Spring Award Ceremony Planning for 2009

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Recognizing that seizing the moment immediately after the event works wonders for having a
better event next time. This document is divided into several sections discussing some
guidelines for future awards ceremonies. Every thing you see here was from our last Spring
Awards ceremony; it was all left here to help get people acquainted with the last years event in
the Spring and to help remind us what is necessary for the Fall next year.

1) Pre Ceremony planning:
   a) Spring
       i) Need to send out the announcement for the Banquet 3 weeks in advance
       ii) Need to send out banquet sign-up sheet 2 weeks in advance
       iii) Need to set out a reminder to students that didn’t sign-up 1 week in advance.
       iv) Synchronize with ABC emailing to all members and to students receiving awards (if
       v) Name tags for the ABC officers, specific helpers and volunteers as appropriate
   b) Fall
       i) Need to have a layout for the auxiliary gym to custodians 3 weeks in advance
       ii) Notices to the membership 1 month in advance about the program advertisements,
            sponsor recognition, and scholarship donors
       iii) Arrangements for entertainment such as a soloist, quartet, band, DJ, etc. for night
       iv) Arrangements for PA system for the ceremony
       v) Need table cloths, tape to mark floor to line up students (get less sticky tape for gym

2) Decorations:
   a) Spring
      i) No candy was placed on the tables
      ii) Signage might facilitate crowd control
   b) Fall
      i) Arrange for a Flag to be available for the pledge allegiance.
      ii) Banner backdrop for photos of the students and ceremony decorations
      iii) Plants and table centerpieces for the welcome tables and the presenters
      iv) Need table cloths, tape to mark floor to line up students (get less sticky tape for gym

3) Set up of tables:
   a) Spring
       i) Put ABC Executive board and family tables up front so regular seats can be filled.
       ii) Either put tape down on floor for students to know where to stand or have MC stop
            1/2 way through the list
       iii) Have MC slow down reading the students names so certificates can be passed out
            and Bob can shake student’s hands. Event seemed too rushed.
       iv) Get a school photographer to take a great group photo of the students with letters
       v) Need a roving photographer for ABC archives …
   b) Fall
       i) Plastic film in Gold and Green colors to mix and match for welcome tables and
       ii) Photographer to be available to catch Bob and Student receiving award
       iii) Photographer to take photos of food tables, chair layout, banners, and other good
            ideas to have records for future events

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4) Dinner Challenges:
   a) Spring
      i) When students turn in applications they should be handed the dinner form for any
            late comers who wish to have food; this should be a very limited activity
      ii) No access to the food service area without a ticket; e.g. tear ticket for plate with stub
            for repeats to get coffee or drinks.
      iii) Guests with tickets turn-in ticket to get a plate before you reach the servers.
      iv) Stage the serving line by groups alternating one side to the other and limiting jams
      v) Be prepared with back up tables/chairs and staff to set them up
      vi) Tell people that buy a late dinner ticket that they must wait until all is served or “just
            say no” as appropriate.
      vii) Give guests 45 instead of 30 minutes for dinner before the ceremony starts.
      viii) Never saw Jan or Bob eat dinner that explains Jan’s tiny figure but Bobs?
   b) Fall
      i) No dinner is served

5) Desserts:
   a) Spring
      i) Get more volunteers to help. Call everyone who offers anything
      ii) Did not have a wire to cut the cakes
      iii) Cakes could be pre-cut by the merchant in advance of the delivery
      iv) Need better arrangement of the tables for desserts and some police work for double
      v) Return access through the Exit allowed double-dipping for desserts; this might be
           appropriate for drinks but not for desserts or food until all are served
      vi) Cakes went pretty quickly should be a hot item for future banquets
   b) Fall
      i) Desserts need to be checked off to recognize the donors and sponsors
      ii) Bring (or save) containers to facilitate cleanup and removal (give to staff)
      iii) Set up desserts and refreshments separately to moderate crowd density

6) Coffee:
   a) Spring
      i) Get equipment down to Gym before we have to ask Jan to send someone to get it
   b) Fall
      i) Hot drinks are optional for Fall

7) Door prizes:
   a) Spring
      i) If we get additional raffle items again, the parents who paid for a ticket could be the
           same ones who draw for a plant not the students.
      ii) Two sellers could have made ABC much more money
   b) Fall
      i) Get started early and have two podiums and microphones to have two people
           offering prizes keep the raffle going quickly

8) Ticket box:
   a) Spring
       i) ABC Treasurer or their designated party should be in charge of this critically
           important job
   b) Fall
       i) Take new memberships at the ceremony and have cash box for making change

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9) Entertainment:
   a) Spring
      i) We have had Choir quartet or at least we could have some background music.
   b) Fall
      i) Soloist from Choir or similar entertainment

10) Jacket company:
    a) Spring
       i) They sold 12 jackets!! They are planning to come to the Fall awards ceremony next
    b) Fall
       i) Have Rack for the sweater and jacket to be demonstrated (invite Jacket company)
       ii) Invite students who have jackets and Sweaters to wear them for the event – special
            prize for the students wearing jackets.

11) Other improvements:
    a) Spring
       i) Volunteers who are working event need to have a short break to eat ahead of time,
            as desired
    b) Fall
       i) Volunteer head count needs to be checked off and shifts arranged to allow the
            volunteers to have quality time at the ceremony with friends and families

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