5th Renal Eastern Europe Nephrology Academy (REENA)
           with ERA-EDTA & ISN/COMGAN CME course
                   Jurmala, Latvia, September 3-6, 2010

                           SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME

                             Friday, September, 3

 Monothematic satellite symposium from REENA 2010 principal sponsor –
                       JSC “OLAINFARM” (Latvia)

   Hall A            Urinary tract infections: treatment and prophylaxis
Simultaneous                    Chair: Prof. D. Ivanov (Ukraine)
                09.00-10.45 Urinary tract infections: Updates 2010
                (Prof. Dimitri Ivanov, Ukraine)

                09.00-10.45 Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection
                (Prof. Tamara Perepanova, Russia)

                09.00-10.45 The modern approach to the treatment of
                dismetabolic nephropathy in children
                (Prof. Ismail Osmanov, Russia)

                           10.45-11.10 Coffee break

                           First day of the Academy

                     11.10-13.40 Change of Experiences

    Hall A                      Summit for Clinical Nephrology
Simultaneous    Moderators: Prof. B. Kiperova (Bulgaria), Prof. H.Resic (B&H)
or successive
 translation    11.10-11.55 Screening for kidney disease reveals cardiovascular
                disease. National programs for kidney disease prevention.
                (Prof. Vladisav Stefanovic, Serbia)

                11.55-12.40 Balkan Endemic Nephropathy - Markers for Early
                Detection (Prof. Enisa Mesic, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
               12.40-13.25 Risks of Overshooting in Anemia Correction and Epo
               Receptor Stimulation: Erythrocythosis or Pleiotropic EPO Action?
               (Prof. Petar Kes, Croatia)

               13.25-13.40 Role of interstitial nephritis in acute kidney disease
               genesis. Study results (Maria Ivanova, MD,Ukraine)
   Hall B                               Summit for RRT
Simultaneous             Moderators: Prof D. Abramowicz (Belgium),
 translation                     Prof L. Rostaing (France)

               11.00-11.30 The Organization of Renal Transplantation Program in
               Croatia: from Abyss to Success. (Assist. Prof. Nikolina Bašić-Jukić,

               11.30-12.00 Late acute graft rejection treated with Tacrolimus
               versus Cyclosporine (Prof. Natalia Tomilina, Asoc. Prof. Ekaterina
               Stolyarevich, Russia)

               12.00-12.30 Sirolimus-based immunosuppressive protocols for
               kidney transplantation: outcomes analysis (Asoc. Prof. Inese
               Folkmane, Latvia)

               12.30-13.00 HLA Matching is Associated with Better Outcome after
               Renal Transplantation in Eurotransplant Senior Program.(Assist.
               Prof. Nikolina Bašić-Jukić, Croatia)

               13.00-13.30 Histological characteristics of peritoneal membrane in
               peritoneal dialysis patients (Prof. Biljana Stojimirovic, Serbia)

                              13.30-14.30 Lunch

                   14.30-18.20 Master blocks. Session 1.

   Hall A                             Master block 1: DKD
14.30-16.15             Non-diabetic renal disease among diabetic patients
Simultaneous                   (Prof. Ivan Rychlik, Czech Republic)
                       Treatment modalities (Prof. Dimitri Ivanov, Ukraine)

                        Teaching points (Prof. Boriana Kiperova, Bulgaria)


16.15-16.35                                Coffee break

   Hall A                   Master block 2: RRT (Transplantation)
Simultaneous   Induction therapy in renal transplantation (Prof. Daniel Abramowicz,
 translation                                 Belgium)

                 Treatment modalities - Choices of RRT (PD, HD, transplantation)
                    (Prof. Lionel Rostaing, Assist. Prof. Hugo Wéclawiak, France)

                 Teaching points - Renal graft pathology (recurrence and de novo)
                                           case discussion
                 (Prof. Natalia Tomilina, Asoc. Prof. Ekaterina Stolyarevich, Russia)


              19.00-21.00 Opening Ceremony & Welcome Dinner

                         Saturday, September 4
                   ERA-RDTA & ISN/COMGAN CME course

         Update in CKD management in view of patient's survival
                                Hall A
                        Simultaneous translation
                                       The Welcoming part
                           Prof Goce Spasovski - on behalf of ERA-EDTA,
                         Prof Norbert Lameire – on behalf of ISN/COMGAN,
                            Prof Dimitri Ivanov – as President of REENA

                        Session 1. Types of RRT and patients survival
                      Moderators: Prof D. Abramowicz, Prof L.Rostaing

               Lecture 1. Impact of various stages of CKD and outcome before
                          RRT (Lionel Rostaing, France)

               Lecture 2. How can you improve the results of renal
                           transplantation in your unit?
                          (Daniel Abramowicz, Belgium)

               Lecture 3. Immunosuppression and kidney transplantation
                          (Lionel Rostaing, France)

10.45-11.15                                Coffee break

                       Session 2. CKD syndromes and patients survival
                Moderators: Prof Jorge B. Cannata-Andia, Prof G.Spasovski

               Lecture 1. Anemia management :Guidelines and recent large trials
                          (Francesco Locatelli, Italy)

               Lecture 2. What is the link between mineral and bone disorders and
                          anemia in CKD? (Goce Spasovski, Macedonia)

               Lecture 3. The bone and vascular axis in CKD
                          (Jorge B. Cannata- Andia, Spain)

13.00-14.00                                   Lunch

                           Session 3. Update in CKD management
                         Moderators: Prof F.Locatelli, Prof I.Rychlik

               Lecture 1. Epidemiology of CKD and diabetic nephropathy
                          (Ivan Rychlik, Czech Republic)

               Lecture 2. CKD and future therapies (Meguid El Nahas, UK)

               Lecture 3. New guidelines and CKD management
                          (Dimitri Ivanov, Ukraine)
15.45-16.15                                 Coffee break

                    Session 4. Critical care in CKD and patient's survival
                        Moderators: Prof N.Lameire, Prof M. El Nahas

               Lecture 1. Prevention of contrast induced acute kidney injury
                          (Norbert Lameire, Belgium)

               Lecture 2. CKD in the elderly (Meguid El Nahas, UK)

               Lecture 3. Management and therapy of acute hypernatremia
                          (Norbert Lameire, Belgium)

18.00-18.30                             Final comments
                        (Norbert Lameire, Goce Spasovski, Dimitri Ivanov)

                           19.00-22.00 Gala Dinner

                            Sunday, September 5
                         Second day of the Academy

                   09.00-13.00 Master blocks. Session 2.

   Hall A                          Master block 1: CKD-MBD
Simultaneous         Updating CKD-MBD (Prof Jorge B.Cannata-Andia, Spain)
                    Bone disease in CKD - what are the treatment modalities?
                               (Prof. Goce Spasovski, Macedonia)

                Teaching points - Parathyreoidectomia in the treatment of SHP in
                       hemodialysis patients: single centers experience.
                         (Prof. Halima Resic, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

10.45-11.15                               Coffee break

   Hall A                             Master block 2: AKI
Simultaneous            Introductory lecture in new KDIGO AKI Guidelines
 translation                       (Norbert Lameire, Belgium)

                Approach to Acute Kidney Injury Treatment: When and How to Use
                 Peritoneal Dialysis, Intermittent Hemodialysis, Continuous Renal
               Replacement Therapy and Hybrid Therapy? (Prof. Petar Kes, Croatia)

                 Dialysis therapy of acute kidney injury in adults, small children
                         and newborns (Prof. Rafael Ponikvar, Slovenia)

                  Acute Kidney Injury after Open Heart Surgery: Prevention and
                              Treatment (Prof. Petar Kes, Croatia)


13.30-14.30                                   Lunch

                   14.30-18.00 Master blocks. Session 3.
   Hall A                  Master block: RRT (Models of Dialysis)
Simultaneous      Nocturnal and overnight hemodialysis (Prof. Rafael Ponikvar,
 translation                               Slovenia)

                  PD or HD – factors influencing the choice of dialysis modality
                              (Prof. Evgueniy Vazelov, Bulgaria)

                  Teaching points - Vascular access for hemodialysis: the role of
               interventional nephrologists. Hemodialysis catheters as permanent
                         vascular access (Prof. Rafael Ponikvar, Slovenia)


                                          Coffee break
   Hall A                            State-of-Art Lectures
Simultaneous           Glomerular disease in the field of clinical nephrology
 translation                   (Prof. Boriana Kiperova, Bulgaria)

                  Cardiovascular risk, oxidative stress and endothelium in CKD
                               (Prof. Mihai Voiculescu, Romania)
                           Monday, September 6
                          Third day of the Academy

     09.00-11.00 Discussions & Change of Experiences: national views

           Professor Dimitri Ivanov (Ukraine, REENA President),
Professor Rafael Ponikvar (Slovenia, head of Slovenian Nephrology Society),
     Professor Rafail Rosental (Latvia, Head of Latvian Transplantation

   Hall A      9.00-9.15 Problem of hypophosphatemia in maintenance
09.00-11.00    hemodialysis patients (Biljana Stojimirovic, Serbia)
 translation   9.15-9.30 “Silent” rejection during delayed kidney graft function
                         (Vadims Suhorukovs, Janis Jushinskis, Latvia)

               9.30-9.45 Hepatitis and systemic inflammation in patients on
               regular hemodialysis (Vlastimir Vlatković, Jasna Trbojević-
               Stanković, Biljana Stojimirović, Serbia)

               9.45-10.50 Round Table Discussion: New achievements in
               Clinical Nephrology and RRT in Eastern Europe countries.
               Best experience at glance and perspectives of future

                                      To the discussion invited:
               Petar Kes (Professor, Head of Croatian Society of Nephrology),
               Boriana Kiperova (Professor, Head of Bulgarian Society of
               Enisa Mesic (Profesor, Head of Nephrology and Dialysis Department
               University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina),
               Maris Plavins (Head of Latvian Society of Nephrology),
               Halima Resic (Head of Clinic for Hemodialysis Clinical Center
               University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
               Vladisav Stefanovic (Professor, Head of Serbian Society of
               Biljana Stojimirovic (Professor, Head of the Department of Clinical
               nephrology, Clinical Center of Serbia),
               Evgueniy Vazelov (Head of Dialysis Clinic of University Hospital
               "Aleksandrovska" Sofia Medical University, Head of National
               Association of Dialysis Specialists in Bulgaria),
               Mihai Voiculescu (Professor, Head of Romanian Society for
               Nephrology and Vascular Access)

               10.50-11.00 Greetings on address of 40th anniversary of renal
               transplantation in Lithuania.

                             Final Coffee & ceremony of closing
11.00-11.30           Professor Dimitri Ivanov (Ukraine, REENA President),
                  Inna Berezyuk (Ukraine, Head of REENA Administrative office)

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