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									2011 Review of the GARI Database
Invitation to submit comments or suggested changes to the Global
Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI) Database

Issue No. 1.0
15 August 2011

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1.    Background
GARI stands for the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative. The project was
designed to help consumers learn more about the various accessibility features of
mobile phones and devices and to help them identify phones with the features that
may assist them with their particular needs. The project website is available at
www.mobileaccessibility.info .

The project itself was developed in response to requests from consumer and
advocacy groups for improved information regarding the accessibility of mobile
phones. We continue to work with a number of groups in different countries to
develop the project in line with the changing nature of the technology and to improve

Currently, the GARI database http://www.mobileaccessibility.info/findphones.cfm has
information on over 90 features of phones and about 400 phone models included in
the database across all regions. The database is currently available in 11 languages
with plans to extend that further over the remainder of 2011.

The MMF has also been partnering with several bodies to improve access to the
database. To date, the GARI database has been incorporated into the CTIA’s
AccessWireless website (http://accesswireless.org/Find/Gari.aspx) and AMTA’s
website http://www.amta.org.au/pages/GARI.Database

The MMF is also currently putting in place support for automated XML access to the
GARI database so that parties wishing to incorporate it into their own sites can do so.
Interested parties should contact the MMF to discuss how they can access this

As part of the continual evolution of the GARI database the MMF is inviting
comments and suggestions about what features manufacturers should report on to
help those consumers best identify phones that can meet their needs. Comments or
suggestions can be made by 30 September 2011 in order to be included in the
current review cycle.

2.    Possible New Features to be Included
Since the initial introduction of the GARI database there have been many technical
and standards developments that can enhance the accessibility of a mobile device.
The following features are proposed feature inclusions for the GARI database that
have been identified, although the purpose of this review is also to invite comments
and suggestions on whether there are additional features that should be included.

 Proposed        Proposed Description          Response       Technical Note or
 Feature                                                      Reference*

 Default         Indicates what the default    _____ dBA      Indicate in dBA what

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 Volume            volume control limit is                  the default maximum
 Control Limit                                              volume control limit for
                                                            the device is.
 Adjustable        Allows user to change        Yes/No      Indicate whether the
 Maximum           default volume control                   device complies with
 Volume            limit to a maximum of                    amendments to EN
 Control           100dBA                                   60065:2002 and EN
                                                            60950-1:2006 that
                                                            allow the user to
                                                            override the default
                                                            volume control limit to
                                                            a maximum of 100dBA
 Front facing   Does the device have a      Yes/No
 camera         front facing camera for
                use in signing or two-way
                video conferencing.
 Supports       Device will show closed Yes/No
 Closed         captioning that is included
 Captioning for in a video or video stream.
 Web Video or

 Supports          Device      supports   the Yes/No        Does       the     device
 ability      to   installation of third party              support the installation
 install   third   applications.                            of third party apps via
 party                                                      an               approved
 applications                                               application store or
                                                            direct installation?
 or apps.
 External          Device allows for an Yes/No
 keyboard          external keyboard to be
 support           attached and used.
 Stylus support    Device allows for a stylus Yes/No
                   or other pen-like device to
                   be used on the device
 Inbuilt Screen Device has an            inbuilt Yes/No
 Reader         screen reader

*The ‘Technical Note or Reference ‘ column is meant for internal guidance for those
completing the forms and is not published.

The ability of smartphones to support third party applications has had, and will
continue to have, a profound impact on the accessibility of mobile devices. Third
party applications are not included at present in the GARI database since the
database focuses on the features of the device itself. However the MMF is currently
looking at how best to support awareness of third party accessibility-related apps as

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a complement to the database, since it is recognised that this will add significant
value to the existing information for users.

4.     Submitting Comments or Suggestions

The MMF welcomes your comments or suggestions on the GARI Database,
particularly in relation to features that would be of assistance to those with disabilities
or that have special needs to be able to make the most of their mobile phones and
devices. If possible, if you can provide feature suggestions in the following format
then that will assist us greatly:

 Proposed         Proposed Description           Response        Technical Note or
 Feature                                                         Reference

In making comments or suggestions we do ask that you keep in mind the following:
   (a) The global nature of the GARI database. This means that we are unlikely to
       be able to include a reference to whether a device supports access to a
       particular service where that service is only available in a particular location or
   (b) The database is completed by manufacturers for their own products, and as
       such, they are not likely to be aware whether the product is compatible with
       third party products, services or applications; and
   (c) The existing list of features includes some that manufacturers are required to
       report on in some countries– in which case we are limited with what we can do
       with these. However, comments and suggestions can be made on all features
       and the MMF will use these comments as best we can.

The MMF welcomes your comments on GARI and any inputs can be emailed to
accessibility@mmfai.info by the 30 September to be included in the current review.

Michael Milligan
Secretary General
Mobile Manufacturers Forum

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