Hair Removal Techniques For Different Body Parts

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					There are so many different types of hair removal but what may work for one body part may not work for
another, some require more gentle methods while others need something harsher. From shaving and
waxing to plucking and epilating, here’s a guide to what type of hair removal works best for each body


There are so many possible methods of hair removal for the legs so why not test out a few and choose
your favourite one. Wet shaving is typically the most popular because it’s easy to do and gives a nice
smooth finish, while an electric shaver is perfect for a quick shave if you don’t have the time. Many
women also like to wax their legs because of the result it gives with a smooth and long lasting finish.
Epilators have a similar effect as waxing, while depilatory creams melt the hair at the root and are like wet


You’re probably best sticking with shaving for the underarms, as there isn’t usually a lot of hair and
because the surface is quite small. A wet shave will give a clean finish, while you could always use an
electric shaver for quick results.

Bikini line

As the bikini line is a sensitive area to remove hair you must take care whatever technique you decide
upon. The most effective hair removal for the bikini line is waxing, as this gives a clean finish by removing
the hair from the root. Although waxing can be painful at first, the more you have it done the less painful it
will be. For quick results, wet shaving is the best technique, but try not to go over one area too many
times and always use shaving foam or an alternative. Again, use small scissors to tidy up the area if need


Of course, most women will use tweezers to pluck the eyebrows, as this is not only quick and easy but
also gives the most definite shape and precision. If you want to trim back the hair on the eyebrows, use
some small scissors to remove stray hairs. Threading is a new technique that has similar results but uses
small threads to remove the hairs and is carried out in salons. Some women like to have their eyebrows
waxed, although this has more long term results it may not give the accuracy of plucking and maybe be
more suited to use in the middle of the eyebrows and then touching up with tweezers.

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