran flakes are all
                                                                      sandwich is a great source of
        it’s always nice to spend an extra few minutes curled                                                excellent sources.
                                                                      protein, which provides you with
        up in bed, especially in manchester winters when it’s         plenty of energy and stops you
        warm under the covers and cold outside. But resist!           feeling hungry throughout the day.            07. omega-3
        getting out of bed promptly will ensure you have an           or in the middle of that important
        alert and focussed start to the day. a regular sleep          exam when you really won’t want               tuna and salmon are not only a
        pattern of 8 hours is recommended.                            a distraction.                                good source of protein but also
                                                                                                                    omega-3. we’ve been hearing
                                                                                                                    a lot about omega-3 lately. in
                                                                                                                    case you don’t already know
                                                                                                                    it’s an unsaturated fatty acid.
                                                                                                                    it’s been proven to improve
                                                                                                                    memory retainment and increase

                                                                             06. balanced evening
04. lunch (verb)                                                             meal
                                     05. fruit & veg
sandwiches are a common                                                      an even balance of carbohydrates,
                                     the hype surrounding the ‘5 fruit       protein and vegetables is key to a
lunch for a reason. lovely carby
                                     and veg a day’ is easy to dismiss       good evening meal. especially the
bread is a vital part of keeping
                                     but is a good guideline. it has a       night before an exam – never sleep
yourself well fed throughout
                                     wide range of health benefits, but      on an empty stomach. this can be
the day. carbohydrates release
                                     most relevant to the exam period        achieved with something like fish,
energy slowly, so are much more
                                     is the fortification of brain cells.    potatoes and a leafy salad. or a
valuable than sugars. it’s also an
ideal time to top up with some                                               healthy pasta if you haven’t had any
                                                                             whole grain.
lean protein meats like turkey,
white meat chicken, lean ham,
                                                                                                                    09. have a qu|et
tuna or,                                                                                                            even|ng |n…
or egg and
                                                  08. keep eat|ng!                                                  calm down. stress is dehydrating
cheese if                                         snacking throughout the day is a good idea when you need to       (so make sure you keep drinking
you aren’t                                        focus on revision. so long as you’re controlling your snacking.   water too). have a long, relaxing
into dead                                         Bananas are a valuable source of protein, potassium and           evening in, off the revision. foods
animal.                                           vitamin B, which will keep your immune system in shape.           like turkey and lettuce have a
                                                  this is a good idea in general, but you really don’t want to be   relaxing effect on brain functions,
                                                  sick for an exam! other antioxidants you can snack on include     but in the evening why not curl up
                                                  dark chocolate and green tea, but caffeine and cocoa do           with a warm glass of milk.
                                                  interfere with brain functions, so don’t have too much.
                                                                                                                                            issue four         11
                  the male
                  size zero                                      by neil thomason

                            he calvin klein underwear model. the aftershave model.
                            seems like these days every man is a glamorous large-
                            muscled hunk. if you’re a billboard fan at least. some
                            young men feel the need to mimic this in the same way
                  unnaturally slender ‘size zero’ models and actresses put a lot more
                  young women under pressure. anabolic steroids have always been
                  the quick-fix answer to this. yet steroid use is down. prevalence of
                  use rates dropped ages ago and have been stable for well over a
                  decade. so can it be significant if it only constitutes the insecurities
                  of a hyper-masculine minority group?

                  doctors vs.                the British crime survey 2008-2009
                                             found that 50,000 16-24 year-olds have
                  the statistics             used anabolic steroids in their lifetime.
                                             there are nearly 70 million of us in the
                  united kingdom. so that’s not many, right?
                      maybe. But these statistics have been widely challenged.
                  treatment centres are reporting that steroid use has actually trebled
                  in the last few years. this might suggest more users are seeking
                  help to resolve health problems. even so, the amount of users
                  must be increasing for this to be the case. Jim mcveigh, head of
                  substance abuse at liverpool John moores university, claims that
                  the actual numbers the statistics referred to could be three times
                  what was reported. he also assesses the risks as being on a par
                  with heroin abuse.

                                              former pro-wrestler ‘superstar’ Billy
                  wrestling!                  graham is the prototype for the larger
                                              than life wrestler. graham has been
                  suffering the after-effects of steroid abuse for the last 20 years. his
                  most recent and severe health complication saw him wake up at
                  night with massive internal bleeding. doctors diagnosed him with
                  liver failure.

                  billy graham
                  can’t have kids
                  he has had ankle fusions and six hip replacements due to
                  prolonged steroid abuse and has shrunk four inches due to his
                  spinal collapse.
                      like any other drug, steroids create a psychological
                  dependency. when graham tried to quit he would fall into deep
                  depressions, with massive doses of steroids providing his only relief.

12   issue four
     sounds melodramatic doesn’t it. other long-term effects are

water retention and unwanted tissue growth. more general health
risks of excess use include an increased risk of liver damage, high
cholesterol and strokes. former wrestler Bret hart, better known
as ‘the hitman’, spent the best part of the last decade (that’s 2000-
2009 now, get used to it) recovering from a stroke he suffered in
2002. he was only 45.
     some of the more emasculating side effects are impotence
(Billy graham can’t have kids) and man boobs. seriously, it’s called
gynaecomastia. look it up. whilst these aren’t usually a problem,
the hormone imbalance they are a result of can also lead to
testicular cancer. and you will need to start checking for breast

users                      even if anecdotal medical reports are
                           clashing with official government figures,
they both treat steroid use as a serious problem. Bodybuilders
who use steroids do not. why is there such a perceptive difference
here? a study called ‘Body Builders attitudes towards steroid use’
from mmus very own department of psychology and speech
pathology can help answer this. this study found that steroid users
among body builders were positive about the benefits of use and
attributed the negative side-effects to ill-informed use. their own
motivations were largely aesthetic – to get bigger, to speed up
results, or for vanity. very few of the respondents claimed they
used steroids to actually improve their training.
     the implications of this are bizarre. the steroid users were
largely mistrustful of the medical evidence, relating this to the initial
medical denial that steroids can increase muscle mass. there are

men: you too
can have a
also massively conflicting beliefs promoted in the bodybuilding
circuit through ‘bodybuilding bibles’ that promote specific steroid
    one anonymous bodybuilder claims “information is passed
down to beginners from the bigger people in the gyms who think
they know what they are telling you is right.” this mentoring
process is likely to be why the medical evidence, whether
anecdotal or government-statistical, is disregarded.

         teroid use is not a valid part of bodybuilding, and needs
         to be rejected. indeed, another study ‘the medical
         prescription of anabolic steroids’, found that steroid users
         were not training hard enough to get the results they
wanted anyway. how manly is that.
    statistical evidence indicates that prevalence of use was much
higher in the 80s and early 90s. so were übermensch bodybuilders
and wrestlers. famous names like arnold schwarzenegger and
lou ferrigno were at the pinnacle of their bodybuilding powers.
proportionally the numbers are down, but the proportion is up.
statistics are valuable, but tell us nothing of body-image pressure on
young men.

                                                                            issue four       13
                              laurence sterne
                              sent identical love
                              letters to his wife
                              and his mistress.

                  secret histories                                                                                                  illustration by rae hicks

                                                                     by James harker

                          hakespeare, wham, radiohead – they’re all guilty of plagiarism.
                            shakespeare lifted whole chunks of plutarch’s The Life of Antony for dialogue in Antony and Cleopatra
                          and also pinched whole plots and characters from various contemporaries. for instance, both
                          marlowe’s The Jew of Malta and shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice feature money-grabbing Jewish
                  stereotypes. marlowe’s pre-dated shakespeare’s by a decade, but since the crime of plagiarism had yet to be
                  invented, neither writer minded much.
                    wham stole the melody of the carpenters’ hit ‘can’t smile without you’ for ‘last christmas.’ when
                  the original publishers sued, george michael agreed out of court to donate a chunk of his profits to charity.
                  kraftwerk didn’t mind or didn’t care when they pinched the rhythm from ‘neon lights’ for the same song
                    radiohead, meanwhile, copped from the hollies’ ‘all i need is the air that i Breathe,’ for the middle-
                  eight of ‘creep.’ to this day the song’s original writer, albert hammond senior (the dad of the bloke from
                  the strokes), gets a cut of radiohead’s royalties.

14   issue four
                                                                                                                                                                                     secret histories
                                          ot all                 what made keating really special were the deliberate        based on running time, but could all twelve tracks of
sham rock                                 plagiarism is so    anachronisms, what he called “clues for the experts,”          liszt’s transcendental etudes, a piece described by
                                          straightforward.    that he sprinkled across his forgeries. keating once hid       the composer schumann as “unplayably difficult,” be
                                                   in 1985,   the word “fuck” in the corner of a constable. he also          performed at exactly the same tempo by two different
rock singer John fogerty was sued for self-plagiarism.        scrawled “this is a fake,” in lead paint behind a samuel       pianists? ventura put his concerns to the music critic Jed
his former bosses, fantasy records, alleged that fogerty      palmer reproduction – a confession designed to show            distler, who in turn, asked a musicologist.
re-used the melody of his old hit ‘run through the            through on x-rays authentication tests.                           consequently, the investigation found hatto guilty
Jungle,’ for which they owned the publishing rights, in his      after getting caught, keating became a folk hero. in        on more than 90 counts of plagiarism. often original
new album ‘centerfield.’ fogerty took his guitar to court     the few short years before his death he gained so much         recordings had been distorted to mask hatto’s
to demonstrate his innocence and the judge ruled in his       notoriety that the prestigious auction house christies         appropriation.
favour, a massive relief for artists everywhere.              commissioned a special auction of his known forgeries.            But since hatto was dead at the time of the discovery,
   if self-plagiarism were a crime, plenty would be guilty;   so highly collectable are these paintings today, they even     she was never officially tried for her offences. more
tracy emin churns out the same appliquéd crap year            have fakes of their own.                                       recently hatto’s widower and agent, william Barrington-
on year. shakespeare, on top of all that marlowe stuff                                                                       coupe, claimed the plagiarisms were his doing – that
copied whole passages from his own work for latter
plays. laurence sterne, author of the 18th century classic    turnitin              even universities aren’t above the
                                                                                    urge to steal.
                                                                                                                             he’d substituted hatto’s underwhelming recordings for
                                                                                                                             superior versions without her knowledge.
                                                                                         in 2009, the southern illinois         either way, the deception became something of

keating once hid                                              university was accused of plagiarising its anti-plagiarism
                                                              policy from a similar indiana university document.
                                                              strange considering illinois (like mmu) had been forcing
                                                                                                                             a boon for the classical record industry. sales of the
                                                                                                                             plagiarised originals increased tenfold and hatto’s eclectic
                                                                                                                             thievery has led to a buy-and-compare sport among fans.

the word “fuck”                                               its students to use turnitin™ anti-plagiarism technology
                                                              for years.
                                                                                                                             twilight              now, for all the robert pattinson fans

in the corner of a
                                                                  less funny was the 2003 British government report                                out there, here’s some bad news:
                                                              ‘iraq – its infrastructure of concealment deception and                              the author of the Twilight books,
                                                              intimidation.’ this document, supposedly a justification of    stephanie meyer, has been accused of plagiarism.

constable.                                                    Blair’s iraq policy, was plagiarised virtually verbatim from
                                                              a minor journal article by a californian graduate student
                                                              called ibrahim al-marashi – even the spelling mistakes
                                                                                                                                meyer is no stranger to controversy. an internet hoax
                                                                                                                             from early last year claimed she’d stolen the book’s plot
                                                                                                                             from a college roommate and in mid-november she
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, even     remained.                                                      got a ticking-off from vatican officials for writing “deviant,
sent identical love letters to his wife and his mistress!         i’m not sure what’s scarier: that the Blair                amoral fiction.”
                                                              administration would plagiarise its pro-war arguments             this time, the pressure comes from Jordan s scott;
adultery                as sterne’s letters demonstrate,
                        adultery and plagiarism can
                                                              without even proofreading, or that its chief source
                                                              of intelligence turned out to be a dyslexic american
                                                                                                                             who claims meyer stole elements from her own
                                                                                                                             teen/vampire novel The Nocturne for Breaking Dawn.
                        be pretty similar offences (i’m       graduate student. glen rangwala, an esteemed                   specifically, scott claims that meyer copied her heroine’s
plagiarising now, from right-wing american author             cambridge lecturer, spotted the government’s fraud,            pregnancy with an evil-spirited devil-child - an idea scott
richard a posner). in both cases the victims only suffer      not that his arguments did much to stop the war.               herself seems to have nicked from ira levin’s novel
when deception is revealed; when the plagiarism                                                                              Rosemary’s Baby.
stays secret, everybody’s happy. take rembrandt, the
dutch master painter, who famously signed much of his
                                                              hatto             thankfully, in this age of computers,
                                                                                almost all forms of plagiarism are getting
                                                                                                                                 it remains to be seen if scott will prove that plagiarism
                                                                                                                             occurred and set herself up for life with Twilight franchise
apprentices’ work as his own. while this was common                             harder to pull off.                          royalties. i suspect, like Jk rowling before her, meyer
practice among 17th century craftsmen, the knowledge              when english pianist Joyce hatto died in June 2006,        will end up battling spurious copycat claims till the cows
of his non-authorship has caused some not-quite-              she was one of classical music’s most respected names.         come home.
rembrandt paintings to drop in value by millions.             in just ten years she’d recorded and released over a              Besides, even if she did pinch a few fairly generic ideas
    and just like adulterers, there are some plagiarists      hundred acclaimed renditions of mozart, Beethoven and          from another vampire writer, it was meyer who turned
who seem determined to get caught. one example                mendelssohn sonatas - an output most pianists would            those ideas into a readable and popular novel – surely
is tom keating, the legendary art forger. (i know that        struggle to record in a lifetime.                              that counts for something. after all, we’re perfectly
forgery isn’t the same as plagiarism, in many ways the            then came Brian ventura, a new york city music             willing to forgive shakespeare for his kleptomania, the
two are opposites. But since both involve false attribution   lover with an interesting experience. each time he tried       point being that he improved on the ideas he stole. if
of authorship i’m going to lump them together.) keating       to copy hatto’s transcendental etudes, album to his            you can’t take a little inspiration from the successes of the
was a talented lewisham painter whose grudge against          computer, itunes re-credited the tracks to lászló simon,       past, then it’s avant-garde jazz from here on out.
the high-art establishment led him to forge over 2,000        a little-known hungarian pianist.
master paintings in the early 70s.                                ventura was familiar with itunes confusing tracks

                                                                                                                                                                     issue four                 15
                            18                   22
                            literature           animalation at
                            dead authors         manchester art

                            24                   28
                            film                 lonelady,
                            post-apocalyptic     peter hook &
                            cinema               detachments
drawings by andrew Bracey
        truggling to publish? why not consider death as
        a career move! some of the key literary events
        of recent years have been unfinished works
        from long-dead authors. unable to comment
on the modern world due to their aged and unfinished
composition, these are dredged from personal notes
and journals, sometimes presented as found, sometimes
completed, always undermining reputations and
shattering received perceptions of the artist.

by Jonathan Barlow
illustrations by Bethany gray             dickens: Charlie’s final novel, The
                                          Mystery of Edwin Drood, became
                                          a real life mystery when death
                                          prevented him from completing
                                          it. As was the convention with
                                          Dickens’ novels, it was being
                                          serialised and only six of the
                                          planned twelve parts had been
                                          published. The work has been
                                          adapted in various forms over
                                          the years and the half that was
                                          published remains in print.
18   issue four
                 hether unwanted final
                 drafts or scraps of notes,
                 the significance is not the
                 original authorial intent,
but the irrelevance of this intent after
their death. the ethical dilemma over the
question of publishing is tied in with the
moral and legal status of the dead. last
wills must surely be obeyed? where do
dead authors stand on their new work?
     this dilemma isn’t easy to dismiss.
tracing the money trail to find who stands
to gain will usually lead to the executor,
but it would be far too cynical to reduce
their decision to the financial benefits.
dmitri nabokov sent up this notion in an
interview. when asked about The Original
of Laura before its publication, he wryly
quipped “wouldn’t it be fun, before my
time does run out, to have a last spin in a
remaining ferrari?” much more is at stake.
their parents’ last will and testament.
their parents’ reputation. even if some
would happily forget about this for a bit
of cash, someone must have a moral
     having made the decision to publish
their client’s work, a further decision
needs to be made: to publish in the
form in which the work survives, to
edit into a digestible form, or to find
another writer to finish the work. the
former two choices have their relative
merits. publishing a work in the form
in which it survives allows the reader
an insight into the writing process, to
see the machinations of their beloved
masters’ mind at work. this destruction of
mystique isn’t wholly a good thing. whilst
it is romanticist to over-mythologise
authors, exposing their working style
goes a bit further: it can undermine your
perception of the author completely.
recurring themes or ideas that seem to
mean one thing in an authors’ work can
seem to mean another completely in
note form. whilst one has to separate
the individual from the work, this kind of
knowledge can be hard to leave behind.

                              issue four         19

                                                                      some commentators of The Original of Laura note this,
                                                                      claiming that nabokov’s theme of sexual attraction
                                                                      toward children is uglier and less critical in note
                                                                      form. of course! it isn’t finished yet. But undermining
                                                                      opinion of the existing work can be a surprising
                                                                          a better example of this is the publication of
                                                                      philip larkin’s letters. larkin requested his diaries
                                                                      burned on his death. his request was promptly
                                                                      granted. however, seven years later, his letters were
                                                                      published, and the apparent racism and general
                                                                      bigotry found within them created a massive critical
                                                                      backlash against larkin. praise for the Britishness of the
                                                                      pessimism and disappointment in his poetry turned
                                                                      into criticism of the political baggage this carries.
                                                                          critical overspill and negative reassessment
                                                                      remains a problem if the work is edited into shape.
                                                                      popular respect for tolkien began to wane promptly
                                                                      after his death when his son christopher edited and
                                                                      published The Silmarillion.
                                                                          whichever of these choices the executor goes
                                                                      for, the standing of the author will be diluted. But
                                                                      there is a third way. another writer can be brought
                                                                      in to complete a work, or even extending a work.
                                                                      this usually creates another work entirely, unique
                                                                      to the new author. eoin colfer’s sixth installment in
                                                                      The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series is a colfer
                                                                      book and an homage to douglas adams, not an

                          LOOk AT THe BIRDIe                                      their second posthumous release after 2008’s
                                                                                  Armageddon In Retrospect.
                          kurt Vonnegut                                              as a fan, i can’t say i mind much. the chance
                                                                                  to read kurt vonnegut’s shopping lists would be
                          Reviewed by James Harker                                good enough for me. and it’s not like Birdie is
                                                                                  completely without merit. ‘ed luby’s key club,’
                          kurt vonnegut was famous for his short and pithy
                                                                                  is a compelling, if humourless, page-turner; and
                          novels. Books like Breakfast Of Champions and
                                                                                  only an unimaginative twist ending spoils ‘look at
                          Deadeye Dick mixed scatological humour with
                                                                                  the Birdie,’ with its fast-talking psychiatrist cum
                          righteous indignation at the profit-driven violence
                                                                                  murderer antagonist.
                          of 20th century politics.
                                                                                     every hundred pages or so there’s a flash of the
                             vonnegut was also a prodigious self-editor: he
                                                                                  old vonnegut genius: the “frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring,”
                          distilled twenty years of writing into just 186 pages
                                                                                  plastic flags in ‘hall of mirrors,’ or the duplicitous
                          for his breakthrough novel Slaughterhouse-Five. and
                                                                                  narrator in the title story. But these flashes are a
                          Breakfast Of Champions, took him six more years
                                                                                  too few-and-far between to really matter.
                          to complete.
                                                                                     my main concern is for new fans. it breaks my
                             among the work vonnegut judged inadequate
                                                                                  heart to imagine the 16-year-old me discovering
                          are the stories in this new posthumous collection,
                                                                                  this clunky, badly edited book and imagining
                          Look At The Birdie. By his own admission vonnegut
                                                                                  vonnegut as some outdated, middlebrow humorist.
                          wasn’t a great short story writer. unlike his novels,
                                                                                  vonnegut’s best novels burned with invention,
                          vonnegut wrote stories for profit to finance his
                                                                                  passion and anger; this collection doesn’t even
                          family in his early career. after the success of
                          slaughterhouse-five, he abandoned the genre for
                                                                                     vonnegut once described a hostile reviewer as
                          good. he even described his early stories as “the
                                                                                  a “man who wears a full suit of armour to attack a
                          work of the gorilla i used to be.”
                                                                                  hot fudge sundae.”
                             so what’s the vonnegut estate doing with
                                                                                     i’m sorry kurt, but ‘splat!’
                          this short story collection Look At The Birdie? it’s

20           issue four
                                                                        kafka: |n his lifetime, Kafka was massively

                                                                        hyped in Europe despite a very limited
adams book. similarly, sebastian faulks’ recent James                   output. He was known by reputation, which
Bond novel parrots flemings’ style, but no-one ever                     was built on nothing but favourable press
pretended it actually was a fleming novel. these                        in literary publications edited by friends.
books are tangentially related to this argument, but
they are slightly different things. Both are examples of                The collapse of the Austrian economy in
a series of books, or at least a writers’ work becoming                 the aftermath of the First World War led
a franchise rather than a single work. there is not
an ethical argument. the estates of the authors, in
                                                                        his publishers to push him for novels they
collaboration with another (usually celebrated) author                  could actually sell. The famous instruction
are overtly cashing in. this usually occurs under the                   “everything | leave behind… should be
banner of an anniversary. however, as there is no
pretence of original authorial involvement, the new                     burned, completely and unread” was in fact
work is completely separated and the authors’ image                     Kafka’s own Kafkaesque joke, designed
can remain untarnished.                                                 to manoeuvre Max Brod into taking

     f we have a fixation with posthumous work, we                      action. A lax work-rate had held back the
     do not necessarily have a love for it. these books                 completion of the novels, and after Kafka’s
     generally receive a critical slating on publication. at            death publishers eagerly accepted the
     best they are dismissed shortly after, disregarded
from the authors’ canon, no harm done. however,                         manuscripts to generate revenue.
sometimes they completely shatter the authors’
reputation. this is not just out of disillusion or spite.
what pr might grandly name ‘a masters’ final work’,
isn’t often publicly regarded as such.
    incomplete work can share the same function as a
dvd commentary: there may be a few more scraps
of information that add meaning to the overall body of
work, or provide more detail to our understanding of
the individual creative process.

                                AND ANOTHeR THINg...                                    but feels forced and heavy-handed. instead of being
                                                                                        a light tickle from flaybooz, it’s a slap from the
                                eoin Colfer                                             ravenous Bugblatter Beast. colfer’s writing isn’t
                                                                                        like douglas adams’, but you’re never quite sure
                                Reviewed by Helen Pownall                               if it’s meant to be emulating it, or taking inspiration
                                                                                        from it. this makes you very aware that you’re
                                in theory, it sounds great. eoin colfer, the award-
                                                                                        reading adams’ book through a translator. this isn’t
                                winning author of the Artemis Fowl novels, writes
                                                                                        just the hhgtg fan inside me; i wanted to like
                                the sixth part of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the
                                                                                        this book. i wanted to read it and chuckle to myself
                                Galaxy ‘trilogy’. douglas adams’ widow approves.
                                                                                        over the same ridiculous turns of phrases adam’s is
                                colfer himself states on interviews that he’s a big
                                                                                        so good at. i wanted And Another Thing... to work,
                                fan of hhgtg. great. grab your towel and let’s
                                                                                        i really did. But it never comes together.
                                go. But it doesn’t quite work out.
                                                                                            occasionally, colfer gets its right. there are
                                   it’s not that And Another Thing... is a bad book.
                                                                                        some wickedly funny descriptions of various
                                the first few chapters are a glorious reunion,
                                                                                        worlds and alien races – a personal favorite is
                                bringing the reader up to speed with adams
                                                                                        a lampooning of celebrity chefs, disguised as a
                                original charges. colfer hit the nail on the head
                                                                                        comment on dentrassis chefs who are “extremely
                                with characterizations.
                                                                                        foul – mouthed and launch into long tirades even
                                   from here things go downhill. it turns out that
                                                                                        when things are going right.” these are little gems,
                                the guide mark 2 has kept arthur, trillian et al
                                                                                        when the original hhgtg spirit shines through.
                                in suspended animation whilst the vogons try to
                                                                                        there are nice nudges at the source material.
                                destroy planet earth (again). But inevitably zaphod
                                                                                            sadly though, this isn’t enough. the fact that the
                                Beeblebrox, piloting the heart of gold, rescues
                                                                                        book ends with the very wide possibility of another
                                them. the dialogue seems forced, like colfer isn’t
                                                                                        doesn’t fill me with joy. so long and thanks for
                                comfortable with them, and the interaction seems
                                   the writing is trying to be playful and whimsical,

                                                                                                                                       issue four         21
the newest exhibit to arrive at manchester art gallery is ‘animalation’.
flip-book techniques and a deep set fascination of animals helped
andrew bracey create this playful and intriguing exhibition. fay schofield
found out more:

                                          What was your main inspiration for the project?

                                          well apart from always having a strong love for animals the
                                          concept of a zoo has always fascinated me. they are a place
                                          where we can just go to stare and to look, much like an art
                                          gallery, and it occurred to me there are not many places in our
                                          culture where we can go to do just that. i wanted to use my
                                          work to make a parallel between these two types of spaces, so
                                          when you walk round you will feel as though you are in a zoo
                                          rather than an art gallery. for example, you might be staring at an
                                          empty piece of paper until an animal suddenly appears.

                                          Your exhibit is made up of six individual pieces. Can you give
                                          us an insight into what you were trying to achieve with a
                                          selection of the pieces?

                                          the oldest animation, and possibly the one i am most proud
                                          of, is a piece entitled ‘humboldt’ which is a breed of penguin.
                                          the piece itself is actually made up of 2,500 drawings all done
                                          in indian ink. i wanted the piece to have a liquid feeling to it – a
                                          sense of flowing freedom which is why i chose the materials to
                                          make it very carefully. i want the materials to reflect the nature
                                          and the habitat of the creature i have animated.

                                          ‘hover’ is the animation which i have found has received the
                                          most varied interpretations. some people see this bird in an
                                          endless flight in a happy state, as though it is quite content to
                                          hover above our heads all day long. other people view it as
                                          though it is restricted and trapped and doesn’t have the freedom
                                          to make any other movements.

                                          i created ‘crawl’ because the animal on which i based it is
                                                                                                                 photography by katy mutch, drawings by the artist

                                          fascinating. the pink velvet worm is an endangered species
                                          of worm which has legs – a contradiction in itself. i made the
                                          animation appear as though it was just continuously crawling so i

22   issue four
don’t mind if some people who walk around the exhibition miss
it. that just means that anyone who does see it will get more out
of the piece.

What do you want people to take away from the exhibition

i want people to see my work as serious fun. even though i am
serious about what i do i still believe we can be playful with art. i
was brought up with the idea that if you were an artist you could
not have fun with your work at all – you had to cut your ear off
instead! to me this just felt fake, so in this exhibition i wanted to
show the playful side of art.

As an MMU graduate of fine art have you got any advice for
readers who might want to break out into the artistic world?

never just wait for someone to come along to spot your art
work. you have to get yourself out there and work hard at it.
try and see as many exhibitions as you can because even if you
don’t enjoy the artwork you will take something away from it. a
great way to make contacts is by working in galleries and you will
also get used to being in an artistic environment. manchester is a
great place for creativity, so try and use it to your advantage.

Finally, have you got anymore up and coming projects you can
tell us about?

i’ve got quite a few projects coming up in 2010. i am curating an
exhibition at cornerhouse which will show the link between art
and cinema, another of my great loves. as well as this i am doing
a project which will take place all over the country on the outside
of art galleries where i will be creating coral like structures made
from the paint which i scrape off my pallet after every artistic
session i do. it all seems to be happening at once and it’s all very

                         Catch ‘Animalation’ at Manchester Art
                         Gallery until the 28th February 2010.
                                                                        “you don’t know if the person
                                                                        sitting next to you is a regular
                                                                        or an actor. We also have a
                                                                        landlord called eric, who pretty
                                                                        much improvises every night.”
                                                                                                      issue four    23

      the end of the world
            as we know it    by Jonny carrington

illustrationissuerae hicks
24           by four
5 things you can count
on when the world ends

someone W|ll have                      technology alWays
tr|ed to Warn us, but                  plays a part…
We Won’t have pa|d                     if Terminator didn’t teach you that
attent|on.                             putting cameras into ipod nanos
                                                                                 fash|on W|ll cease to ex|st
                                       will lead to the fall of man, then it’s
                                                                                 the first thing to happen after the world ends is that
at least one of the 6.7 billion        time to re-watch it, start living off
                                                                                 sales of beads, piercing and tribal tattoos will rocket.
inhabitants of the planet notices      the grid and memorise ray mears
                                                                                 in doomsday a deadly virus ravages scotland and
our impending doom, but rarely         survival techniques. that isn’t to
                                                                                 rather than the populous descending into anarchy and
anyone pays attention. dennis          say all robots are going to want
                                                                                 turning on each other, the survivors of the plague use
Quaid predicted the impending          to crush your skull in the future,
                                                                                 bones as nose rings. horrifying. or Mad Max Beyond
ecological disaster in The Day After   wall-e might come and clean
                                                                                 Thunderdome: surely with no law, scarce fuel, and pig
Tomorrow but was ignored because       up the mess after the robots have
                                                                                 shit powered refineries everyone would have hair like
his evacuation plans cost too much.    finished pummeling you.
                                                                                 tina turner’s. in some cases fashion goes from odd to
the reliably bad nicholas cage has
                                                                                 downright disturbing. look at sean connery in Zardoz
twice played a character gifted with
                                                                                 (above). that’s far more terrifying than cities in ruin.
future knowledge. first in Next,
in which a vegas magician is our
only hope of avoiding nuclear war,
and again in Knowing, in which he
discovers that random numbers
                                                                                 but there’ll alWays be a safe
compiled by children tell him a                                                  haven for you to run to
solar flare will end the world.
                                                                                 no matter how devastating the preceding
                                                                                 armageddon was, humanity always manages to
                                                                                 re-group and build a last bastion. when the earth
                                                                                 was ravaged by ghosts in Final Fantasy: The Spirits
                                                                                 Within, we built futuristic cities surrounded by glowing
                                                                                 bubbles, clearly a step up from high walls and guns.
                                                                                 retreating underground is a common theme in post-
                                                                                 apocalyptic films. 1998’s Deep Impact saw humanity
                                                                                 survive in a hollowed out mountain. sillier still is the
                                       sol|tary amer|can                         city of zion featured in both Matrix sequels. a futuristic
                                       men W|ll save us all                      hovercraft hub built near the centre of the earth. not
                                                                                 all survival solutions are impossibly sf. 28 Days Later
                                       should a giant tsunami or                 sees christopher eccelston’s deranged major holed up
                                       meteorite end civilisation, find                                                  in a manor-house
                                       a man. a gruff-voiced man. a                                                      using his training to
                                       man who hates company. a man                                                      survive. it should
                                       who walks in slow motion. stick                                                   be noted that
                                       by him until he begrudgingly                                                      these strongholds
                                       saves us all. men like kevin                                                      are normally
                                       costner in Waterworld, matthew                                                    impervious to
                                       mcconaughey in Reign Of Fire,                                                     location and attack
                                       or will smith in I Am Legend.                                                     until our heroes
                                       the more they don’t want to get                                                   stumble upon
                                       involved, the better the chance                                                   them.
                                       they’ll save the world.

                                                                                                                                       issue four     25
film              post-apocalyptic cinema
                                                                                   by charlie bennett

                         t looks like end-of-the-world and post-apocalypse movies are back. in the
                         past few years we have seen films where civilization as we know it has
                         been threatened by viruses (28 Days Later, I am Legend and Doomsday),
                         zombies (Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Land of the Dead), global
                   warming and cooling (The Day After Tomorrow); and symbolic al Qaeda stand-
                   ins, or at least personifications of the fears they evoke (War of the Worlds,
                   Cloverfield). By January, we’ll have an adaptation of cormac mccarthy’s The
                   Road, a harrowing drama in which an unexplained cataclysm results in grey
                   skies, black rivers, the eradication of almost all life, and cannibalism.
                        it should be no surprise, of course, as the noughties have been a terribly
                   doom-laden era; and so might the twenty-teens if america doesn’t ratify the
                   kyoto protocol, if Britain’s ‘sick man of europe’ economy contracts further, or
                   if swine flu continues to catch up and finally kill more people than the regular
                   flu. cinema has always reflected small, contemporary fears and anxieties, and
                   naturally it is no different when it comes to the horror of impending, large-
                   scale doom. let’s recap …

                   Night of the Living Dead (1968)              the film is terribly reactionary, it’s also
                   there was no going back to the lugosi-       strangely entertaining.
                   karloff brand of horror cinema (except,
                   perhaps, as ironic pastiche) after writer-   The Mad Max Trilogy (1979, 1981,
                   director george a romero toned down          1983)
                   the camp, ratcheted up the nastiness,        these films evoke the pessimistic
                   and injected some politically subversive     mood of the 1970s and early 1980s,
                   subtext into the horror genre with his       back when opec’s oil embargo led
                   startling debut film. the atmosphere of      to terrifying levels of stagflation, and
                   overbearing dread during the zombie          the punk subculture began to emerge.
                   apocalypse excellently reproduces the        the depopulated and energy-starved
                   social and political turmoil experienced     landscape of the Mad Max trilogy not
                   by countercultural youths; civil rights,     only taps into the fear of oil depletion,
                   domestic racism and vietnam are              but also pays homage to the wild
                   implicitly addressed throughout. not         west. the films borrow quite a bit
                   only the first great apocalypse film, but    from the clint eastwood spaghetti
                   arguably the first modern american           westerns – the dilapidated setting, the
                   horror film as we know it today.             mysterious protagonist, the community

nuclear            Logan’s Run (1976)
                   in which the survivors of an ecological
                   disaster live inside an enclosed, domed
                                                                of settlers he must protect, etc. – but
                                                                the inclusion of fast cars, scrapheap
                                                                s&m outfits and punk-rock iconography
                                                                gave the Mad Max movies a harsher

                   city, free to indulge in whatever their      edge, which reinvigorated the sci-fi and
                   heart’s desire. the only catch is, in        western genres both at once. they
                   order to prevent overpopulation,             have spawned numerous imitators, but
                   anyone who reaches the age of thirty         none of them have been as critically or
                   must be killed. it’s a terrifying dystopia   commercially successful.
                   of tacky shopping centre aesthetics,
                   disco lights, and scalextric transport;      Threads (1984)
                   a cautionary reminder of what would          in this unsettling made-for-television
                   happen if those pesky liberals and           film, the effects of a hypothetical nuclear
                   hippies ever got it their way. while         holocaust in Britain are dramatised

26   issue four
in the style of a feature-film narrative
blended with the cold neutrality of BBc
journalism. the city of sheffield acts a
microcosm for the country as a whole.
after the bomb hits, we’re presented
with the long-term results of nuclear
fallout over the next thirteen years in
unflinching detail. the title of the film
refers to the interdependency of various
elements that hold a society together,
and how these ‘threads’ can be torn
apart by nuclear war. it was the first film
to depict a nuclear winter (a very new
theory at the time of its making) and
does so with distressing documentary
realism. to witness this societal
erosion is an agonising experience, but
especially so in the context of when it
was originally broadcast, at the height of
cold war bellicosity and socioeconomic

Prince of Darkness (1987)
the second instalment of what director
John carpenter has described as his
‘apocalypse trilogy’ (the other two
being The Thing and In the Mouth of
Madness), a thematically linked set
of films that represent the end of the
world in different ways. here, the
basement of an abandoned church
contains a glass tube full of green
slime, so a team of student scientists
are sent to investigate it. turns out
the slime contains the essence of
the anti-christ’s evil, and demonic
possession occurs when the fluid is
passed from one character to the next,
thus representing the mystical process
as analogous to catching a contagious
disease. the characters are unable to
escape as the devil’s minions have
surrounded the church, in the form of
vagrants and derelicts. the film clearly
reflects the two big issues of aids and
homelessness in the 1980s, as well as
having a ‘science vs. religion’ theme
running throughout, though a coherent
statement is not made about any of
them. But when a film is this scary, it
probably doesn’t matter.

                                                            issue four     27
peter hook &

               “|’m being nourished
               by ghosts”
                                           q&a                                                  lonelady

lonelady, aka Julie campbell, is the latest in a long line of
acts evoking the post industrial manchester cityscape. her
second single ‘|ntuition’ has just been released and she’s
been unusually promoted with a poem by paul morley.

Pulp asked how that poem came                   Is Manchester important as a
about…                                          geographical space?

we got in touch with him because i’m            the whole psychogeography was
just a huge fan of the way he writes.           important. the place i recorded had to
he really cares about music and isn’t           be manchester. we built a room in a
ashamed to be passionate or almost              mill, just a breezeblock square really. i
hysterical about that. it’s an absence          call it the cell. it was a hellish process.
of trying to be cool. i wanted to have          you could look at the canal out of the
something a bit abstract that might             window as you laid down a guitar part.
communicate the music. he sent me a             manchester is important. it used to be
stream of words to respond to so what           an innovative place. suffragettes, the
we have is a very impressionistic Q&a.          computer, the industrial revolution, the
                                                battery. it inspires me, even if the reasons
Are you progressing a musical tradition?        it has inspired me have disappeared.

nothing so organised as that really, you
can only respond to things that resonate        There seems to be a lot of music
with you. after the punk explosion there        following a similar style as yours, what
was a melting pot of ideas that hasn’t          do you make of them?
been recreated. there was a lot of
naivety. a lot of contemporary music is         a lot of it doesn’t seem authentic. you’ve
too knowing for its own good, it doesn’t        got to bring your own personality to it. if
have as much magic. i feel cold or flat         you’re recreating something that’s already
when i listen to music on the radio. not        gone it feels hollow. i don’t know how
always, i loved Beyonce’s ‘single ladies’,      you gain authenticity; there isn’t a formula
which was an incredible song. i’m just          for it. maybe off beat hi-hat, angular guitar
responding to fragments of things i like.       and singing in an x factor ian curtis style
                                                works for some people. maybe young
Fragmentation? Is this how you                  people will hear editors and go back and
approach your song writing?                     unearth things in a new way.

if you approach big ideas in your writing       i object to production techniques on
you soon end up sounding like a wanker.         contemporary music, it’s all too bright
But there are ideas about time and space        and shiny and eager to please. it took
and existence. that topic core area runs        me a little while to step away from the
through all of my lyrics. passing of time,      4-track. you make better music when
strangeness, the inner landscape. i like        you have limitations. computer setups
to imagine things more than respond to          with endless choice seem horrible. i
things i see in a linear way. i enjoy finding   want to improve and evolve of course.
a sentence, putting it next to another          at first i made music with what i had
sentence and finding something surprising       to hand. i didn’t have a drummer or
reveals itself.                                 anything, so used a drum machine, not
                                                previously having any love for drum
You seem to be coming from the                  machines. Because i was limited i now
Manchester bands of the late 70s and            love them. what started out as practical
early 80s.                                      has turned into this fetish. i could have
                                                drum machines like carrie in Sex and the
definitely, i love those bands from the         City has shoes. every drum machine has
late 70s. Joy division, wire, cabaret           something new to say.
voltaire, gang of four. i like hearing
echoes of other music in songs. my              What do you listen to?
music’s full of echoes that i can hear.
i’ve filtered my own influences. that’s         i loved scott walker’s The Drift. i really
what enriches songs; you hear echoes            loved colin newman’s solo stuff. i love
of other songs and fragments that have          classical music as well. i like Judy garland
gone before. you rarely hear a song that        and shirley Bassey. if you really love
doesn’t recall something else. manchester       music genre is meaningless.
is still imbued with the atmosphere of that
time and those bands. i have a nostalgia
for things that aren’t here anymore, so         LoneLady’s debut album nerve up is
in a way it feels like i’m being nourished      released on 22 February. To find out more,
by ghosts. manchester can still be a very       listen to her music and read the Paul Morley
atmospheric place if a little haunted.          piece, go to lonelady.co.uk

                                                                                                       issue four      29
            anchester music legend        So how’d this gig come together?                        saying ‘what’s the matter with you’ and i thought
                                                                                                  ‘aw bloody hell, typical.’ you know the thing that
            peter hook recently           Peter Hook: it was me copping out of having to          landed on the moon, a little octagon with 8 legs, it
                                          talk. they asked me to be a patron of the trust         was like that.
            became a patron of the        and they asked me to say a few words here.
salford foundation trust, an initiative   which absolutely terrified me so i thought how          Tell us more about the Salford Foundation
                                          the hell can i get out of this? i realised these guys   Trust.
to help raise funds for disadvantaged     were playing, so i suggested that we play a song
                                          together. so it was me being a wuss.                    SM: well we got invited to do this because we
young people in salford. pulp spoke                                                               did three songs for ceremony (an album of new
to him along with sebastien marshal       Were you already aware of each other?

and oliver scott of detachments           Sebastien Marshal: well peter sent us a message         “peter sent us a
at a celebratory event where they         on myspace about seeing an alien ufo in the
                                          70s.                                                    message on myspace
performed for guests.                     PH: me and me mates went to Blackpool on our
                                          scooters. we parked behind this old gentlemen’s
                                          association - all three of us were trying to get to
                                                                                                  about seeing a ufo”
                                          sleep in the morning. when i woke up it was a           order covers, released by the trust), perfect kiss,
      interview by Jonathan Barlow
                                          clear blue sky and there was something going            in a lonely place and mr. disco.
       photography by peter Bircák
                                ˇ         across quite slowly and i thought ‘oh my god. it’s      PH: one of the great things about being a
                                          a ufo.’ i got my mate and was like ‘look at that,       musician is charitable work is quite a pleasure to
                                          look at that’ and he was like (squinting upwards)       do. in Joy division and new order we did quite
                                          ‘what, i can’t see anything’ he couldn’t open his       a lot of charity gigs for some pretty big causes.
                                          eyes - he were that knackered. it went behind a         in the miners’ strike we did a gig for the miners.
                                          cloud and the cloud shot off. he didn’t see it, only    10,000 miners marched down to london and it
                                          i saw it. me other mate came around the corner          culminated in a gig with us, we were like ‘wow’.

30     issue four

and the pits still got closed. you can’t win them       can’t hold their tunes, so what they do is they        simon cowell, what the fuck do you ask him?
all. But as a musician it’s nice to do what you love    get a massive up from x factor. you’re only as
anyway but do it for a good cause.                      good as your songs. no matter how many times           enjoying much new music, Peter?
                                                        you brush up your stagecraft, your microphone
Tell us about your music, Detachment!                                                                          PH: yeah, that’s a great thing about being a dJ. i

SM: at the moment we’re working with James
                                                        “10,000 miners marched                                 wouldn’t listen to a tenth as much music as i do if
                                                                                                               i wasn’t a dJ but you have to because you have to
ford who’s doing alright for himself. we’ve also
worked with andrew weatherall and trevor
                                                        down to london and                                     keep up, it becomes your job. it was wonderful
                                                                                                               getting back into dJing because it gave me a love
Jackson. we combine our knowledge of the
dance genre and techno-electro and merge it
                                                        it culminated in a gig                                 for music. Being in the studio with new order,
                                                                                                               i didn’t want to hear music again, it really drains
with a more song-based approach. i think we do
it well.
                                                        with us”                                               you of wanting to hear it. so getting back into
                                                                                                               dJing gave me a love for it again. it’s the second
                                                        technique, get a dresser, it doesn’t matter. people    best job in the world, i highly recommend it.
That combination has been around for a while,           don’t listen to that on the radio, they listen to
how are you approaching it afresh?                      good songs. the only advice you can give any           Heard the Bad Lieutenant stuff?
                                                        band is to keep writing great songs. you can have
SM: a lot of groups do it clumsily. when we do          great equipment, but you can still write shit songs.   PH: i like some of it. Bernard’s committing
it, it sounds completely natural. a lot of bands just                                                          the same sin he did at the end of new order
have a token keyboard part or whatever.                 So you’re not a fan of X Factor?                       which is putting too much vocals on it and not
Oliver Scott: the music should speak for itself.                                                               enough music. too many overdubs and too
certain types of music get pigeonholed. hopefully       PH: it’s karaoke; i got asked by the men, ‘do i        much production i’d say. But some of them like
the kind of music we make can’t be.                     have a question for simon cowell?’ what do you         runaway i liked a lot. the single was okay. it just
PH: you guys still have to get out and flog your        ask him? musically he’s an absolute non-entity.        sounds like new order without the bass to me.
arses. you can watch as much x factor or pop            SM: he’s just a cutthroat businessman.
idol as you like but ultimately those bastards are      PH: he is a pop businessman. But to ask a serious
on a hiding to nothing. they can’t rough it, they       musician (although i hate the term) a question for
                                                                                                               Detachments debut album is expected in 2010. Check
                                                                                                               them out at myspace.com/detachments

                                                                                                               For further information about Salford Foundation Trust go
                                                                                                               to salfordfoundationtrust.org.uk

                                                                                                   pulp finance
                                                                                                                 By Michael Yarwood
                   this month:                                                                                        & Meg Vickers

                          irst term stretch the overdraft? nights out tough on      get thrifty
                          the wallet? your second loan instalments give you an      when most people set up a budget for the first time they
                          ideal second chance to get on top of your finances.       realise they’ve got more going out than they’ve got coming
                          don’t waste it – budget!                                  in, so you may need to consider reducing your outgoings
                   most students have to cope on a very tight budget, so it’s       and increasing your income.
                   a good idea to set up a realistic financial plan. once you’ve       here are some tips to think about:
                   done that make sure you stick to it. The Complete Police
                   Academy dvd Box set can wait until next week.                    01. look for student discounts – use your nus card
                                                                                    wherever you can.
                   How to budget
                   the easiest way to start is to fill                                                           02. apply for the access
                   out a budget sheet, which you entrepreneurial opportunities at                                to learning fund - this is a
                   can pick up from the student                                                                  discretionary award from mmu
                   union advice centre or from manchester metropolitan university                                that you don’t have to pay back
                   the website.                                                                                  mmu.ac.uk/studentfinance/alf.
                      first, look at your outgoings. Student Enterprise Society can help                         php.
                   Be honest, otherwise it won’t you improve your employability whilst
                   work. include the essentials:                                                                 03. apply for financial help from
                   food, rent, bills, course costs, as at MMU. They are easily accessible via charities through the educational
                   well as going out. remember Facebook and other social networking grants advisory service tinyurl.
                   that some costs will vary from sites so get involved and break down com/edgrants.
                   week to week so put down an
                   average figure for these. also those employment barriers. They offer 04. apply for help with nhs
                   allow a little for unexpected           entrepreneurial opportunities Flux 500 costs (prescriptions, glasses,
                   outgoings and emergencies.              and |nnospace projects.                               dentist) by filling out form hc1,
                      next, work out how much                                                                    available at the advice centre.
                   money you’ve got coming in.
                   for most students this will be student loan, maintenance        05. if you’re working make sure you’ve paid the correct
                   grants, bursary and wages from a part time job.                 amount of tax. you may be entitled to a rebate.
                      add up each of the columns so you have a total for
                   income and a total for expenditure. once you’ve done this       06. get the advice centre to check you’re receiving the
                   you’ll know whether you’ve got enough money coming in           correct funding such as grants, loans and bursaries. if you
                   to cover your all outgoings or whether you need to review       have children or any disabilities check whether you’re
                   your situation.                                                 eligible for any benefits.
                      if you’re finding it difficult to set up a budget the advice
                   centre can help you to draw one up based on your                the student union advice centre is a free service for mmu
                   individual circumstances.                                       students. they’re independent from the university so they
                                                                                   can give you unbiased advice if you owe money for tuition
                                                                                   fees or hall fees. for more information on the advice centre
                                                                                   visit mmunion.co.uk/advice

32        issue four                                                                                                         illustration by alex snowdon
pulp arch|ve
                   |t has been just over two decades since the fall of the Berlin
                   Wall. This anniversary has been thoroughly marked in the
                   general media, but now pulp proudly presents selections
                   from some ambitious contemporary student journalism.
                   Richard Davis crashed the New Year party in Berlin, Peter
|ssue 8, 1989/90   Kay (not that one, sorry) assessed the aftermath of the arms
                   race, Richard Searle speculated on the future of a newly-
                   united Germany and Mark Hillsdon interviewed West German
                   journalist referred to only as Herr Bebber. Enjoy!

34   issue four
issue four   35

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