A Dictionary of by liaoqinmei


									         A Dictionary of                       eu, ev (well): eulogize (speak well of,        post (after): postpone, postwar,
                                                   praise), eupepsia, euphony, eugenics.        postscript, postseason
                                               ex, e, ec, ef (out): expel (drive out, ex-     pre (before): prewar, preview,
            Prefixes                              mayor, exit, exorcism, eccentric (out         precede, prevent, premonition
                                                  of the center position), eject, emit        pro (forward, in favor of): project
a, an (not, without): amoral (without a        extra, extro (beyond, outside): extrovert        (throw forward), progress, pro-
  sense of moral responsibility), theism,         extraordinary (beyond the ordinary),          abortion, promote, prohibition
  anemia, atypical, atom (not cutable),           extracurricular, extraneous                 pseudo (false): pseudonym (false or
  apathy (without feeling)                     for (away, off): forswear (to renounce           assumed name), pseudo, pseudopodia
ab, abs, a (from, away): abnormal,                an oath)                                    re (back, again): reclaim, revive,
  avert (turn away)                            fore (before in time): foretell (to tell          revoke, rejuvenate, retard, reject,
acro (high): acropolis (high city),               beforehand), forecast, foreshadow,            return
  acrobat, acrophobia (fear of height)            foregone, forefather                        retro (backwards): retrospective
ad (ac, af, ag, al, an, ap, ar, as, at) (to,   hemi, demi, semi (half): hemisphere,             (looking backwards), retroactive,
  toward): admire (look at with                   hemicycle, semicircle, demitasse              retrorocket, retrogression
  wonder), attract, admit, advance,            homo (man): Homo sapiens, homicide,            se (aside): seduce (lead aside), secede,
  allege, announce, assert, aggressive,           homunculus, hominid                           secrete, segregate
  accept.                                      hyper (over, above): hypercritical,            self (by oneself): self-determination,
ambi, amb (both, around): ambi-                   hyperemia, hyperactive, hypertension,         self-employed, self-service, selfish
  dextrous (skilled with both hands),             hyperactive                                 sesqui (one and a half): sesqui-
  ambiguous, amble                             hypo (under): hypodermic, hypothesis,            centennial (one and one-half
amphi (both): amphibious (living on               hypotension                                   centuries)
  both land and water), amphitheater           idio (private, personal): idiom,               sub (under): submerge (put under),
ana (on, up, backward): analysis                  idiosyncrasy, idiomatic                       submarine, subhuman, subject,
  (loosening up or taking apart for            il (ir, in, im) (not): illegal, incorrect,       substitute, subsoil, suburb
  study), anatomy, anachronism                    immoral, irregular                          suf (sug, sup sus) (from under):
ante (before): antedate, anteroom,             in (il, im) (into): inject, inside, impose,      suffer, suggest, support, suspect,
  antebellum, antecedent                          illuminate, illustrate, implant, imprison     sufficient, suspend
anti, ant (against): anticommunist,            infra (beneath): infrared, infrastructure      super, supr, sur (above, over, more):
  antidote, anticlimax, antacid, Antarctic     intro (into, inward): introduce, introvert       supervise, superman, survivor,
apo (from, off): apostasy (standing               (turn inward)                                 supreme, supernatural, superior
  from, abandoning a professed                 macro (larger, excessive): macrodent           syn (sym, sys, syl ) (with, together):
  belief), apology, apothecary, apostle           (having large teeth), macrocosm               sympathy, system, synthesis,
be (on, away): bedeck, belabor,                mal (badly, poor): maladjusted, malady,          symphony, syllable, synchronize
  bequest, bestow, beloved                        malnutrition, malfunction                     (time together), synonym
bene, bon (well): benefit, benefactor,         meta (beyond, after, with): metabolism         trans, tra (across, beyond): trans-
  benevolent, benediction, bonus, bona            (thrown beyond, literally; hence,             oceanic, transmit, traverse (lying
  fide, bonanza                                   physical and chemical change),                 across as a bridge over a stream),
bi, bis, bin (both, double, twice):               metaphor, metamorphosis,                      transfusion
  bicycle, biweekly, binoculars,                  metaphysical.                               tri (three): tricycle, triangle, tripod,
  bilateral, biscuit                           mis (incorrect, bad): misuse, misprint,          tricounty
by (side, close, near): bypass,                miso (hating, wrong): misanthrope,             ultra (beyond, exceedingly):
  bystander, by-product, bylaw, byline            misogamy, miser                               ultramodern, ultraviolet, ultra-
cata (down, against): catalogue,               mono (one): monotone, monogamy,                  conservative
  catapult, catastrophe, cataclysm                monochrome, monocle                         un (not, release): unfair, unnatural,
circum, circ (around): circumference,          multi (many): multiply, multiform,               unbutton, unfasten
  circumnavigate, circumspect                     multilateral                                under (beneath): underground,
co (cos, col, cor, com) (together, with):      neo (new): neopaganism, neonatal,                underling
  compose, copilot, conspire, collect,            neoclassic, neologism, neophyte             uni (one, below): unicycle, uniform,
  concord                                      ob (of, op, oc) (towards, against):              unify, universe, unique
coni (dust): coniosis (disease which              obstruct, offend, oppose, occur             vice (in place of): vice-president, vice-
  comes from inhaling dust)                    para (beside, almost): parasite (one             admiral, viceroy
contra, counter (against): controversy,           who eats beside or at the table of
  contradict, counterpart                         another), paraphrase, parody,
de (from, down): demote, depress,                 parachute, paramedic, parallel
  degrade, deject, deprive                     penta (five): pentagon (figure or                           Suffixes
di (two, twice): dilemma, diatom,                 building having five angles or sides),
  dissect, diploma                                Pentateuch, pentameter, pentathlon          able, ible (able, can do): capable,
dia (through, between): diameter,              per (throughout, completely): pervert            agreeable, edible, visible (can be
  diagonal, diagram, diagnosis, dialogue          (completely turn wrong, corrupt),             seen), responsible
dis, dif (apart, away, reverse): dismiss,         perfect, perceive, permanent, persuade,     ad, ade (result of action): monad (a
  distort, distinguish, diffuse                   pervade                                       unit, an individual), blockade (the
dys (badly, ill): dyspepsia (digesting         peri (around): perimeter (measurement            result of a blocking action),
  badly, indigestion), dystrophy                  around an area), periphery, periscope,        lemonade
em, en (in, into): embrace, enslave               pericardium, period                         age (act of, state of, collection of):
epi (upon): epidermis (upon the skin,          poly (many): polygon (figure having              salvage (act of saving), storage,
  outer layer of skin), epitaph, epithet,          many angles or sides), polygamy,             forage
  epigram, epitome                                 polyglot, polychrome
        Suffixes cont’d                      hood (order, condition, quality):
                                               manhood, womanhood, brotherhood
                                                                                                multitude (condition of being many),
                                                                                                aptitude, solitude
                                             ible (see `able’)                                ure (state of, act, process, rank):
al (relating to): sensual, gradual,          ic (nature of, like): acidic, metallic (of         culture, literature, pressure, rupture
  manual, natural relating to nature           the nature of metal), heroic, poetic             (state of being broken)
algia (pain): neuralgia (nerve pain)         ice (condition, state, quality): justice,        ward (in the direction of ): eastward,
an, ian (native of, relating to): Italian      malice                                           forward, backward
  (native of Italy), African                 id, ide (a thing connected with or belong        y (inclined to, tend to): cheery, crafty,
ance, ancy (action, process, state):           to): fluid, fluoride                              faulty, dirty, itchy
  assistance, allowance, defiance,           ile (relating to, suited for, capable of):
  resistance                                   domicile, agile, juvenile, senile
ant (performing, agent): assistant,            (related to being old), missile
  servant, defiant                           ine (nature of): feminine, masculine,                            Roots
ar, er, or (one who): doctor, baker,           genuine, medicine
  miller, teacher, racer, amplifier          ion, sion, tion (act of, state of, result of):   acer, acid, acri (bitter, sour, sharp):
ard, art (one who): drunkard, dullard,         action, injection, infection, suspension         acerbic (bitter,, harsh), acerbate
  braggart                                     (state of suspending)                            (embitter), acidity (sourness), acrid,
ary, ery, ory (relating to, quality, place   ish (origin, nature, resembling): foolish,         acrimony
  where): dictionary, dietary, bravery,        Irish, clownish (resembling a clown)           acu (sharp): acute, acuity,
  dormitory (a place where people sleep)     ism (doctrine, system, manner,                      acupuncture
asis, esis, osis (action, process,             condition, characteristic): alcoholism,        ag, agi, ig, act (do, move, go): agent
  condition): genesis, hypnosis,               exorcism, heroism (characteristic of a           (doer), agenda (things to do), agile,
  neurosis                                     hero), Communism, realism                        navigate (move by sea), pedagogue
ate (cause, make): enumerate, liquidate,     ist (one who, that which): artist, dentist,        (child mover, teacher), ambiguous
  segregate (causing a group to be set         violinist, racist                                (going both ways, not clear),
  aside)                                     ite (nature of, quality of, mineral                retroactive, agitate
cian (having a certain skill or art):          product): expedite, Israelite, graphite,       ali, allo, alter (other): alias (a
  logician, musician, beautician,              sulfite, dynamite (quality of being              person’s other name), alternative,
  magician, physician                          powerful)                                        alibi, alien (from another country),
cide (kill): homicide, pesticide,            ity, ty (state of, quality): captivity,            alter (change to another form),
  genocide (killing a race of people)          chastity, fraternity, clarity                    allotment, allocate
cule, ling (very small): molecule,           ive (causing, making): assertive,                altus (high, deep): altimeter, exalt,
  ridicule, duckling (very small duck),        abusive (causing abuse), affirmative,            altitude, alto
  sapling                                      exhaustive                                     am, amor (love, liking): amiable,
cy (action, function): hesitancy,            ize (make): emphasize, liberalize (make            amorous, enamored
  prophecy, normalcy                           liberal), idolize, penalize, publicize         anim (mind, will): unanimous,
dom (quality, realm, office): boredom,       less (without): baseless, careless                 animosity, equanimity, magnanimous
  freedom, kingdom, stardom, wisdom            (without care), artless, fearless,             annim ennu, enni (year): anniversary,
  (quality of being wise)                      helpless                                         annually (yearly), centennial
ee (one who receives the action):            ling (see `cule’)                                  (occurring once in 100 years), per
  employee, devotee, nominee (one who        ly (like, manner of): carelessly,                  annum, annuity
  is nominated), refugee, trustee              fearlessly, hopelessly, shamelessly            anthro (man): anthropoid (man-like,
en (made of, make): silken, frozen,          ment (act of, state of, result):                   e.g. an ape), anthropology (study of
  oaken (made of oak), wooden, lighten         contentment, alignment, amendment                mankind), misanthrope (hater of
ence, ency (action, state of, quality):        (state of amending), achievement                 mankind), philanthropic (love of
  difference, conference, proficiency        mony (a resulting thing): patrimony,               mankind)
  (quality of being proficient), urgency       alimony, acrimony                              antico (old): antique, antiquated,
er (see `ar’)                                ness (state of): carelessness,                     antiquity
ery (see `ary’)                                restlessness, lifelessness                     arch (chief, first, rule): archangel
esce (to become): acquiesce (become          oid (like, resembling): asteroid,                  (chief angel), architect (chief
  restful, peaceful), coalesce                 spheroid, tabloid, anthropoid                    worker), archaic (first, very early),
escent (in the process of): convalescent,    ology (study, science, theory): biology,           monarchy (rule by one person),
  obsolescent                                  anthropology, geology, neurology,                matriarchy (rule by the mother),
ese (a native of, the language):               theology                                         patriarchy (rule by the father),
  Japanese, Vietnamese                       or (see `ar’)                                      archeology, anarchy
esis (see `asis’)                            ory (see `ary’)                                  aster, astr (star): aster (star flower),
esque (in the style of): arabesque,          osis (see `asis’)                                  asterisk, asteroid, disaster (originally
  burlesque                                  ous (full of, having): gracious, nervous,          a bad happening from a contrary
ess (female): actress, goddess, lioness        vivacious (full of life), spacious               influence by a star), astrology (lit.
et, ette (a small one, group): midget,       rhea (flowing, discharge): diarrhea,               star-speaking: pseudo-science of
  octet, baronet, bassinet                     gonorrhea (discharge from the                    influences by stars and planets),
fic (making, causing): scientific,             reproductive organs), pyorrhea                   astronomy (star law), astronaut (lit. \
  specific                                   ship (office, state, quality, skill,               star traveler; space traveler)
ful (full of): frightful, careful, helpful     profession): friendship, authorship,           aud, aus (hear, listen): audible (can be
  (full of help)                               scholarship, dictatorship                        heard), auditorium, audio, audition,
fy (make): fortify (make strong),            some (like, apt, tending to): lonesome,            audience, auditory, auspicious
  simplify, terrify, amplify                   threesome, gruesome
                                             tude (state of, condition of): gratitude,
           Roots cont’d                       cide (kill): homicide (man, human killer
                                                or killing), genocide (race killing,
                                                                                              cur, curs (run): current (running or
                                                                                                flowing), concurrent, concur (run
                                                suicide (self-killer or self-killing),          together, agree, curriculum (lit.
aug, auc (increase): augment, auction,          tyrannicide (tyrant killer or tyrant            running, a course), cursory (done
  augur                                         killing), pesticide (pest killer),              hastily, “on the run”), incur (run
auto, aut (self): automobile (self-             germicide (germ killer), insecticide            into), precursor (forerunner), recur,
  moving vehicle), autograph (self-             (insect killer)                                 occur, courier
  writing; signature), automatic (self-       cise (cut): decide (cut off uncertainty),       cura (care): manicure (caring for the
  acting), autonomy (lit. self-law; self-       precise (cut exactly right), concise,           hands), curator, pedicure
  government), autobiography (lit. self-        incision, scissors, criticize                 cus, cuse (see `cause’)
  life writing)                               cit (to call, start): incite, citation, cite    cycle, cyclo (wheel, circular): Cyclops
belli (war): rebellion, belligerent           civ (citizen): civic (relating to a               (a mythical giant with one eye in the
  (warlike or hostile), bellicose               citizen), civil, civilian, civvies (citizen     middle of his forehead), cyclone (a
bibl (book): Bible, bibliography                clothing), civilization                         wind blowing circularly; a tornado),
  (writing, list of books), bibliomania       clam, claim (cry out): exclamation,               unicycle, bicycle
  (craze for books), bibliophile (book          clamor, proclamation, reclamation,            deca (ten): decade, decalogue,
  lover)                                        acclamation, declamation, claim                 decapod (ten feet), Decapolis,
bio (life): biology (study of live things),   clemen (merciful): clemency, inclement            decathlon
  amphibious, biography, biophysics,            (not merciful), clement                       dem (people): democracy (people-
  biopsy (cutting living tissue for           clud, clos, claus (shut): include (to take        rule), demagogue (people-leader, one
  examination(, microbe (small,                 in), recluse (one who shuts himself             who stirs up people for selfish ends),
  microscopic living thing), biogenesis         away from others), claustrophobia               demography (vital statistics of the
breve (short): brevity, abbreviate, brief       (abnormal fear of being shut up,                people; deaths, births, etc.), epidemic
bursa (purse, payment): reimburse,              confined) conclude, include, preclude,          (on or among the people; general),
  disbursements (money paid out)                seclude, close, closet                          pandemonium
cad, cas (to fall): cadaver, cadence,         cognosc, gnosi (know): prognosis                dent, dont (tooth): dental (relating to
  caducous (falling off), cascade               (forward knowing), diagnosis                    teeth), orthodontist (a dentist who
calor (heat): calorie (unit of heat),           (thorough knowledge ), recognize (to            practices orthodontia), denture,
  calorify (to make hot), caloric,              know again), incognito (not known),             dentifrice
  nonchalant                                    agnostic (not knowing about God)              derm (skin): hypodermic (under skin;
cande (shine): candor, candelabra,            cord, cor, card (heart): cordial (hearty,         injected under the skin), dermatology
  candid                                        heartfelt), accord, concord, discord,           (skin study), epidermis (on skin; out
cap, cip, cept (take): capable, capacity,       record, courage, encourage (put heart           layer), taxidermy (arranging skin;
  capture, anticipate, participate,             into), discourage (take heart out of),          mounting animals)
  principal, accept, except, conception,        core, coronary, cardiac                       dic, dict (say, speak): diction (how
  deceptive, perception, conceive,            corp (body): corporation (a legal body),          one speaks, what one says),
  receive, forceps                              corpse, corps, corporal, corpulent              dictionary, dictate, dictator, dictum (a
capit, capt (head): decapitate (to            cosm (universe, world): cosmos (the               saying), dictaphone, dictatorial, edict,
  remove the head from), capital,               universe), cosmic, cosmology,                   predict, verdict, contradict,
  captain, caption, recapitulate                cosmopolitan (world citizen),                   benediction
carn (flesh): carnal, carnage,                  cosmonaut, microcosm, macrocosm               domin (master): dominate, dominion,
  carnivorous (flesh eating), incarnate,      crat (rule, strength): autocracy,                 domain, predominant, Anno Domini
  reincarnation                                 democrat, bureaucrat                            (in the year of our Lord, abbreviated
caus, caut (burn, heat): cauterize,           crea (create): creature (anything                 A.D.)
  cauldron, caustic                             created), recreation, creation, creator       don (give): donate (make a gift),
cause, cuse, cus (cause, motive):             cred (believe): creed (statement of               condone
  because, excuse (to attemtp to remove         beliefs), credo (a creed), credence           dorm (sleep): dormant, dormitory
  the blame or cause: exonerate),               (belief), credit (belief, trust), credulous   dox (opinion, praise): doxy (belief,
  accusation                                    (believing too readily, easily deceived)        creed, or ism), orthodox (having the
ced, ceed, cede, cess (move, yield, go,       cresc, cret, crease, cru (rise, grow):            correct, commonly accepted
  surrender): cede (yield), antecedent          crescendo (growing in loudness or               opinion), heterodox (differing
  (moving, occurring before), accede,           intensity), crescent (growing like the          opinion; contrary, self-contradictory),
  concede intercede precede, recede,            moon in first quarter), concrete (grown         doxology (statement or song of
  secede (move aside from), proceed             together, solidified), increment                praise), paradox
  (move forward), success                       (amount of growth), increase,                 drome (to run, step): syndrome (run
chrom (color): chrome (color purity),           decrease, accrue (to grow, as interest          together; symptoms), hippodrome (a
  chromatic, chromosome (color body in          on money)                                       place where horses run)
  genetics), Kodachrome, monochrome           crit (separate, choose): critical,              duc, duct (lead): duke (leader), induce
  (one color), polychrome (many                 criterion (that which is used in                (lead into, persuade), seduce (lead
  colored)                                      choosing), diacritical, hypocrisy               aside), traduce (lead across in public
chron (time): chronological (in order of      cub, cumb (lie down, lean back):                  disgrace, vilify), aqueduct (water
  time), chronometer (time-measured),           incubate (to hatch by keeping),                 leader, artificial channel), subdue,
  chronicle (record of events in time),         encumber (to place a burden upon),              ductile (easily drawn out or
  synchronize (make time with, set time         cumbersome, succumb, incumbent,                 hammered thin), viaduct, conduct,
  together), anachronism (lit. back in          recumbent                                       conduit, produce, reduce, educate
  time; anything backwards in historical                                                      dura (hard, lasting): durable,
  time)                                                                                          duration, duramen, endurance
dynam (power): dynamo (power                  fract, frag (break): fracture (a break),        greg (herd, group, crowd): gregarian
   producer), dynamic                           infraction, fragile (easy to break),            (belonging to a herd), congregation
end, endo (within): endoral (within the         fraction (result of breaking a whole            (a group functioning together),
   mouth), endocardial (within the heart),      into equal parts, refract (to break or          segregation (to group aside or apart),
   endoskeletal, endoplasm                      bend, as a light ray), fragment                 aggregation
equi (equal): equinox, equilibrium,           fum (smoke): fume (smoke; odor),                hab, habit (have, live): habitat (the
   equivalent                                   fumigate (destroy germs by smoking              place in which one lives), inhabit (to
erg (work): energy, erg (unit of work),         them out), perfume                              live in; to establish as residence),
   allergy, ergophobia (morbid fear of        gam (marriage): bigamy (two                       rehabilitate, habitual
   work), ergonomics, ergograph                 marriages), monogamy (one marriage),          helio (sun): heliograph (an instrument
fac, fact, fic, fect (do, make): factory        polygamy (lit., many marriages),                for using the sun’s rays), heliotrope
   (the place where workers are                 exogamy, endogamy, gamete, gambit               (a plant which turns to the sun)
   employed in making goods of various        gastro (stomach): gastric, gastronomic,         hema, hemo (blood): hematid (red
   kinds), fact (a thing done, a deed),         gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)         blood corpuscle), hemotoxic (causing
   facsimile, facility, manufacture,          gen (birth, race, produce): genesis               blood poisoning), hemorrhage,
   faculty, amplification, affect               (birth, beginning), Genesis, genus,             hemoglobin, hemophilia, hematose
fall, fals (deceive): fallacious, falsify,       genetics (study of heredity), eugenics       here, hes (stick): adhere, cohere,
   fallacy                                      (lit. well born), genealogy (lineage by         inherent, adhesive, cohesive
fer (carry, bear): ferry (carry by water),      race, stock), generate, progeny               hetero (different): heterogeneous
   odoriferous (bearing an odor),               (offspring), genitals (the reproductive         (different in birht,; miscellaneous)
   coniferous (bearing cones, as a pine         organs), congenital (existing as such at        heterodox, heterochromatic (of
   tree), pestiferous (bearing disease),        birth), indigenous (born, growing or            different colors), heteromorphic (of
   fertile (bearing richly), defer, infer,      produced naturally in a region or               different forms), superheterodyne,
   refer, suffer (bear under, as under          country), genetic, hydrogen (lit. water-        heterosexual (with interest in
   yoke), referee, referendum,                  borne element)                                  opposite sex)
   circumference                              geo (earth): geometry (earth                    homo (same): homogeneous (of same
fic, fact (see `fac’)                           measurement), geography (lit. earth-            birth or kind), homonym (word with
fid, fide, feder (faith, trust): fidelity,      writing), geocentric (earth centered),          same name or pronunciation as
   confident, confidante, infidelity,           geology, geochemistry, geophysic                another), homosexual (with sex
   infidel, fiduciary (held in trust,         germ (vital part): germination (to                desire for those of the same sex),
   confidential), perfidy (breaking faith),     grow), germ (seed; living substance, as         homologous (same minded,
   boa fide (in good faith), federal,           the germ of an idea), germane                   agreeing), homogenize
   confederacy, Fido                          gest (carry, bear): congest (bear               hum, human (earth, ground, man):
fila, fili (thread): filament (a threadlike     together, clog), suggestion (mental             humility (quality of lowliness),
   conductor heated by electrical               process by which one thought leads to           humane (marked by sympathy,
   current), filiform (having the shape of      another), congestive (causing                   compassion for other human beings
   a thread), filter, filet                     congestion), gestation, suggestion,             and animals), humus, exhume,
fin (end, ended, finished): final, finite,      gesture                                         humanity
   infinite, finish, confine, fine, refine,   gloss, glot (tongue): polyglot (many            hydr, hydro, hydra (water):
   define, finale                               tongues), epiglottis, glossary, glottic         dehydrate (take water out of, dry),
fix (fix): fix (a difficult position),        glu, glo (lump, bond, glue):                      hydrant (water faucet), hydraulic
   transfix (to hold motionless), fixation      conglomerate (bond together),                   (pertaining to water or to liquids),
   (the state of being attached), fixture,      agglutinate (make to hold in a bond)            hydraulics, hydrogen, hydrophobia
   affix, prefix, suffix                      grad, gress (step, go): grade (step,              (fear of water), hydrodynamics,
flex, flect (bend): flex (bend), reflex         degree), gradual (step by step),                hydroelectric
   (bending back), flexible, flexor             graduate (make all the steps, finish a        hypn (sleep): hypnoidal (relating to
   (muscle for bending), inflexibility,         course), graduated (in steps or degree),        hypnosis or sleep), hypnosis,
   reflect, deflect, genuflect (bend the        aggressive (stepping toward, pushing),          Hypnos (god of sleep), hypnotherapy
   knee)                                        transgress (step across limits, break a         (treatment of diseases by hypnosis)
flu, fluc, fluv (flowing): influence (to        law)                                          ignis (fire): ignite, igneous, ignition
   flow in), fluctuate (to wave in an         graph, gram (write, written): graph,            ject (throw): deject, inject, project
   unsteady motion), fluviograph                graphic (written; vivid), autograph             (throw forward), eject, object,
   (instrument for measuring the flow or        (self-writing, signature), photography          ejaculate
   rivers), fluid, flue, flush, fluently,       (light-writing), graphite (carbon used        join, junct (join): junction (act of
   affluent                                     for writing), phonograph (sound-                joining), enjoin (to lay an order upon;
form (form, shape): form. uniform,              writing), bibliography, monograph               to command), juncture, conjunction,
   conform, deform reform, perform,             (writing on one subject), telegram (far         joint, adjoining, injunction
   formative, formation, formal, formula        writing)                                      jud, judi, judic (judge, lawyer): judge
fort, forc (strong): fort, fortress (a        grat (pleasing): congratulate (express            (a public officer who has the
   strong point, fortified), fortify (make      pleasure over success), gratis (as a            authority to give a judgment), abjure
   strong), forte (one’s strong point),         favor, free), gratuitous (gratis), gratuity     (reject the case), judicial (relating to
   forte (strong, loud in music), fortitude     (mark of favor, a tip), grateful,               administration of justice), judicious,
   (strength for endurance), force, effort,     gracious, ingrate (not thankful; hence,         prejudice
   comfort, pianoforte, force (power)           unpleasant), ingratiate                       jur, jus (law): justice (a just judgment;
                                              grav (heavy, weighty): grave, gravity,            as justice must be served), conjure (to
                                                aggravate, gravitate                            swear together; to imagine; to
                                                                                                entreat; as, conjure the king to be
                                                                                                merciful), juror, jurisdiction
           Roots cont’d                        lude (play): ludicrous, prelude (before
                                                 play), interlude
                                                                                           mit, miss (send): emit (send out, give
                                                                                            off), remit (send back, as money
                                               magn (great): magnify (make great,           due), submit, admit, commit, permit,
juven (young): juvenile, juvenescent             enlarge), magnificent, magnanimous         transmit (send across), omit,
   (becoming young), rejuvenate (to              (great of mind or spirit), magnate,        intermittent (sending between, at
   make young again)                             magnitude, magnum                          intervals), mission, missile
later (side, broad): lateral, latitude         man (hand): manual, manage,                 mob, mot, move (move): mobile
laut, lav, lot, lut (wash): lavish               manufacture, manacle, manicure,            (capable of moving), motionless
   (flowing like water), dilute (to make a       manifest, maneuver, emancipate             (without motion), motor (that which
   liquid thinner and weaker), ablution (a     mand (command): mandatory                    imparts motion; source of mechanical
   washing away), launder (to wash and           (commanded), remand (order back),          power), emotional (moved strongly
   iron clothes), lavatory, laundry,             writ of mandamus (written order from       be feelings), motivate, promotion,
   lotion, deluge                                a court), countermand (order against,      demote
leg (law): legal (lawful: according to           canceling a previous order), mandate      mon (warn, remind): admonish
   law), legislate (to enact a law),           mania (madness): mania (insanity;            (warn), admonition, monitor,
   legislature (a body of persons who can        craze; excessive craving), monomania       premonition (forewarning),
   make laws), legitimize (make legal),          (mania on one idea), kleptomania           monument (a reminder of memorial
   legacy                                        (thief mania; abnormal tendency to         of a person or event), reminisce
letter, lit, liter, litera (letters): litany     steal), pyromania (insane tendency to     monstr, mist (show): demonstrate (to
   (prayer consisting of invocations and         set fires), dipsomania (uncontrollable     display; show), muster (to gather
   responses), literary (concerned with          craving for alcoholic drink), manic,       together; collect; put on display),
   books and writing ), literature (the best     maniac                                     demonstration, monstrosity
   works written during the century),          mar, mari, mer (sea, pool): mermaid         mori, mort, more (mortal, death):
   literal, alliteration, obliterate             (fabled marine creature, half fish),       mortal (causing death or destined for
levis (light): alleviate (lighten a load),       marine (a sailor serving on shipboard),    death), immortal (not subject to
   levitate, levity                              marsh (wetland, swamp), maritime           death), mortality (rate of death),
lic, licit (permit): license (freedom to       matri, matro, matric (mother):               immortality, mortician (one who
   act), licit (permitted; lawful;               matrimony (state of wedlock),              buries the dead), mortification
   conceded), illicit (not permitted),           maternal (relating to the mother),        morph (form): amorphous (with no
   licentious (taking liberties;                 matriarchate (rulership of a woman),       form, shapeless), anthropomorphic
   disregarding rules, especially in             matris (mother goddess of the Hindu        (man form), Morpheus (the shaper,
   morals)                                       deities), matron                           god of dreams), morphine (drug
lith (stone): monolith (one stone, a           medi (half, middle, between, halfway):       making sleep and dreams),
   single mass), lithography (stone              mediate (come between, intervene),         metamorphosis (a change of form, as
   writing, printing from a flat stone or        medieval (pertaining to the middle         a caterpillar into a butterfly),
   metal plate), neolithic (new stone, of        ages), mediterranean (lying between        morphidite
   the later stone age), paleolithic             lands), medium ( person having the        multi, multus (many, much):
   (ancient stone)                               faculty to make contact with the           multifold (folded many times),
liver, liber (free): liberal (relating to        supernatural), mediocre                    multilinguist (one who speaks many
   liberty), delivery (freedom; liberation),   mega (great): megaphone (great sound),       languages), multiped (an organism
   liberalize (to make more free; as, to         megacephalic (great-headed),               with many feet), multiply (to increase
   liberalize the mind from prejudice),          megalith, megalopolis (great city; an      a number quickly by multiplication)
loc, loco (place): locomotion (act of            extensive urban area including a          nasc, nat (to be born, to spring forth):
   moving from place to place), locality         number of cities), megacycle (a            nature (the essence of a person or a
   (locale; neighborhood), allocate (to          million cycles), megaton (force of a       thing), innate (inborn, inherent in),
   assign; to place; apportion), relocate        million tons of TNT), omega (great)        international (between or among
   (to put back into their homes)              mem (remember): memorandum ( a               nations), renascence/Renaissance ( a
log, logo, ology (word, study, speech):          note; a reminder), commemoration (the      rebirth; a revival), natal, native,
   Logo (the word, Jesus), logic (orig.,         act of observing by a memorial or          nativity
   speech; then reasoning), prologue,            ceremony), memento, memoir, memo,         neur (nerve): neuritis (inflammation
   epilogue, dialogue, logorrhea (a flux         memorable                                  of a nerve), neuropathic (having a
   of words; excessively wordy), zoology       meter (measure): meter (a measure),          nerve disease), neurologist (one who
   (animal study), psychology (mind              gravimeter (instrument for measuring       practices neurology), neural,
   study), theology (god study)                  weight and density), voltameter            neurosis, neurotic
loqu, locut (talk, speak): eloquent              (instrument to measure bolts in an        nom (law, order): autonomy (self-law,
   (speaking out well and forcefully),           electric circuit), barometer,              self government), astronomy,
   loquacious (talkative), colloquial            thermometer                                Deuteronomy (lit., second law as
   (talking together; conversational or        micro (small): microscope, microfilm,        given by Moses), gastronomy (lit.,
   informal), obloquy (a speaking                microcard, microwave, micrometer           stomach law; art of good eating),
   against, a reproach), circumlocution          (device for measuring very small           agronomy (lit., field law; crop
   (talking around a subject), soliloquy         distance), micron ( a millionth of a       production), economy (household
luc, lum. los, lun (light): Luna (the            meter), microbe (small living thing),      law, management)
   moon goddess), lumen ( a unit of              microorganism, omicron (small)            nomen, nomin (name): nomenclature,
   light), luminary (a heavenly body;          migra (wander): migrate (to wander),         nominate, nominal
   someone who shines in his                     emigrant (one who leaves a country),
   profession), translucent (letting light       immigrate (to come into the land to
   come through), luster (sparkle; gloss;        settle), migrant (one who roves; a
   glaze), illuminate                            wanderer).
nounce, nunci (warn, declare):                path, pathy (feeling, suffering): pathos       plentiful, plenteous
  announcer (one who makes                      (feeling of pity, sorrow), pathetic,       plic, pli, ply (fold): inexplicable,
  announcements publicly), enunciate            sympathy, antipathy (against feeling),       pliable, implicate
  (to pronounce carefully), pronounce           apathy (without feeling), empathy          plu, plur, plus (more): plus
  (declare: articulate), renounce (retract;     (feeling or identifying with another),       (indicating that something is to be
  revoke), denounce                             telepathy (far feeling; through              added), plural (more than one),
nov (new): novel (new; strange; not             transference), pathogenic (disease           pluralist (one who holds two or more
  formerly known), renovate (to make            being born; causing suffering or             jobs), plurisyllabic (having more than
  like new again), novices, nova,               disease)                                     one syllable)
  innovate                                    ped, pod (foot): pedal (lever for a foot),   pneuma, pneumon (breath):
nox, noc (night): nocturnal, equinox            impede (get the feet in a trap, hinder),     pneumatic (pertaining to air, wind or
  (equal nights), notiluca (something           impediment, pedestal (foot or base of a      other gases), pneumonia (disease of
  which shines by night)                        statue), pedestrian (foot traveler),         the lungs), pneumatogram (tracing
null (none): null, nullification, nullify,      centipede, tripod (three-footed              of respiratory movements)
  nullifidian (one who has no faith),           support), podiatry (care of the feet),     pod (see ped)
  nulliparous                                   antipodes (opposite feet; parts of the     poli (city): metropolis (mother city;
number, numer (number): numeral (a              earth diametrically opposed)                 main city), police, politics,
  figure expressing a number),                pedo (child): orthopedic, pedagogue            Indianapolis, megalopolis, Acropolis
  numeration (act of counting),                 (child leader, teacher), pedant (narrow-     (high city, fortified upper part of
  numerable( can be numbered),                  minded teacher), pediatrics (medical         Athens), cosmopolite (world citizen)
  enumerate (count out, one, by one),           care of children)                          pon, pos, pound (place, put):
  innumerable                                 pel, puls (drive, urge): compel, dispel,       postpone (put afterward), component,
omni (all, every): omnipotent (all              expel, repel, impel, propel, pulse,          opponent (one put against),
  powerful), omniscient (all knowing),          impulse, pulsate, compulsory,                proponent, depose, expose; impose,
  omnipresent (present everywhere),             expulsion, repulsive                         purpose, propose, deposit, deposition,
  omnivorous (all eating), omnibus            pend, pens, pond (hang, weigh):                expound, compound, posture (how
  (covering all things)                         pendant (a hanging object), appendix,        one places himself), position, post
onus (burden): onerous (burdensome),            pendulum, depend, impend, suspend,         pop (people): population (the number
  onus, exonerate (to take out or take          perpendicular, pending, dispense,            of people in an area), Populist ( a
  away a burden)                                pensive (weighing thought),                  member of the Populist party),
onym (name): anonymous (without a               appendage, ponderous (weighty)               populous (full of inhabitants),
  name), pseudonym (false name),              phan, phen (show, appear): phantom,            popular
  antonym (against name; word of                phenomenal, fantasy                        port (carry): porter (one who carries),
  opposite meaning), synonym                  phemi (speak): euphemism (speak well           portable, transport (carry across),
oper (work): opera (a work which has            of), prophet                                 report, export, import, support,
  been set to music and is sung instead       phil (love): philosophy (love of               comport, deportment (how one
  of spoken), operate (to labor;                wisdom), philanthropy, philharmonic,         carries himself, behaves), portage,
  function), opus ( musical composition         bibliophile, Philip, Philadelphia (city      transportation, port, disport
  or work), cooperate (work together)           of brotherly love)                         portion (part, share): portion (a part;
ortho (straight, correct): orthodox (of       phobia (fear): phobia (abnormal fear),         a share, as a portion of pie),
  the correct or accepted opinion),             claustrophobia (fear of closed places),      proportion (the relation of one share
  orthodontist (tooth straightener),            acrophobia (fear of high places),            to others), portionless (without
  orthopedic (originally pertaining to          photophobia (fear of light), aquaphobia      portion; without dowry)
  straightening a child), orthography           (fear of water), pyrophobia (fear of       posse, potent (power): posse (an
  (correct writing, spelling), unorthodox       fire)                                        armed band; a force with legal
oss, osteo (bone): ossicle (a small           phon (sound): phonograph, phonetic             authority), possible, potent, potentate,
  bone), ossification (the process of           (pertaining to sound), phonology,            omnipotent, impotent
  making into bone), osteopath (one             symphony (sounds with or together),        prehend (seize): apprehend (seize a
  who practices osteopathy),                    polyphonic (having many sounds or            criminal, seize an ideal), comprehend
  osteoporosis (a condition in old age          tunes), dictaphone, euphony (pleasing        (seize with the mind),
  when bones become porous and                  sound)                                       comprehensible, comprehensive
  fragile)                                    photo (light): photogrpah (light-              (seizing much, extensive),
pac (peace): pacifist (one for peace            writing), photoelectric, photoflash,         reprehensible (needing to be seized
  only; opposed to war), pacify (make           photogenic (artistically suitable for        back, rebuked)
  peace, quiet), Pacific Ocean (peaceful        being photographed), photometer            prim, prime (first): primacy (state of
  ocean)                                        (light meter), photon (a quantum of          being first in rank), prima donna (the
pan (all): Pan American, panacea                light energy), photosynthesis (action of     first lady of opera), primitive (from
  (cure-all), pandemonium (place of all         light on chlorophyll to make                 the earliest or first time), primary,
  the demons; wild disorder), pandemic,         carbohydrates)                               primal
  panchromatic (sensitive to all colors),     pict (paint): pictograph (writing with       proto (first): prototype, protocol,
  pantheism (all-god belief; belief that        pictures or symbols), picture (make a        protagonist, protozoan
  God is all and all is God)                    mental image(, depiction (the act of       psych (mind, soul): psyche (soul,
pater, patr (father): patriarch (the head       depicting or representing), picturesque,     mind), psychic (sensitive to forces
  of the tribe, family), patron (a wealthy      pictorial                                    beyond the physical), psychiatry
  person who supports as would a              plac, palis (please): placid (calm,            (healing of the mind), psychology,
  father), paternity (fatherhood,               unruffled), placate (appease, soothe),       psychopath (mind feeling; one with
  responsibility, etc.), patriot                placebo, complacent (self- satisfied)        mental disease), psychosis (serious
                                              plenus (full): plenary, replenish,             mental disorder)
           Roots cont’d                        sent, sens (feel): sentiment (feeling),
                                                 presentiment (feeling beforehand),
                                                                                             spir (breathe): spirit (lit. breath),
                                                                                               conspire (breathe together; plot),
                                                 assent, consent, resent, dissent,             inspire (breathe into), aspire (breathe
punct (point, dot): punctual (being              sentimental (having strong feeling or         toward), expire (breathe out, die),
  exactly on time), punctum (a dot; a            emotion), sense, sensation, sensitive,        spirant, perspire, respiration
  point), compunction (remorse; points           sensory, dissension                         spond, spons (pledge, answer):
  of guilt), punctuation, puncture,            sequ, secu, sue (follow): sequence              sponsor (one who pledges responsi-
  acupuncture                                    (following of one thing after another),       bility to a project), correspond (to
put (think): computer (a computing or            sequel, consequence, subsequent,              communicate by letter; sending and
  thinking machine), deputy, reputable           obsequious (blindly following),               receiving answers), irresponsible,
  (honorable; estimable, a thinker),             prosecute, execute, consecutive               respond
  dispute, repute, reputation                    (following in order), ensue, pursue,        stereo (solid): stereotype (to fix in
quies (be at rest): acquiesce, quiescent,        second (following first)                      lasting form), stereome
  quiet                                        serv (save, serve): servant, service,           (strengthening tissue in plants),
reg, recti (straighten): regular, rectify        subservient, servitude, servile,              stereograph
  (make straight), regiment, rectangle,          reservation, preserve, conserve,            string, strict (draw, tight): stringent
  correct, direct, erect, incorrigible           deserve, observe, conservation                (draw tight, rigid), astringent
ri, ridi, risi (laughter): ridicule            sign, signi (sign, mark, seal): signal (a       (drawing tightly, as skin tissue),
  (laughter at the expense of another;           gesture or sign to call attention),           constrict (draw tightly together),
  mockery), deride (make mock of; jeer           signature (the mark of a person written       boa constrictor (snake that constricts
  at), risible (likely to laugh), ridiculous     in his own handwriting), design,              its prey), strict, restrict
rog, roga (ask): prerogative (privilege;         insignia (distinguishing marks), signify    stru, struct (build): structure, con-
  asking before), interrogation                silic (flint): silicon (a nonmetallic           struct, instruct, obstruct, construe
  (questioning; the act of question),            element found in the earth’s crust),          (build in the mind, interpret), destroy,
  surrogate, derogatory                          silicosis (a disease prevalent among          destruction, instrument (originally, a
rupt (break): rupture (break, interrupt          miners, stone cutters who breathe             tool for building)
  (break into)_, abrupt (broken off),            much dust)                                  sume, sump (take, use, waste):
  disrupt (break apart), erupt (break out),    simil, simul (like, resembling): similar        assume (to take; to use), consume (to
  incorruptible (unable to be broken             (resembling in many respects),                use up), presume (to take upon
  down)                                          simulate (pretend; put on an act to           oneself before knowing for sure),
salv, salu (safe, healthy): salvation (act       make a certain impression), simulation        presumption, sump pump (a pump
  of being saved), salvage (that which is        (pretense; counterfeit display),              which takes up water)
  saved after appearing to be lost),             assimilate (to make similar to), simile     tact, tang, tag, tig, ting (touch):
  salvable, salubrious (healthy), salutary       (a comparison using `like’ or `as’)           contagious (transmission of disease
  (promoting health), salute (wish health      sist, sta, stit, stat (stand): assist (to       by touching), contact (touch), tact
  to)                                            stand by with help), circumstance,            (sense of touch for the appropriate),
 sat, satis (enough): sate (to satisfy, sate     stamina (power to withstand, to               intact (untouched, uninjured),
  with food, satisfy (to give pleasure to;       endure), persist (stand firmly;               intangible (not able to be touched),
  to give as much as is needed), satient,        unyielding; continue), stationary,            tangible, contingent (touching
  (giving pleasure, satisfying), satiate,        stanchion (a standing brace or                together, depending on something),
  saturate                                       support), substitute (to stand in for an-     tactile
sci (know): science (knowledge),                 other), status (standing), static ,stable   techni (skill, art): technician (one who
  conscious (knowing, aware),                  solus (alone): solo, soliloquy, solitaire,      is skilled in the mechanical arts),
  omniscient (knowing everything),               solitude                                      pyrotechnics (display of fireworks),
  prescient (knowing beforehand)               solv, solu (loosen): solvent (a loosener,       technique, technology
scope (see, watch): scope (extent one            a dissolver), solve, solvency, insolven-    tele (far): telephone (far sound),
  can see), telescope, microscope,               cy, absolve (loosen from, free from),         telegraph (far writing), telegram,
  kaleidoscope (instrument for seeing            resolve, soluble, solution, resolution,       telescope (far look), television (far
  beautiful forms), periscope, horoscope         resolute, dissolute (loosened morally)        seeing), telephoto (far photograph),
  (hour watcher), episcopal (overseeing;       somnus (sleep): somnific, insomnia (not         telecast, telepathy (far feeling),
  pertaining to a bishop), stethoscope           being able to sleep), somnambulant (a         teletype, teleprompter
scrip, script (write): scribe (a writer),        sleepwalker)                                tempo (time): tempo (rate of speed),
  scribble, inscribe, describe, subscribe,     soph (wise): sophomore (wise fool),             pro tem (for the time being),
  prescribe, ascribe, scrivener,                 philosophy (love of wisdom),                  extemporaneously, contemporary
  manuscript (written by hand), scripture        sophisticated (worldly wise(, sophistry,      (those who live at the same time),
  (the Bible)                                    sophist, theosophy (wise about God)           temporary, temporal
sed, sess, sid (sit): sedentary (charac-       spec, spect, spic (look): specimen (an        ten, tin, tain (hold): tenacious
  terized by sitting), sedate (sitting,          example to look at, study), specific,         (holding fast), tenant, tenure,
  settled, dignified), preside (sit before),     spectator (one who looks(, spectacle,         untenable, detention, retentive,
  president, reside, subside, sediment           speculate, aspect, expect, inspect,           content, pertinent, continent,
  (that which sits or settles out of a           respect, prospect, retrospective              obstinent, abstain, contain, pertain,
  liquid), session ( a sitting), obsession       (looking backwards(, suspect (look            detain, obtain, maintain
  (an idea that sits stubbornly in the           under), perspective, circumspect,           tend, tent, tens (stretch, strain):
  mind), possess                                 introspective, conspicuous, despicable        tendency (a stretching; leaning),
sen (old): senior, senator, senescent          sphere (ball, sphere): sphere (a planet;        extend, intend, contend, pretend,
  (growing old), senile (old; showing the        a ball), stratosphere (the upper portion      superintend, tender, tent, tension (a
  weakness of old age)                           of the atmosphere), hemisphere (half          stretching, strain), tense, tensile,
                                                 of the earth), biosphere, spheroid            attention
terra (earth): territory, terrestrial,          turbo (disturb): turbulent, turmoil,                vic, vicis (change, substitute):
  terrain, terrarium                              disturb, turbid (in turmoil)                        vicarious, vicar, vicissitude
test (to bear witness): testament (a            typ (print): type, prototype (first print,          vict, vinc (conquer): victor (conqueror,
  will; bearing witness to someone’s              model), typical, typography,                        winner), evict (conquer out, expel),
  wishes), detest, attest (certify; affirm;       typewriter, typology (study of types,               convict (prove guilty), convince
  bear witness to), testimony, contest,           symbols), typify                                    (conquer mentally, persuade),
  intestate                                     ultima (last): ultima (last;’ final; most             invincible (not able to be conquered),
the, theo (God, a god): monotheism                remote), ultimate (man’s last destiny),             evince, eviction
  (belief in one god), polytheism (belief         ultimatum (the final or last offer that           vid, vis (see): video (television),
  in many gods), atheism (belief there is         can be made)                                        vision, evident, provide, providence,
  no god), pantheism (belief that God is        unda (wave, flow): abundant, inundate,                visible, revise, supervise (oversee),
  all things), theogony (birth, origin of         undulation, redundant (to flow again)               vista, visit, visage (facial expression)
  the gods), theology                           uni (one): unicorn (a legendary creature            viv, vita, vivi (alive, life): revive (make
therm (heat): therm (heat unit),                  with one horn), uniface (a design that              live again), survive (live beyond,
  thermic, thermal thermometer,                   appears only on one side), unify (make              outlive), vivid (full of life), vivify
  thermos bottle, thermostat (heat plus           into one), university, unanimous,                   (enliven), convivial (fond of “living
  stationary; a device for keeping heat           universal                                           it up” with friends), vivisection
  constant), hypothermia (subnormal             vac (empty): vacate (to make empty),                  (surgery on a living animal), vitality,
  body temperature), thermonuclear                vacuum (a space entirely devoid of                  vivacious (full of life)
thesis, thet (place, put): antithesis             matter), evacuate (to remove troops or            voc (call): vocabulary, vocation (a
  (place against), hypothesis (place              people), vacation, evacuee, vacant                  calling), avocation (occupation not
  under), synthesis (put together),             vale, vali, valu (strength, worth, valor):            one’s calling), convocation (a calling
  epithet                                         valor (value; worth), validity (truth;              together), invocation (calling in),
tom (cut): atom (not cutable; smallest            legal strength), equivalent (of equal               evoke, provoke, revoke, advocate,
  particle of matter), appendectomy               worth), evaluate (find out the value;               provocative, vocal
  (cutting out an appendix), tonsil-              appraise actual worth), valedictorian,            vol (will): malevolent, benevolent (one
  lectomy, epitome (cut on; a summary),           valiant, value                                      of good will), volunteer, volition
  dichotomy (cutting in two; a division),       ven, vent (come): convene (come                     vola (to fly): volatile (able to fly off or
  anatomy (cutting, dissecting to study           together, assemble), intervene (come                vaporize), volley, volitant
  structure)                                      between), circumvent (coming                      volcan, vulcan (fire): Vulcan (Roman
tort, tors (twist): torsion (act of               around), adventure, invent, subvention,             god of fire), volcano (a mountain
  twisting, as a torsion bar), torture            venturesome, convent, inventory,                    erupting fiery lava), vulcanize (to
  (twisting to inflict point), retort (twist      venture, venue, event, eventually,                  undergo volcanic heat)
  back, reply sharply), extort (twist out),       souvenir, contravene (come against),              volvo (turn about, roll): voluble (easily
  distort (twist out of shape), contort,          avenue, advent, convenient, prevent                 turned about or around), voluminous,
  tortuous (full of twists, as a mountain       ver, veri (true): verity (truth), very,               revolution, revolt
  road)                                           verify (show to be true), verisimilitude,         vor (eat greedily): voracious,
tox (poison): toxic, intoxicate, antitoxin        aver (say to be true, affirm), verdict              carnivorous (flesh-eating),
tract, tra (draw, pull): tractable (can be      vert, vera (turn): avert (turn away),                 herbivorous (plant-eating),
  handled), abstract (to draw away),              divert (turn aside, amuse), invert (turn            omnivorous (eating everything),
  tractor, attract, subtract, subtrahend          over), introvert (turn inward, one                  devour (eat greedily)
  (the number to be drawn away from               interested in his own reactions),                 zo (animal): zoo (short for zoological
  another)                                        extrovert (turn outward, one interested             garden), zoology (study of animal
trib (pay, bestow): tribute (a fine paid          in what is happening outside himself),              life), zoomorphism (attributing
  to a conquering power), distribute (to          controversy (a turning against; a                   animal form to God), zodiac (circle
  divide among many), redistribute,               dispute), reverse, versatile (turning               of animal constellations), protozoa
  contribute (to give money to a cause),          easily from one skill to another),                  (first animals; one-celled animals)
  attribute, retribution, tributary               convertible, adversary, adverse
trophy (nourishment, development):              vest (clothe, to dress): vest (an article of
  dystrophy (badly nourished), atrophy            clothing; vestment), investor (one who
tui, tuit, tut (guard, teach): tutor (one         has laid out money for profit), travesty,
  who teaches a pupil), tuition (payment          vestry, vestment                                                     (edited August 2009)
  for instruction or teaching fees), intuit
  (know by intuition)

                                                  Numerical Prefixes
                          Multiples and                                                        Multiples and
  Prefix     Symbol       Submultiples           Equivalent           Prefix     Symbol        Submultiples              Equivalent

  tera          T                 1012           trillionfold         deci          d               10 -1                 tenth part
  giga          G                 10 9           billionfold          centi         c               10 -2           hundredth part
  mega          M                 10 6           millionfold          milli         m               10 -3          thousandth part
  kilo          k                 10 3         thousandfold           micro         u               10 -6            millionth part
  hecto         h                 10 2          hundredfold           nano          n               10 -9             billionth part
  deka          da                10                  tenfold         pico          p               10 -12           trillionth part
                                                                      femto         f               10 -15        quadrillionth part
                                                                      atto          a               10 -18        quintillionth part

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