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Send a Situation Report (SITREP)
Conditions: You are an element leader with an operation order (OPORD) or fragmentary order (FRAGO), map, overlay or
sketch map with graphic control measures, and an operational vehicle. You may be digitally equipped. Your current situation
requires you to send a SITREP.
Standards: Prepare a SITREP in standard format and send to the next higher element. Maintain situational awareness (SA).
                       Performance Steps
                       Note: The operational environment must be considered at all times during this task. All
                       Army elements must be prepared to enter any environment and perform their missions
                       while, at the same time, dealing with a wide range of unexpected threats and other
                       influences. Units must be ready to counter these threats and influences and, at the same
                       time, be prepared to deal with various third-party actors, such as international humanitarian
                       relief agencies, news media, refugees, and civilians on the battlefield. These groups may or
                       may not be hostile to us, but they can, if given a chance, affect the unit's ability to
                       accomplish its mission.
                       Note: Units equipped with digital communication systems will use these systems to
                       maximize information management, maintain SA, and minimize electronic signature.
                       1.   Prepare a SITREP in standard format as follows:
                       Note: The SITREP is used to report any change since the last report, to request resupply,
                       and to report the current location of the element; only lines or parts of lines that contain
                       new information will be sent. It may require additional follow-up reports.
                       Note: Apt and accurate reporting of friendly elements locations, obstacles, and contacts are
                       essential to maintaining SA and the reduction of potential fratricide incidents.
                            a. Line 1: Report as-of date time group (DTG).
                            b. Line 2: Give a brief summary of enemy activity, casualties inflicted,
                       and prisoners captured.
                            c. Line 3: Provide encoded information about friendly locations using
                       control measures or terrain index reference system (TIRS) points.
                                 (1) Provide command post (CP), observation post (OP) locations, or
                       your own location.
                                 (2) Provide first sub-element(s) center of mass.
                                 (3) Provide second sub-element(s) center of mass.
                                 (4) Provide third sub-element(s) center of mass.
                                 (5) Provide locations for any additional elements as necessary.
                            d. Line 4: Provide encoded information on the operational status of
                       combat vehicles.
                            e. Line 5: Provide encoded information about defensive obstacles.
                                 (1) Give type and coordinates of obstacles, list as—
                                      (a) MF (minefield).
                                      (b) TD (tank ditch).
                                      (c) AB (abatis).
                                      (d) CW (concertina wire).
                                 (2) Give type and coordinates of executed demolition targets.
                                 (3) Give type and coordinates of reserved demolition targets.
                            f. Line 6: Compute percentage and assign the following color codes to
                       indicate personnel strength:
                       Note: Commander's guidance or unit standing operating procedure (SOP) may vary about
                       reporting percentages.
                                (1) GREEN: Full strength (90 percent or more fit for duty).
                                (2) AMBER: Reduced strength (80 to 89 percent fit for duty).
                                (3) RED: Reduced strength (60 to 79 percent fit for duty; the vehicle
                       and crew are mission capable).
                        Performance Steps
                                   (4) BLACK: Reduced strength (59 percent or less fit for duty).
                             g. Line 7: Compute percentages and assign color codes to indicate status
                        of Class III (petroleum, oils, and lubricants [POL]) and Class V (ammunition)
                                   (1) GREEN: Full strength (90 percent or better on hand).
                                   (2) AMBER: Reduced strength (80 to 89 percent on hand).
                                   (3) RED: Reduced strength (60 to 79 percent on hand; the vehicle is
                        mission capable).
                                   (4) BLACK: Reduced strength (59 percent or less on hand).
                        Note: If an item is reported as status level BLACK on lines 6 or 7, the appropriate yellow
                        report (logistics) must follow.
                             h. Line 8: Provide a summary of tactical intentions.
                        2.   Send the SITREP to the next higher element.
                        3.   Maintain SA.

Evaluation Preparation: Setup: Provide the Soldier with the equipment and/or materials described in the condition statement.
Brief Soldier: Tell the Soldier what is expected of him by reviewing the task standards. Stress the importance of observing all
cautions and warnings to avoid injury to personnel and, if applicable, damage to equipment.
                        Performance Measures                                                      GO        NO GO
                        1.   Prepared the SITREP in standard format.                              ——         ——

                        2.   Sent the SITREP.                                                     ——         ——

                        3.   Maintained SA.                                                       ——         ——

Evaluation Guidance: Refer to chapter 1, paragraph 1-9e, (1) and (2).
Related: FM 6-99.2

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